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Read between the lines. When a company starts saying work more to make more

Posted By: I'm a savvy MT BTDT on 2005-12-20
In Reply to: I need help from savvy MT's - Please help me

and you have to work in assembly-line fashion like an automaton, they are having a cash crunch.  They held out one salary to you to get you to do the job, then they turn around and cut your pay because you make too much.  They don't sound financially stable.  If you've only been on the job 2 months, start looking elsewhere for a more financially stable company.   Send out your resume and see what other companies have to offer and check out references for those companies.  I and a friend in the past have gone part-time with a new company before resigning from the old one in order to make sure the new company is going to be compatible with us. It's hard to do, but it's short-term for only 1 or 2 weeks.   

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Well, if your company starts with a T.. the reason you see work but none in your job list is because
to the Indians for their shift..It's always feast for famine with these companies.
900 lines is below 1100 lines, where the bonus starts.
Their pay is way low and you work like a dog to make minimum lines.
It counts the lines it ends up with, not what it starts with. nm
7 cpl gross and counts blank lines, IC status-- make a ton of money because it's easy work...nm
I work for a large company beginning with an "M" and make
10.5 for text and 7 cpl for speech recognition. I work 10 hours a week and make 800 a month. I'm old and slow too.
Actually, It starts there, then carries on will all the company links and ads.
The company which starts with a laundry detergent and ends with water? Gonna delete that too admin?
before slamming starts..pay is good..work is there..sm

before the naysayers (or the ones cycling through the system) start, we pay top money, always have AND the work is there...have never had complaints of not enough work.  I have had people claiming to do 100+ reports a day that do 20 a week...I have had MTs claiming that they have never had reports returned and yet every report they produce is full of errors or blanks.  So either there are clients out there that take anything produced and have editors they pay to fix everything or these people are in LALALALALAL land. 

I have had seasoned MTs apply that can not produce quality work...so while I have "been there and done that" as to working for national companies that give you 3 or more accounts because they over hire...worked for national companies that get you up and running then switch you to ESL only accounts so you never make bonus or even lines for the day...I have also been on the end of hiring and setting up people that have stolen equipment, programs and clients.  I have hired people after good screening that have never started work, or worked one day and then never worked again. 

It is a two way street...there are good MTs (all of which must be working because I sure have not found any lately) and there are bad..the same bad ones that slam newbies on the boards or give snippy answers for everything posted.  AND htere are bad MTSOs out there too.  Not everyone is a perfect match for each other, but as someone that has been on both sides, it gets old to constantly hear about the bad MTSO or even national companies, but we never hear ANYTHING about the bad MTs that are out there...and there are...ask any MTSO :-)


That is a lot of work/lines for 2 people. I do 3000 lines per day sm
if you times that by 30 days that only comes to 90K lines a month, that is working 7 days a week including weekends. I don't think 2 people can handle that.
Darnit! Should read 񟼨 lines in 8 hours?!'
Poop...hate it when I do that.
I can make these lines and my QA is very high
otherwise I would not have a job but and underline that, it also depends on your platform. I in the past always got over 2000 lines straight typing at 2 different hospitals. When outsourced took another job and my count was about 1200-1300 per day. I had NEVER done so little, never. I got back with my old job where I do both VR and straight and I do high but the QA has to be high is expected to be 98 and if below, there is a problem.
Me, too. Can't make money if you can't put lines on the page. nm
Much easier to make lines, but the pay sucks
When it comes to gross lines, font does make--sm
a difference, as well as the margins. I was doing gross lines at 0.675 cpl with courier new 12 font with 1 inch margins side to side and 2 inches at the top. I grossed almost 50k this past year, so to me, gross lines are much better. we recently had a management change and are now doing 65 cpl at 0.09 cpl. I figured that would be about 500 a month less and 6000 a year less. that is a big difference, to me, anyway and I am not happy about it, either. This is just to give you some idea of what gross line pay is like. good luck to you.
Geez. I do about 2800 lines a day and make right at $60K.
What in the world is your line rate? Do you get incentive?

Work for 1 hour, then count your lines of the completed work - sm
either check you total characters in word (with spaces) then total them all up and divide by 65, and you get your total lines per hour. 10,000/65 is 153 lines. Or if you have a line counting program us that to figure you count, either way will work quite well. Maybe do it a few times and then figure an average over 3 hours or something like that, it will vary with the ease/difficulty of the work you are doing.
You need to know how your company counts lines. It probably is not
counting the same as your line counter.
Wow! I do 1600 lines daily and make only 9.5 cpl as employee-
SE is that without benefits.

What MQ office do you work for? Are they hiring.
So glad I didn't bust my a^^ to make the 10,000 lines!!!!!!!!!

their employees ANYTHING?

MQ acts like we are the ENEMY instead of the people that generate the

junk for their ungawdly profits.

Does anyone have to use size 10 font? Does it take you longer to make your lines? nm
When all else fails, and you've gotta make those lines,
Let's face it. We ALL do it.
Depending on how many lines/reports a company
requires a QA person to do, it can be as much as $3.00 or more per report just for the QA portion. That is money I feel should be paid to me if I do high quality work rather than paying me the same or less than other MTs who are careless, sloppy, lazy, or incompetent and send everything to QA to be done.

Sometimes there are things you can't figure out, but at least take the time to try. You might even learn something. This is especially true for new MTs.

60 reports in a QA cue just because someone is too lazy to call the office to get a normal for a doctor who says to "use my normal" is not acceptable and the MT who sent that report should NOT be paid for the report that I had to find and put in for him/her.

Keep this activity up and no one will ever get a raise.
my company 127 lines/hour is minimum
Is ExText user friendly? Can you make good lines?

I will be using a foot pedal - ? Transnet.

I'm using Meditech Magic now and I can't imagine anything being worse. 

Depends on each company, but usually incentive pay is only on the additional lines. Ask to be sure.
Is the em dat (?) program user friendly - can you make lines - complicated to learn?nm


LOL, you read my mind. Just the company I was thinking of, too.


Better read your contract with the national company before doing that. sm
Most companies have you sign a non-compete agreement. So, you can not solicit their clients for at least 1 year after your termination from them. Some companies do not have that agreement. You need to read your contract before you go down that path.

Good luck!
As an IC you invoice the company, count your own lines, and receive a paycheck.
First Choice, JLG, QT Medical, Metro in Atlanta, just to name a few.

Most use SylCount or something similar. I used Abacus - free line counting software.
the least minimum requined lines/hour I found for a company
Make the sign very simple to read and put it in a very visible area
such as over the doorbell if you have to.

Some younger kids may not be able to read a lengthy sign.

Maybe "NO CANDY HERE" will work.

I know having the porch lights out does not work for my house either but whenever we came across a house with a sign I would have to tell the kids since some of them can't read yet to pass that house up.
I have 17 years acute care experience and don't make 1200 lines in 6 hours. sm
I work for a company that is VERY picky about their work, 100% QA everything.  I have been with them over a year, and have to go back and listen to my work a second time while proofing.  I only make 160-170 lines an hour, but the pay is good for that, and I have learned so much in the year that I can go to work anywhere without problems.  For me it is worth the extra time to put in the few extra hours a week to have really top QA.  There is room for all types in this business, the really fast ones, and the slower ones who work differently, you just have to find your place.  Ideally, we should all type 200 lines an hour and have 99%+ QA, but I don't thank too many of us make it.  Good luck to you.
what size package do you have? i have basic and i couldn't make good lines due to speed. nm
You don't want to work for this company. Call your current company and
tell them that you have decided against the new position and tell them that you would like to stay. It is cheaper for them to let you stay than to train someone new. A company who could be so tacky as the one you just spoke of is one you do not want to work for. You can rescind your resignation. If you are a good MT, they will be glad you did.
Actually READ my post. I wrote "A GOOD COMPANY"
Thick, thick, thick.
Read the company boards, posts about them today.nm
Bunch of us replied to similar ? on Company board under DSG lines post..nm
Yes, unfortunately you do have to make a pest of yourself to make it work, but.....
as the years went by that is why I stayed away from those type of companies.  BTW, Noni is a fabulous product, I absolutely do not care for the "marketing techniques" they use.  One of the facts of this type of industry is you cannot just recruit to make it, you have to retail.  Ever since I "overhauled" my techniques and system...I never had to ask another person to some on board again.  Well, nuf for now.  Take care and have a blessed week!!
Oh yeah? Go to company board and read about Heartland's layoffs.

it's really not fair to tell people to get into this business when it's obvious there's big trouble and the S--- is just starting to hit the fan...

I would make sure you ask what company they are with!
All I know is it caused the company I work for to be unable to do all work due today and the rest
Not necessarily - I make 12 cpl for a company. nm
just another way for the company to make money..nm
i used to work for a company that divided the work types up and i loved it. sm
there were only 4 of us working a major teaching hospital. someone was assigned surgery, different assigned discharges, different admits, etc. we all had the backup work type in case the original assignee wasn't available and were cross trained. it made us much more efficient, ability to get used to dictators, set macros, and in the long run we were all much happier.
The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
I make more than that as an employee for a small company ---
Maybe it is time to change to that?
Wouldn't it make more sense for the company
to hire someone for that shift, and that person could be a "stat" person in addition to typing a regular account?  Nah, I guess that would be just too simple!
I make 0.725 cents per line after 5 years with the same company - nm
I make 0.725 cents per line after 5 years with the same company - NM
What about benefits? I make 50k a year working for a company
out of my home full time. No gas money, no traveling, no printing, faxing, and I get full benefits. How is making 50000 as an MTSO good money? I really just don't get it!
where do you work that you just do lines, not hours?- nm