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Comfort KB are split in 3. In middle & number

Posted By: pad separate. Google them. I got mine off EBay. on 2008-01-05
In Reply to: Do you have the one that is split once in the middle or (sm) - Dixie


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My split Comfort keyboard has backspace on
Do you have the one that is split once in the middle or (sm)
Thanks for answering. Do you have the one split once in the middle or the one that is split in 3 pieces?
Split? I bought old IBM off ebay but not split.
I assume you are assigned number much like a license number that can be verified through the AAMT.

Beyond that, I have no idea.

Split keyboard mounted on chair arms versus split keyboard on desk

For longtime comfort which is best - split keyboard mounted on chair arms or split keyboard to be used on the desk?

Also, why the preference over split keyboards that come totally apart versus split keyboards that are permanently connected at the top?

I want to revamp my office and there are so many different options.

Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
MT comfort

Sorry to hear of your RA. I know it can be very painful and you are right, we have a job where no one sees us and who cares what we are wearing or where we do our work as long as we are happy,comfortable and productive.

I've never tried working outside but I do like the window open on a nice day to let  in the breeze and the sun. Generally work evenings so spend a lot of time outside during the daytime anyway. Often thought of getting an RV and being a mobile MT.

That would be a lot of fun I think as long as you have a good reliable broadband connection and your computer was easily transported. That way you could be a snow bird in the winter and come north in the summer or whatever and do it in the comfort of an RV. RV sales are down though. I wonder why???

Does anyone have a Comfort Select bed and if so...how do you like it? nm
Comfort food.
Sleep Comfort Bed
We bought a Select Comfort bed. It is wonderful.  My husband had really bad back problems but since getting the Select Comfort he has not had any problems (except when we sleep away from home). He loves it and recommends it to everyone!
Comfort Zone
Yes -- so true!  This board is a comfort zone for MTs new, seasoned and everything in between.  I'm so glad it is here and available 24/7.  The help and support is wonderful!  Nice to know there are people on your side! 
Comfort KB needs no modification and you can
Question about comfort
I had read somewhere about noise-cancelling headsets being uncomfortable and hot on the ears. Any problem like that with the Bose?
anyone ever order from comfort keyboard or
I'm waiting for my keyboard now for two weeks, when I was told it would take two days.  I just spent 300 hundred bucks on this thing, i've called several times, there is a tracking number and everything, but no one seems to know where my package is??  Just wondering if anyone has ordered successfully from these people and if I should just be patient.  This is why I do not order on line very much!
Comfort Standard keyboard
SM lead me to the website that sells several different keyboards. The one I'd be ordering (if I had any money...ha-ha!) would be the Comfort Standard. Check out www.sforh.com/keyboards/split and you'll see which one I'm talking about. It's $$350, so I guess I'll just have my old one fixed and save up the money for the Comfort Standard. :)
Bose Quiet Comfort 2 - now they have a new
version which supposedly is even better - QC3. They are AMAZING. They do block out background noise, though its subtle. And the clarity is amazing! I can hear what the doctor is thinking!
No, it isn't. Google comfort keyboards.
Bose quiet comfort 2
Pricey but worth it. Blocks out family's TV noise, muffles sound of vacuum cleaner, makes barely audible dictation clearer.

I wore one, but by all means DO WHAT YOU WANT! Your comfort is what matters.:-) nm
I want the Hyundai Santa Fe. Luxury and comfort
for a SUV. Rent one for a day or so before you buy, that way you can really tell if you like it. We usually rent something that we're thinking of buying when we go on vacation.
My kids LOVE that! Comfort food for them. nm
Microsoft® Wireless Comfort Keyboard 1.0A...sm
Model 1027.  Lots of added bonus keys if you are an avid gamer.
Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000?

More about keyboards ... I don't think I would like the big MS 4000, because when I tested out large ones in the store one day, it felt too big and awkward for me; however, I did try a smaller one with just a slight curve that felt quite good.  (Unfortunately, I don't remember what make/model it was as I was not really shopping for one at the time.)

When looking around the web, it looks like it might have been the MS Comfort Curve 2000.  Does anyone have any experience with that one? 

Thanks for any feedback. 

Bose headphone Quiet Comfort 2 or 3 better?
Anyone tried both and have a preference?  Any positives or negatives (besides the outrageous price?)  I bought the Quiet Comfort 2 in the store after trying the demo model of the QC 3.  I thought the over the ear would be better for blocking noise, but I am not certain they are as good as the QC3 (on the ear).  I just want a pair of headphones that will block out my kids being home this summer, as I have to work in the dinning room corner and I hear everything.  Might try a different brand/model all together because for 300-350 dollars I am not the Bose are worth it.  Thanks for your input! 
Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard
I read where some MTs were enjoying this keyboard, and they are quite inexpensive, so DH picked one up for me at Tiger Direct. Whoever recommended it is right; it has an quick touch for me and you can switch from a straight keyboard and it won't slow you down like most of the ergonomic keyboards. I usually like a very clicky touch, and this isn't like that. But the key action is quick and you barely have to touch them to activate the keys. The backspace is double-wide too. Since there is no space in the middle like so many ergonomic keyboards, there is no issue about reaching the 6 with your preferred hand, either.
My comfort keyboard does. I type in the neutral, "handshake"
Zeshan Ahmed from Pakistan. He posted it right here. I have zero comfort
this website. I can't believe you would be.
Nope, happy to be paid 30,000 a yr to work less than 8 hrs a day, in the comfort of my bedroom,
Steve Irwin 'Crocodile Hunter' has died. May God comfort

his father, sister, wife, children, friends, and fans during this tragic time.

Mr. Irwin was filming a documentary when he was pierced in the chest by a stingray barb.


You want the Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard. Google it. nm
I didn't find an 800 number, but I did find this number...
1 650-253-0000

Dr. wants to cut out middle man and keep
Middle GA
Hey Mina! We are neighbors. I am in Byron.
probably floats in the middle
back stroke ...
middle-aged MT
What do you consider middle-aged?
Advice for middle age
Middle age can be a bitch. It can start in the 40's or 50's. Best advice? First check your overall health with healthcare provider. Lose weight if need be. Exercise. Walking is the best. Ever day. I have been taking pilates, and whoah, does that change your body and mind. Makes you lean and long, lithe and strong. Keep the mind stimulated. READ. Read about a variety of subjects. Keep an open mind. Question everything. Hang around young people, learn from them, but keep your dignity and class. Don't try to dress like them. They can learn from use too. Do fun things. LAUGH, a lot. That helps! And best advice - have a circle of girlfriends who support you and can laugh along with you!!
Once was middle class.

I was going to agree with you at first, but....  There is always food on the table, bills are paid.  Have pretty much what I need, but as I get older I care about having a lot less.  Certainly not rich, neither of us will be able to retire any time soon, although had we planned better, we might have been able to.  So I guess that put's us sort of in the middle, huh?

Hardly. We will always have and need a middle class.
The middle class is supporting everyone. This is a socialistic society.

I work and make money to pay for my stuff.

I work and make money to pay for YOUR stuff.

Believe me, there is a need for a middle class in a society like this one. They're just apprehensive to use the "S" word because it sounds too much like *gasp* Communism!
Yes, we will always NEED a middle class,
but don't think it will ALWAYS be there....just look around you.... Maybe when the rich have to take care of the "working poor" we will see a turn-around, but then again maybe they'll just "forget" them.  Don't have much faith in this economy.  The poor are being ripped of any programs that existed just a few years ago.  By the time the "middle class" hits bottom, there will be no help, no kind of any social programs in existance, just the rich and poor.  Which will you be?  Yeah, yeah, I'm pessimistic, but also realistic. 
I have a middle easterner that
has a lisp (sounds like his tongue is 4 inches thick) and speed dictates. He is Pakistani. It is indescribable and I sometimes feel like I'm slipping over the sanity brink when I type him.
Flexible is my middle name! nm
If you don't like the middle man -- get your own accounts
Be the boss, get your own accounts and then you can't yell at us for taking 20 to 30% of the line count to make sure you get paid, the account is happy, TAT is met, we cover all vacations, sudden illnesses, and just not working.   If you don't like working for someone and think that we as owners have it so great, have the guts to go out and get your own accounts and see how you like all the unpaid time you have to put into your business.  
Middle Eastern. I don't know why.
I can do the others with no problem at all, but there's something about the vocal tone that I literally cannot hear it properly.
YES SIR BUDDY!! It is time to cut out the middle man.

Most MQ offices are made up of 75% statutory employees which actually means "contractors".

If the majority of transcriptionists were men, this industry would not be running like this. 

No man would stand for his client to be telling him "I'll pay you what I want, in a way I want, and I'm not going to tell you how I come up with the amount."  Nope! it would not happen.  And it's ludicrous nationals have gotten away with it so far.  MQ is the biggest perpetrator of this practice, but most nationals do it.

They want us to be "employees" until it comes time for the risks of transcription to be accepted, and then suddenly it is all on the shoulders of the at-home transcriptionist.

I'm sick of it. 

The reason a person is a contractor is because they are willing to take on the risks of a job.  But for that risk you pay greatly.  Nationals are not paying greatly.  They are paying us as if we are employees. 

As a contractor we should expect to receive 3 x what we would earn an hour as an employee.

Now tell me, are you getting that working at home? didn't think so

Any middle-aged MTs out there struggling like me?

I can only wonder why there are not more support groups for the Baby Boomer mid life females who surely are suffering with the fun of the "change."  This is very interesting to say the least! 


My Grandmother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60, she is 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. ellen

The Shire, Middle Earth. nm

middle eastern accents
I had one yesterday for that sang and hummed most of the report. He dictated in a sing-song voice that made me think he was casting some sort of spell. In between words and sentences he would say, ahhhh, ummmmmmm, and then speed ahead with the sing-song again. And it was all in a middle-eastern accent. It was an extra long report and awful. I was so jittery by the time I finally finished.
Convinced the middle class.
anyone know what the split was?
I'd love to know what the split was--anyone know?  It was so close last week between the 3 of them. 
do you live in a cave in the middle of no where as well? its not babysitting
We get so little of in the work place, so whats wrong with an occasional 'job well done' when its deserved, if only to make us feel better.  Or even a little personable information, we're not robots.  I've been doing this over 10 years, independent and believe me I could probably edit your reports with my eyes closed my dear. 
So you are providing the service we need to cut out the middle man? From doctor to us? nm