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Bwahahahahaha!! You are da bomb, girl! :) nm

Posted By: And you speaks the truth! NM on 2007-09-07
In Reply to: 1600/day proud, 1100 distressed and sad. - Hayseed


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Chris is da bomb!!!
Isn't that awesome how Elliott sings with 90% hearing loss in one ear?
48-years-young, single, 3 kids, 9 girl, 12 boy, 15 girl nm
They lost me. That bomb scenario was just too stupid. nm
Chris is DA BOMB! Hope he wins.
The Surgical Word Book is the Bomb for me!
It has so much in it besides surgical stuff. I then use Quick Look Drug Book, Stedman's Dictionary, and Sloane's Med Word Book. I love books but Google as well - usually double reference. And, let me not forget, the BOS2
By far, Tessier Surgical Word Book! The Bomb!
Such gloom and doom. Better head for the bomb shelter.
heh heh
You go girl! You go girl! Loved your response!
Wooo hooo!!! 


I just went on a rampage about these "wonderful moms" badgering a single mom about putting her kid in daycare so she could work... WHO CARES?!?!?  Why do they think their aggressive is worth so much -

I agree - UNITE...  CARE...  REASSURE...  We are all familiar with at lease one aspect of every ONE of our lives...   BE CONSIDERATE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE...  Just because someone doesn't live their life like YOU do does NOT mean they are doing it WRONG....  Doesn't the BIBLE say to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR....  we are ALL neighbors here, and I would lend a helping hand to anyone who asked it of me... 

GEEZ - if you need a hormone adjustment, PLEASE get HELP... if it is the HEAT, GET IN A POOL!!!  There are some of THE most nasty replies on this board for NO REAL REASON except for those whose lives are miserable, so they wish to pass it on and create TURMOIL!!!  Just STOP!!!    Realize it is OKAY to be different, and to live different lives... and if someone comes to this board for empathy, those who wish to give it - please give it... those who have NO empathy... SHUT UP!!! 

You go girl!!

I totally agree with you!!!  In my town, a LOT of the trailers are so much nicer than any of the homes.  When my husband and I first got married, we lived in a crappy apartment.  I would have so much rather lived in a nice trailer where I felt safe.  However, we live in Missouri, where it is tornado heaven in the springtime and I am a huge freak when it comes to tornados. 

You shouldn't call someone a skank just because of where they live.  I would bet that some of the women living in the $300,000 houses are cheating wifes who actually deserve the word skank. 


Keep up wtih good work, you should be proud of your family!!!

You go girl! sm

It was almost a year ago that I sat my family down and told them that I wanted to come home.  I had picked up a "side" account while working a full time job. I did the "side" account for 6 months and then gave my notice to the hospital I was working at as I found enough work to do at home.

It is the best thing I ever did and I actually make more money than I did in house because I'm happy and motivated.  I don't have to deal with the office witch, a run in my nylons, forgetting my lunch or having to drive the 45 miles round trip every morning.  I can stop what I'm doing and spend time with my kids or my grandbabies and I can get by on 5 gallons of gasoline a week at the very most.

Good luck!


You go girl!
That's my girl..lol
Little MT, all the best to you and you go girl! SM
This business has gone to the dogs and I APPLAUD you for getting out.  Let us know how it goes.  Congratulations!
We have a 16 yo boy and 14 yo girl - $500 on each and sometimes
a little extra surprise.
You know we are here for you!  I'm glad you're getting the restraining order, that makes me feel better.  I will be praying for you!  I am so proud of you.  Stay strong!!!
You go girl!!!
You go girl...

We're proud of you.  I've been there, done that, exactly, a few years back.  This is one thing I leanred --  once things start going badly for him, and they will, he will shift his focus back to you -- everything going wrong for him will be YOUR fault.  If only you hadn't done this or that.... yada yada.  That way he doesn't have to take any responsiblity.  Please don't fall into this trap of even listening to it !!  Listening to it only feeds into him being more convinced of it !  Just remember you were smart enough to get rid of him, so go live the life you were meant to have!  If you don't do it for yourself, nobody else will do it for you !  Congrats. 

You Go Girl!!!!
Everyone needs a night out and if he doesn't like it too bad.
I am right behind you, girl! My
up and running in about 30 more days and I can't WAIT!  Way more money, more free time!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had something very similar happen to me! The doctor dwindeled down my work to nothing and basically forced me to quit. What they did was give the work to a girl in the office who they did not have to pay a contract rate to and get off cheapter! I was infuriated!!! So I say, YOU GO GIRL...
to CI GIrl
Honey, you really are clueless. The Indian MTs are the upper class - they are not poor. They have college degrees, some of them have Medical degrees (takes 2 years over there, I think, but I could be wrong), and they have nannies for their children, get tea time paid for by the MT companies that employ them. Those employers also provide their transportation to and from work everyday. Does any U.S. employer do that?

40 years this might have been the land of opportunity, but not anymore. Illegals are swarming in here everyday - they are stealing our identities and making a mockey of our entire system of laws. Not to mention how they are clogging our schools, our health care system and our prisons.

We are under attack.
You said it..girl!...
Same for me, live in rural midwest. My last office job, I topped out at $11.30/hr with 20 years experience... Wow $$$, so by the time you counted in the car payment, gas, time commuting, the fact that I never would see my husband because he works odd shifts "on call" type schedule, etc. It just was not worth it. This way I can play/babysit with my grandson 3-4 days a week and work nights, etc. Manure shoveling sounds better than some of the office politics I've seen over the years, that's for sure! I agree, I wish the pay was more and it is sad that people want experienced transcriptionists for 6 cpl:(
You go girl!!!! NM


I'm still laughing so forgive me if I make a few "typos" o.k.? 

Having taken a break from MT and working in a law firm for about four years in the mid-1980s, knowing what I know about attorneys, I think you should send it.  Lawyers, as much as doctors, have a great rivalry and there's nothing like publicity to whet a lawyer's appetite!  I say YOU GO GIRL.....

You Go Girl!!!
Right on, QA dragon lady!! I am SO on board with what you are saying. I have been an MT/QA for 35 years and I must say that a lot of the newer MTs don't want to take the time to do the research necessary to learn their jobs so that they are knowledgeable and can produce a good document. I have found so many lazy MTs that use QA to fill in the blanks that they don't fill like filling in. I spent many, MANY (unpaid!) hours in my early days going over every single reference book I could lay my hands on to find a single word because it drove me crazy if I could not find it! We did not have the benefit (and ease) of the internet back then and had to rely on our own resources to find answers. I think the internet and these types of forums have made it too easy for newer MTs to be lazy. They think it should just be handed to them on a silver platter. I'm sorry to you conscientious newer MTs - and I know there are a lot of you - but the lazy, careless, sloppy MTs make a bad name for everyone. It is no wonder that QA today is at the end of their ropes. If you saw the simple blanks - I mean simple to fill in if someone had just taken the time to pull up Google - that are sent through QA, it would curl your hair. Stop blaming everyone else in the world for your laziness, take a good inventory of your skills and figure out what you need to do to improve yourselves. Do not shoot the messengers. It is too easy to blame QA. Don't forget we started right where you are today - the difference is we know how to do research.
you go girl!
I love your closing paragraph.  Can we get it put on mugs, shirts, carry-all bags, etc. and tell the world??????  How about billboards, half-time screens at games....  ESPN are you listening????
you go girl...
from another MT Mom who does it all too!!!
most of us could never write such a sweet note. You may be missing your true calling!
You go girl...well said...
You go, girl! He does not deserve
the patronage of any sensible person.
LOL!! Exactly..maybe i should give you a you go girl!! NOT
Hey girl, don't sweat it (sm)
Just as the poster below said, the manual is extensive, but a lot of reinforcement detail. It's actually pretty straight-forward and clear. Just take a deep breath and read it once before your training. You don't have to learn everything before the training session.

The training sessions are very clear and the instructors (mine anyway) are very patient and knowledgeable.

DQS has a lot of bells and whistles, but it is a very user-friendly program.

Send the computer back when you upgrade yours. When you switch, all you have to do is download the program on your computer and all your parameters/info/expansions will still be there.

I had EXTREME anxiety before I trained and went to work on DQS. It was all for nothing... my learning curve was slow, but that's just me... an old dog.

Good luck, sweetie, and check in later and let us know how it's going! :)
missing girl
I did miss some of it, but if the missing girl was the man's daughter, then she was alive.   His daughter  was the one at the beginning with the ring in her nose.  Maybe someone else who saw the whole thing can fill in the details.
You go girl, I agree 100%. One of my
positions is as an IC and I am able to do the same thing as you.  My other position, they basically are just holding my money for me because I get 95% of it back come tax season anyhow.  Good point!!!
girl power
high five
:) actually girl I think you have too many options.

choices to you and your kids. 


Bathing with 2 yo girl
If he is her father and he did not care enough about you to marry you but got you pregnant, I'd really be worried. Obviously, the sex part means more to him than a real relationship. I would get rid of him ASAP. Is he going to do this when she is 15??? Good grief!
Girl gifts

Girls are so easy to shop for b/c we love everything! lol

Yes, bath & body works are great but if you are like me, then you already have a year's supply left over from previous gifts so i would actually pass on the bath sets.

I think that every girl, no matter what type of personality, loves being pampered at the spa. A nice massage or mani/pedi combo is best. I wouldn't give a facial though b/c some women don't like them (they are not good for sensitive skin) Or if you don't want to do the spa, how about a gift cert to her favorite hair salon?

Then of course, every gal loves any type of jewelry! Or if they already have a lot of jewelry, how about a new jewelry box or stand?

And don't forget technology! A new cell phone or a digi cam. Or if they already have both, new accessories for the phone or digi cam.

Want more ideas? How about a movie-themed gift? you could do a gift card for the local cinema, or buy some of their fav movies on DVD and include a small throw blanket & some microwave popcorn so they will have everthing they need to snuggle up this winter & watch a nice movie.

Then there are always gift cards to their fav restaurants, or you could get them tickets to a local theater show, or tickets to a wine-tasting event.  as i mentioned earlier, girls are easy to shop for! i am sure they will love anything you get them this holiday!

happy holiday shopping!!

That is too cool! You go girl!
26, 4&2 y/o girls, due with another girl 3/16
I was a nurse first with a neuroticism about spelling and documentation, so this was a good career move for me. It's not because I was chasing the work-at-home dream.
Poor girl is right
I would hate to have to go without chocolate.
we had a boy and girl mauled here

by pit bulls. All they did was knock on the door to sell girl scout cookies and the dogs (who had a good reputation) went ballistic. They attacked the boy and literally ripped the muscles from his arm and leg bones. He is still in therapy to this day, a year later.

"Three pit bulls rampaged through a McHenry County neighborhood Saturday, mauling six people, including a 10-year-old boy listed in "very critical condition," the county sheriff said.

The dogs were pets in a home in the 6700 block of Hawthorne, in an unincorporated area near Cary. A door to the home was propped open with a box, allowing the dogs to come and go, Sheriff Keith Nygren said.

"They were marauding in the neighborhood," he said. "If you were out and they came after you, you were going to be a victim."

Just before 5 p.m., all three dogs left the home and mauled 10-year-old Nick Foley. His father, Harold, 37, came to his aid and was also attacked, Nygren said.

The boy was severely mauled and taken to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Nygren said. Fog kept rescue workers from airlifting the boy. "I can't imagine what it's like to have one, let alone three, dogs intent on dismembering you," the sheriff said.

The dogs' owner, Scott Sword, heard screams and ran out of his garage to try to stop the attacks, Nygren said. The dogs turned on him, and he, too, was mauled, the sheriff said. Three other people were attacked -- Gerd Gerdes, 42, James Dunne, 48, and Jordan Lamarde, 10, he said.

The victims, some lying in the street, were found in a two-block area, said Cary Fire Protection District Lt. Michael D. Douglass. "It was a chaotic scene," he said.

One neighbor drove his truck at the dogs, trying to force them back into their home. One of the dogs jumped on the hood.

Firefighters couldn't reach some of the injured because of the animals, which tried to attack them. Officers shot and killed two dogs. The third was hit and briefly got away but was fatally shot by Cary Police Sgt. Jim Fillmore, who was blocking off a street. "He looked pretty wild-eyed," Fillmore said.

It was unclear what set off the dogs, which Nygren estimated to weigh 80, 60 and 45 pounds. He knew of no past incidents with the dogs, and said his officers were collecting evidence and would talk with prosecutors Monday about the case. "This is a crime scene."

Can you imagine!  What the neighbors needed was a .357 with hollow points...


Hey Gloria - you go girl!!

yeah, what is up with that girl...
She is cute and sweet, but she is just too ditsy. It is almost like she doesn't think before she speaks. Her singing is okay, but I like Katherine better.
oklahoma girl
Anyone see the story about the little 10 year old girl in Oklahoma killed by the neighbor?  It is so disgusting! 
Silly girl
You're kidding?  I really thought they were.  What a silly girl to go through all that and not have a good crack at all his money.    But then, she might be better off if she didn't marry him.  This might make her rethink things. 
That's great! You go girl :)
Oh girl I can relate
I have those days many times. Two days ago was comparable to yours. I was also having cable internet problems. We are also trying to get ready to move into my BF's parents rent house. Well they call and I need to get the electric turned on ASAP over there. I had just called the cable about my problems and also the transferring of new service to the new house. The cable lady and I kept missing each other. When I would try to call back for about 4 hours off and on it was constantly busy. Our home phone decides to stop rining outloud somewhere in there. My 14 yr old SD and her friend were BORED and I kept being bothered with it all. The cat threw up a hair ball I had to clean up. I was trying to keep laundry done for the move and pack some things off an on. My Yorkie was extra needy and kept jumping on my legs every time I turned around. My 6 yr old was whining all day long and wanted friends in the house running in and out. SD friend cut his arm on the nail in her wall so I had to doctor him up. BF came inside in a horrible mood taking it out on me. On top of all of this I am having some major monthly cramps. I am in the middle of the living room right now. In the new house I will have my own office and cannot wait. That night I laid down to rest and just sighed. I was about in tears from the stress of it all. I am with you just because I work at home does not mean I have time to do all of the extra things for everyone as I still have to work. It is very very stressful!! I have many days like yours with crashed food here or there or spills of drink (those happen often for me with my son). My son is very clumbsy when it comes to drinks for some reason and when he eats he leaves crumbs everywhere like a monster for sure. I love working at home but these things are negatives. No typing done no money!!
I feel U, Girl! (sm)
I'm an IC (handling one huge account that requires 6-7 days/week, 9-12 hours/day) and I often witness horrifying errors in transcripts that are finalized after going through my client's QAs. The worst would have to be transcripts w/ BIG FAT blank lines not corrected and special alert notes addressing problems in the transcript that are not deleted or addressed! (shoot me now)

There are so many great keyboardists but so few professional MTs being hired/contracted. MT-caliber quality is not demanded by most clients... only good-enough-to-get-by quantity.

But I'm w/ you... I understand that its my turn to do my best for someone's mother, father, sister, brother, etc.

Keep on truckin' girl... keep on truckin :)
You go girl! Congratulations!