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Bunch of us replied to similar ? on Company board under DSG lines post..nm

Posted By: Head on over there on 2006-04-26
In Reply to: Those of you who have gone from DQS to another program, how has your line count been - Suzi


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Check company board. I just asked a similar question, NM
Post about Companys on the Company board, post job ads on the Job Seeker board
And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
TO ALL - Please see post on Company board
that was posted by the Administrator regarding mudslinging.  Don't just read it. Live it!
post this on the company board here....nm
You should probably post this on the Company Board
They have a post on the company board about benefits, etc. sm
I do ortho and love Keystrokes. I know that they are known for radiology, but I have plenty of work, a GREAT manager and a steady paycheck. My sister and daughter also work for Keystrokes and they are clinic and hospital work. They are both happy as well.
I believe a post like this belongs on the Company Board anyway.
This post belongs on the company board.
This post belongs on the company board.
This post belongs on the company board.
1 positive post near top of pg 2 on the Company board.
you can post company names on the board.
Excuse me - I meant to post this on the company board.
Post belongs on Company board. Thread locked.
There was another post that I replied to and it
is gone.  I didn't say anything to warrant being deleted so don't know if someone else did, or they just got slap happy and deleted more than they intended. 
But you replied to MY post
and called me a doubting Thomas because I doubted it could be done on 1 income.  Now you're going to act confused?
Is the post you replied to directly above this one?
If not, the one you replied to may have been deleted. They can't control that. They delete one part and everything in response to it automatically goes with it. They can't leave responses hanging there when the one it was tacked onto was deleted.
OMG! I was going to post something similar. SM
I have 80 hours coming to me. The national told us we could not take any PTO time until further notice.

Now I am concerned they may eliminate it completely next year. They will not pay any money out; that has already been said, can they take the time-off I have already earned? Is this legal? I'm jumping the gun, because I don't know for sure if they will, but the way it looks now, anything is possible. Thanks.
I have had similar experiences with a company
doing that. Its the purpose of the production emails - to shame you into boosting your production to keep up with the others - whether the others are actually real or not has always been a matter of speculation to me....But you are feeling exactly what the sender wants you to feel! Terrible tactics to me, but works for some.
Something similar happened on the CBS star trek board once recently.
Except it was on purpose. People on there are kind of pseudointellectual types and one funny person tried to see how many hits this thread would get: it was
"Do not read this thread."
Do you know that thread got more hits than any, and they kept it for months, it still got hits. OF course nothing said anything once you opened it. It was just to see who would open it. I have to admit I did. LOL.
This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.
cherrypicking co-worker issue (meant to post it on this board instead of MQ board) sm...

I need opinions please...I work on a very small account with just a handful of ladies.  Because of the nature of the software (trying not to get too specific here) we can see who is working online and what reports they are working on in real-time...

We have one cherrypicker on the account.  Instead of using FIFO method, she retrieves the reports by author ID - usually picking the better dictators of course.  She knows I busted her and she did admit to it in on our work e-mail (not too bright) which I am saving just in case she gets out of hand - so far I'm still able to make money since really most of the dictators aren't bad. 

But every night it's starting to wear on me since she's screwing up turnaround time.  I don't really want to cause a big uproar being that it is such a small account and I need to work with her almost every night usually one on one.

What would you all do?  I want to handle this as delicate and professional as possible because we can't really afford to lose anyone on this account.  In other words, I refuse to stoop to her level by cherrypicking right back.

My boss has asked me several times why so-and-so does so much more than I do...I just bite my lip at that point but one of these days I think I might explode and just open up a can of worms....

Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
read recent posts on this board and on the company board
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. See that board. Thread locked.
I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
No mssg.
COMPANY INQUIRIES belong on Company board, please!
You put them on the company board, not the main board. They are still there.
Some on the other board did 4178 lines. nm
You need to know how your company counts lines. It probably is not
counting the same as your line counter.
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.


Depending on how many lines/reports a company
requires a QA person to do, it can be as much as $3.00 or more per report just for the QA portion. That is money I feel should be paid to me if I do high quality work rather than paying me the same or less than other MTs who are careless, sloppy, lazy, or incompetent and send everything to QA to be done.

Sometimes there are things you can't figure out, but at least take the time to try. You might even learn something. This is especially true for new MTs.

60 reports in a QA cue just because someone is too lazy to call the office to get a normal for a doctor who says to "use my normal" is not acceptable and the MT who sent that report should NOT be paid for the report that I had to find and put in for him/her.

Keep this activity up and no one will ever get a raise.
my company 127 lines/hour is minimum
Depends on each company, but usually incentive pay is only on the additional lines. Ask to be sure.
Post word questions on the Word board NOT the Main board.
Read between the lines. When a company starts saying work more to make more
and you have to work in assembly-line fashion like an automaton, they are having a cash crunch.  They held out one salary to you to get you to do the job, then they turn around and cut your pay because you make too much.  They don't sound financially stable.  If you've only been on the job 2 months, start looking elsewhere for a more financially stable company.   Send out your resume and see what other companies have to offer and check out references for those companies.  I and a friend in the past have gone part-time with a new company before resigning from the old one in order to make sure the new company is going to be compatible with us. It's hard to do, but it's short-term for only 1 or 2 weeks.   
As an IC you invoice the company, count your own lines, and receive a paycheck.
First Choice, JLG, QT Medical, Metro in Atlanta, just to name a few.

Most use SylCount or something similar. I used Abacus - free line counting software.
the least minimum requined lines/hour I found for a company
It's over on the Company Board.

I tried selling on ebay for years.  It was kind of a hassle.  Once I cleared the clutter out of my house, I had to find merchandise to sell.  There are a LOT of people out there claiming to be wholesalers, drop shippers or resellers who are nothing more than con artists.  I tried selling craft kits and books purchased direct from the manufacturers/publishers, but you just can't get a decent wholesale discount unless you buy in huge volume.  Plus, the prices on ebay were often cheaper than the wholesale price.  I used to go to yard sales late in the day and offer to buy their remaining stuff at a cheap rate.  I made OK money at that part of it with the collectibles and used books, but my house got cluttered up with other people's junk.  I also signed up for Avon and scented candles with the intent of selling online, but later I found out they had stinky rules about online selling.  Other people do it, but you can lose your account if they catch you.  And you have to sell a lot to make any decent money.  You're also competing with ex-reps who went out of business and are trying to liquidate their inventory.  Plus, I had nowhere to store everything.  It's a hassle finding shipping supplies, although you can order boxes and labels for free through USPS.gov and charge everyone for priority shipping.  Plan on driving to the post office nearly every day.  And keep good records on what you purchase and sell to figure your cost of goods sold for the IRS.

You might enjoy it.  Give it a try, but start out slowly.  Use as many templates as you can and prefigure shipping or you'll get a bunch of emails from people.

on company board...
I would go on the company board
posts, check the archives, and also maybe check out some other forums to get a few ideas.  Some companies are merely expanding, and some are not very good companies to work for.  Good luck in your search.  Sorry about self-righteous and condescending posts below.  I think your question was simple, to the point, and totally appropriate.
See company board

See all the answers under your question on the Company Board -- again, do not feel it is necessary and I am not along in this thinking.  The doctor is liable not us, we only transcribe what he says and he signs off on it.  Talk to someone else who works for Accuscribe and see that they say.  To me it is foolish.


This company board. nm
not what you're thinking.
See the Company Board for
Where is it on the Company Board?