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DQS has an expander and then

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: Which expander do you like? I am currently using Shorthand which comes with the job but need - another for me. nm

CTS (Spheris software that I use) has Shorthand.

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POLL: Productivity gain using your expander and what expander you use.
Guess I need to make it work harder.
The shortcuts expander works with the Bayscribe expander as well.
All at the same time.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
I have been transcribing for 10 years, 4 at home.  I have never used expanders, do they really help, how hard are they to learn and use?
oh yes! must have an expander! I really

like shorthand and they have a free trial period. I've gotten so that I can't type without it. I abbreviate everthing from phases to everyday words. on average it saves me 3-4 hours of typing a day  (according to the stats it gives you).

shorthand and speedtype are the same except shorthand is cheaper because it only has email support rather than phone support. very, very easy to start and learn....highly recommend  

Shorthand and ABCZ by Jon Knowles. Together they rock.
What expander do you have...most can be ...
recovered.  You just need to know what the files are named and find the right folder...
I type directly into a hospital system. I use S/H and Jon Knowle's word program. About a $120.00 investment has increased my productivity by about 32% last time I check. I type rad reports - get paid by report. Words you type all the time - group together

Ti=there is
tin=there is no
tine=there is no evidence
tineo=there is no evidence of

I used to jot this down and input later but now I do it as I type.

I also browse www.productivitytalk.com very helpful in shortcuts. Give you good ideas.

That's the webside to check out. It's Shorthand. And my supplement word Expander is ABCZ Typing (i.e. osab=osseous abnormality)

website http://home.earthlink.net/agjon/abczrule.htm or

DQS has its own expander, which is okay. SM
You'll get instructions on how to change your expansions over to the DQS program. Good luck on your line count. It will plunge wildly. Mine did. Best wishes to you.
No; expander, expander, expander.
I start out at a higher lph rate and then dwindle down, so the last couple of hours of my sessions are at much lower lph.

I have good and bad dictators, ESLs, and mainly Op Notes. Probably average around 7 to 9 minutes per report.

I cannot stress the Expander enough. I rarely type out anything - have it in my expander.

Mainly, stick to it for 2 hours, take a break; 2 hours, take a break, 2 hours, break, 1 hour. Then I take off 2-3 hours and hit another session of 6 hours which are SLOWER than my first session. I start out doing pretty good and break every 2 hours and am pretty slow (for me) by the time it is over.
What expander do you use, and
how do you remember them all?
Expander most like DQS

When I worked for MQ, I liked their expansion program - it was simple and I added them as I thought of them.  What expansion program is the most like it?  I'm finding Instant Text to be too cumbersome.

Instant Text is my all time favorite.  It's not cheap but it is well worth the price.
It is WELL worth the price.  I wouldn't be without it.  I have tried others and this one does the most.

It only takes a couple of days to get used to it.  In my opinion, it is much easier than the other expanders.  But like I said, that's my opinion. 

WP expander
I use Instant Text with WP and it works great. Hope this helps.
I do have a word expander, and familiar accounts, but it seems like I just can't get past $600 or $700 a week, no matter how hard I try. I do have small school-age children, which takes up a lot of time (which is my first priority), but it just seems like I'm always at my computer, when I'm not doing "mom" things, and still can't make the good money that I know is out there.
Thanks I will check it out!
I use ShortHand have for about 10 years, I like the flexibility, ease of use, unlimited size. I have different directories for different facilities that have different job specifications. Right now I have version 9.0.
I agree, Instant Text is great!
Have you used this program, the Instant Text. Someone had mentioned "Shorthand" Program to me. Any idea which is better? Thanks for the feedback.
It would help us to know the name of your expander.
Which expander are you using??
For some of the Expanders you can find lists that you can just download and add to your dictionary.  Productivitytalk.com is one that has some for ShortHand and some others.  Use Google to try and find lists to download that are already set up for the Expander you use.  This will save you the time of trying to set up the lists yourself.  Good luck and welcom to the fun....
Boy, me, too -- why pay for an expander - sm
just remember to back them up!  I've got years of stuff in mine--I back it up at least once a week. 
SpeedType works like that.
No, it's actually Smartype, which is a different product. The others I know are Instant Text and ShortHand, but I know there are a few more out there. I use Smartype, and I think that they have a pretty good dictionary loaded into it. I know a lot of people prefer Instant Text, but it takes a little longer to learn to use, from my experience. I've never used Short Hand. Not sure of the costs, because we got them some time ago. Instant text also lists suggestions, but I don't believe you can float the bar near the cursor like on Smart Type. I've never used ShortHand, so maybe someone else can answer that.
What expander do you use? NM
What Expander do you use? NM
What expander do you use and
is it compatible with word?  Sorry, but I do not know anything about them yet.  How much do they run?  Thx.
how and where do i get an expander. is it something i have to buy online. Thanks
What is SH8 ? I am trying to decide on an Expander to start using, just starting to work at home again after 5 years in office. Things are so different.
Why would you not use an expander? If you only

have to do a certain number of lines and not work an 8 hour shift and you can do 1200 lines in 6 hours, you could easily do it in 5 hours with an Expander and then you could work an extra hour to stockpile some money or if you have a family have an extra hour to spend with them.



VR expander
The odds of VR making a mistake on one of your expansions are slim to none.
Expander sm
There are several types out there. If you are using autocorrect or autotext you are aware of the principle of an expander, but you are still working too hard.

With all your time in as an MT (I have half of what you do) you and I both are aware of the fact that the pay has, in no way, kept pace even with the cost of living. Expanders are an answer to this problem and make it so that one can make over $25 an hour, which is almost a living wage if you ask me.

To give you an idea, my Expander has something close to 20,000 entries in it. They are put in on the basis of system of coding for how entries are entered and typed out. I don't honestly have my expansion codes memorized and I certainly have never made at an attempt to do so. What I know well is the coding framework and I think in those codes rather than memorizing the individual expansions.

What I would tell you is that with what you are using, you are probably able to transcribe more lines, more quickly and better than I am with all my expansions! It is a matter of experience on your part. I will freely admit to being a rather poor typist, fast, but not smooth and highly accurate for sure and it is only the expander that allows me to do well with this. You might not actually benefit from an expander at this stage, so using one is up to you.
If you don't have an Expander you are cheating yourself! Most companies provide an expander but if your company doesn't I would say you should buy one asap. You can get one for as little as $20.00 or as much as $200.00. This will pay for itself over and over, either way you go.
Put them in your expander
as you come to them.  If you have a correct list from some source, which you probably do, just copy and paste them and spellcheck all of them and add them to your dictionary.  I like InstantText for keeping medication names and frequent dosages because they are "one-letter" entries and if you isolate to just your drug glossary they are all so easy to see.  There is a nursing drug book put out from time to time (can't rememner the name of it right now) that is a total listing of drugs (just the drugs, no other information) and the front part of the book is all generics and the last half is all trade names.  You could scan that in with a scanner to your computer and there they are for you.  Some of the nursing drug books come with a CD rom too and updates via the internet and those are good sources of generic versus trade names. 
Use your expander
As you look up each one put it in the ShortHand program you use. This will cut down on you having to look them up in the long run. I have Quick Look Drug Book to look them up. You will invest the time in the beginning looking them up but by putting them in you will save time in the long run.
Hmm...don't know. Do you have an expander?
Those are much more practical than AC or autotext, not to mention they have more features and are made for shortcuts and such, unlike what comes with word programs.

Shorthand is a good Expander system and if you don't purchase it outright (I think it's around $99) you can buy a temporary license for a month, 3 months or 6 months.  I think the month is $5.99.


Is there anyone who would be willing to share some of their Expanders with the rest of us?  I just read on another post where someone even expands words such as however, although, etc.  I never thought of this.  I have my regular set formats that I use that have the standard things each of my docs say.  Then, I have expanders for things such as history (hx), symptoms (sx), The patient (Tp), -year-old (yo).  I would really like to learn more to increase my production.  It would be greatly appreciated by myself as well as others I am sure.  TIA!
If I am not sure I have an expander in there (I have
over 2000) I just type what I think it might be. If it doesn't some up, then I put it in that way and later on if I find it is in there as something else, apparently it was a "good" abbreviation and I just delete it. For several things I have put a 1 or 2 behind the abbreviation if they are the same and after using it a few times the wrong way I tend to remember it.
We use an Expander called ShortCut at the hospital where I work and it has worked well Meditech since we switched over to it almost 2 years ago. 
We have used SpeedType with Meditech Client Server now for 2 years and my staff love it.  Not a single problem.
you need to tell us what expander you use nm
You might want to re-enter the phrase and then hit the "end" key at the end of the phrase before you save it. This will keep it from going to the next line when you expand. It works in the ShortHand expander.
What's the name of the expander?
Also, I have an expander...
As I said in my original post, it's the software my company uses that makes me have to do extra hours to put in 8 hours worth of lines by constantly freezing, kicking me off, etc.
expander help

I just got an Expander and was wondering if anyone had any simple tips on setting it up.



While it may not be necessary, it sure can help. Why type 10 Keystrokes when you can type 1? Plus it assists accuracy because once you enter something correctly, it will be correct every time you use it. A good Expander takes time to build, but if you add to it a little at a time, it will really pay off. Line counts go up significantly once you get comfortable with the expanders, and that just equates to money on your check and improved accuracy. If you could do 2000 lines a day without using one, why not do 3000 lines while using one while continuing to earn 8 hours of income?
Expander-How to get the most
I have Instant Text word Expander and would like to know how to get the best results with using it.  I do clinic work for multiple doctors.  What settings should I use to get the most phrases and words so that I can type 600 lph?  Thanks  My bill collecters will thank you
I'm new, so excuse my ignorance, but what's' an expander?