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Boy I have BTDT too at my old job

Posted By: dotf on 2007-03-19
In Reply to: No, they are not - MTTX

I worked for a small MT service and we had a couple of accounts who seemed to want to try to use us as their office staff. If I were in your shoes I'd send a polite email back reiterating the steps you take to let them know what dictations come through and ask what specific steps she wants you to take to "be more careful." In other words, a gentle reminder that the problem lies on THEIR end and not yours. You can't pull dictation out your wazoo, natch!

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BTDT ... (sm)
... considering MANUFACTURING the T-shirts. :)

I'm glad to know you're feeling better about it; you are the best judge of what is best for you, but sometimes it does help to vent a little, you know?

Best of luck to you.

sorry, but I have to agree w/BTDT sm
I, too, have BTDT with a baby, and have nursed while I worked, which is no easy task, trust me! Working all night, in between the baby waking up, dead on my feet in the morning...it's not worth it.  Also, it's hard to get started working at home, from what I've heard from other newbies lately, next to impossible.  Sorry to rain on your parade, but you need the FACTS, before you dive in! Good Luck!!!
Oh, BTDT, my sympathies!
I had a supervisor, not even a national co. but a small one and she would do this. I was fuming every time I got one, thinking, if you don't put on your big girl panties and deal with this person individually, they're going to continue to think "It's not me!" Ugh!

I'm angry for you! That's the pits! BTDT!

I don't thinking nursing is a lot better. BTDT.
I make as much as a lot of RNs (and more than some) in my part of the country (Southeast) and don't have to deal with doctors who come in ranting and raving about something that wasn't done (even though no order was ever written for it) and about some blood test that was done (even though the lab is responsible), et cetera. It might work for you, but I would think long and hard about that field. Best wishes in whatever you choose.
I have BTDT and I am a spaz who's faster at QA (sm)
I'm kind of a jumpy person whose mind goes in all directions so I do best in situations where I'm either doing QA or doing lots of different and new stuff as opposed to sitting and trying to do repetitive work. Generally hourly QA works out better for me, at least it's steady pay.

Plus like someone else said, if you hate it, you should be able to go back to MT without any problem. I think most management people are aware that not everybody likes doing QA. And like someone else said, it definitely increases your marketability.

Congrats on your offer and good luck whatever you decide.
BTDT just 2 months ago myself. I can certainly feel your pain.
BTDT. They expected a heck of a lot from the MT for that kind of pay
All the emails, all the demands, all the changes, ugh. For all they expect and demand, the pay is way too little, not to mention the fact that they need MTs who do SPECIALTY work (cardiology) and should pay the MT a higher cpl than they do currently for that reason alone.
Ah, fun times at Radio Shack, BTDT.
Even if you explain the situation to them, they often won't get the deal about what ''gender'' plugs you need, heh.

BTW, didn't you originally say your foot pedal was USB? I'm really confused now, if what you ended up needing was a VGA splitter and not a USB hub because of your lack of USB ports?
No you don't, BTDT. They're home for a MONTH after 3 months on.
BTDT. I worked for a large national. I had to practically get down
on my knees and beg for a secondary.  Got one, had even less work than my primary.  I went to upper management and got a third account, even less work that primary again, so 3 accounts, and still not getting in but about 600 lines/day.