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Cherry pickers really make me angry! SM

Posted By: BeFair! on 2006-09-13
In Reply to:

I work at-home for a fairly small community hospital.  We have maybe four ESLs on staff at this hospital.  We all have the capability of looking up what reports are on the system and we are allowed to self assign provided we do not abuse it.  The powers that be decided to allow us to have this capability because on second shift and weekends there may be occasion where a report is needed stat and there is no one in the department to assign it and so the person needing the report can simply check to see what MT's are on the system typing and email one of us and we can self assign and do the report.

I usually work first shift, but this week I am filling in for another girl and working second shift.  It is me and one other MT on second.  I plugging along and I get rather lengthy consult by an ESL doctor we all kind of dislike doing because A) He is an ESL dictator and B) All his reports are looooooooong!  So, I get an 8 min consult and I type it, takes me about 20 minutes.  Then, a couple of reports later I get another consult, same dictator, 10 minutes long.  Now, I'm thinking okay what's the other girl doing.  So check on her and she is sitting on the same report she was on when I got the first 8 minute consult.  Her report is a 4 minute H&P by a very American, very good dictator.  So I type the second, 10 minute consult, with just a little irritation nagging me.  A few reports later I get yet another 15 minute consult by the same ESL dictator.  Now I'm steamed.  I look at the job list again and find that she is STILL on the same 4 minute report she has been on for the last hour and a half!  Presumably she has been waiting for me to clear out all the offending dictations so she doesn't get stuck with one!

So now I'm considering letting the supervisor know because it just burns me up when someone treats their co-workers so unfairly.  If she's doing it do me, she's done it to everyone.  But I'm afraid if I gripe about her to management, they will simply take away our self-assign capability and take away our ability to see what is on the system and I hate to penalize everyone because of one person's self-serving and unfair attitude.

What would you all do?

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To all you CHERRY PICKERS...This one's for you!

I have been struggling all morning transcribing STAT reports that are OUT of turn-around.  Not to mention that these STAT reports are dictated by the worst ESL I've ever done.  Meanwhile, everytime I go in to grab a new dictation, I can't help but notice a certain CHERRY PICKER grabbing up every current report dictated by the best.

So if there are any cherry pickers out there bold enough to answer my question, could you please just tell me why???  What gives you the right?  Do you not even realize what you are doing to the rest of us?  Why not just join in and divide the misery for a while so we can all have a decent line count at the end of the day?  GRRR.

Thanks for letting me vent...

Cherry pickers
This has always been a problem in this field unfortunately, when I first started the work was assigned to us but with technology changing, it started to be work pools and the bad dictators started coming. Unfortunately the people who cherry pick are only hurting themselves, yeah it may be good for the paycheck but it is not helping their skills and one day, they will be the only one on the account for one reason or another and their production will take a real nose dive. We had a a person do this continually on one position I had years ago and eventually the supervisor started routing the bad dictators to her for a week or so and believe me, the cherry picking stopped real fast.
What do you do about cherry pickers

How do you all deal with cherry pickers on pool accounts where there are several MTs working on the same account?  What I mean is, some MTs take the best work, even when it's not the next work to be taken, leaving the worst dictators for the ethical MTs.  Any suggestions?  (Talking to the MTSO doesn't seem to help, even though they have rules against this.) 

cherry pickers will stll be around. I for one am and can do SM
ESLs, Neurology, Cardiology and Ops. When I'm on radiology I cherry pick since I get paid by report and do just fine :)

They ought to track down your email and find out who you are and fire your arse!!!!
tank the cherry pickers

Cherry picking sure hurts the hospitals because they are waiting on these reports and if the cherry picker skips over, then if no one else is on-line, its gonna take a while to do those reports..so it hurts the hospital and the trans service..and the patient, which is supposedly what we are all about..LEGAL ACCURATE MEDICAL RECORDS..I cant believe that a cherry picker would even post here..I would be too ashamed to admit that I shaft my coworkers, the hospital and trans service I work for..

Cherry pickers should be FIRED!!
If your co-worker was any kind of a true MT she would grow up and do whatever came up in her q. Tell your supervisor! I wish I knew this idiots phone number. It really ticks me off when people cherry pick. You have my sympathy girl.
Service owners/cherry pickers
Why do service owners never seem to notice cherry pickers? Even going to great lengths to deny there are any in their group?
I totally agree! Thanks to the cherry pickers...
there are days when all I get are 100% ESLs. It's so bad, I practically have a foreign accent by the end of my shift! Seriously, this has a huge impact on my income. Race has nothing to do with it. Just trying to pay the bills!
I totally agree! Thanks to the cherry pickers...
there are days when all I get are 100% ESLs. It's so bad, I practically have a foreign accent by the end of my shift! Seriously, this has a huge impact on my income. Race has nothing to do with it. Just trying to pay the bills!
I will do everything in my power to have cherry-pickers fired
because it's not fair to the MTs who do give a ____. I owe it to the good MTs to not let the sorry ones get away with it.
Do any of you who continuously get the reports that cherry-pickers pass over ever

This entire morning I have gotten nothing but leftovers from yesterday that no one else wanted to do.  I am at the point where I am going to start sending them back, too, so I can make a decent line count.  Whatcha think?  Then no one will be doing them and maybe the MTSO do something about it (ha ha ha ha ha). 

Anyone want to share what companies allows cherry pickers? I am in between jobs and looking ..
I do not want to work for a company that allows that..
A question for cherry-pickers and rule-breakers
If there are any cherry-pickers (or those who disobey company policy) and get mad when they are written up out there reading this, I have a question.

What do you expect to happen to you for pulling stunts like cherry-picking or not calling in sick (no-show), a cookie?! I had a fellow MT (ex-coworker who works for another company) call me furious about being written up the other day, for not calling in sick. Well too bad so sad, I thought. There are accounts with TAT to meet, and MTs who cherry-pick or pull a no-show are partially responsible.

I am a lead and I have positively had it with MTs pulling shenanigans like this and complaining and whining when they get caught and reprimanded. Either suck it up and shape up, or find another line of work. This type of MT reminds me of the bratty kid on the playground who picks on everyone and goes crying to the teacher when another kid gets enough and knocks the crap out of him.
Can you give us a hint you work for? I'm sick of cherry pickers too
You just know they are giving you all the crap they dont want.
I wonder if the cherry pickers will be out of work when all the good speaking American doctors are
Gee, I will still be working because I'm grasping these ESLs pretty dang good, right along with ops and cardiology reports.
Angry? Maybe make your own life better and you'll be surprised
Losers blame other people.

Successful people take responsibility for their own lives.
Questions like the one quoted SHOULD make people angry.
There's a difference between needing help with something difficult, and asking a question that NOBODY who is working as an MT should have to ask. If you can't figure that word out or find the answer yourself, you shouldn't be working as an MT. Period.
I respectfully disagree. The BEST is CHERRY cake with cherry drizzle. YUMboooooooooooooooyyyy!

In all due respect, some of you MTs need to relax and chill on these issues of "cherry pickers
VR or Indian MTs. I have been in this business for over 25 years now, and this is the very nature of this business.  Work is always pooled around according to WHO is doing the pooling.  If you're an MT who always helps out cheerfully, always willing to give help where needed, sure, you're probably gonna get rewarded by having some sweet dictators routed to your pool.  If you're the pooler and your friend is the recipient, you're probably gonna tend to give your friend some cake dictators.  If, on the other hand, you're pooling work, and there's a cranky, whining, complaining MT, you're probably gonna just happen to send her some of those wonderful marble-mouthed dictators. There is ALWAYS someone at the start of the process, doling out the work to someone -directing it where THEY want it to go for whatever reason.  Same thing in the old days of tapes - tapes were handed out according to whoever was handing them out! Then C-phones, and work would be diverted to your "line", and now the internet.  I don't know if you are all new to the field, or just forgetful, but this is the nature of the industry.  So many are so paranoid and blaming cherry pickers, Indians, or who knows!  Most cherry pickers don't even have to cherry pick. The GOOD work goes to the GOOD workers.  Its simple.  So, be nice, have a good attitude, and do your job.  You're far more likely to get good dictators that way then dreaming up conspiracy theories or looking to blame the invisible cherry pickers.  You can look to those over you in authority, and really should perhaps put a little reflection on WHY you are getting the garbage over and over.  It sure can't hurt to try to look at it another way, cause its really not all as complex and complicated to figure out as you would like! Look to yourselves before always, always blaming those cherry picking Indian VR MTs!  Start tomorrow with a NEW attitude. Or, if its too late at your job, maybe start fresh somewhere else! I doubt it would hurt, and you sure might find yourselves with a new attitude and on the receiving end of some good reports!
I'm very angry but

My mother would not side with me.  I know this for a fact, thats why I keep the responses to myself.  She pretends like she doesnt see it, she is one of those moms in denial about everything.  I'm also afraid she will feel threatened, I don't want that.  Also, the family member I told has a big mouth, and I think some of it may have leaked out because the last time I went over there, I went swimming and I had a towel wrapped around me.  Exact words from my stepfather "Why are you all covered up, do you think there's a pervert here or something?" And he's become very hostile lately.  The whole thing is a mess.  Its sad because my stepfather and I were close in a normal way at one time.  Its like I lost that.   

Very Angry MT
If you are new and have a year and under why do these companies not respect that fact and try to teach you and make you better instead they just get rid of you over one report that went bad... Are we just garbage?  Just because you do not have to look at a person in the face does not give them the right to do these things, Now let me say it was the account not the company that fired me...
To Angry
I am sorry this happened to you, but I think there could be many reasons and no, this was not fair the way it happened to you given the history you just gave. However...these things do happen. Let me tell you, a couple of years ago I decided to go back to working inhouse. There was a doctor there no one could understand, even the more experienced struggled. He had a certain MT for many years, but when new management came on board this MT was let go. Anyway this doctor simply would not allow anyone else to do his work without finding something wrong. He wanted his old MT back. They found someone to do the work for him but he was very, very picky. Maybe this is what happened to you. It could be anything. You will bounce back from this and go on to find something else even better. However, I am just wondering why didn't they have a backup account for you.

Best wishes.

To Angry sm

Since I have never seen your work I would not presume to pass judgment on it.  *IF* your work consistently had gross errors and you were never informed, that says enough about the company you worked for.  In fact, as far as I'm concerned, a company that would ask ANYONE to work free for "months" as you said in a previous post is beyond despicable. It might be possible this is how they are making their money, the profit margin for free work would be pretty good but I would expect they wouldn't last long.

On the otherhand, I've had more years experience than I care to say, so let me tell you I KNOW how bad the baddest ESLs can be.  This actually happened to me:  I worked for a company about 10 years ago when tapes were sent to us at home by UPS.  I consistently got this one ESL who was so bad I said that God Himself couldn't understand him.  I called the office more than once saying I hated sending the reports directly to the hospital because they looked exactly like swiss cheese.  I was told to "just do the best you can and don't worry about it."  Well, one day I got a tape of his dictation and the tape itself was bad, so that work looked more like the whole block of swiss cheese with huge chunks where the tape was nothing but a stretching sound, thus, large chunks of blanks.  I called the office and again was told to "do the best I could" and send it on to the hospital.  Well, the next day I got some more of his tapes and the first thing he said was, "ah dunawa **** ado MA tie."  I translated this to mean, "I don't want **** to do my typing."  I immediately called the office and I admit I was pretty distraught, even considering how bad he was.  Know what I was told?  "The hospital knows how bad he is, their MTs refuse to do him which is why they send him to us and you're the only MT we have who can do him.  Don't worry about it, just send the tapes back and we'll tell them we're not going to do him anymore."  WHAT????  Why the heck didn't they tell the hospital that way before I pulled all my hair out??!!  And this was a large national that has since been gobbled up by MQ.

Don't give up.  Ask an experienced MT to review your work and give you some honest, constructive feedback and then do what it takes.  If you have to pay someone to mentor you for awhile it's a small price to pay for the education you'll get.    Hang in there.

You say this as if you are angry
Next time, don't come here to ask such questions. It could have been much worse. YOU are the one who is at fault here.  You are lucky that anybody responded at all.  YOU came to this board TWICE asking for help. There are no doctors here.  Use your brain!
I think you should see a lawyer. You may have a case for wrongful termination.
angry too, but not as much as
having a doctor dictate to the song mack the knife on every dictation - i guess he either thinks he is bobby darrin or just funny - but it gets annoying
You seem to be very angry
I said I THINK, not know. Having a college degree means what in transcription? Nothing that I have been able to find yet and I have done this over 30 years now. You need to find something else to do apparently. I do not find this a crap job and have made really big bucks in my career but then again I have the speed to go along with the background for doing transcription. These hospitals, companies, offices are in this to make money. They are not there to pat you on the back. You seem to be in over your head. Probably something a little less stressful would be a good thing for you. This is just a job that I do not stress about- after first going through a rigorous training program. Have a good day!
I'm angry!
No, they aren't taking over; they've already taken over. Let me tell you - when my husband became seriously ill, I had to fight for two years and delete our savings in the process to get his SS disability, in spite of four doctors (one being the SS doctor) saying he could never work again. We had to go on food stamps and it was a very humiliating experience. However, I was the dummy who was completely honest about everything, so I put down on the quarterly statement when it asked if ANY family member had received cash that my son received $160 in birthday money. They cut our food stamps by $160 the next month! It was a humilitating experience for our family and it taught me that the system is against you! Now, these illegal aliens come over here and get food stamps with ease and I'm working my tail off to pay for them? Is that supposed to be okay? The food stamp office acted like they were doing me a favor even though my hubby and I had both worked for 20+ years at our jobs and they KNEW we weren't deadbeats. I'm angry! I couldn't even buy toilet paper or bath soap with those food stamps! But, I sure saw a woman buying a wedding cake with them in the bakery of the grocery store not too long ago - and she didn't speak a word of English. I have a problem when I see these people paying with a food stamp card and then pulling out wads of cash to buy alcohol after ringing up their foot purchase.
They're illegal and I shouldn't have to support them. They are getting free government benefits and we're the working Americans who are supporting those benefits. They know how to work the system and America has allowed them to do so, so they have indeed taken over.
Now I am angry
Just did a ESL report. The patient was a white American female as dictated by the doctor, and he "could not get an accurate history due to the language barrier".

This just irritates me.

You seem really angry????

Some people do not think Google is an acceptable resource as you can get "wrong answers."  So, if the term is already in question, then I'd say your advice about googling is leading them down the wrong "path." 

Instead of being so critical, why not just "be quiet" since you obviously have a "thing in" for new MTs. 

Furthermore, to single out one post from a new MT the word board is hateful.  Goodbye!  Peace be with you.  I hope you find some peace soon. 

Not angry
Google is always a great start if you don't have anything more specific bookmarked. Part of the skill any newbie needs to learn is how to sift through Google for authoritative references, and/or how to do a search in a way that limits the responses one is going to get to those that are usable.

If I look up something ortho-related, do I take something from Bob's New Age cast supply? or from Wheeles'?

I still -- & will always -- feel that it is better to teach someone how to teach her/himself than it is to spoon-feed a bunch of predigested facts.

You are darn right I'm critical, and no, I'm not going to be quiet as long as I think a newbie can learn something from me.

I'm not angry when I say this about the mayor - sm
The mayor kept telling people to leave over and over and over again. He stated that he knew thousands did not have cars. He even said "this is the real thing, folks." Why didn't he provide school buses or city buses to get these people out - just take a few belongings, get on the bus, and get out of the city.

Apology for angry MTs
Please speak for yourself! On reading the posts - no one called anyone a liar. We just asked for information or proof. There is abundant false information out there. I worked as an IC for a company who had "hired MQ" to take over the hospital jobs but the quality of work they got was so poor, they went back to their own MTs and FIRED MQ. I am not FOR or AGAINST MQ. I simply work there now and need facts. If the DQmanage has that ability, then new hires should be able to ask, "just exactly will I be paid for up-front" instead of taking the job and then finding out half of their work is not paid for. I have no fangs and I did not tear anyone up.
No whining, but ANGRY
With a MQ blog you could communicate and discuss to your hearts content, while you change nothing and your children starve.  And if MQ started the hole you are in, by still being there you are handing them the shovel to make that hole deeper.  Of course it is hard switching jobs and learning new accts but how does staying at MQ with NO jobs make that any easier?  If you have children and bills, you darn well better be doing something other than just whining about what a bad company MQ is.  You can start that process now or you can do nothing but whine and still have to start that process sometime in the future, all the while you bills are adding up and you kids are getting thinner.  And another thing, why do you have to buy anything for a new program or new job?  I have never had to buy anything for any company I have worked for.  It is hard to have alot of sympathy for a person who is constantly with the "poor me" but who does nothing to pull themselves out of the mire.  And if you think I am whining, you are reading my posts all wrong.  I am not whining, I am angry that you are letting yourselves be taken advantage of.  It makes all MTs look bad,  like we cannot take a stand for ourselves but feel ourselves to be at the mercy of any company that wants to take advantage of a hard-working MT.
They are angry. They don't want or need fact,
if they weren't so abrasive, offensive and racist it would actually be quite sad.
Darned right, I'm angry.
Unless you're a billionaire, you should be too!!!!


Before President Bush took office, under Democratic leadership, income was on the rise, jobs were expanding, and the economy was booming. Today, the Census Bureau announced that real household income has decreased in 2004, falling for the fourth consecutive year. Since the beginning of the Bush Administration, household income has declined nearly $1,700. Over 1.1 million people fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2004, an increase of 5.4 million people living in poverty since Bush took office. Despite this, Republicans still have no plan to help struggling middle class families. Democrats are fighting to create jobs and keep good paying jobs here at home.

Household Income Declined by Nearly $1,700 Under Bush. For the second consecutive year, median household income declined: income dropped last year by $93 -- down to $44,389. In real terms, median household income has declined by $1,669 since 2000. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-1]

African Americans And Latino Household Incomes Have Declined by More Than $2,000 Under Bush. Real median household income did not increase between 2003 and 2004 for African Americans and Latinos. African American households had the lowest median income, at $30,134--down by $2,273 since Bush took office. Median income for Hispanic households was $34,241 in 2004--down by $2,141 since Bush took office. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-1]

Average Earnings by Women Declined by About $330 in Real Dollars During the Past Year. The median earnings of women declined over the past year, from $31,550 to $31,223. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-2]

Number of People Living in Poverty Increased by 1.1 Million in 2004. Approximately 1.1 million people fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2004, an increase of 5.4 million people living in poverty since Bush took office in 2001. The poverty rate has increased from 12.5 to 12.7 percent over the past year, increasing for the fourth consecutive year. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table B-1]

Nearly 1 in 5 American Children Lived in Poverty During 2004. 13 million children lived in poverty in 2004, an increase of about 1.4 million since the beginning of the Bush Administration. This comes on the heels of a 730,000 increase in the number of children living in poverty in 2003. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table B-2 ]

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1.9 Million More Americans Enrolled in Medicaid in 2004. As 1.1 million Americans dropped out of the middle class and into poverty in 2004, the enrollment rate in Medicaid increased from 12.4 percent of the population in 2003 to 12.9 percent in 2004. Without the safety net of Medicaid and SCHIP for people who dropped into poverty, the health insurance numbers would be even worse. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05, page 16 ]

Today, the Census Bureau announced that the number of people without health insurance nationwide increased to 45.8 million, the fourth consecutive annual increase. A total of 800,000 Americans became uninsured last year - many because fewer employers offer health insurance to their workers. As a consequence, American families are paying higher and higher health insurance premium - which are expected to double under Bush's tenure by 2006. Yet, Bush and Congressional Republicans lack a real plan to address the problem.

Nearly 46 Million Americans Are Uninsured--Increasing for the Fourth Year in a Row. The number of Americans lacking health insurance increased by 800,000 last year--and by 6 million since Bush took office in 2001. Today, a total of 45.8 million people are uninsured--roughly one in seven Americans. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table HI-4]

I'm getting that angry wrinkle because of him. Come on now!!! (nm)
if she curses a lot she will only get angry if you say anything
I would just leave it alone and hopefully she will get out of it. It may make things worse. Then again, she may not even realize what she sounds like. this is a tough call but I feel she will go on the defensive about this and take resentment out on you.
I understand you being angry...
When I get this way I try to remember that there is a higher power they will answer to one day, and keep teaching my kids right from wrong.
that just makes me angry
WHERE/HOW did you receive this? i receive spam emails, but nothing so closely related to what i do as a job...

i dont understand how our jobs can be sent to people that cannot form correct English sentences.

i will NEVER understand this business anymore, and that is why it is time for me to get out of it.

Experience doesn't matter anymore. if they can pay someone as cheap as possible to get the work done, they will do it. And the MT's that accept it hurt the rest of us that deserve more.

im so sick of it! those of you that make good money, count your blessings! A few years ago I was making 50K... now not even CLOSE with the technology and outsourcing...

who stays in a job where their salary has been cut almost 50%?

I feel you with the cut in pay but do you plan to do when you get out of this business?

You are a very angry nasty person.
Not angry, just stating facts. Look around.
Because they're angry and frustrated too
I say definitely change careers, but take a step up not a step back to square one and having to work with 16-year-olds.

People have to set goals and standards for themselves or they will be griping and offending indefinitely, while never getting anywhere.
This is another angry liberal loony
Gloom, doom, hatred, anger.

People like this really have way too much time on their hands.
I'm angry for you! That's the pits! BTDT!

Harsh and angry? No, I am sad and and distressed for them.
berate: Verb - censure severely or angrily.

censure - harsh criticism.

I accept them as one of God's precious creations, born with a sin nature, just like me. I never know when someone who rebukes me for gentle sharing of what Jesus has done for me may actually be saying that they wish somebody would take the time and interest in them to explain what they do not understand. For example, a person who has only seemed offended previously may one day turn to me and ask me if they have sinned too much for God to forgive them. And I can tell them how Jesus can save them. Sometimes it happens and then we rejoice.
So you are angry at Indian MTs and not the greedy
I've been known to cuss when I'm angry...

doesn't mean I'm a bad person.  Just like making an occasional grammatical or typographical error in a casual online conversation doesn't mean I'm not good at my job.

An MT who continually and consistently makes mistakes, refuses to learn from feedback, and simply doesn't care enough to open a book is NOT good at what he/she does and is bringing the entire profession down.

yeah, I have to fight being angry about it.