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I sit a goal for myself, on 8 hours

Posted By: I strive harder on 2007-09-07
In Reply to: Another poll question. How many sm - whorn

I usually am hitting 3000 but that is both VR and straight. I do not want to work full time anymore so figured it would take about that a day in order to work just part like I want but still to get a decent salary.

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this is my goal too...
haven't reached it just yet, though.
what is the LPH goal they have for you?
Definitely have a goal! sm
I certainly want to be involved in high-level administration. I have arranged some interviews with several professionals to get more of a realistic scope of their positions so I can tailor my educational pathway accordingly.

Thank you so much for responding!
If you need a goal, then set your

own goal based upon what you are doing now.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  What if you found out the other gals are doing twice as much as you?  Will you magically find a way to do twice as much as you are now, or will you feel worthless because you are only half as good an employee? 

You SHOULD BE DOING your own personal best, always, no matter what everyone else is doing. 

The ultimate goal
is accurate, timely reports to facilitate patient care, and whatever comes along to accomplish this will be used.  We know it won't happen overnight, but , as we all know, new methods are being tried as we speak.  Nothin' stays the same. 
My goal is $150/day, only type

I am a slow typer so I need all of the info that I can get about expanders/short cuts.  I am only getting 7cpl and can type about 135 lph (slow I know).  Anyway, I need to be making $150 a day at least.  What do I need to do specifically to accomplish this in a 6 to 8 hour day?  I have Instant Text....  Thanks


FOLLOWUP: We are now only $75.00 away from reaching our goal.

You generous donations are amazing and truly appreciated.  Once the goal is reached, I will be walking into Walmart to speak to the store manager about getting a gift card to this family back east and know that the MTs children WILL have Christmas this year!


FOLLOWUP: We now only need $15.00 and we will have reached our goal
and I will be on my way to Walmart.  You are all fantastic people to be so giving.  I know that it's hard to scrape bucks together working in this industry and at this time of the year, so again THANK YOU for your emergency donations!
goal is 10,000 lines a week!... :) nm
Do you have a goal job you're shooting for? sm
I did not, so I figured the BS in HIM with the RHIA was my best bet, thinking I would be readily qualified for any job in HIM. Not quite true, but I never regretting spending the time, effort, and money on it to earn it. Had I KNOWN that I wanted to be coder, or a tumor registrar specifically, I probably would have opted for just their respective certifications, but I was young and not really sure where I wanted to end up. Interestingly, I found myself with a much harder job search than I'd been led to believe would be true. I couldn't get entry-level HIM jobs because I was perceived as 'overqualified' and offices felt I would quit and move on as soon as a better opportunity came along; but I couldn't get management-type jobs because my only experience was the clinicals I did during school--understandably so, I didn't want to manage when I didn't really know what i was doing! Your certification says "administrator" but your resume doesn't.
Best of luck to you, the education is never wasted. You'll get different opinions on certification, but your classroom learning and clinicals are well worth it.
I joined in the 70's because their goal then was professional wages.
it's 2008. they must not be very good at what they do. However, they do self promote extremely well.

This info would probably have helped reach your goal this morning! LOL Thanks! nm
Dishes once a week? My goal is to live life better than the day before.
Try to enrich my life, even if it's just a little extra prayer or a little thoughtful thing for someone who doesn't expect it. Everyday.
My goal is to eventually add commentary and humor/satire/etc...sm
I'm not talented in all those areas and hope to attract other MTs who are. There's no money in it at this point, unfortunately.

My goal every year is $52k, which I have done for the past 2 years working sm
for Keystrokes. I do radiology only, I should mention. I took the amount I wanted (actually needed) to make in a year, divided it by 52 weeks, divided it by 5 days, came up with $1000 per week or $200 per day. I divided that by 8 hours and by my report rate ($1.25). I know that I need to transcribe 20 reports per hour on average. I keep a tally. Some days, it takes me longer to do than others, but I sit down and do my 8 hours every single day. I use my Expander a LOT (literally for all but a few words). I am on one account, so I know those doctors inside and out. If I am short at the end of the week, I ask if there is work available on the weekend for me to do. The most I end up with 2 hours to make up what might have been short during the week.

At $40k, you would need to make $153.85 per day, or $19.23 per hour. At $0.07, you need to type 275 lines per hour, or 2200 for the day. This should be very easy to get with using an expander and sitting down with a set schedule.

It takes a while to get used to making sure you hit your internal quota every day. I have to think of it daily and make it up on Saturday or Sunday so that I never start a week behind my personal goal.

I also take an incentives that are handed out (for instance if they are asking for help in a backlog situation at increased rate) and work at least a partial shift on holidays. If I am ahead at the end of the week, I carry it to the next week and know that I have some lines in my internal quota bank.

I know this sounds weird, but it works for me. I have helped a few others to get to their goals as well, and this seems to work for them too.

I would also look for something that is more in the 0.08 to 0.09 per line range. Ask your lead for production tips. Ask other transcriptionists. It is very possible for us to make good money, we just have to focus on our goals.

I have a sales background, which involved sales quotas. This is easier as I am in control of my daily production, not on someone else's decisions.

Good luck!
For us slow pkes---my best would be 3 hours, worst 6 hours - just depends on the dictator ,
I have to look up (i.e. Dr. names, addresses)...I have to do a lot of that and it majorly slows me down, without all that and good not too horrible dicators, in 1 hour I can do anywhere from 15-20 minutes of dictation.
My personal goal is when my mortgage is paid off by half - just 125K to go!
Then I will cut back to part time and let hubby carry me. :-) He makes lots more than I do now anyway.
lie detector tests too huh busy. just to see if everyone tells the truth about credentials and goal

I think they should check your medical and psychiatriac records too and see what type of medications you may be prescribed.  Maybe they could interview your neighbors and family to see if you have a history or lying or fabricating, delusions of grandeur, bipolar or just plain character flaws.  I have noted that on these boards sometimes people tend to fabricate.  hahaha. bwaaaaaaahaaaaaaa

Check it all out before you can get a job working at home.  I mean the pay is worth it to go through all the hoops and if you are exposed as a deviant too bad. No sense it taking ridiculous risks for .8 cents per line doiing medical transcription when you can ship it to India for way cheaper to all those good souls who don't have any vices.


But in transcription, if you are good at what you do, you can do 8 hours of work in 4 hours. So eit

you slice it, both companies will still get 8 hours worth of work out of you.

That is the problem I've been having lately being an MT.  Companies want to pay us on production and they set minimum productivity standards, but want us timed in for 8 hours a day.  My thinking is, if they want 8 hours of work out of me, pay me hourly with production incentive.  If they want to pay me on production and tell how much I have to produce in an 8 hour period, then when I hit that mark, I should be able to call it a day even if I've only worked 4 hours.

Seems these companies want it both ways and it is simply not fair to us MTs.  JMO, tho.

If it's my fav doc with lots of shortcuts, 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours max
I see, we sit at the keyboard for 40 hours and then throw on 20 more hours
Is this how you do it? Me? I got a PT job so that if my FT job didn't have enough work to meet my needs financially, the two jobs together would.

They hired me to work a specific shift and that is what I am working. If they want me to type after I clock out, then I will happily do so.
I must say, I work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours a day.
I thought it was important to mention that. However many hours it takes to get the work done is what I do. Some days 12 hours, other days 6 hours and sometimes 14 hours. So, I guess there really is no easy answer.
I do 2000 lines in 6 hours - so maybe 3 hours - nm
typing 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
on my wrists I mean.
and not getting any benefits... and for a salary of less than 30K? not really worth it...
continue your goal; he'll/they'll get used to it/over it
That was PT at EACH. Isn't PT up to 32-35 hours?
She could be working 70 hours a week to make that kind of dough.  Ergh, not me, no how, no way, uh uh.  I'm happy with the 35 hours total that I've been putting in lately.
Contracted to work 8 hrs M-F but I usually do more, may be 1.5 after baby is sleep. If I have to work on Friday nights I can make my personal quota in 5.5 hours.
12,000 AND 40 hours
No, 12,000 not enough. Must do 40 hours to be full time.
About 6.5 to 7.5 hours. (nm)
40 hours?
I got a letter from my office but it stated the 12,000 lines or 10 or 6 for staturatory. It stressed lines, not hours, Massachusetts office, great supervisor.
About 6 hours from me-- they are way out there! - thanks for the tip
Here, here! But it won't take us 8 hours

but 14 hours to get a decent line count.


If you are an employee and have a schedule to work, then you should work all of your hours. Generally services don't hire you to do so many lines per day (although you will always have a minimum goal), but to work 40 hours/week as a full time employee. One of the biggest problems is those who agree to a schedule and then just decide they don't have to work it. If you can get your "quota" in 6 hours, what will be expected is that you simply are able to do more work on that day.

And BTW, never any such thing as a dumb question! :)

PT here, do 25 hours over Fri, Sat and Sun.
7-1/2 to 8 hours
I work 7 1/2 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, make 5000 a month.
About 12 hours . . . (sm)

That broke down to 1881 lines in my usual overnight shift (I've done 1950 before but usually average more like 1200-1400/shift), then far less productive the rest of the day as I had both children home (daughter homeschools; son was sick).

Thank you all for being so very encouraging.    I didn't expect that . . . I've seen other posts about production where the OP got hammered for bragging.

My method is normals; I save a copy of practically every report I transcribe (no patient info, just the body).  Even if I only do the same dictator twice, I save a lot of lines on headings, especially since my primary account has highly formatted headings.  While I love Instant Text and have been using Expanders for 12 years, I believe the combination of normals and expanders produces far greater productivity.

Think the service will notice?  I love them dearly, but they've been in a sparse-communication mode of late.

1600 lines/day is great!  The service I work for says their top MTs average 1300-1400/day.

12 hours
is a LONG day transcribing - more power to ya!  I keep mine about 6-7 hours and that works for me!
usually 24-48 hours but not....N/M
Already did - hours ago - did you get it? *l*..nm

in 3-1/2 hours: 500 first job/90 second =
If you have the hours they have to pay you for them, it is
the law.  You can call the Labor Board and they will gladly get your money for you.  Be sure and keep good documentation in case they protest. 
few hours?
The trainer was supposed to call at 8 a.m. to get me set up and started. I, of course, was all nervous while waiting. He finally called around 9 and announced he hadn't had his muffin yet and would call me back. I didn't bother to answer the phone after that.
28 hours???

Never takes me more than two to three but then I have everything gathered and ready to put in.  Even the first time I used TT it only took 3 hours or so.  And now shorter since it downloads last years info.   But give yourself 4-5 hours on a Sunday afternoon.   I usually do it, let it sit, and then recheck it before sending it in.



5 hours per day???
You are going to be driving 5 hours per day?  How many miles?    After a week you can afford to buy them digital hand helds and do it that way.  I go to three different spots for pick up and delivery - 5 accounts, and it takes me 45 minutes -- an hour if I stop and chat a lot and I think that is excessive sometimes.  How many hours of dictation will you get for that amount of driving?   When are you going to be typing or are you the one that asked about transcribing in a car?  I don't think that you can charge enough to make it worth your while.   At $20 to $30 per hour that is an extra $100 to $150 per day and if they want to pay that much extra per month, $2200 then they have a lot of money to spare.  If they have 6 to 8 hours of typing you will be putting in a 13 hour day and you will be tired after all that driving and it is just ridiculous -- have them go digital and you can show them you can save them literally thousands per month.   Good luck. 
IC and set hours
The one big problem with being an IC and having your hours dictated to you is that the IRS can come back on you and disallow your home office deductions - because if you are working set hours - in the eyes of the IRS you are an employee - this happened to me once, so I referred the IRS to my "employer." He did not appreciate this - but he was told that if he wanted to keep me then he would have to allow me to work my own schedule not his. So, thankfully, he changed his tune (I don't think he wanted a headache from the IRS) and it was a nice 10-year relationship. I have had to mention this in almost every interview I have had since, though, when hours were brought up - and even the nationals act like they didn't know this law - it's in the 20 laws of the IC put out by the IRS.
Most of the time work many more hours than paid and very little given in return.
I do, but I put in a lot of hours. nm
Hours later.
I tried to tape it back together after opening it 2-3 times. What a mess. I did get it to play somewhat and yes I lost at least one day and it still won't rewind properly. It won't take this doctor long to redictate since he speaks at least 300 words a minute. Thanks for your help as always.
About 6 hours.
I guess you could say an average is 250 lines per hour.  With your experience, you should near that in a 6 hour day.  Most companies want 1,000 a day, which means 8 hours, but you need time for googling, uploading depending on platform, etc.  I type in Word and have done 300 lines easy in an hour or hour an half depending if I have to look anything up.  I hope this helps. 
why 4 hours?
How many hours

$3000 sounds like a lot but you don't say how many hours a day and how many days per month you work...if you work 12 hours a day/30 days a month that isn't very good ($8.33 hour) but if you work 8 hours a day/20 days a month that is much better ($18.75).  No one can know if that $3000 is good or not without this info.