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Can anyone tell me the average hourly rate or annual salary for sm

Posted By: SunshineGirl on 2008-11-19
In Reply to:

in-house hospital employee around Carmel Valley?   Hourly range or annual salary.

Thank you so very much for any information!!

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You must realize, that annual salary is at a much higher line rate sm
than 9 or 10 cpl. I posted my monthly income, but that is at 13 cpl. I also work as an IC with my own client and not for a MTSO.

So, if you work for the MTSO, it is likely your line rate is lower and it will take more hours to achieve that higher salary.

Don't feel small or discouraged. You too can do it ~ that is if you want your own client or to work straight for a facility.

It takes a lot of time searching for jobs and applying and calling before you find it. I can tell you, it literally took me about 80 hours to find my dream client. But, they are out there. I chose not to work this route, but that does not mean what you are doing is anything less or small.

Best wishes to you!
the ANNUAL rate is $ 30.--...it is an annual subscription...nm
What is your annual salary working at 8 cents per line? nm
the ANNUAL rate is $ 30.--...nm
I agree. I would much rather have an hourly salary (sm)
I can depend on.
Well, is this new job a salary position, hourly, etcetera?
If you are guaranteed a certain income each pay period, I wouldn't see the problem with jumping right into it and not trying to juggle both at once.
50K is the US average salary...nm
Charge him an hourly rate. The current rate is
between $15-21/hr. according to your location. If he had to use an independent secretarial service, he would be charged much more. You can look in the Yellow Pages in your area under Secretarial Service and ask them what they charge, then charge accordingly knowing you can back it up.
$20,000 is what, the average of one transcriptionist's salary for the year?

Meanwhile, MQ had revenue of $486.2 million in 2002, and MQ's top six people earned over $2 million between them that year.  I don't have time to find more current data, but $20,000 is peanuts to that company.  Oh, that means the average MQMT works for peanuts.  Ironic, isn't it?



Now the lights came on. Hourly average drops for pay for PTO,
jeopardize benefit status, and no increase in pay because you don't produce enough work consistently. Overhiring is used to their advantage. They do not care about the employees.
That is a low hourly rate. I would look
elsewhere. That is below normal.
hourly rate
What is the going HOURLY rate for a MT (independent contractor) that would be competitive. 
I would take the hourly rate.
hourly rate
On the east coast the hourly rate it $14 - $20.
Hourly rate
Not sure my last post worked or not. Hourly rates fluctate around the country, however, in South Florida, the average hourly rate is 12 an hour and then each company/hospital then uses their own benefits/production bonus programs.
hourly MT rate
I did 5 months in-house this year after 10 years at home, and was paid $15.00 here in Joplin MO.
- Les R.
What is your hourly rate? nm
wow that's a very high rate for hourly isn't it?
I would assume most don't make that with production? I dont know...

The in house job offered for the hospital was about $14.00 an hour. I feel ripped off!
I think your hourly rate pays for whatever they want you to do.
If they want you to answer phones or sweep the floor or transcribe office notes or give shots or any combination of jobs.

They are paying for your time.

If it were me, I would have a separate hourly rate that
I would charge for things such as that, and keep a total of the time you spend doing this, but definitely bill them!!
Calculate your hourly rate for transcribing

and charge them that, i.e., if you normally do 200 lph at 8 cpl, charge them $16.00 an hour.

That's what I would do.

Nothing. Never take line rate for editing. Take hourly only.
You will never make any money by the line editing if you are doing true editing.
What is the going hourly rate (range) for QA these days. (sm)
I would charge an hourly rate in this situation.
Good luck.
Two of my clients pay me an hourly rate, probably do in most part because (sm)
I have longstanding business relationships with both of them, having worked in their office years ago, so they know my work ethic very well.
That's a typical hourly rate for remote
I personally wouldn't drive that far for it.
hourly rate for non-medical transcription

You asked about rates...I charge 125.00 per recorded hour of audio and have no problems getting work.

WOW! Great Hourly Rate For Editors - Over $14 to Start!!!!
I just started working for Soft Script in Calif. as an editor for 0.05 per line.  I found this was not enough money for me (even though I accepted it to get my foot in the door) and talked to the senior vice-president Joann who gave me a great hourly rate.  They must do this for all their editors.  Today QA, tomorrow the rest of the company!!!! Can anyone tell me more good things about Soft Script and your experiences????  I am jazzed and enthused to learn more about this comapny and look forward to hearing from you all.
Personally, I wouldn't touch an hourly rate of under 18.00.

I have friend who works as editor, gets hourly rate and does
I think you would have to charge an hourly rate for this type of work.

If you are working at an hourly rate in a hospital setting, then you are
going to be in for a shock when you go to production rates. Most of the in-house positions were farmed out years ago. If you were lucky to secure an in-house position for this long, consider yourself blessed.
Average QA rate?

What's the average rate for a QA?  After 5 years of being an MT, I've been offered a QA position and they are offering $1.85 per report.  Obviously it depends on the length of the report, but she says it'll average about $0.03 per line.  Is this about average for a QA?  What about the per report thing?  Is it normal to pay that way?  I think I would rather get paid per line....


They were going pay me an hourly rate, training pay. It doesn't matter, I just tested for two ot
and I did pretty well.  I should get a couple of offers in the next couple of days, hopefully -- I don't want to be overly confident because if I learned anything out of all this it is don't count your chickens before they hatch and don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Average rate for 10+ years out here is now 9 cpl...:( nm
The average is now $1.00-$1.25, so that is a good rate. sm
If it includes mammos and/or plain films, it will balance out the MRIs and CTs. Just make sure that they do not include IR reports in there at that rate. There are probably only 3 decent radiology transcription companies out there, so do you homework and not just the nay-sayers or cheerleaders. Look for the longer answers with details, not the "go for it" or "stay away" kind. I have found that those are either angry ex-employees of a company or new hires that are still in the honeymoon phase. Look for advice from those that have been at a company over a year; that is a good length of time for an impression to be accurate.

What company/companies are you looking at for that rate?
Proof positive that an hourly rate would eliminate those types of situations.

Is $15 an hour a good hourly rate for an in-house office position?



What is the average going rate for by the line transcription sm

and how about radiology by the report?  I have searched the archives and am just getting more and more confused.  I have worked in house for 15 years and do all the big four and radiology.  I made $15.67 per hour until we were eliminated on Friday.  What is the average?  I am medium fast, about 200 lines an hour or 15 radiology reports an hour.

Can anyone just give me an idea?  It seems that the services are all over the place in terms of rates. 

what is the average line rate going ladies?
just wondering what you guys think the average is, I saw Accustat posting 7.5 per line
Line rate isn't the only factor -- your lines/hour average is key, too.
Even at 7 cpl, keeping about 275 lines/hour average keeps you at $19.25 an hour and that is $40,000 a year.

It is a myriad of factors involved. You have to have the knowledge, be decisive, self-sufficient and very focused. Then, you need to negotiate as high a base rate as you can and look toward the incentive plan to increase your paycheck.

With our incentive, it was not worth it if I couldn't hit high lines in a day. So, I changed my schedule to hit those lines.

I am tired after my work days but having the 4 days a week off and a good income makes it worth it for me. It allows me to spend my days off doing things I want to.

Average line rate including spaces these days for experienced MTs is
You don't get paid an hourly rate you get paid by line - sm
so because of how you are paid (not an hourly rate) you don't get OT, especially if you are an IC.
$72 is not their salary, it is their salary and benefits package
including wages,insurance, retirement pension, COLA fund, etc.
What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?
annual income
Watch out, you will be accused of being childish from the same person who refers to "some" fellow MTs as unfortunately not having a brain. Hmmm, pot calling the kettle black? That was so rude and so not called for.....is that necessary!
Question for everyone. Do you take annual vacations. If so, where? We take 3 or 4. nm
no, annual pay used to be $500/yearly 4 india
Anyone going to the AAMT Annual Convention in Honolulu?
Whooly Cow! Just visited the website and registration cost is anywhere from $295, member (early regis) to $600 nonmember (late regis)! Plus of course, flight, hotel, transportation. GEEZ!
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