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Yes, distractions such as forums are

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: That makes sense, taking frequent breaks, - cowgirl

real time/line-stealers. I'm not working today and have some online research to do so I'm here today more than usual.

Good luck!

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No distractions. Stay in your chair. A timer.
Try to work w/o distractions, if the cost of day-care is an issue -sm
then you will have to learn to work when your kids are sleeping basically. That is what I did. It is hard and you do not sleep much...I generally worked at night until 2am and got up at 8am before they were old enough for preschool, and squeezed in work here and there during the day. The younger they are though the easier it is to work I think. But you can do it, but you better be determined if you want to do it that way. I still work at night but not that late anymore since I have 7 hours during the day to myself now. It's still very hard to work when they are home (5&7) but my DH watches them a lot and takes care of them when I do have to work and they are home, so good home support helps too. I have 2 jobs so must still work crazy hours but I do what needs to be done.
I work long hours and keep distractions to a minimum sm
and very, very luckily was assigned an account that was an excellent fit.   I'm pretty sure you all won't believe me anyway and I'm not sure why I bothered to respond  but my "secret" is just hard work and dumb luck.  Plus I do Radiology and for me that is a big part of the equation.  
Not just here, but on other forums
people have nothing better to do that trash others.
Tired! Yes, I spent "forever" over there. Those are truly special and I found myself "lost in the forum world" and before I knew it over an hour had gone by! Now, the trick is to save up some quality time to learn what I want it to do for me, what I already know and how it applies to that program, and then learn what I need to know and USE IT! Do you use it with IT? I think I want to go over to those forums again right now and I need to stop myself because it is 11:15 and I have to get up early! I don't know, but I may stay up all night if I dare go there! I saw where someone on the forum wanted to import their glossaries and other lists and had trouble, but do you know if you can save your glossaries as text files and import them that way like in RN? I really miss DOS too, and find that finding paths in Windows is not too straightforward in every case, but still am looking forward to finally letting go of my "obsession" with PRD and DOS. I guess I am old, but still it worked so well and it wasn't "broken" so why did they change everything to Windows stuff? Could you hear the whine in that? Sorry! I need to shut up now and either go to bed and get sleep or go over to that forum and learn stuff! Thanks again for making my entire year with that advice!
Did you look under forums on this site?
There is a new site for Billers/Coders.
Where are the nursing forums?
I cant find them :(
We have two recipe forums.

http://www.forumatrix.com/General/b/3.html   and



Equipment forums say you have to really hit
Not other forums and chat sites for MTs. (NM)
getting forums on pers computer??

I can't seem to figure out how come i can't get the full list of forums (left column) as i have on my job computer, put onto my personal computer...i used the exact same address in the address bar ...any help would sure be appreciated! 

Does anyone know of any legal transcription forums

The nastiness had some attention on other forums, and seems to (SM)
have toned down. Good Luck! Small steps add up to big things. And, "Well-behaved women rarely make history."
This issue has gotten out of hand. See the available forums to

the left and if your question or comment fits in any of those categories, please post there.  Perhaps you do not understand how the back end of discussion forums operate, but simply put, when one forum is jammed with posts it bears heavy on the server.  This is why we have a variety of boards to choose from. 

Thread locked.

Any word on why we have no forums at the left yet? nm


I have seen the forums in the left colum all along.
It is a javascript. Do you have javascript enabled?
I just think boards/forums are a place to hit

Did you try going to the general escription forums?
Is it Willie that moderates it? Anyhoo, someone in there asked about getting a USB adapter a while back. Maybe one of the techs can help you. I would LOVE to be able to use my laptop with a pedal.
Trouble with links on these forums anybody?n/m


It is hecka good. All over the geek help forums

I've got it on trial right now myself, and it has cleaned up some stuff for me that AVG, SpyBot, and Ad-Aware passed right over. 

First free trial of something on-line I've had that I think I really am truly inspired to buy after all (whenever I can afford it).

I've used it. There are a ton of knowledge base forums out there
where you can research your results.
Do a Google search for comments on other forums. Don't think they
There are several forums to post on at the Religion link.
I wouldn't call it "fragmented".  The poster can ask his/her question on more than one religion board and receive a variety of responses in which to make an informed decision. 
Here are 2 good links for Lap Band forums. sm



And they can by either posting on the Religion forums or contacting the Administrator.
All ForuMatrix forums are owned by the same company. The songs that were
posted on the Holiday/Recipe forum were posted erroneously and have been removed.
As per your request, Pets and Entertainment forums have been added.

Admin -breaking news says see new nursing forums - how do I get there? nm
Someone please tell me what I need to change in NAV to get the left sided links back for the forums

I found over the w/e if I disable my Norton Internet Security and go to Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files and click on Delete All Off Line Content, and choose ok, I can get the links back on the left (in the blue area) but they won't stay. I assume I  need to change something in Norton's Internet Security, but what?? Does anyone know? I have tried lots of things and can't seem to find what it is that will make this a permanent change as it won't stay this way.

Please help. TIA.

Business is business. Internet forums are