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Check with your local phone company....sm

Posted By: Will type for food :) on 2005-08-19
In Reply to: DQS - see message

More and more phone companies are offering fast access DSL which works through your phone line.  Satellite is very expensive and often has problems when there are storms.  I had cable which also goes down practically every time it rains.  I just got Bell South Xtreme DSL.  I can't believe how fast it is.  AND I got a wireless network router so if I have 1 computer or 20... no extra charge.  All this for about $50.00 a month.

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try with your local phone company!!!....sm
I found over 12 years that the BEST prices usually come from your local telephone provider.  Check them out first would be my suggestion :)
I tried DSL through my local phone company. The lowest

fee was $24.95/mo and wasn't much faster than dial-up.  Lots of companies advertise DSL but they may not have service in your area.    The commercials that show fast speeds (up to 5 times faster) for $9.95 is dial-up and it only works with internet site downloads, does not make FTP/voice/music/picture downloads/uploads any faster.

I would check out any company thoroughly to be sure they are legit, check out their claims, fees, technical support, etc. 

My first job was a total cold call to small local company...got hired over the phone- sm
give it a shot. Look in your yellow pages or on-line white and yellow pages and see what you can come up with. MT Daily has a list by state of MT companies to with their contact info. Also test your butt off anywhere and everywhere on line, you will learn a lot during the process. I found it quite enlightening when I was doing it 3+ years ago. Good luck.
You might check with your phone company......... sm
I live out in the sticks, so cable is not an option for me and I use DSL. My phone company offers a package that includes phone service, DSL and DishTV for a single price. I'm not sure what the price is, but I would think it would be comparable to or maybe even less than the $101 you are paying now.

I know what you mean about having to trim the fat. I've trimmed so far now that I don't know where I can cut any more. I don't have a cell phone. Sons have prepaid cell phones that they pay for themselves. I don't eat out more than once a month and haven't seen the inside of a movie theater in years (no real big loss for me). I skimp like crazy on groceries but that is really hard with 2 teenage boys in the house.

Anyway, I digress. Check out your phone company and see what kind of package they might offer. Ya nevah know!
I would check into a business line. My phone company offers one for around 55 dollars, with truly U
I am going to remove the LD from my home phone, and use the business line for all calls, then I will only have to pay about 35 above what I'm paying now. Not ideal, but the best deal I could find.
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
I've changed them between an old phone and new phone, but the same company, i.e. Nextel.
Local radiology company, not transcription company
who has only 5 transcriptionists and are not hiring at this moment. We all work at home and get great benefits, no insurance out of pocket and 22 days paid vacation in the first year, after that it goes up. I feel very fortunate to have found them, but again I chose them because they did not do production, so now that they are, I'm a little disappointed.
for the internet, I use my local phone co...sm
www.bellsouth.net is my local internet provider and they have been my local phone company for 30 years......was on dialup for 8 years but switched to DSL light a yr ago and had 2 outages in this year for only a short time.  With cable companies (they are your TV provider too, right?) - when they go out, so does your internet unfortunately and is why I didn't choose my cable company...my TV goes out at least 50-75 times a year (live in lightning capital of the USA *lol*)
Look in your local phone book
Or the phone book of the nearest large city. There are about five transcription services based out of a city near where I live, and it is not exactly a bustling metropolis.
Have local Cox phone but dont use LD. sm
This is what I've used for years. Very reliable service, and I love the rates.

my local phone book used to have several - now Indian names
all sold out.  Makes me wonder about going back to IC again on my own - hitting the pavement - finding I'm sure enough dissatisfied customers - but oh the headaches of being by myself.
Check out your local community college -SM
I can't speak for all of them, but the one I went to offered externship programs and job placements for their best and brightest students.  An acquaintenance of mine also got her MT training at a local college, and they did the same thing.  Be careful, however, of the online courses.  They cost a lot of money - much, much more than your local college, and you won't get the hands-on training or be able to get your questions answered in a flash with them as you would in an actual college setting.  Also, an associate's degree at a college is much more impressive than admitting you received your training via an online course.  That, to me, just sounds so "fly by night."   
Be sure to check your local emergency services regarding 9-1-1 sm
Just saw a news story that 9-1-1 is not set up yet on these systems to pull up the home address with the phone call. Just an FYI.
Dahhhh internet or Dahhhhh local phone book!
Check your local police station, that'd be the place to look.
I bet they don't outsource that.....or do they? Interesting.
Check around your local area for clinics or transcription companies
That's what I did. I first started out working for a very small MTSO and worked at their office for a couple of weeks and then they moved me home and I started working on a single speciality account. I'm still working for the office after 5 years (altough the MTSO closed her business).
MT - Local Company
Sorry, I wish they were. It's a small local company in the town where I live. They won't hire anyone else unforunately. She's trying to save money.
Oh no... This is a small local company. nm
I'm with a small local company....sm
so that doesn't help you, but I have heard good things about WildBlue, you might want to check out their website.
Check into adoption through local Catholic services, fees in our state (Ky) were based on income and
although expensive, not as bad as private adoption.  Still, a long wait, we were told.
Thanks. It's a local rad company, so it'd probably be a good thing.
IF I can even do it.
look for a small local company in your area


I worked for a small company and although I did get paid by the line, I made way more than $16 an hour and could pretty much name my own hours to work. I did, however, have to pick up tapes!

I work for a small local company.
It seems that the smaller MTSOs pay better than the nationals. Maybe that would be a good avenue for you to try. I just think the low rates offered by the nationals are insulting.
If you cant get a job inhouse, go to a local company and work in their house.
A lot of people who I went to school (college) with ended up working for a local company to Jackson, MS, MidSouth Transcription. They worked with you and got you ....further trained shall we say. We had school, real college courses, so we were very well-trained (had to take an anatomy and physiology class that was the same as the premed students) - we knew a LOT but Ms. Torri got us employable. Try a local transcription company for a while. It will help, I promise.
My high speed internet is through our local t.v. cable company. nm.
Write it off. And be careful who you work for. I had the same problem with local company.
What's your time worth to take these people to small claims court? And what was pointed out to me after doing the research is even if you win in small claims court, there is no way to collect it. Since the company is a bad debt anyway, they aren't going to pay you because you win a small claims court judgement.
I pay $35/month through Vonage for unlimited LD. Local phone co. charges $50/month. NM
My DSL is through my phone company
as well. Unfortunately, you do have to have phone service in order to have DSL. I just have local, no LD. I use Vonage for my ULD for work and if I have to make a LD call I use that line or my cell phone. I'm still paying out the yang in telephone bills, but I gots to work! :)
Phone company problems.

When I moved to Washington State and Qwest became my phone company I signed up for the unlimited small business plan.  Now all the sudden they say they have switched me to Qwest Choice Business because of the high volume of my LD calls.  I explained to them in the beginning what I used the business line for and they said it was unlimited (around 85.00 a month is what it was coming out to), without notifying me they switched me over and sent me a bill for over $400.00.  I went balistic on them.  They said they would look into it since I have signed up for a different plan and take care of it.  I just got my new bill and it is even higher. 

Anyone in the Northwest that can direct me to a phone service for my transcribing needs??????

It should be supplied by the phone company.
You are correct in your understanding.

You will need multiple phone numbers in succession under a business line. This is a phone company issue not a computer issue.

It is very simple.

Did you call and talk to service to set this up or just the help person who answers the phone?

You need to determine how many lines you need for this server. Is is an 8 port server, if so, you will need 8 lines and phone numbers, so when one is busy, it will go to the next one. It does get pretty expensive.

When you call the phone company, you need to be specific about how many lines you need and what you want.

Good luck with that.
I only worked for one company that used a c-phone sm
and we signed off on each job as we listened and transcribed.  If you signed off, it meant the job was completed.  They would not have allowed us to sign off on jobs if recording them. 
Go to the company board and check the sm
Set Up Your Alerts notice at the top.  I think that is how you set it up. 
I will check out the company board sm
Later about the Expander thing.  I am on my way out now, but will take a look and see if I can help.
Check with your company since it's their foot



Check the archives on this company.
Company requires a C-phone. Will a Lanier Lx-219 work as well? sm

What is the difference in a Dictaphone, C-phone, Lanier LX-219 and Lanier Expresswriter or Voicewriter?


Yep, he just got a huge check from the drug company or
Inform the insurance company that they should check into it.
Maybe your company wants it that way? I've used it for years and Never had it check
Check the company board. Someone asked

You may want to check the company board and do a search
I think you can do better - and nationals can be great to work for, don't know who hires newbies, though. Good Luck!
Check company board for archives.
Unlimited Long Distance + C-phone, small company needs MT

I currently need an experienced MT (at least three years - actual medical typing) to cover a 2 doctor account.  Very simple dictation - SOAP note format.  This account is looking for another doctor, so that could add in.  Currently, very small amount of dictation - approximately 800-1300 lines total per week.  24 hour turn around. 

If you have a c-phone and have unlimited long distance, please send me your resume + 2 references for people you have actually typed for.  Start rate 8cpl (65 character).  This is an IC position.

I am the owner of a small transcription company in Virginia - have had stable accounts and great MT's for over 13 years.  THANK YOU!!!

Our cable company doesn't offer phone service yet, and anyway,
I don't know if I'd want everything dependent on their service for all my needs. Even my internet is not as dependable as it should be, yet there is nothing wrong according to them. I already pay for internet and TV to the tune of $147 a month and they are raising it in Jan. again.
Check recent posts on Company Board. nm
Check the Company board for recent comments. nm
Search the archives and check the Company board
Check out the Company board, halfway down the page. nm
I could switch to DSL but the phone company charges 50 extra a month for being on line for more than
So either way I will have to pay more.  I guess no one else here is affected or concerned by this but the article said that other companies would follow suit if Time Warner has success.  The article said it would affect the teleworkers who are on line for long periods, not the people who just use cable for reading their email.  
Check company board. I just asked a similar question, NM