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Come on Cindy!

Posted By: Annoyed on 2007-09-10
In Reply to: 1500 to 2000 lines if doing - Cindy

Are you really serious? What are you, some kind of bionic woman transcriptionist?? This sounds far fetched, especially considering you don't use a lot of macros and most of your docs are ESL. Come on, 3000-4000?? Yeah right.

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Hey Cindy!.....

Remember me? I THINK this is the Cindy that went walking on the Comet with me... If so, hello...Email me some time.


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I believe you Cindy....
It is very possible to transcribe that amount with Radiology, especially when you have learned the doctors dictation style. It, too, has to be taken into consideration that a lot of information systems include the templates in the headers and footers in the total line count. For instance, when I work a 10-hour day my line count has been 11,000, but that includes all headers and footers. If I take the character count and divide by 65, I still get an inaccurate count due to the headers and footers. I get paid hourly so it doesn't really matter, but the line count is overestimated. I believe I generally do about 2500-3500 per day when we are really busy.
Assign Key....Cindy
If you don't have an assign key, you may need to make one yourself.  I can help you do this.  Send me an email if you need further help.
Congratulations Cindy! :O) nm
I agree with Cindy M......
but again the expectations and demands put on the MTs to perform are too high (600 lines !) and leave the MTs again exploited, inspite of changing technology.
Cindy, Thanks for your post. Hillarious!!
It made me smile. I will do what you suggest. Thanks.