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Check out the back-up batteries at Office Depot -

Posted By: ALgal on 2008-06-13
In Reply to: installing an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) - Any recommendations?

I have very short power interruptions every single day, so having a back-up power supply is a must.  I have two now, hooked to different pieces of equipment.  I can work for nearly an hour without external power if need be.  I can hear it beep and click on and then off when power is restored again, which is literally just maybe 10 seconds or so.  As far as a generator goes, I have no idea, sorry.

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I got mine at Office Depot for $100 sm
It does have armrests, but I'm sure they have models without armrests. As a matter of fact, this chair can be adjusted in about every way imagineable, including raising and lowering the armrests. You can lower them to the point that you can't reach them while you're working.

There are chairs out there that don't cost a whole paycheck! Keep searching!
I had a very similar experinece with Office Depot. NM
Office Depot has chairs on display U can try before you buy. sm
Got mine there over 5 years ago, fully adjustable, I think it was $129, still good.
Are the $30 lumbar supports from Office Depot
In our area, Office Depot has the largest number of
I worked at Home Depot awhile back
for 3 years in the paint department. I have done them all and also taught the classes on Sundays. You might want to call your local Home Depot and ask when they have their paint classes. Lots of information, and they should let you try out the techniques as well.
Target, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot
MQ check...Denver office
I got one for $9. I have just been told they found an additional $49 I haven't been paid, either, but that check won't come until my pay at the end of the month.

Very convenient.

And on top of that, I have just been told the remainder of my accounts are going onto the DEP platform, which I detest.

In a crappy mood, needless to say.
New in-office job has NO spell check

Hi -  I am starting a new position at a psychiatric facility; will be working three 12-hour days (!)...on initial review of work environment/computer system, etc., they have their "own" program that their "team" set up, but it has NO spell checker, not even one for "general" words, much less a medical one...the other woman who is scheduled to start with me kept on saying, "why is there no spell check... I have never heard of that".... in my opinion, it saves a lot of time having a spell check, we are going to ask their "tech guys" who set up the program if one can be installed, but unfortunately I don't think that is going to be an option, ?...what is your opinion? would you work with no spell check, with a place that is backed up about 1-2 months?...(or have I just gotten too 'spoiled" with working at home with all the "gadgets" that make transcribing faster and more accurrate....less frustrating.  Thanks for your time.     Jen

I get no feed back from QA at all, zip from my MQ office.
Back in the days when we all worked in an office

we got this new manager who I disliked immediately.  She couldn't spell every day words, she had absolutely no background in MT and figured she was doing somebody to get the position.  We had been promised an MT as our next manager.  She said she could type 85 wpm and she believed she could handle the job - HA.  We had an MT come in to interview and test and she had to ask me how to turn on the computer and how to print the report.   They company lost the account and it closed down that office and the manager couldn't get another job and had to move back home with mom and dad.  

I had a man looking for his wife to be able to do something where they could work and travel and he said his wife had a business degree and he felt she could do the job too.   I also had an associate whose husband got fired AGAIN and she called me wanting to know how she could do what I do, like she could start tomorrow.  

I've decided I'm going to tell people I'm a medical langauge specialist from now on and when they ask me what that is I'm going to say I'm a translator.  

DH painted office for me. Now tomorrow I have to put it all back together.
Going back to Office Admin Work

Hello everyone.  I wanted to sign in and thank everyone for all the info that has been posted on this board.  It was a very important web site for me during my short transcription career.

After being laid off from a company in Michigan 3 weeks ago, I have searched for and found an office manager position in a non-MT environment.  I'm going back to my routes in Admin.  I tried to make a career change a few years ago.  Maybe it was not the financial environment to make such a change or maybe it is just not for me.  What ever the case is, I'm leaving.  I have invested a large amount of time and money into this dream but sometimes you have to know when to "fold 'em."  Lucky for me hubby is on board and not making me feel bad about our investment or how this dream of mine drained our finances. 

So, again, thanks for all the help and good luck to everyone. 

Have office in back of basement, does not have a door it is an alcove-like
room. No noise from the outside at all.
I've tried to go back to the office a number of times and

I never can make the transition.  One consideration is your wardrobe.  You have to start dressing in office attire which is something I don't miss and found irritating when I went back into the office.  I also found that after working at home for as long as I have done it, it's kind of stressful to get out there and try to be social and friendly.  Office politics is another negative.  Offices are very much like high school, very cliquey and filled with gossip.  There is more to working in an office than just doing your job.  At home, it's just me and my PC.  I do the work and I get paid.  In the office, there's you, your PC, the person who shares the desk with you, the person who sits across from you, the person who sits next to you, your supervisor right across the hall, the doctors knowing you by name and seeking you out to complain about their dictation, the constant ringing of phones, chattering of voices.  The people you share office space with, one will always be hot, one will always be cold, one thinks it's too bright and there's a glare on her screen, and one thinks it's too dark.  You can't wear perfume because the girl next to you is allergic...

I could go on... 

Check with your tax person for certainty but I have a room solely used for my home office and I even
I will check into that for you and get back to you! (NM)
Check your recipe. If you can cut back
the butter/oil a bit, you might find the that the cookies hold their shape better. This has worked for me in the past. The suggestion to chill the dough is a good one. You can even leave it in the fridge overnight. Work in small batches so that the batter stays cold. Finally, don't add any oil/spray to the cookie sheet.
Yes - I love it! I will check back here later to see if I can help you (sm)
with anything specific?
Hated it. The office politics, the dressing up, the back-stabbing. I do in 4 hours what I did in 8
at home.  That hospital environment with all those women backstabbing, worrying about how long other people took for breaks or lunch, who was in favor with the supervisor, who fit in with the cliques,  UGGGGGGHHHHH!   I can't believe I am saying this but MQ looks good compared to those days now that you got me to thinking.  (Not that good pay-wise/benefit-wise though)
You can go back and check the report if you know your job number.
Do F5 choose detail report type, put in dates you want to search and press run report, then click on the job number you want and under job view choose user output. This is the way it looks when it goes to the client. Hope this helps.
A good MT is hard to find. Check back with those 2 companies
wow, i can't believe that you change your batteries that frequently on the mouse. i sometimes go for a year before changing and that's either with Duracell or Energizer. wonder what the problem could be?
AA batteries ....sm
Maybe it would recharge something....I'm SOOOOOOOOooooo tired. What was he thinking????
Batteries old in keyboard?

I only type in word but this has happened to me before and it was old batteries or because I use cordless I had to reposition the connection thing that reads your keyboard and mouse.  Just a simple guess and am probably wrong. 

Addendum: Batteries not included.
OMG... I feel even better now.  I was looking at the back of the box and it said you need a AAA battery.  Wow... I thought the sound was great before --- that was without the battery which I did not even notice because of the design of the headphones.  Now, for the first time in 9 years working for MQ I am proud to say that I had to turn the volume DOWN.  Too loud...hurt my ears...ooww. LOL  Glad I was able to exchange my MQ stock for something useful... a pack of 2 AAA batteries for my new headphones.... Life is good.
do the Bose QC2 require batteries?
If so, how often do you find you need to replace them - and/or do you think there is any health hazard to having batteries up next to your head?  thanks.
Batteries lasted me only about 2 weeks. Not worth it to me. nm

You are not by any chance using a wireless mouse?... may need batteries. nm
If it is a wireless mouse, change the batteries; if not
then, I am not sure what the problem may be.
Just a reminder to change your smoke alarm batteries nm

home depot
Hi there! I used them about 4 years ago. They did a good job. Still intact!!
Home Depot or bust
well, you expressed my sentiments exactly. I just hate to see those ads that are pulling in people to take transcription classes by saying that they will be makings lots of money -- not these days!! I do the same as you do -- tell anyone who asks my opinion about becoming a MT that it's not worth the time and money and very stressful.
You could go to Home Depot and start out
Home Depot carpeting sm

Has anybody purchased carpeting from Home Depot and had it installed by their subcontractors?  Wondering if I should take a chance using their services. 

Thanks for any comments.

Keyboard is fine, mouse batteries goes pretty quick though and if my desk
the signal from the mouse to the transmitter/receiver thing gets messed up, so then move all the junk and all is well. Rarely change the keyboard batteries, mouse every 3 weeks probably. PRO: Like not having wires though, CON: Put in a good supply of batteries.
Another good idea is Home Depot
My friend used to work in the travel industry, which has also gone down the tubes pretty much as a result of technology.

She's a very talented Martha Stewart type of person and always has a yard that's the envy of the neighborhood. She's seriously thinking of applying at Home Depot's home and garden department to give people advice about their yards. She said it pays well and the same with the benefits.

If you're talented in any type of home decorating, home repair, or horticulture I'd say apply at the Home Depot or maybe Lowe's!
Home Depot far more reliable than Lowes...sm

and as I know it, Home Depot does not use *subcontractors*..........

Home Depot all the way!!! 

Answer is get out of the house. Gym, dances, Home Depot.
Try Home Depot. Got it in 2 days. Great computer with XP too!
Have most people had good luck with their MQ office closing and moving to the regional office. Have
things gotten better or worse for you.
Yes, I lost mine. I upgraded the Office 2000 package to Office 2003. sm
I have over 2000 autocorrect entries and lost them all as well as my supplemental dictionary for my Stedman's spellcheck. Lots of grief!

Maybe you will be lucky and not lose anything. Good luck to you.
Might be able to rent one from an office supply or office machine repair shop
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
Office politics. That is why I enjoy working at home. In the office,
people are in other people business. Just mind your own business.
Can anyone suggest an office in MQ that is not run like this Amherst office. They are absolutely
pathetic. I wonder how many other MTs are in that office in the same situation.
Just DQS from my office was transferred and the rest are getting on DQS before the office closes.
Pay kids work around office, renovate office.
Office 2003 so far, but going to Office 2007 as soon as I can. nm
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online