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Need help on technical board - doing search on MSWord. tks.

Posted By: (nm) on 2006-03-11
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Need pop up help on technical board -- thanks!
Need help on technical board
Can you help on Technical board? nm
Is there anything on the Productivity or Technical board?

Question on Technical board for those who are available to answer!
Need help again with this silly MS word. Thanks. Over on Technical board.
Please help on Technical board re foot pedal. NM
Put technical questions (even computers) on Tech board. (NM)
Re above message - just posted on technical board. Need help badly.
Use Technical board for equipment/software questions, please. (NM)
This thread belongs on Technical board; locked.
Dictaphone EX Text users.. I have a question I need help with on the Technical Board. Thanks..
search through this board first
Look for "Snow Bunny" and read everything you can that pertains to "voice recognition," VR (voice recognition), SR (speech recognition), or "Dragon NaturallySpeaking.: If you still have questions after that, I'll answer what I can.
Do a search on this board. SM
If I remember correctly, this company has a habit of not paying.
Search for her name on this board s/m
I would do a search with her name on this board.  If I remember correctly, she is known for nonpayment, please double check before getting involved.
Search company board. sm
Apparently they outsource and have been banned from posting here. Lots of bad reviews, too.
do a search on Main Board
Search thru the Company board. They're all bad! nm
Use the Post a New Message box next to the Search box, top of board. nm
How do you do a search on this board - my topic will never come up and I know I have read about it
do a search on OFFSHORING on Main Board
You may want to check the company board and do a search
I think you can do better - and nationals can be great to work for, don't know who hires newbies, though. Good Luck!
go to Company Board, go to Search For: box (not google box),
This thread belongs on Technical board. Thread locked.
This thread belongs on Technical board; thread locked. (NM)
This thread belongs on Technical board; thread locked. (NM)
Search the archives and check the Company board
I agree, getting ready to search out another transcription board
as this one has completely gone to the dogs, rarely does anyone go to the other boards that we are constantly being directed to, that is why the main board was so much fun, now it seems there is a place for everything but not here, I will probably be mosing on too. See ya
try a search on company board-lots of info there
Company Board, go down to MTstar Search Box (not Google)
Search on the Companies or New Student board for course info. Jobs are available all over the US and
That's a good question for the Company board or search the archives.
Does anyone find the search feature on this board doesn't work right?
I can't ever seem to find the old posts that I know are there by using the search feature.  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
It's MDI in Maryland. Plenty of posts on a Company board search. nm
If you so a search on this board you'll find lots of info.

Basically, you've got it right. However, voice files can be large and email may reject large file attachments. Also, there's the security aspect that you didn't mention. Basically, the voice file and finished document need to be encrypted to be secure.

You said you don't have the time/didn't take the time to do the research. Lots of people have and have shared their findings time and again on this board. I, for one, am not willing to reinvent the wheel every time someone is looking for this information but doesn't want to take the time to do the legwork. No offense meant but please do take the time to educate yourself. If you really don't have the time or don't want to take that time, then be prepared to pay for that information in the form of a consultant.

Found google icon by search bar onGab board
Do an archive search on this board and you'll find lots of info. NM
Lots of recent posts if you do a Company Board search. Good luck! nm
If you search the posts, I think the Company board, you will find that the monies paid to AAMT

for CMT/RMT cerifications are being used to offer "India" rates to workers in India to test for their CMT/RMT cerifications. I REFUSE TO BELONG TO SAID ORGANIZATION AND I WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE MY HARD-EARNED FUNDS TO HELPING INDIANS GET CREDENTIALED.

Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
About MSWord......
Some companies have different interfaces and formats (Spheris was horrible...my opinion, of course....) was interested in using MSWord itself.
This is certainly not an answer to your question, but one of my own.  I make samples, too, but I just store them out in the expander, rather than as a document in a file.  Is there any reason you don't do this, or any reason I should not be doing this?  So far it works fine.  I just type in my code words (part of doc's name with let for letter) and it pops onto the screen.
Okay, a question about using dot doc. Those are Word documents, right? The problem is, I cannot have Word open while I am transcribing, because the platform I use is Word-based and attaches itself to Word. If I try to use Word, then everything locks up.

Right now what I am doing works for me. I have a limited number of cardiology docs (clinic), so my macros are limited, too. If Autocorrect begins to have problems with it, then I will have to try something else - like IT. And if I had a program that wasn't Word based, then I could use Word for storing my macros, too. I agree - trying to edit is not very convenient! And trying to copy from the text into something that is already in Autocorrect usually doesn't work, either; it's a hit-and-miss project, and I have never figured out why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, for me right now, it works. If things change, then I will have to re-evaluate what I do. Thanks for all the input.
Can someone help me with an MSWord ? on Techn
MSWord companies
Any preference as to companies using MSWord?????
Can you help me with MSWord Template? SM

Hi everyone!  I'm working on about 20+ reports by the same doctor.  I have a template that I saved for him under MSOffice, Templates, his name.  In the past, I've been going to explore (right clicking on the start menu) and physically pulling up the template for each and every report.

Is there a way I can just open the template once.  Finish the first report and then automatically when a new Word document opens it will open that template?



Learning MSWord - need help

Finally have given in and am switching from WP to MSWord. I work from home. If anyone has any encouraging words about MSWord, I certainly would like to hear them. So far, I am going crazy, i.e., I have put in "gray boxes" but when I enter my autocorrect short cut for the "shell", my cursor goes to the bottom of the page and I have to page up 2-3 times. I am missing something?

Any help would be so very much appreciated

Thank you.... bw...

Macros - MSWord

When I do clinic notes I need to make a log, so have been copying the heading over to another document.

However, someone told me that in WP8 there is a macro that can do this automatically. If true, is there such a thing in Word?

If anyone keeps a separate log, can you tell me how you do it.

Thank you.

Try the MSWord tutorial. It is all there.
MSWord question

is there a way to make a * hard hypen * in Word?

TIA for any help.

An MSWord question

I make normals of my own for reports I do on a company platform.  I save my normals in the My Documents folder under the hospital number. 

Some of my normals are saved in blue letters and some in black letters.  Can anyone tell me what the difference is and how I can make them all black.

Sounds trivial, I know, but.....