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Can you help on Technical board? nm

Posted By: Thank you! :) Chickadee on 2006-03-29
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Need pop up help on technical board -- thanks!
Need help on technical board
Is there anything on the Productivity or Technical board?

Question on Technical board for those who are available to answer!
Need help on technical board - doing search on MSWord. tks.
Need help again with this silly MS word. Thanks. Over on Technical board.
Please help on Technical board re foot pedal. NM
Put technical questions (even computers) on Tech board. (NM)
Re above message - just posted on technical board. Need help badly.
Use Technical board for equipment/software questions, please. (NM)
This thread belongs on Technical board; locked.
Dictaphone EX Text users.. I have a question I need help with on the Technical Board. Thanks..
This thread belongs on Technical board. Thread locked.
This thread belongs on Technical board; thread locked. (NM)
This thread belongs on Technical board; thread locked. (NM)
I need some help on the technical

Technical help please......
I work in Word 2003 and am needing to make headers in some of my reports with the following information (page #, patient name, date and report type).  My problem is that the page number stays the same (#2) for all pages and when I go into change it all pages change.  I know there is something with "sections" and all that, but I'm just not getting it to work.  How can I make a header with the numbers to change from page 2 to page 3 and so on?  Thanks for the help guys!
Technical help
I'm really lousy in the technical department and I just got a message on my computer that my local C disc space is almost full.  I'm thinking I need to empty my recycle bin, but not sure.  It is quite full, as I type the reports in Word and send through Outlook Express.  Is that what this means?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
No, no technical available. Need to have something set up by sm
late fall. Thanks for the help.
In the technical world
the quality of the parts that comprise one computer is no longer a deciding factor, because they are all designed and manufactured by only a few companies that are world class manufacturers. It's the service that counts. If you get good service (including after sales service) then go for that company. Check, too, the available hardware that are offered in both companies that you are considering. If the local co. has everything that Dell or Gateway has to offer and also give you good service, then go for the local.

I bought mine from Best Buy and gets good service from the pc manufacturer.
I have a question on the technical help
board please ASAP.  TIA
MS word technical help
I type on ExText using MS word 97, and starting yesterday the spellchecker keeps picking up the words "as" and "is" as misspelled words. I even checked MS Word outside of the ExText forum, and it still picks out these 2 words. I keep hitting "add" to add the words so they will not keep coming up, but every time I start a new document, back it comes. Anyone with any ideas on how to permanently add these to my spellchecker so I don't have to keep dealing with this? thanks!
I have a technical question
I'm thinking about getting a new computer, and I think I recall seeing that a lot of companies' platforms aren't compatible with Windows Vista. Is this true, and if so, what do you do in that case. Cause it's not like you can buy a new computer with an old Windows system on. What do you do in this case?
that would be technical - normally I can spell!

technical question
Try core FTP lite.  I have used it and it is pretty easy once you get it configured.  Just drag and drop files from the left side of the screen tothe right
You are welcome. It is my best resource for any support or technical help.
I have a technical question. On my toolbar when
I click on any of the categories (File, Edit, View, Tools or Help), instead of getting my dropdown menu I get a trasparent square.  If I drage my mouse down, then the titles appear but you can see the screen under them.  The same thing happens on Outlook Express.  (I have Windows XP).  The only one that shows the regular dropdown menus is Favorites.  This just started today.  Has anyone had a similar thing happen or know what to do about it?  Thanks.
Got a technical question, not MT related

I have a priceless message, left by my son, on my digital phone/answering machine, and am wondering if anyone here would know how I can transfer it to the computer so I can share it (and delete it from the phone).

TIA for ideas/solutions!

Long ops are the best! I love the technical
stuff!  My favorite is cardiac surgery.  Consults are good, too.  I really don't care for discharge summaries or H&Ps, short or long.  But always glad to just to have any work these days!
What are the technical specs on your notebook (sm)
Would like more info on the specifics such as the brand, RAM, processor speed.
Wow to Technical Support! Thanks soooo much! ....
for your extensive answer!
I'll start with cleaning up my mouse and working up from there if this does not work.
I'll let you know.
There are still very kind, knowledgable, helpful and generous people in this world, THANKS !
Technical help, please- buffer overload?
Going along today and computer decided to show me a buffer overload, not able to do anything at all, said something overloaded. Anyone know what this means and how to get rid of it? I used to have Dell, oh how I miss and was told you could not have a computer made by Dell because of Vista and cannot use Vista on my platform. I need assistance, anyone??
Please use Word and Technical boards appropriately. (NM)
I fired my ISP today because of non-US technical support....

To give a brief summary, I developed technical problems after my ISP decided to do some upgrades 2 weeks ago.  The problems resulted in my getting kicked off line every few minutes.  Upon contacting technical support I found myself consistently running into people that had no English comprehension skills and their responses had nothing to do with my problem or how to fix it.   I found another ISP that would provide the services I needed and signed up with them 3 days ago, then called my main one today and told them they were fired because of their non-US based labor who couldn't help anyone.  The lady I spoke with apologized and said this was an experiment they were doing with outsourcing technical support, but I told her that their experiment cost them a customer who had been with them for almost 4 years. 

I've fired off e-mails to everyone in management that I could get ahold of telling them exactly why they were fired, and sharing the idiotic responses I received on my technical assistance requests. 

I agree - charge for your technical expertise
I worked a hospital account for an MTSO that liked my work so well that they asked the MTSO to use my templates and daily logs for all of the work types asked the MTSO to give them to all the other MTs on the account, present and future. I did not know they had pirated my logs and templates until after I received a promotion to work in the office. I was livid! It took years to perfect those templates and logs. They were created based on my knowledge of what Joint Commission liked in audits. They did NOT get the macros or instructions on how to move around the documents (lots of hidden codes in those logs/templates).

I had negotiated a relocation fee of a few thousand dollars to move to their area to work in the office. I didn't feel badly about not paying it back when I left 6 months later after discovering lots of things like that once I started working in house.

You did the work. If he wants them and if you want him to have them, decide on a fair price, then add 15% :)

Must be a highly technical medical word as
"Skedaddle." A highly technical term.
" ... but when she feels the urge, she really needs to skedaddle."

I haven't heard that word in YEARS--and that's probably the first time in 37 years I've gotten it in medical dictation!

I am not too smart with computer technical stuff, but you can use Vonage
with C-phone?  I often thought about going that route but wasn't sure how it all worked with having to be on the computer and having to dial in to system to transcribe. 
Technical Question regarding sending and recieving work

So many companies have different ways of sending and receiving work that I am a little confused.

I work for a local hospital. We used to send and recieve work via a DVT transcribe station and phone line downloading work from the Lanier system. Now we use Lanier VXP interface and player.

My question: Is the DVT transcribe station the same thing as a Lanier for Voice that some services state you need? Or is it completely different?

I had to pay mucho $$ for this station and don't want to see it gathering dust.

Does anyone know what the most popular program companies use for sending and receiving work? I notice ExText is mentioned quite often, but I seem to have conflicts all the time with that program shutting down on me for no reason when I'm in the middle of a document. I, nor tech support, have been able to figure out why.

I'm thinking of changing jobs as I am totally bored/sick of doing the same dictators  over and over again. I need something to perk me up. I'm also sick of ESL dictators, of which I seem to get more than my share during each day. Since I would rather give quality instead of quantity, I'm finding it harder and harder to get my line production every day.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Transcribing/Word Count for Scientific/Technical

Hello. I just started transcribing for an interpreter who does work for various medical institutions and mainly for foreign pharmaceutical product descriptions. The work is very tedious and time consuming and pay is $15 per 1,000 words. The work involves a lot of  inserting of symbols, outlining, turning off and on bolding, italics, underlining, and doing a lot of indents and tabbing. He said my work was flawless but I feel like I'm making $2 an hour. Any ideas or thoughts on this rate of pay? Being new it's taking me quite a while to do all the extra formatting, etc., and itís not just straight transcribing. He also mentioned that he does translation and dictation for medical journals and just bought a Dragon program.  Iím assuming heís doing the easier work on his Dragon program but Iím not that familiar with it. Any additional HELP would be great!!



Very technical, lots of specialized equipment, and TONS of ESLs.
They're all really the same, from the simple foot pedal to the more technical stuff.
Doesn't bode well to me, and I'd not waste my time or my computer!
How common are server issues and other technical problems that result in downtime? (sm)
Do you get compensated for your downtime?  I'm thinking of going to work for a national, but I've heard there are a lot of technical issues at these bigger companies.  True?
I was told today that all the big computer companies offshore their technical service. Does anyone
And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.
cherrypicking co-worker issue (meant to post it on this board instead of MQ board) sm...

I need opinions please...I work on a very small account with just a handful of ladies.  Because of the nature of the software (trying not to get too specific here) we can see who is working online and what reports they are working on in real-time...

We have one cherrypicker on the account.  Instead of using FIFO method, she retrieves the reports by author ID - usually picking the better dictators of course.  She knows I busted her and she did admit to it in on our work e-mail (not too bright) which I am saving just in case she gets out of hand - so far I'm still able to make money since really most of the dictators aren't bad. 

But every night it's starting to wear on me since she's screwing up turnaround time.  I don't really want to cause a big uproar being that it is such a small account and I need to work with her almost every night usually one on one.

What would you all do?  I want to handle this as delicate and professional as possible because we can't really afford to lose anyone on this account.  In other words, I refuse to stoop to her level by cherrypicking right back.

My boss has asked me several times why so-and-so does so much more than I do...I just bite my lip at that point but one of these days I think I might explode and just open up a can of worms....

Definitely one of the other board's people who refer to those on this board as "holy rollers,&
Now go ahead and post your reply - I know you're dyin' to!