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Bringing the head lice post back up. This has been going around at my daughter's school.

Posted By: me on 2005-11-22
In Reply to:

Saturday, after having been checking her head all week, found lice on her head. Did the treatment on her, on me, DH and other daughter, just in case. Only youngest and myself apparently had them. Got rid of the lice, now need to deal with the eggs. No problem with daughter's head because I am meticulous and have been checking daily and removing anything I find. My problem is my own head. Oldest daughter tried to look through, but she had hard time, though she tried. Husband "I don't see anything", so not much help. I can't look at my own head, so my dilema is how do I get the eggs off my own head and keep them from rehatching? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Never gone throught his before.

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head lice
I have a question for all you moms out there.  My husband called me from work and said that the day care called his secretary and told her to pick up her daughter because she had head lice.  My son attends the same day care but is in a different group because he is older that his child with the head lice.  I told the day care to call me if even one in my son's group has lice and I will pick him up right away.  What would you all do?  I send him to day care because if he is home he and his 12-year-old brother fight all day and I don't get anything done.  He is five.  Should I just go get him and not chance it?  Any advice appreciated.
head lice
There was an extensive breakout in my child's school at one time.  All the kids had it.  I would just go get some Nix and treat him now.  When my son got them I did not know you could not see the things.  The only way I was able to tell was to hold a sheet of white paper and comb his hair catching it on the paper, they look like little specks of pepper, but if you watch closely they change shapes (move).  I would not be too horrified, it is bound to happen in day care.
head lice
I have a Robi-comb that I use every time I think there's a chance my girls may have gotten around lice. It's made by EpiLady. It's basically a bug zapper for the hair. You run it through their hair and it zaps all live bugs. It doesn't hurt the child unless you happen to touch one side to their ear and the other to their head. I've done that! It feels kind of like static electricity. But it's deadly to lice. It will kill them instantly. But keep in mind this only kills the live bugs. It doesn't do a thing for the nits. After I check for live bugs I always check for nits - especially at the base of the neck and behind the ears.
head lice
Also remember that the nits can take up to 2 weeks to hatch. So keep checking!! They start out tight on the head - usually dark brown. Then after they hatch they turn white.

I've been through lice two times. Been there, done that, don't EVER want to go there again!!!

Good luck!!!
Head lice
It has been 15 years since I had to deal with that but still remember it vividly.   Throw all your combs and brushes out and replace.  Give everyone their own.   There is also a wide comb that comes with the treatment.   If you comb your hair you will see lice on the comb if you have any. Wash all your bed linens even pillows. Put all stuff animals in a garbage bag closed for 10 days that will kill the lice.  If you wear hats wash them.  Also I had to spray my car cushions with a treatment that on the market at that time.  Also your couch cushions etc.   You never think you can get rid of them but you will.  At the time my daughter had them her whole dance class had them.  I think she probably got them when the kids put their belongings in the cubby holes  or top of others coats because her regular class did not.  Hope this helps.
Lice is a pain in the rear (and head) sm
My kids have had it before and what a tedious job it is to get rid of and make sure it stays away. Daily vacuuming of furniture, beds, etc. I took any and all stuffed animals and just stuck them in garbage bags for a month (they say 2 weeks, but I like to be safe). I looked for nits every day (brings new term to nit picking). I also used vinegar with the combing as it seemed to loosen up any remaining nits.

The dirty hair theory appears to be true, so I started using hair gel on my kids' heads, but we also have moved in the meantime, and they haven't had it since. The school district where we were seemed to have a huge outbreak at least twice a year.
When school opens again here, lice is rampant for the first 2 weeks. Ick...nm
Ooops, sorry. My last post said "head head." I meant "her head." Sorry.

bringing back the work!
In addition to doing MT, I also work as a coder at a very large teaching hospital and academic facility with 160'some clinics. Our transcription is outsourced and recently started going overseas. Guess what - our hospital is bringing it back to the States AND will not accept voice recognition! Too many errors that affect coding, AR days and, thus, reimbursement. Our dictation will continue to be outsourced but will not be allowed to go outside the US and can only be done by a real MT. Too bad it had to be the reimbursement that was the only issue that will bring the work back and not simply the fact that the quality is just not there but..at least there is something that will keep the work here in the US and keep it from being doing by VR. I just thought someone might like to know this is happening. I am hoping other hospitals get the hint.
Bringing up Bo Bice - he is back in hospital. nm
My daughter head on the radio yesterday
that Constatine M.  is dating Kelly Pickler.  Maybe that is why he was in the audience.   Did you also see Jasmine in the audience?
Whe my daughter went on a school trip...
there was an option on the form to opt for insurance. Have you gotten the paperwork yet?  It might be there on there. 
Our daughter's school was supposed to go there too..sm
However, the school switched and went with Texas instead, so we were able to avoid this but I feel bad that they did not share this information with you upfront! Maybe mention to your school that there is a competition in Texas and we are going 3/27 to 4/2/2006 for our high school. You rates are WOW, very good!! Ours are $750 a person but includes the usual rooms, travel and food plus tours and amusement. I sure hope that they are able to give you more information as to when they would make a decision or of they would be open to applying that money toward a different competition for the kids!!
I was an aide at my daughter's school and I was no yuppie, but that was
My daughter already started 1st grade - year-round school. Yippee! (nm)
My daughter's elementary school was on lock down yesterday afternoon cause some freak in a red S

truck drove onto school property behind the school (where the playground is) and tried to get some kids on recess to get into his truck!  Thankfully the teachers on recess duty were paying attention and gathered all the kids back into the building and the school went on lock down.  The police showed up within minutes, but the guy took off before they got there.  So now they are looking for him.  The news was parked in front of my house most of the morning this morning.  I live directly across the street from the school.

It's just scary out there.  My daughter who is in kindergarten was matter of fact about the whole thing.  All she said when she gave me the note from the principal telling parents what happen was "It was for real mom.  We thought it was a drill, but it was for real."  Then I thought what a sad state this world is in when our schools have lock down drills now in addition to fire and tornado drills. 

I live in a small town too and had a false sense of security until the Amish news and until yesterday.  It seems like you simply aren't safe anywhere anymore.

don't think the idea isn't tinkling in the back of my head!
I just hurt my back and I want to head it off at the pass. Any suggestions? SM

I was helping my son carry a dresser up a flight of stairs and I was standing on the upper stair lifting my side up from a position above the dresser and I pulled something in my left low back and now I'm feeling it.  I new I did it because I felt the pain immediately upon lifting.  I took a handful of ibuprofen and I now have my heating pad on my back, but I wonder is there other things I can do to keep it from ruining my weekend!  I was planning on going shopping with my neices tomorrow for homecoming dresses and I can't be hobbling around the mall!


disks in C-spine, then huge metal fan fell on back of head!
That is when the real pain began. A rhizotomy is where they cut the nerve roots to relieve the pain (anterior) or muscle spasms (posterior). I just had neurectomies, and my head has been worse for the last two months. The neurosurgeon was unable to get left side because my occipital nerve was entangled in the artery, but he got the right. Now I cannot feel the right side of the back of my scalp; however, I am still having a lot of pain! So much for that.
Going back to school
Yes, I have thought about it. However, I will have to wait until I am cloned so ONE of us can keep working day and night to pay bills while the other of us goes to school. (Dream on!).
going back to school as well
Taking a pre-algebra and art class this semester, going for my BA in psych.  I've got a long road ahead of me, but I need to switch gears to a more lucrative and respected profession.  One that will secure my future as well.  MT sure won't!  Heck, don't even know if MT'ing will get me through school, I feel like my days are numbered and its out of my control.
why not go back to school. you can
probably get all your schooling paid for and money to help pay bills while you go to school? even if you did a tech program or a 2-yr RN program...?

i know how you feel.
I'm back in school...sm
I have my Associates in Allied Health, but I'm in the process of finishing my Bachelor's in Business with a specialty in Healthcare.

I also have 3 kids and a husband. As long as your family is willing to work with you a bit and give you the time that you need, you'll do fine. Go for it!
going back to school
I went back to school when my youngest entered kindergarten. I was 31. That was 15 years ago - my husband is now in school for taxidermy - he has only 3 weeks left - I miss him. My friend went back to school at age 59 - she is now a certified coder/MRT at age 62. Go for it!!!!!
Going back to school
I am a 35 year old single parent of an 8 year old. I will be starting in March at a private liberal arts college in Atlanta, GA. They have a degree program for adults. I will be majoring in psychology and hope to finish in a year. I'm very excited about it.
Going back to school
...Yes, I'm currently doing it now. It is hard, not easy, but I think it would be much harder if I had children in the house. My beautiful son is 29 years old and living out of the house on his own.

I have been a small MTSO for many, many years, but after losing so many accounts in my area to under bidding and offshoring, I just did not feel it was worth pursuing this crap any more. I now transcribe for a company part time, the money is so paltry, but whatever. Working in this field is no longer my goal. It is a stepping stone. My sights are high to get into something I believe I would enjoy and make a difference in - law. I work part time and go to school part time, for now. I am 56 years of age and do not have a problem with my age at all. It takes time management - something that does not come easy for me. With a large house to care for, lots of pets, work, and school, I am learning to manage a lot better. It is surprising how much better I do with less money. Of course, I am fortunate in that my husband can support us both, for now. I pray it stays that way. That does not mean we have enough put away for retirement. We don't. The income I make from my part-time job goes into savings. I am determined to reach my goal no matter what, and if I ever become a lawyer at age 64-65, what an accomplishment!!! I've always been a very independent person. Ironically, the hardest thing for me to accept is letting my husband support me. I get a lot of anxiety about that because I'm a worry-wort. I've always felt I have to be in control. Strange, huh?
Going back to school
I am 36 and just started back this January to take some electives and start nursing school in August. I have 2 kids and husband to take care of, plus working p/t doing transcription. I have to take Chemistry which is a pre-requisite. It's only the third week and it is hard, but I think in the long run, it will work out for the better. I just have to keep a positive attitude.
back to school at 45

I went back to school at 45 with 5 kids (26, 24, 19, 14 and 10).  I have a few comments.  First of all, school at 45 is very different than school at 20.  One thing I noticed is that it is much easier.  Classes have been watered down, except for math classes, which are a little different.  Kids do not write as well as we had to when I was first in college.   Second, for whatever reason,  it is much easier to pull As than when I was younger.  I go to class every class and I study because I have less distractions and yes, less hormones.  I am not partying anywhere, and my car knows the way to school.  No  one is making me go.

I took my first CNA class this semester and basically changed adult diapers and helped feed elderly folks.  I also helped with showers and changed colostomy bags.  They can dress it up any way they want, but frankly, that is what you are doing.  No blood or guts, just a lot of poop.

As far as money goes, I already had an associates degree, so they will only pay for classes that are absolutely necessary to your degree.  I did not qualify for any scholarship money due to age or income or anything else.  Basically I paid for my classes and the hospital I work for is supposed to reimburse me when I finish my class.

The hospital I work for, when I am clinicals, is supposed to have a few scholarships available which equate to about 4500 per year.  As my work time will be cut back to approximately half, I am going to have to figure out how to make it.  Also, I will have to figure out how to maintain hospital benefits at only half time...as....this does not work out.  

That is my returning to school story.  I hope that it is helpful. I would like to know what first year nursing students are doing if anybody has that information as far as patient care, etc. and what books, etc. they found helpful.




Went back to school at age 30 with a 4 mo. old, 4 yr old, and 7 yr old....
got an Associates degree in Health Information Technology and then sat for my RHIT.  After ranting and raving when I quit my job after the baby was born, my husband finally gave in and actually became very supportive.  This was the best decision I have ever made in life...it was hard but worth it, and I graduated at the top of my class.  Blessings!
back to school . . .
I went back to school, for nursing, after 23 years! It was scary, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I have found that it is a little harder to learn than when I was young, but I am more willing to put in the time now that I am older and actually did quite well. Also,  I was worried about being in school with a bunch of 20 year olds, and that was not the case either. My advice, go for it!
MT going back to school....

My two career choices are either nursing, really interested in psych, or a dental hygienist.

I know more about nursing than the dental and was wondering if anyone could give me any insight on either one, as far as school, working conditions, salaries, anything basically.

I think I would enjoy nursing more, but the schedule for the hygienist appeals to me more with 2 young kids at home.  In my area, the schooling is about the same and the salary seems about the same too.


QA go back to school

I am really ticked at my QA department these days.  Had a report – not the best dictator, which is why I listened to it for a total of 3 times to be accurate!  Clearly the doctor said hyperglycemia.  At first I thought hypercholesterolemia but upon playing it over 2 more times I could hear the “glycemia.”  QA changed it to hypercholesterolemia and put a note on the “corrected” version that had I run spell checker it would have caught this.  Okay, first of all with this particular VPN system you must run spell check before uploading!  And second of all, no, spell checker would not flag a correctly spelled medical term!  Come on now!  Pick up the medical dictionary and look.  It is in my book.  Heck I hear that word on television.  Get a clue already.


This is the same QA that I go round and round with about hyphens.  I type “The patient is well developed and well nourished.”  It is to be done this way as per the BOS, yet a few will put in hyphens.  To the best of my knowledge you only use hyphens when the sentence reads:  Well-developed, well-nourished male/female in no acute distress. 


There are some really great QA people out there (((hugs))) and unfortunately some that need to go back to MT school.  Sometimes I wonder why I fight so hard to keep our jobs here in the U.S.   I know that I am not QA quality with less than 5 years under my belt, but please do not treat me like complete *****.  When I see some of these QA fixes and research it makes me wonder how they came into their positions.  I once had a CMT/QA person tell me there is no such thing as a DIP joint.  Okay, pick up an ortho book by Stedman’s.  Yeah, it’s in there!


Sorry to go on and on.  Just needed to get this off my chest.

You don't need to go back to school.
Going back to School
Just saw this thread and had to respond. I, too, could see the handwriting on the wall many years ago in fact. When anyone would ask what I did for a living, I would tell them and many times they had no clue what it was. People that knew what it was looked at me and sort of smirked. So, I thought I would prepare for my later years and go back to school. I finished getting my BS about 5 years ago and I am still an MT.   I like being an MT but wished that my hard-earned degree would have led me in a new direction with exciting new challenges and better pay. This has been my experience with going back to school and I got excellent grades too and have been in the medical field for 30 years. No rhyme or reason
Back to school
I was trained and took a local training program and did some medical transcription for a few small companies, but here I am 15 years later realizing that I didn't get the "right" kind of training, so I just started up with one of the 2 top schools online and this was the best thing I ever did. Now I realize how little training I received compared to the big picture out there. I guess I learned that you get what you pay for. Again, do the research yourself because everybody is going to have a different opinion.
Back to school

Remember, you will be on your feet most of the time. Be sure that the school you go to is accepted by different places of employment. I worked in a hospital, and the Director of Pharmacy would not accept candidates from certain schools.

Anyone else gone back to school for this? sm
Medical assistant?  I am looking at this because I can do something along the lines I already love (medicine) and get out into the real world again.  The course I am looking at is through a university, where you will earn an AS upon completion.  With 10 years of MT under my belt and being so tired of being paid on production, I am looking for a change!  Plus, many of the courses would be refresher ones for me, so at least it would not all be new.  Has anyone made the leap?  Thanks for your input! 
POLL: Home School vs. Charter School vs. Public School vs. Priv ate School...
Pros and cons of each too. I have two little ones that will be starting school soon and I would like opinions on all. Thanks in advance! :)
have your kids gone back to school yet? if so, where are you at...
if not, when do they go back and where are you at?  This is strictly out of curiosity, everyone, no ulterior motives here! I'm in GA and mine went back yesterday...think it's WAY too early to go back.  They were only out for nine weeks!
ever thought about going back to school?
I stay focused because i'm in school now and i'm working towards something.  I'm just as scared in regards to job security, i'm the only earner.  I'm not getting anywhere in this industry, I still live in an apartment.  I am afraid to buy a house because i'm not sure where this company is heading. 
They need to go back to school or never studied. nm
Back to school bellyache - what to do?
I'm sure this is a common thing, but my 9-year-old daughter has been having a bellyache for the entire week leading up to the first day of school, and yesterday at school she said her belly was just killing her all day.  I know she has some social anxiety issues, worries about no one wanting to play with her, etc., but how can I help her?  In the week before school started I had four girls over from her class and they all had a great time playing together, so I know there are decent girls that she can play with at school.  She's my oldest child so I'm still learning with her myself.  I've given her all the love and hugs and encouragement I can, so now I'm starting to wonder if maybe a little Pepcid or Zantac would help?  I have a strong family history of stomach ulcers, I'm so worried that she is starting down this path already.  Any suggestions? 
I went back to school this year
In my area both the RN-AD and dental hyg. programs have wait lists, however the dental hyg. wait is like 4 years versus the RN wait being 1-1/2 years. I am just finishing up all my gen eds and I should be off the wait list and into the core program next fall. I am taking extra psych classes to fill my "elective" courses as I was told that hospitals prefer nurses with their BSN to have psych minors, and I'm only in the AD program (associate degree), but I can still list extra psych courses on my resume. I wish you the very best of luck!!!
If you want to go back to school for nursing, go for it -
I'm doing it too. I discovered there is quite a chunk of money out there for grants, loans, scholarships, et cetera for nursing students.

I can't keep sitting back and watching my income slide off in giant chunks with every new change in the platform and editing.

Once upon a time, I was making almost 30.00 per hour on average and now I'm lucky if I get 20.00 per hour. BIG difference.

Going back to school question...
I know I have read that several MTs go back to school for nursing.  How many have ever considered going back for becoming a HIM director?  I am thinking going back to school and do not think I could do the nursing thing.  I have seen a lot of job postings in my area for HIM directors over the last few years and was just wondering.
I was considering going back to school for nursing...
I originally planned on doing that many years ago before I got sidetracked into transcribing. I just wonder if I'm too old to start over again (44).

Thinking of going back to school; anyone

I've been an MT forever, and am now 58.   Retirement for me will be out of the question, but as we all know, the MT profession has taken a nosedive in past years, and the outlook is bleak.

From what I've read so far, an ultrasound tech can become certified at the proper schools without having to already have had extensive college.  (Only 2 years here, and that was in English, not pre-med, biology, science, etc.)   

Have any of you tried the same thing, or know people who have?  I definitely have to do SOMETHING, and time is obviously running out.  I also don't care for nursing. 

Any feedback appreciated!!!     

YOU ARE WELCOME - after that crap I quit and went back to school
All docs to be sent back to high school
to learn how to do a basic OUTLINE!
My husband refuses to let me go back to school

I would like to further my education in a more stable field that will never outsource.  I am constantly worrying about the state of the MT field.  I asked my husband if he would be okay with me going back to school to become a dental hygenist. He said absolutely not and to stop panicking.  He said Speris is not sending all the jobs to India, and he refuses to babysit at night when he works all day.  I am so ------.  I need his help to succeed because I do not have any family to depend on.  How can I realize my dreams.  Thanks for letting me vent.  So mad I can spit.

I feel like I'm back in high school again!
This is ridiculous!