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The Shire, Middle Earth. nm

Posted By: Frodo Baggins on 2006-03-23
In Reply to: Where on Earth were you born? - Pollster

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What on earth does that mean??

But why on earth would QA want
an exclamation point in a letter or report? They just aren't used in medical reports or letters, and here the OP is saying they want one in every letter? Is this a foreign-owned company, maybe on the planet Pluto?
What on earth?
Why should she give it a rest?? If you see a post with Toth in the subject line, just don't read it. It's not like there's not room on the website for another post.

There are a thousand reasons why someone could have gotten sucked into a terrible situation. It doesn't mean they were obtuse or saw red flags & ignored them or behaved in some way irresponsibly, & it's rude to suggest otherwise.

I can't understand what you think you are going to get out of censuring and/or censoring her.
What on earth is the 100 number

an no one ever answers?

WHAT on earth are you talking about?
How did you get any of that from my post?  Haven't you ever seen the jokes on TV about the hairy women from Russia or Germany?  Or that French women don't shave their pits?  Don't have TV or anything under that rock of yours?  How does a jokingly exaggerated TV-induced generalization make me nonCaucasian?  Or are you the racist here?  You certainly were quick to blurt out muhbaby daddy there.  WE were joking around. YOU need to take a nap.
eww, why on earth would you want to date.
And chances are you will find the person boring, annoying or unappealing.  I don't see why people date on those sites, its so set up.  Its better to meet by chance, more natural and less pressure.  I'm in my early 30s and I see my friends either divorced or miserable in their marriages, same with my family.  It gets old real fast, why not have something to look forward to, and use this time to figure out who you are, your passions, and the right person will be drawn to you to complement you, rather than being forced together because you feel like you should be in a couple.  At this point I have my own life and forcing a relationship into it would make me irritable and obligated...BUT if in the process of living my life I happen upon someone who fits in there without me knowing it...meaning I can stand him there...well that would be a big bonus.  No need for it, or want..been there done that...i'm old enough to know I want it on certain terms.  In the meantime, i'll just hug my dog and cat way too much.
Why on earth do I need to "calm down"? sm
If you don't agree with my opinion, advice, or life experiences... that's OK. And I don't have to agree with yours. The OP is free to read all of the responses and take away from it whatever she can. She can take everyone's advice, or she can not take any of the advice... that's her choice. I was simply offering her advice based on what my experience have been. And let's be brutally honest here... she's going to continue to get beaten, and her children be beaten, regardless of whether she instigates it or not. Tigers don't change their stripes.

But since you want her to just leave the next time it happens, what do you advise her to do for food and shelter for her and her children? She needs to make a plan, and stick to it, with the least possible upheaval for her kids' sake. If she wants to plan for it, and then just leave the next time it happens, that may work too. I'm certainly not going to knock that advice. But, please, don't just shoot down other people's experiences and advice. If you have some real advice or a real plan to share with her, feel free. But don't just offer the pat answer of "you need to leave"... it's obvious she knows that.
How on earth do you KNOW FOR A FACT
Give me a break, are you that paranoid?
Where on Earth were you born?
I was born at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri - my papa was in the Army.  How about you?     
what on earth does this post mean?
again - how on earth could you assume that I could not do your job with the same
education and training.  Who is bashing?
What on earth is a flame war?
Are you referring to the flame next to posts on here? That just means they've been viewed a certain number of times.
14 Years here on Earth and in the USA

I write about a transcription process that you are not aware of and you assume I'm from Mars?  What a leap.  I'm curious as to how many years you've been in this field that you wouldn't know that this is the way it was done for many years.  Believe it or not, there was even a time transcription was done on the typewriter - no headers, not even documents!  Here. On Earth! 

I don't feel the need to defend my credentials and citizenship on a message board, but I assure you, I had a successful career as an MT and MTSO since 1992 and my mom was in the field for a few years in the 80s.  If you don't believe MT was routinely done that way (one doctor/one date/one document) you can ask some of the oldtimers on this board about it.  I don't have time to go over the different stages of progression in MT. 

Maybe I'm whining, but I came here for advice regarding this technological change (electronic medical record) that I'm having a hard time adjusting to.  I'm feeling discouraged about re-entering this field because of this and the pay cut I've had to take.  I'm asking for opinions - if others have had this problem, if they have gotten used to headers and can still get good production.  Maybe I'll get used to it.  Or maybe I'll find a job where they still do it the old-fashioned way - good luck with that....right? :)

What on Earth possessed you...
to initiate contact with these people? I read what others say on this board about companies, and if there are 2, 3, a half dozen complaints, I KNOW to steer clear of a company and tell others to, also. I trust the information I get here. There have been numerous complaints about this particular company on here! In fact, I have never, ever read any good feedback here on it, and just for that fact, and knowing from your first post that you know it, too....it makes me wonder what on Earth possessed you to begin this little experiment? There was nothing to gain from it whatsoever, you had no intentions of working for them, but now you have a psycho-stalker for your efforts. How did you think these people would be to deal with? One does not step in crap and not expect it to stink.
Why on earth would doctors

WANT to keep dictating in a lousy, ridiculous manner?  Apparently many do, because they continue to do so when QA has to keep leaving blanks or asking for guidance.

I simply cannot understand this.  I have one who will literally leave small phrases right out.  What does he expect us to do with that?!!? 

How on earth do you make $10-$12
per hour getting paid 6 cpl part time?! What kind of account/s do you have and how many lph do you type?

Wish I could do the same!!
What on EARTH are you talking about??? sm
Please provide a reliable source for your Acusis 30% pay-cut info... or your *announcement* is similar to yelling FIRE! in a crowded building: If not exactly criminal, it's at the very least pot-stirring and mud-slinging and rabble-rousing.
What on earth is wrong with you people? sm
So this means that you don't give a rip who types YOUR and YOUR FAMILY'S medical reports or how badly it's done? That you just zip through the reports to get them done with and rack up those lines? Shame on you.

You know, all this bickering and fighting is because MT is paid "by the pound." Anytime people are paid strictly on production, this is the result. Not good for us, not good for patients.
We have the Sleep Number Bed. BEST BED ON EARTH, especially
The last man on Earth scared the dickens out of me when I was a kid.
Just a nosy question - why on earth would you not want him to go outside? nm
Why on earth are c-phones so expensive?

Any ideas on where to find a c-phone for less?


What did I miss? What on earth is WQAR?
The earth is a dynamic thing, and to think that WE can influence it all that much is IMO
"Peace on Earth" - Merry Christmas to
you, also :)  John Lennon was human and made many mistakes, but his message was that of peace and love.  No war! No hate! No prejudice!  Sounds good to me!  A blessed Christmas to all. 
With Adam & Steve, there would be no people on earth now, would there?
How could they NOT treat her? I mean, how on earth could the docs not 'touch her'?
Doesn't the physician on duty have an obligation to treat the patient? It'd be a greater lawsuit potential if they refused to treat her and she worsened or died. That doesn't make sense that they could chose not to treat her. It probably is stated as a complication but those can't really hold up in court. The possible complications list practically anything that could happen, including death, but that doesn't mean that if a person is injured or dies from surgery that the physician is absolved of any wrongdoing if they messed it up. I hope and pray she recovers fully.
Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth sm

And I learned the rules of grammar, we were taught that the period should always go OUTSIDE the quotation marks if the quotation marks surrounded only a few words and not the majority of the sentence.

I'm just saying.....

OK, I'll bite -what on earth does the East Coast have to do with it?
Please enlighten me!
And we have the largest economy on earth, and lots of good comes
Why on earth are you begging him for work when he doesn't pay on time? nm
Both my kids were born there. Best hospital food on earth! nm

Made from all natural products - minerals from the earth nm

Why on earth do people let their animals roam free?
Never have understood this!
Dr. wants to cut out middle man and keep
Middle GA
Hey Mina! We are neighbors. I am in Byron.
probably floats in the middle
back stroke ...
middle-aged MT
What do you consider middle-aged?
Advice for middle age
Middle age can be a bitch. It can start in the 40's or 50's. Best advice? First check your overall health with healthcare provider. Lose weight if need be. Exercise. Walking is the best. Ever day. I have been taking pilates, and whoah, does that change your body and mind. Makes you lean and long, lithe and strong. Keep the mind stimulated. READ. Read about a variety of subjects. Keep an open mind. Question everything. Hang around young people, learn from them, but keep your dignity and class. Don't try to dress like them. They can learn from use too. Do fun things. LAUGH, a lot. That helps! And best advice - have a circle of girlfriends who support you and can laugh along with you!!
Once was middle class.

I was going to agree with you at first, but....  There is always food on the table, bills are paid.  Have pretty much what I need, but as I get older I care about having a lot less.  Certainly not rich, neither of us will be able to retire any time soon, although had we planned better, we might have been able to.  So I guess that put's us sort of in the middle, huh?

Hardly. We will always have and need a middle class.
The middle class is supporting everyone. This is a socialistic society.

I work and make money to pay for my stuff.

I work and make money to pay for YOUR stuff.

Believe me, there is a need for a middle class in a society like this one. They're just apprehensive to use the "S" word because it sounds too much like *gasp* Communism!
Yes, we will always NEED a middle class,
but don't think it will ALWAYS be there....just look around you.... Maybe when the rich have to take care of the "working poor" we will see a turn-around, but then again maybe they'll just "forget" them.  Don't have much faith in this economy.  The poor are being ripped of any programs that existed just a few years ago.  By the time the "middle class" hits bottom, there will be no help, no kind of any social programs in existance, just the rich and poor.  Which will you be?  Yeah, yeah, I'm pessimistic, but also realistic. 
I have a middle easterner that
has a lisp (sounds like his tongue is 4 inches thick) and speed dictates. He is Pakistani. It is indescribable and I sometimes feel like I'm slipping over the sanity brink when I type him.
Flexible is my middle name! nm
Do you have the one that is split once in the middle or (sm)
Thanks for answering. Do you have the one split once in the middle or the one that is split in 3 pieces?
If you don't like the middle man -- get your own accounts
Be the boss, get your own accounts and then you can't yell at us for taking 20 to 30% of the line count to make sure you get paid, the account is happy, TAT is met, we cover all vacations, sudden illnesses, and just not working.   If you don't like working for someone and think that we as owners have it so great, have the guts to go out and get your own accounts and see how you like all the unpaid time you have to put into your business.  
Middle Eastern. I don't know why.
I can do the others with no problem at all, but there's something about the vocal tone that I literally cannot hear it properly.
YES SIR BUDDY!! It is time to cut out the middle man.

Most MQ offices are made up of 75% statutory employees which actually means "contractors".

If the majority of transcriptionists were men, this industry would not be running like this. 

No man would stand for his client to be telling him "I'll pay you what I want, in a way I want, and I'm not going to tell you how I come up with the amount."  Nope! it would not happen.  And it's ludicrous nationals have gotten away with it so far.  MQ is the biggest perpetrator of this practice, but most nationals do it.

They want us to be "employees" until it comes time for the risks of transcription to be accepted, and then suddenly it is all on the shoulders of the at-home transcriptionist.

I'm sick of it. 

The reason a person is a contractor is because they are willing to take on the risks of a job.  But for that risk you pay greatly.  Nationals are not paying greatly.  They are paying us as if we are employees. 

As a contractor we should expect to receive 3 x what we would earn an hour as an employee.

Now tell me, are you getting that working at home? didn't think so

Any middle-aged MTs out there struggling like me?

I can only wonder why there are not more support groups for the Baby Boomer mid life females who surely are suffering with the fun of the "change."  This is very interesting to say the least! 


My Grandmother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60, she is 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. ellen

middle eastern accents
I had one yesterday for that sang and hummed most of the report. He dictated in a sing-song voice that made me think he was casting some sort of spell. In between words and sentences he would say, ahhhh, ummmmmmm, and then speed ahead with the sing-song again. And it was all in a middle-eastern accent. It was an extra long report and awful. I was so jittery by the time I finally finished.