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Can you use the Word autocorrects or only Smartype? What about the Word auto text? tia nm

Posted By: AzMT on 2005-11-23
In Reply to: I do - nm


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Anyone know how to transfer auto corrects from SmarType to word? please..nm
MS Word Auto Text

I had inputed a bunch of my own "text expantion" into MS Word Auto Text and went in to work today and they are all gone.  It is not the first time this has happened, and then you have to go and input back everything, which is a pain.

Has anyone else experienced this or know why it happens??

Word expanders vs Auto text

What is the difference between Word Expanders and Auto text?  Are they the same thing? 


Word expanders vs Auto text
Thank you!
MS Word 2003 auto text

I use Word 2003 with the platform that my company uses.  I am able to save autocorrect entries, but whenever I save an autotext entry it is gone the next time I open Word.  Is there some Word option I need to click that will enable my entries to be saved?  It would save me so much time if this feature worked. 


Does anyone use SmarType and Word using text fields {}? When I F11..sm

to the next field {} it causes SmarType to lock up.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

thanks so much

Auto Text too full-slow MS Word
Has anyone experienced having their Auto Text in MS Word so full that it slows down getting into and out of MS Word Program?  This seems to be the problem, because when I accidentally deleted my "Auto Text" entries, my Word program worked fast again.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 
open a word document, under help type in auto text--sm
and you can learn how to create, save, delete, edit entries.
Auto Text entries on word. Is there a way to copy these or print these? Thanks in advance. NM
MS Word Auto Numbering
If by indenting, you mean making a list and having it indented toward the right, you need to turn on the autonumbering options in Word.  Do this by opening Word, go to tools, autocorrect.  Click on the tab autoformat as you type.  Check ON automatic numbered lists.  Now click on the tab Autoformat and check ON lists, say OK at the bottom.  Close Word and open it again.  When you type 1. and then some text and hit enter aftward, it should now set up your list for you.  Make sure that if you are transcribing, the account allows autonumbering, most don't.  Hope this helps!
Auto Correct in Word

I use auto correct in Word to make my macros.  Is there any way to save this info in the event that my computer were to crash.  This has happened before and I've had to enter all of my macros again on a new computer (quite a hassle).  I appreciate any info.



If you are using Word use auto-correct to

get you started. - make tp the patient, etc. 

Start with just a few additions - the ones that you use most often.  Add 5 or 10 a week.  Make you a sticky note and stick on the monitor if you need help remembering.  Use those 5 to 10 for a week and then add a few more the next week. 

As someone else stated I would get an expander.  Auto correct does the same thing as an Expander but has limited space, so if you utilize a lot of auto-corrects/expansions you'll run out of room and have to switch over to an expander anyway. 

I do too.
I use Alt A to jump to the {} field, if I understand you correctly.  Don't know that that will help you.
Smartype in WP or MS Word?
Hi, again,

My husband (and Resident Tech Support) just asked if when you converted from ST to SH you were using ST in WP or MS Word.
Smartype with MS Word
Smartype is not compatible with MS Word 2003. I used it for a very short time and it would freeze constantly or spontaneously backspace and erase my entire document. This wasn't an infrequent problem, this happened every two minutes. If you just purchased this, Stedmans may give you a refund if you contact Customer Service.
Smartype and Word
go to www.productivitytalk.com.  I too am a Smartype user, though have not tried it with Word 2003 as of yet.  I just googled your question and others are having this same problem.  Check out the forum.
expanders vs MS Word Auto Correct

Hello everyone ....  I've been using MS Word's auto correct feature as my expander.  Is it 'just as good' as using an Expander ?   Of course my line count is lousy per hour - but I don't do the same account regularly, and I don't get many ops (standard formats).  

Please tell me if / why I should change to an expander - and which one works best.  Remember PRD for DOS - I loved it.  Is there a Windows version?

Thanks, Susie


Auto correct in Word and a TON of macros....

auto correct in word 2007

  1. Click the Microsoft Office ButtonButton, and then click Word Options.
  2. In the Word Options dialog box, click Proofing, and then click AutoCorrect Options.

Smartype only works in DOS WP5.1 and MS-Word
and if you are trying to use Smartype in a cottage program that has stripped out some of Word's features, Smartype will behavior improperly or not at all.  It will also behavior improperly in MS-Word 2003 due to a change Word made that is not compatible with Smartype.  Last time I talked to Joe, Stedman was not making this fix a priority so I reinstalled MS-Word 2000 to avoid the conflict.
Smartype/Word 2003
There are no new fixes for that problem. If you call or E-mail Stedman's they will refund your money when you return the software. They know this is a problem. I have noticed that it only happens to me if I hit a combination of two hot keys. You could try turning off or not using those keys. I have found it to be the best solution as I am just more comfortable using Smartype. I tried other expanders, but just like Smartype better even with this problem.
Smartype/Word 2003
Not sure how to do that when I cannot get anything for Smartyupe to open--properties, settings, help, etc. I bought Smartype many years ago, from a different company, so not sure what to do. Thank you!
Smartype & Blocks in MS Word?

I have just started using Smartype with MS Word 2002.  I have created blocks and saved them.  Some of them work but others are not pulling into my documents when I type in the name of the blocks.  When I try to readd them ST tells me that they are there so why aren't they pulling into my reports?  Thanks for any help with this.

Every version of Word seems to do auto numbering differently. sm
The last two versions have a number list style that will keep numbers at the left margin and do the hanging indent automatically. Alt-Shift-left arrow will take your list back to the left margin if you don't use the style but want to use automatic numbering.
I built my own using the auto-correct function in Word. (sm)
I removed most of the words that came with auto-correct, and replaced them with my own short macros, which consist of words, phrases, & short sentences. Little or no memorizing involved, because I made them up as I went along whenever I kept getting the same things over and over again, and got tired of typing them. For longer macros I just put them in a document file that I can copy and paste. Simple. And CHEAP!
How many WPM do you type with auto corrects/word expander?

I have never tested my speed using my Expander and have no idea how many WPM I type.  I became a certified master typist last year at over 100 WPM without my expander.  I've been doing this for six years.

I'm really curious what the average is with an expander.  TIA.

Open Word, click on Auto Correct, then..
click on the words you do not want and click Delete.
Could this be used to export Smartype into another word expander?
I am looking for a way to export my thousands of Smartype entries into other word expanders.
Smartype frozen--Word 2003

Aware of any new fixes for Smartype freezing in Word 2003?  Thank you!


smartype attaches to your Word program - SM
so you cannot use it unless you open Word as well as the account's platform, and type there (then copy/pasting the reports into the facillity's system).

Shorthand works independently so works with pretty much all systems.

I've never had one that did not expand a shorcut with the space bar.
I use SmarType with Microsoft Office with Word 2003
I have had this problem and have even lost documents and was told by Microsoft that this is a Microsoft bug that they have no fix for. I called them and e-mailed and they said they are working on a fix. Can't give me a solution and no time frame of when they will have a patch.
Smartype should work in any word based platform - sm
If Emdat is a web based platform, then it won't work. Fighting that (on Chartscript) myself right now and hate it!
Smartype only works in specific Word versions.
You want an Expander that works in all programs and a lot of platforms, such as Instant Text or Shorthand.
You don't need to close Word after checking the auto numbering option. It works right away. nm
WARNING...I wasn't so lucky trying to use Word 2003 and Smartype... SM
My system didn't just freeze up once in a while. I couldn't make it through one report without this happening. I finally researched the archives and found that there is actually a conflict between Word 2003 and the Smartype.

Anyway, I wanted to switch from Instant Text to Smartype so much that I actually uninstalled my entire Microsoft Office 2003 software package and purchased Word 2002. I haven't had a problem since.
That only tells the grammar checker to flag spaces. Word does not auto space.
Are you sure you're using Auto Text and not Auto Correct?
Auto Text accompanies the template, as I stated before. The Auto Correct entries are in a separate file with the .acl extension.
Transferring Auto Correct/Auto Text

I work in Word currently and have a large number of AC/AT entries.  I am moving to a platform that has Instant Text or Shorthand.  Is it possible to transfer these entries as a file somehow, or am I going to have to enter by hand?  Also any comments welcome regarding the ease of use, etc of Instant Text versus Shorthand.



MS Word....anyone know how to get the text to appear bigger
Help if you can! Thanks!
Does anyone know how to make the text larger in Word?? TIA
larger text in Word - start by
to preview and select what suits you best. Toolbar should be showing at top of screen, pull down where is says what font type is in there. Otherwise, you can to either go to Tools to select the "formatting" toolbar, or go to View, then Font. Since my old eyes are going, I also choose the option to increase my page view to 150% (also on the toolbar at the top of your screen displaying some kind of number) by dropping down the menu (use the arrow next to it) and select the % that suits you best. Hope this helps.
Making text larger in Word
Ctrl+A to select all text, choose font size from format menu. Also make sure view is at 100%.
Word/text expanders for Meditech
I would apprecaiate knowing word/text Expanders work in Meditech?  Thank you.
How could a dictionary/text or word expander..sm
compromise patient confidentiality?  Just another ploy by MTSOs for control.  Some of them think we are so dumb they would claim proprietary ownership to our underwear if they could get away with it.
Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
Latest Instant Text revision 541 and MS Word

Has anyone noticed Word save and opening of new documents slow down since upgrading to IT Revision 541 or is it just me?  I tried other things, such as clean disc, defrag, ran System File Check for Windows XP, and Registry Cleaner.  These things helped speed up everything on my computer except Word, which would still be very slow to save and open a new document.


I uninstalled IT and reinstalled the older version and now Word is back to normal speed.  Has anyone else experienced a slow down with the revision or is it just me?  I also didnít like how the new version linked with spelling and grammar check window in Word.


It's probably just me.  I'm always having weird problems.  I'm using Word 2002 (XP) by the way.

I just pull up in word and save as Rich Text File...nm
I use Word 2003 and I have text boxes I jump to using the F11 key. I have no idea what I did, but

using the F11 key, but I want to see the boxes where I enter the text. 

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Can I transfer instant text word list to autocorrect??
Hi all. Well I have a ton of entries stored in my Instant Text program. The problem is, that now that I am using Editscript version 8 instead of version 6, whenever I use my instant text program, it freezes up on me.. So I am just wondering, is there any way that I can transfer over my IT word lists over to autocorrect in microsoft word?? I think this is the only text Expander I can use with editscript 8. I really appreciate any help with this!!
Does anyone know how to print list of SmarType auto corrects...sm
I have found how to print the macros, but not your normal auto corrects.  If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated, as this is taking me forever to write them down and transfer to DQS.