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No Way

Posted By: MTTX on 2007-03-20
In Reply to: Someone at the office sounds incompetent. Don't let them toss - giddy pc guru

There is no way they would that. The office manager called me last week and asked me to type a letter for a patient who was needing a letter to return back to work. She said the doctor had asked her to type one for the patient, but told me she did not have time. I told her in a nice way NO! Everyday the doctor, while he is dictating and remembers something that has to get done, will dicatate a memo to himself or a note to office manager. I also have typed personal letters for him, thank you letters to other doctors for gifts he received for his girls were born, letters to insurance companies for denied claims, reference letters for ex-employees, etc. All of this at no extra $$. Oh well, I should of put a stop to this a long time ago.  

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