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Backup data?

Posted By: Polish girl on 2006-09-09
In Reply to: laptops are no different than desktops. - me

I'm glad this subject came up as we do some traveling and I was just thinking about this as well.  How is the best way to back up the data?  Just use a CD or someone mentioned a flash drive external hard drive?  Don't know much about this new fangled technology, so am finding this very interesting and helpful.  Thanks for the info. 

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backup, backup, backup!! Always, make this a habit even with your auto corrects. (sm)
surgical911.com; http://www.mt-stuff.com/resources.html;

Medical records are data driven. Numerals are data.
data entry

Has anyone done Data Entry jobs from home?  Thanks


I use Northstar Data .... I think they are
at www.MTFTP.com

I started using them in April, and their website and FTP are really easy to use. My doctors were new to digital, as was I, and we picked it up quickly.

We are more than data entry BUT...
Yes, they will still need us to copyedit and clean up the voice recognition and offshore "crude" product, but from what I've read on these boards, there's not going to be much money in this for MTs.

I too am thinking of leaving MT for another field. This summer my 15-year-old son got his first summer job as basically an unskilled laborer at minimum wage, and he was making quite a bit more per hour as I ended up getting, turning an Indy 500 ESL's mishmash into a perfect operative report. The day I learned that, I decided to start rethinking my career choices.

By the way, I'm one more experienced MT who finds it mind-boggling that people are still out there debating the merits of the various MT schools out there. Wake up and smell the coffee, people!
data entry
I agree. But don't you know, there's always someone lurking in front of their keybord waiting to belittle someone else's from-the-heart question??
That study used very old data.
EHR has come a long way since 2004.

I have an external hard drive and want to save my data from my old computer to my new computer.  How exactly do i do that.

Copying data
Can anybody say how to copy a large amount of data to a DVD without having to copy one page at a time. It's a training program that I'm not going to be able to finish before the time runs out.  Since I paid for it, I want to be able to have it available to study on my own.  Thanks. 
Here's some interesting AAMT data...

According to the October 2005 JAMT financial reportings:

Revenues from membership in 2003:  $1,053,516.

Revenues from membership in 2004:  $   920,681.

You'd think they'd get the idea with so many people not renewing memberships due to their stance on overseas work - especially since it's hitting them hard in the wallet!


Data Entry Jobs

Does anyone know where I can find information about legitamit companies that hire for data entry work at home. Looking for my daughter, who wants to stay home with her small child.  Thanks!

Is it transcribing or data entry?
Data Hand keyboard

I just received my new Data Hand keyboard and am starting to use it.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used one of these.  Thanks.

Ours is "diagnostic data" and includes it all.NM
Data entry position
My post did show so I will ask again...does anyone know where I can find a listing of jobs for data entry positions? 
certainly not data entry or typing,
my reward, aside from pay, is satisfaction that i am doing a very specialized job in an excellent manner. after 34 years, it seems more tedious and difficult, but i enjoy the work.
data processing...medical charges
okay, so I've been doing medical data processing for a clinic for the past four months and the office lifestyle is NOT for me. Does anyone have information on work at home medical billing? I sure would like a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
How can I record patient data as fast as possible

Radiology patients, so reports are short most often.  We have to log two several digit numbers, the types of exams (chest/abdomen) dates.  We have sheets to do this on but am thinking I should keep Wordpad open and type in there.

Any ideas on how I can do this and not lose momentum or time?  I do about 100 exams a day.


Of course, it is only as good as the people entering the data...
Also, when computers make mistakes, or are hit with malicious worms or viruses, etc., it could be devastating, could it not?

Also, more and more lately we are noticing actually a lot more mistakes with things that are automated, and once there is an error, it has been extremely difficult to get it corrected. Such as - errors at the DMV (?), errors in our car computer (? - again, it is always a mystery when trying to get things fixed), lets see, then there is the mixup with our phone number that belongs to about three other people (still not fixed because we are told it is all done on computer (?)...

Also, who takes responsiblity when there is an error, because with everything automated, there seems to be little or no accountability - you can hardly get through to real people in a lot of businesses today.

The idea of technology is awesome; however human error will always have an affect...

my humble opinion and just an observation. most information still has to be entered by humans. perhaps we will be obsolete.
It's putting criminal data into the computer and

no ESLs to listen to!

Medical transcription isn't data entry, but you can
check with Career Builder and Monster and see what they have, you can Google for it and see if there is a board like this for data entry. 
I'd like to see hard data before buying into that belief
I will blast a poorly performing QA'er all day long. Someone with something of substance to offer in critiquing my work is someone I communicate with and have nothing but respect and praise to give. I won't get into a snit about the use of too many or too few commas, but a QA'er who fills in a blank I sent in for a second ear and fills it with something incorrect IS someone who holds no respect in my eyes. That is the person I'll blast all day.

Darn. I was not quiet. Wonder what this will do to my image on the board?
You purchase the plans which allow so much data to be transferred.
I paid for the $59.99 monthly package, which is a lot of data usuage and have used programs such as Dictaphone ExText and Escription on the road. It seems like someone told me you'd have to pretty much be on it nonstop to use up all the data allowance but you can check it out here..http://b2b.vzw.com/broadband/bbapccard.html
Scribes Data Canada Independent Contractors out there???

I have been working at home as an independent contractor for Scribes Data out of Ontario, Canada for the past three years and have loved working for them. I have worked my way to the top of the pay scale and am currently earning between $38-$40/hour. Recently I have been contacted twice by management asking me to consider becoming a full-time employee with benefits rather than an independent contractor. This would mean a dramatic decrease in pay... a $17,000/year base salary plus 60-70 cents/minute of dictation. For the last year I had been paid $1.60/minute of dictation, but just this past month they decreased that to $1.50/minute, stating that was more in line with their pay structure and that I would only be earing $1.60/minute on the radiology dictation I typed. And then a couple of weeks later they contacted me again statingn that I was no longer going to type any radiology dictation unless I was needed and then I would still only be paid the $1.50/minute.

This decrease in pay of 10 cents/minute does not really concern me, it just means I may have to work a littel longer than my normal 5 1/2 hours per day and I do not have a problem with that. My concern is that they are really going to push me to become an employee and just keep taking accounts away from me until I do just that.

Just wondering if there is anybody else out there who may be worried about the same thing.


Here's their revenue for the past three years and other financial data.

MQ's debts are not high either.


Pentium is good for games/ Celron for data. NM
I want to share some information I am studying in one of my college classes right now, and that is the "European Union Data-Protection Directive." Here goes:

"The European Union (EU) has been a leader in addressing privacy concerns of its citizens. In 1998, the EU Data-Protection Directive was enacted to require organizations to protect personal data. The directive has wide-ranging consequences for government entities, Internet providers, healthcare providers, and employers. The directive goes so far as to forbid the transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU if data-privacy safeguards and guarantees do not exist. The directive is affecting multi-national firms in both business and employee matters. The EU has investigated and/or filed complaints against United Airlines, Microsoft, Ford, Marriott, and numerous other global firms for violating the provisions of the directive. As it affects employee data and records, the directive states the following:

.Personal data can be gathered only for identified reasons.
. Individuals must receive information about who receives and processes their data and why the data are being gathered.
.Persons have the right to access the data collected about them and to change, delete, or correct these details.
. Legal actions may be taken by individuals for misuse of their personal data."

Taken from "Human Resource Management," 11th edition, Robert L. Mathis/John H. Jackson, page 503.

Pay attention particularly to the 3rd point above, and the first paragraph about how the EU forbids the transfer of personal data (our professor confirmed this includes medical records) outside the EU IF there are no guarantees.
Europe does not as a rule, offshore financial data and medical record data.

My point is this, that if Europe upholds the dignity of its citizen's private information to the extent that it does, there is no reason why we Americans cannot be given the same right. I am not particularly opposed to offshoring, however, I am opposed to it in regards to sensitive private information in which we Americans should have a voice in, and a consent to.
Because the healthcare system is collapsing in this country with more and more Americans losing their healthcare, offshoring of anything possible in the medical field, is becoming so prevalent without consideration or regard for its implications. The medical industry is scrambling to stay afloat with the soaring cost of healthcare, and because the bottom line is the profit, CFO's will continue to squeeze every drop they can to uphold that profit. In this case, offshoring is directly tied to profits only. Right now is the time for every citizen to take the responsibility to voice their concern, to write public officials, politicians, and do everything possible to be heard in regards to the issue of offshoring our private information. The only reason it is occuring at such an alarming rate is because we are complacent. I know we are all busy, but we must take more responsibility and advocate in a professional, organized, and coherent fashion.

Even though I am sacrificing now (at age 57) to get a college degree and enter another field, I find a way to advocate for what I believe in. I will not be leaving the medical transcription field without continuing to advocate for my private medical records and financial information. It is no longer an interest to me to stay in medical transcription, but rather an interest to advocate for ethical concerns which includes medical transcription. Please, let's all make the sacrifice to keep writing our leaders opposing the offshoring of medical records.
EMR = 'point and click' method can only insert data in a
preprepared template.
Doctors will not insert whole sentences, what is called 'free type', they do not have time for this.
if we all don't demand that we get a description of how they came up with this they're going to think that we're okay with this - I AM NOT!! We should not accept at face value what MQ does because they have never been up front with anyone. Have you ever noticed when you have a concern how they somehow either don't answer or talk around it so much that you just say f___ it and give up because you're so tired of sending emails and/or calling here and there to try to get a decent answer, which we all know by now MQ doesn't have a decent bone in their whole organization, especially upper management!!
I have tried asking to be taken off a backup
account which I absolutely despise, but to no avail, and I think that is part of why I feel like I do. I have a good supervisor, but on this point we obviously do not see eye to eye. thanks for the input though.
ESP backup
Go to C: then DocNet then Bin and find the ESP with your name, for example abc124567 and copy from there. Hope this helps.
as a backup.....
You need to find the program folder on your computer, the folder should be called ShortHand for Windows. It may be in the c:/Programs files. If you can't find it there, go to your START menu, click on the Search for files or folders and see where it is. Inside the Shorthand for Windows folder is another folder named SH8 or whatever version you are running (mine is version 8). That is the program as well as the dictionaries you have created. To back it up, you need to copy that entire folder to a CD or external drive, or where ever you want to put it. REMEMBER, copying this folder WILL NOT create an install disk, this is only a backup of the program with and dictionaries. To install shortand onto another computer, you have to go to the website and download and install the 30-day trial - but make sure you download the correct version for your license or it will not unlock your program, i.e. mine is SH8 and my license will not unlock version 9 or 10. If you have downloaded the correct version, then you copy the files with the extension of *.SPF (your dictionary files) and the file for your license, which should be SH__.LIC.

Hope this helps.
So you get a backup, like I have
I have several people I can call to fill in for me for vacations, etc. If it is just a day or so, I just catch it up when I return. If you don't know anyone who can back you up, then you advertise in the local paper or here, etc. There is always a Transcriptionist around who would not mind a few extra dollars for vacations, etc. That is the way it has been done for years. I don't see it as a problem at all. I certainly would not NOT take any time off!
Do you have the backup CD that came with
your computer? That is the only way I know how to do what you want to. Your computer should've come with a backup CD that has that registration number on it.
Usually just one with a backup or two..
I like having a backup when things are slow.
I guess she would have to start at the data entry site since this place is about MT.
Wireless USB data cards routers, and multiple computers
I have dial up and am looking into getting a USB wireless card to do my MT work with.  My question is.....do you know if you can use a USB wireless card and have more than one computer online at the same time...like with a router or something?  If so, what models and how do you hook it all up.
Thanks so much for any info you give me.

Does anyone have good text expanders for vital signs data?
Do you any of you use text Expanders for the numerical portion of vital signs for example, 130/80 ? I have lots of expanders but none for the actual numerical data. It really slows me down either having to look at my number row or switch to the keypad. I do have some, but nothing consistent. Anything ideas would be great, thanks!!
does anyone have backup equipment?

I have a second computer available, but I'm seriously considering getting a second Dictatphone system. I've already had headsets and foot pedals go on me.

Anyone else?

I have a backup computer

The one I normally use is sitting right on top of it. I have a switch box that allows me to share the keyboard and monitor with both. I also periodically transfer my updated necessary Word files to the backup computer.

If I had other accounts or something as a backup, sm
I would tell them that I am a business owner and send out invoices. If they have a question with an invoice, they need to contact me before making any adjustments that aren't agreed to by both parties.

If they're already doing things like this, you can probably expect them to "fire" you for actually demanding to be treated like an IC.

I wouldn't tolerate this on a continued basis, that's for sure. If I were really angry, I would keep a log of these things and find a way to let the IRS know.

If they don't show any sign of changing (and I'd be really surprised if they do based on your post), then I'd definitely be looking for something else. That's just unacceptable and illegal.
backup files......sm
Maybe talk to them about backing up all files at the end of each week/month on discs.  I certainly would never leave them on an FTP site.  Maybe explain to them this would be a security risk.  I would give them the discs, let them deal with keeping them, and they could pull up whatever they need.  Your job is to provide transcription services as an IC, not keep their files. 
that's right but first you have to set it to backup so that you can restore
Shorthand Backup

I always keep my ShortHand files (and all other files I need to keep backed up) in the My Documents folder.  That way, when I have to do backups, I backup only the My Documentes folder.  Makes it a little more simple.  Then when starting shorthand you just open your *.spf file from the My Documents folder and load that.  Initially you can copy the *.spf file from the folder listed in the prior reply to your My Documents folder.  Then in the future, just open it from there and all new additions will be saved there.  I hope that makes sense.

Time to get a backup!
Well actually more like a primary.  This would be my third job, really, if that.  As an IC you should try to have more than one job, really.  Never put all your eggs in one basket.  That way, if one falls off, you have your other.  When one slows up, I ask for more work at the other to make up income. 
If you go under settings, and then playback settings, There is an autobackup setting ..It goes in milliseconds, and I currently have mine set at 1000, which seems to be a comfortable place, and backs it up just enough to catch the last word or so that i may have missed.
Instead of a backup computer, you may want to look into
purchasing an external hard drive and backing up your entire computer to this HD.
I bought one for backup - sm
I bought an 8" netbook to use in case the cable goes out during my shift, which it does more now since I moved.

I thought I could take it to the local Meijers or wherever with wi-fi if I got in a pinch.

I was able to successfully get my company's platform set up on it and typed and sent a job on it.

Everything seems to work fine for me, but yes that screen is very small. If you don't already wear glasses, you might need to use some readers.

The keyboard is small too but do-able. However, I probably wouldn't want to put in 8 hours on it.

I'm very happy with my netbook. I think it's an affordable and portable backup to my regular computer without having to buy an expensive laptop.

I haven't tried transcribing over free wi-fi yet, though.
How do I make a copy of my PRD for a backup? nm
If you go satellite keep dial-up backup - sm

I finally had to dump my satellite.  It was great when it was working, but weather, wind, etc. would result in interruption in service.  Biggest problem was that I have too many trees and it was either cut down the trees or switch to DSL. 

I went through a small company and told them I was losing money and they provided me with a free dial-up backup.  I found myself having to dial up at least once daily so I wouldn't lose a job I was halfway through when the satellite crashed again.

If you have no choice, I would go satellite and add the dial-up as back up. Ask the company if they can provide one for you free.  I doesn't hurt to ask. :)

 I have DSL now but I've still kept the dial up as back up because even these big DSL companies go down sometimes, although this one hasn't and I've had it for 8 months. Of course I have to pay for the dial-up now but it's only $8.99 a month.

Good luck

I haven't found the need to have a backup sm
phone line connection. My cable is Insight and very seldom have a problem. They usually do their ugrades during the midnight hours, which posed a problem when I worked nights. We seldom have any outages and if we do, it is usually resolved in a couple of hours or so. For what I pay, I think I get pretty good service and don't want to cough up any more money for another connection unless I had a second job that required it.