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ditto the wife comment sm

Posted By: americanmls on 2007-03-20
In Reply to: BINGO! - giddy pc guru

I would say this is Problem No. 1 in a doc's office. They are a royal pain and they actually want you to lower your price in some cases. Leave them home!

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ditto and double ditto
another wife
My husband has been active duty for 20 years.  We were stationed in the same place for 17 years.  As soon as he hit the 20 yr mark, they decided we needed to move.  Not all military services have crappy housing, though there are some WWII vintage houses still around as the other wife mentioned.  I've never lived in housing as a wife, but did as a kid.  I told my husband before we married that I wouldn't live on base, but a lot of people do it to save the money.  Your kids will miss their daddy, no getting around that.  My daughter spent two months on IV antibiotics, two hospitalizations, blood work, etc.  Didn't cost me a dime!  Just remember, in the military if they want you to have a wife they'll issue you one!
and he and his wife for MT'g ONLY use...sm

expanders/shortcuts and he said that's all he used to transcribe and that he was making $$ hand over fist this way and his wife too.....again he said he never *typed* anything, only used shortcuts for absolutely everything regarding MTg....and in that case you could do 500 LPH I suppose.....if not even more

I don't know the cost of this program any longer, but when I bought Shortcuts from him it did cost $149....it was a very long time ago though....hopefully that price came down over years.....

His wife

I think they are a total mismatch.  I don't see how she could have been attracted to him, ever.

OM doc's wife
I have seen closeup a similar experience (a friend of mine) and sorry to say, the deck is stacked against you. Lesson learned= never work for a doc whose wife is involved in his practice in any way...nurse, OM, whatever. Any woman who wants to be that involved is in need of a life, and will almost certainly get on some kind of power head rrip sooner or later, just because she can. Poor doc!!!
I need a wife is what I really need
Told my aunt the other day how much running I had to do and she said just donít do it. Well, how pray tell does it get done then? What I do is, by working part-time, I take the mornings and/or nights to do what I need. The 2 days during the week I am off is kept for doctor appointments, and taking care of business. I also have a housekeeper which allows me time to do this running around. Working out of the home or working in, I never take time for interruptions. I will answer the phone for 2 and that is if husband calls and/or daughter, other than that goes on answering machine. Even those 2 know not to be pesty in calling.
And, the wife usually
looks at any office expense as a rip-off of her husband's money.  Having no idea of the knowledge and skill base required to MT, it probably looks like a pretty easy job to her.  Wonder if she'd like to try doing a couple of reports just to see how it is.  She might end up doing that very thing if you leave.  What a mess that would be!
both he and his first wife were gay. He is totally gay, and says so. sm
He is not bisexual, but has been partnered with David for years.  Get your facts straight. 
Military wife
Yep, my husband has been in the AF for 29 years. He has been deployed since middle of March and will be coming home at end of May. I've been MT for 3 years, but all at one place. Wish I would've done it sooner, when we were moving around. He's retiring this summer.
Wife swap

I loved it.  I have the same problem with my fiance.  He comes home and makes cracks if the kitchen table has stuff on it.  My deck is the other side of the kitchen table so of course it has stuff on it.  Men, gotta love it.


Thanks for letting me vent.



I saw his wife yesterday. Don't know where
you get the overweight.  Sure she isn't rail thin, but hardly fat.   Chris is a local guy.  There has been talks for weeks that he didn't really want to win because he would be tied to contracts for a year.  He has a family and doesn't want to travel.  Look at the year Ruben won.  Clay was second and he has been more successful than Ruben, so I don't see not winning is going to hurt Chris.  Personally I don't think he can sing, he can scream, but he sounds like a moose in heat to me and I think he'll soon fade into the spotlight.  I have better things to do with my time than watching AI so I don't now about the others, though I did see a clip of Taylor on our local Fox news and I thought he could sing and he had a wonderful personality and is very comfortable in the spotlight, something Chris doesn't seem comfortable with. 
So, you are friends with his wife?
I loved watching his shows...so sad. Hope his family is making it through this okay.
Where is wife/mother
Watch the intervention program but basically what it boils down to is that even with forcing them into a rehab program if they are not willing to quit they won't.  They really need to hit bottom and you can force that by an intervention and get them into a program but if they don't see the "light" in the program they will only come out and do it again.   But first concern is the children -- where is wife/mother?  If they are in harms way then something needs to be done for them.   Hate to see them go into the child welfare/protective services programs but if someone in the family cannot take them if the situation does not change then that is the last recourse.  But get together with grandparents, siblings and pull together to try to get him to quit and see if someone can take the kids if there is no wife/mother around.  If there is a wife/mother then she needs to do something about the situation for the kids sake and if she is not willing, step in.  You would hate to not and then see something happen to the kids and not only that if something physically does not, mentally and emotionally it already is happening.   Good luck.  I might distance from him but not the kids.   Patti   PS - Dad was an alcoholic and ex was one so have had some experience with it.
Ugh, wife in the office! sm

I hate it! She is obviously "shopping around" as they all do. There is no loyalty when it comes to wives. If you cannot afford to dump them, then hang onto them until you can replace them. She will make your life miserable. I did the label stuff with the 1" pressure-sensitive transcription labels, Don't pay stationery store price.I am sure you can Google it. I used a paper cutter to "chop" the transcription and return it. The wife wanted me to take the face sheets, already handwritten by her, and print on those! I hope it's a large volume account. If she's saying get as much as you can on a page, she is being ridiculous, the only way you can handle that is to reduce your font and then she'll want you to reduce your price. I feel your pain dealing with the wife, they're ruthless!

If you can't get them to go digital (God forbid, that costs money) then you will have to work around her. I have walked that walk and it ends up you'll have to be the dumper instead of the dumpee which will happen eventually anyway because of $$$.  My heart aches for you. If it were a big $$$ acct. you could set up a laser printer offsite there with the bottom half printing out the labels and the top the letterheads. But, of course, they wouldn't want the work of cutting and placing it in the chart. Been there, it hurts! I thought the doc would intervene in my case as he would rave to everyone about how pleased he was, but he said he only deals with the patients, does not want to know anything about the office staff problems. I finally gave them a notice and left promptly after two weeks. My pocketbook suffered but my pride suffered worse that he didn't step in. Grrrr! If you know digital, you could also buy them a recorder (out of your own pocket of course). Hope you get some good advice here, it's been awhile since I dealt with those "paper dolls" I used to call them,.

The minute you said *wife* the

No wonder you have to do all this.  He has a wife telling him that you should be doing all this.  First of all, if he pays you, you need to be talking to him about this, not her.  Secondly, you need to decide if you can afford to go without this income.  Do you work for anyone else?  Could you pick up more work elsewhere?  If so, then I would do as other posters recommend and confront him with a new charge schedule.  If he wants you to do the corrections in-house, then have him schedule a time for you to come in and do this and tell him what your charge is.  If he's late, his office should have the courtesy to call you.  If not, I would make it a point to call in before leaving to check if he's running on time. 

He doesn't see consultations for free.  His time may be valuable, but so is yours.  Don't shortchange yourself.  Nine chances out of 10, he knows what he's doing is wrong and also knows that no one else will do it either unless he hires in-house. 

Leland has a wife and 2 kids?? nm
Sounds like his wife has a leg up. I hope
They think they're hurting the ex-wife, so they can't see that
they're actually hurting their kids.
Just found out that the suspect's ex wife--sm
is providing an alibi for him, saying that he was with her in Alabama at the time of JonBenets death and that he only knew certain things about the case because he did alot of research on it, as well as another case in California. Why would he confess to it, if he did not do it? and why would she, the ex, defend him?
Yep, I'm a Navy wife! Perfect job for me!
Harry Truman's Wife....
Her name, her looks, her personality, just EVERYTHING about her was just TOOO COOL!!!!!!
Did anyone see Wife Swap last night?
One of the wives was an MT married to a chauvinist.  It was great because the "new" wife made him do all her work and chores in the house and with the kids, plus her MT job.  He was up until 4 a.m. typing !!  Ha !  He had a new respect for his wife after that! 
re Dr wife and new charge schedule
I do have 2 other contracts and informed them that I had sent in my resume and that the new office might call for a reference on me. He told me he would gladly give me a good one - then the wife started confronting me and asked/told me that she knows I will resign because this is how it starts... and that I will not be allowed to just go but will have to keep working until she can find somebody else as it will take a long time (MTs in town know this doc & wife and won't work for them). I am a foreigner so I eat more of his nonsense than others but I think I have had enough! I will basically have to wait for payday and then tell them Im leaving you cold turkey or it will be a long dragged out nasty situation as she will just tell me she cannot find somebody to replace me. They have tried and this is the 2nd time I have gone back, first they got somebody in-office and let me go, then they got her back and let me go and then she walked out and they got me back again. I do have 11 years of exp and the new contract I have I can get more work if I want. Im just wondering if I won't be better off working my 40 hour week and having a life in the eve and weekends since my body is really giving me a hard time because Im working such long hours every day, 7 days a week to make not even what I can get at $10 p/h x 40 hours p/w.
The wife cannot work in Word LOL sm
The wife knows WP but not Word. They have a Mac at home which cannot convert the WP file to Word or that is her excuse why I have to do the conversion for them. This whole business stinks and its just time to move on and not deal with any of this, Im tired of always feeling like a monster and having my heart beat in my throat because I never know what I did wrong this time or how I will be treated when I get in the office.
Tell me again how DH being the IC and employing his wife is wrong?
I just don't get it.  If he pays the taxes on the money and she agrees to work for him for $900 a month, not to mention she is actually EARNING the money. 
never mind, his smart wife fixed it.

can't love overweight wife?! shame on you! nm
Inside and out apparently; man had a little baby with (now) ex-wife :-( nm
This same thing happened to my cousin's wife
and she also was 34. She was a school teacher at the time and had 3 little children. They treated her in the hospital for FIVE MONTHS. She was close to death for quite awhile but after multiple surgeries managed to finally survive. I do not think that they are suing. As someone stated, this is usually stated as a complication of gallbladder surgery.

Unfortunately, this hospital has a major problem with making those mistakes because my aunt also had her pancreas punctured when she went in just for a scope and also spent months in the hospital.

As hard as it is to accept though, these things do happen.

I am with the poster who said to pray for your cousin.
wife OMs are always trouble -- jealous, paranoid
poor hubbie lol

anytime a doctor's wife is involved in the
practice, it's always something...susan
Usher's wife comes to mind on this and if ICU warranted
would much rather be in the US than a foreign country.
I already know the details, hubby downloading porn while wife

Totally! I opted out of going to a cousin's wife's 2nd shower
after only 3 years! Ridiculous. The baby was even the same sex. And SHE never got rid of anything. So, I heard later that she took just about everything back to the store for refunds/exchanges! Really something, huh?
I assume it's Dutch (like his wife) but have no clue how to pronounce it. nm
A lot of times that same person is "the wife." Brutal
Ha ha! But will you start dressing as tacky as Dog and his horrible wife? Yuck! ;)
Yeah, Daddy said Billy Bob's grandmother was his grandfather's third cousin's second wife.
Thank you. We are descended from the Hoots who lived in Killjoy, Alabama, right near June Bug. My mother was a Hoot.
One time I typed "Tp and his wife are retired and travel in their rectovaginal." Caught it tho
QA comment
I just wanted to say a few things from the world of QA. There are some MTs who get dictators the likes of which I just cannot even describe as far as ESLs. Oh my. My heart just bleeds for you all - I mean it.  I don't know how you do it, the dictators are that awful. But most of you MTs who get these language-murdering dictators struggle and persevere thru usually endless reports.  It IS noticed, though you might think its not.  Not that peon QA people can do anything for you, but I do notice and applaud you. And I DO mention names of these MTs to account managers on a regular basis, praising their effort on these impossible dictations. Don't know if it helps, but I like to believe it does!  On the flip side, there are other MTs who are just a disgrace to our profession - they're not learning or new (we can tell). They are simply lazy and sloppy, making the most horrendous careless STUPID mistakes one can even imagine.  Sometimes my mouth just hits my desk in horror.  And I just shake my head and wade in and fix the entire report myself - that's what I'm there for, right? And for those who take offense that some mistakes are stupid - well, there are some that are stupid! No questions are stupid, but mistakes sure can be!  I wish all of you could see firsthand what is out there as far as the quality of MTs.  I know you would be amazed at the disparity between MTs.  And we ALL makes mistakes, yes, but its how you handle them that counts. I try to be so kind and respectful to all with my corrections, even the lazy sloppy ones.  So many MTs are so sweet and write back and thank me for the help, which is totally not expected, while the lazy ones write back screaming at the injustices of their errors!  Or they call the president of the company screaming in indignation! Its a shame - I could give dozens of examples of absolutely incredible lazy not-thinking mistakes, but I would never want to embarass someone who I probably QA'd and who might read my post.  I never want to hurt a soul, but really wish some MTs would just think while they were transcribing.  Some MTs do try so hard - and with all the odds stacked against them by the dictators from outer space! Just my rambling thoughts at the start of a long night shift in QA-land!

Please also check borderline personality disorder on the internet.  True bipolar has fairly long periods of either mania or depression and cycles.  Bipolar is more ongoing pervasive personality of poor coping skills and conflicted interpersonal interactions.

My advice is to realize there is probably nothing you can do to help them or change them other than altering the way YOU deal with THEM for the good of your own mental health!


Not sure why you needed the computer as I am assuming you already had a computer and the equipment?  Most computers with fairly new Windows system would work okay.  I personally feel the rental fee is kind of a bad idea in the long run at $48.00 a month.  Sounds like you may need a phone line again unless you can get wireless.  You'll have to talk to tech, I guess.

As far as learning and training, are you on DQS? 

With any job anymore be it MT or something such as an engineer, there is no such thing anymore as job security. I myself am 27 having 7 years experience as an MT. I actually got started in MT after my first year of college as I wanted something part-time . . so much for that:) Do I moan and groan sometimes about work, sure, we all do either if you are an MT or not, but at this point in my career I am confident that if I do not feel that I am getting enough work to provide myself with a wonderful life and not just getting along that I can submit my resume with confidence that I will find something to suit my needs.
can you say what the comment was?

I think it was the comment
that you type fast that got everyone's goat. Being an MT is just not that simple and hardly something to just learn on the sly for some "extra money." By the way, most of us at-home MTs actually started out in the workforce and got enough experience to BE ABLE to work from home, not the other way around.
Thanks for the comment but this is...
exactly what I mean. It is like there are those in this field that think just because you can pick on an error "clarity" vs "clearity" it makes you better then the next. I will admit I am not the best speller or and expert in grammer but I am not DUMB and no one should be made to fell that way. Especially if I am looking to the QA for guidance.


Hayseed, Aren't you the gal who did 1700 lines in 6 hours or something like that?  In that case, it's likely you wouldn't have any problem making their quota.  But, how about that hourly rate?  Will they be saving money by putting you on hourly, will you be making more money than when you were doing MT work?  Ask for all the details in writing, would be my advice.  Ask them to also state, in writing, if you can return to MT if you don't like QA.  Congratulations and good luck!!


This is a good solution; it puts it in their face, so to speak.  I've heard that people have to hear or see something an average of 3 times before it sinks in.  If they receive no feedback, they think everything is okay or totally horrible, depending on their own point of view (this is for all people in all aspects of life; I suspect that doctors will just assume that everything is okay).  If they receive negative feedback with a smile, they tend to believe that improvement is optional.  A more dramatic, serious approach is necessary. 


My situation may be a little bit different from yours, but you are not alone, and ER reports seems to be the main star.

I don't have any answers, but I'm kind of in the same boat with you.  I have been working on an account that has all worktypes.  I begin working very early in the morning, when I might be the only one working on this account.  The ER reports supposedly have top priority, right after the stat reports.  My problem is that lately I've noticed that once I complete all stat reports and am getting to the good stuff--the ER reports, whoever is managing the queue changes the priority of the more difficult OP reports and consultations, so that they float to the top of the queue, above the ER reports.  This maneuver would sometimes make sense, but the account specs are such that the ER reports have top priority. 

So, then, it takes several more hours to get to the ER reports, at which time there are so many workers on board that I end up getting 1 or 2 ER reports.  I've lately gone from making over $22/hour to a mere $7/hr.  I feel like I've been messed with, simply because I really got used to the account the way it used to be and now someone has come along and purposely made it more difficult for me.  I have the option of signing off, changing my hours, or going elsewhere.  I do have another interview pending after successfully completing the testing at another company.  I know that the grass is not always greener, but there is a limit to what type of treatment that I will tolerate.


I agree with you. 

This situation seems to be the end result of long years of MTs trying to do their best, while plugging along and accepting the treatment of the facilities, that filtered down to them through the MTSOs, who may or may not be addressing the issues of bad dictators with the facilities, for fear of losing the contracts.  I believe, it is the job of those who have direct contact with the doctors (i.e., those at the facility in the HIM dept).  According to what I have observed, they are not doing this job, and are either clueless, don't care, or enjoy this special power of oppressing the workforce from afar.  It also seems that they are not required to properly train their dictating clinicians.  Some of them are very active, however, in checking reports for proper comma use and such details, and do not hesitate to contact the MTSO to complain when the MT left out a comma, or failed to select the proper date of service on the header, failed to read the doc's mind and did not realize that when he/she coughed in a certain way, it was a clue that he/she wanted a copy sent to Dr. Joe Doe, etc.  Of course, they actually do not pay for headers and footers and they do not provide the MT with enough information to fill in all the details on the header and footer.

I have an egg timer.  I spend exactly 3 minutes trying to figure out a blank or the correct name for a doctor that requires a courtesy copy, etc.  If I cannot accomplish this in 3 minutes, given the lists that I have been provided or internet resources, the report gets a blank and it is sent to the QA department to figure it out.  Each report gets a grand total of 5 minutes for multiple look ups of blanks that are the fault of the dictator or due to me not having enough information to fill in headers, footers, consulting doctors, etc.  If it is my fault because I do not know the terminology, and the word was dictated clearly, I will take more time researching.  If the MTSO wants to address the issues of poor quality dictators/dictations with the facility, that is their choice.

If I were to have my own accounts, I would hope to have a deep pool to draw from so that I could include sanctions for such difficulties in my contract with the option of discontinuing service to those who proved to be so difficult.  However, I do not wish to be a dreamer, and don't think such deep pools exist, at least not in my part of the country, so I haven't even tried this option of having my own accounts.



I"m not sure I understand your comment, and I am not here to debate, but the account that I work on has plenty of difficult dictators, as well as plenty of easier dictators, comparatively.  My point was that you cannot depend on what type of report you will get at any given moment; there is no picking and choosing and the next in line might just change due to major shuffling.  It is not predictable by worktype either.  Whether there is plenty of work depends on how many MTs are working at the time, whatever jobs have been added to the pool, etc.  There is often no work during third shift.