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I can't imagine...sm

Posted By: Catholicbabe on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: Absolutely! - Busy MT'ing

My highest day ever was 2600 lines and I couldn't sleep that night, my hands were so painful. I rarely do more than 2100 lines in a day because my hands just can't handle more than that.

I do yoga and work out by walking three miles daily, and if it weren't for that, I don't think I could do this for a living because its murder on the hands. And I'm only 42 years old.

I dont know how you do it. Kudos to you!


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Imagine that!!
My DH just got a promotion at work.  It is a pretty big promotion.  He sat down and talked to me and told me how happy he is to have me at home working, because he feels he is where he is because I pick up so much of the slack with the kids, etc. and he gets to focus on his career.  For a while I was considering getting out of the business (major burnout), but now I'm here to stay!!!  He told me now that he is making more, not to worry about working so hard -- take some more time off for myself!!!  Am I lucky or what!!!!
Imagine that.....
You are blessed with a great fella! And, indeed, you are a lucky lady. Something tells me that you deserve this, however. :) Enjoy!
Imagine this...
You are in charge of let's say 50 MTs... and they all want to chit chat. I don't think that would make a very productive supervisor.

Does it bother you when you are working and someone, either in your home on on the phone, wants to chit chat?

With all the changes and consolidating offices, I'm sure the supervisors have more than their share of stressors. Just look at the supervisor turnovers we all speak of. They need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible and being chummy with MTs is counterproductive to that end.

I'm not saying they should shrug off any pertinent MT problem that has to do with work by any means, but if work-related conversation evolves into anything else, I can see why the supervisor would want to get off the phone.

I've had about 4 supervisors since being with MQ, 3 within the last 6 months, and I correspond by email mainly. I find that much more efficient, but when I return their calls, they are very helpful and nice. I am a talker so I avoid the phone at all costs because that would totally take away from work time or fun time ;-)

And I'm just wondering... what kind of favors?
I can't imagine
They generally schedule 1 patient every 15 minutes to make up for those who don't show. With outsourcing they still have to dictate so I don't see how that would let them see more.
Yes, it is, but I imagine you could
Bayou Blast - {Emeril's Creole Seasoning}

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Can you imagine?
Can you imagine Taylor's reaction if (when, fingers crossed) he wins?  He seems to appreciate everything so much.  Vote, vote, vote!!!!
I cannot imagine
I cannot imagine my reports still having to be checked after two months, I have never gone more than two DAYS before being released from QA.  Are you SURE you are not making legit errors?  If you truly believe that your reports are 100% accurate, then I agree with the previous poster - you need to look elsewhere for employment. 
Imagine that....
Someone has a job that consists of constanly making changes. I guess that requires a Master of Arts in Changology degree.
I would imagine she would like to
inserts a period, spaces appropriately, and capitalizes the first letter of the next sentence.

If you are not familiar with VBE, the easiest way to create a your new macro will probably be to type a few sentences without punctuation in a Word doc. Place your typing cursor at the end of the first sentence. Go to create new macro, name it, and assign the shortcut keys you would like to use. The macro recorder should then show on your screen.

Insert a period at the end of the first sentence and space the appropriate number of spaces. Then capitalize the first letter of the next sentence. Turn off the macro recorder. Go to the end of the next sentence and try the assigned shortcut keys.
I would imagine most do...
If they require you to do these during your normal work hours so you are losing money to attend the training/conference, etc. Heck even if you do it outside of work hours, you are giving up your free time to do it and thus should be paid IMO.

I was curious to see if most of the companies do pay, as mine doesn't and it really steams me.
I just imagine myself as a bag lady nm.
Just imagine-- no worries
I would love to wake up every morning and have no worries about gas prices going up even higher, whether or not I can afford my utility bill, whether or not I as a single woman will be able to find someone to help me with heavy work and things I can't do by myself, etc.  No matter what state of chaos the world is in, they just go on about their daily routine, just like they always have.  They also help each other-- what a novel idea.  Their lifestyle is sounding better all the time-- a big plus for me is that I already have a horse.
Same here!! They get so nutz on here. Could you imagine
what it would like to put all these same women in the same room? It could go one of 2 ways..sweet as pie to one another OR .......AAAH!! Oops i think i splt thgs rihgt up three!! LOL
I just can't imagine what these people are going through.
I watched a CNN clip on the net this morning and can't stop crying.   I'm going to try to pull it together and work a bit extra today so that I can have extra $$ to send to the Red Cross and I'm going to pray a lot.
Very original!! Can only imagine what it would be
Absolutely - I can't imagine doing anything (sm)
else (despite all it's faults). 
Imagine. And I really liked your posts.

Sorry to see you go. I must admit I was shocked at some of the stuff that was thrown at you in this female dominated environment.

So sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm very close to my uncles (my mom's brother and brother-in-law). Just lost my mom in April. It's been really rough on all of us.

I actually heard Ringo across the airwaves in our teeny tiny local supermarket today. I'm pushing my cart and singing, "Let me help, if your child needs a daddy, let me help. . . ." :)

I asked the fresh faced clerk if she knew who it was singing and she rolled her eyes and said, "I have no idea."

I did tell her that it was Ringo Starr, one of the last 2 remaining Beatles and though she obviously was not the least bit interested, the woman behind me said, "You got that right! These kids need to take music appreciation classes."

God we're getting old. :)

For what it is worth, we have 2-year-old twin granddaughters and their favorite song is "Love Me Do."

My husband and I married with matching Lennon rings engraved with "Imagine" and he does the candle thing every year on the anniversary of John's death. This year was hard, marking #25.

All John was saying, was give peace a chance.

Too bad about the people on this board that will never see beyond the scope of their own insecurities.

Godspeed RadGuy.



I can't imagine why my note
has all of these hits, especially since it wasn't a general question and had nothing to do with transcription. Must have been a slow work day :)
I couldn't imagine.....
...holding the baby while typing. I have 15-month-old twins and THANKFULLY neither gave me that problem. I think if they had I probably would have tried every different toy bar for the bouncy seat or swing until something worked. Something comfy for her to lay against maybe. If nothing works and you can't manage typing and holding her then adjusting your schedule for when your husband is there would be my only thought. Good luck. Mine are giving me CLIMBING issues at the moment, oh brother!!!!!
No, it doesn't pay better, but I imagine they take the job...

as an MT while looking for a position somewhere as a doctor.  There are a lot of doctors and not enough open jobs for everyone there.  It's hard to find a good job there, because you'll probably have thousands competing against you, but MT jobs seem to be in high demand now so they're easier to get, especially if you're already trained in the medical field.

I've never been myself, but I can imagine it's
gorgeous by what I've seen in pictures and stuff. I would love to visit one day. Have you spoken with her? From what I could tell just on TV, they both seemed to have loved each other so much. I know that must be hard for her and the kids, especially something so sudden.

Hopefully she will continue some of the things her husband did, such as the zoo. From what I read, it seemed he did a lot beyond his TV shows.
better yet, imagine a MT who is professional!?
Imagine what a joy they are to live with
I bet their spouse wants to strangle them daily.  I know I do.
I imagine he enjoyed that
after the Cialis
can't imagine you'd be so forgiving if it were your money she took! nm

What comes around, goes around. I imagine one day this person will find
Well, its' not only that, but the money you must pay - I can't imagine it'd be worth
working for anyway. Let's say you have two children at 110.00 a week a piece. That's almost 800.00 a month. Where is the justification in that? I am with the above poster too. I have raised 3 doing part-time MT early in the morning and then late at night after they go to sleep. It's worked like a charm for our family and I praise God for MT at home!
That is tragic. I can't even imagine. You are right, they don't know their boundaries...
and one of my greatest fears is something like that happening. Fortunately, we have no standing water like that around here. I think the very worst that can happen are stray dogs attacking our children since we live in the country. I can only pray my dogs would defend and get in the way of them/us before then...but that would be tragic also!

You just never know.
I was heartbroken to the core last year when an 8 year old was accidentally run over by his mother's mini van while playing on a driveway with a hill. The car went out of gear. I just sobbed like a baby for those parents and siblings..
The dangers are very real and something I don't like to think about...
it's very drying to the skin, and I can't imagine
making my puppy or dog uncomfortable with dry skin.

Just try it, wash your hair or body in DAWN soap and you will be itching like crazy. It dries your hair out horribly, leaving you with flyaway frizzy hair. But talk about itching, OUCH AND UNCOMFORTABLE.

Sorry, but that's just how I feel.
People don't tell because they like having enough work, I imagine - also, sm
Josie Blowsie over there may not make the same line rate I make. That's subbing, of course. I don't tell what I charge my local contracts because I don't want to be underbid.
and imagine being his patient trying to figure out what he's saying !

I agree. I can't imagine having a BR that large.
I don't even think my family room is 600 square feet so I can only imagine what an 850 square foot bedroom must be like!  When I win the lottery (LOL!) I'll have one!
imagine it's very sad for Anna Nicole....sm
Imagine if every patient in the country
If patients put as much pressure on medical facilities NOT to offshore their information, as when they do regarding other things these facilities do that are not in their patients' best interests, someday they would all have to sit up and listen.

Even if you didn't have the wherewithall to physically CHANGE DOCTORS, making it understood repeatedly that you will NOT BE AMUSED if you find your records have been offshored (insinuting ever so gently about the possibility of legal action), that could be just as effective. Those guys are all scared-to-death of being sued.
Carla, imagine yourself scanning down SM
a page of text, quickly tapping a single key or a combination of two or three keys as you go to drop in corrections like:

"Catheter was" TO "The catheter was"
"he" TO "she"
"dizzy, nauseated." TO "dizzy and nauseated."
"the patient; Reported" TO "the patient reported"
"q.i.d." to "4 times a day"

That sort of thing is a large part of what editing is, (the other part, of course, is checking proper medicalese, medications, dosages, etc.) so the faster and easier you can make all these repetitive corrections, the happier you'll be and the more money you'll make.

At first the reports will likely be very messy and require a lot of typing, but as the SR learns to put out good copy, the idea is to eventually be able to speed up the dictation as fast as it can clearly be heard and seldom have to actually stop the audio while you make a correction.

So, this means entering lots of commands in your Expander with very short abbreviations for correcting punctuation, changing case of letters, and replacing common mistakes the computer insists on making over and over with correct ones.

Regarding that last, a quick command that replaces "accession" with the "occlusions" the computer keeps insisting on using will save you from a lot of aggravation expressed on this forum. Just for instance, for this type of correction I use my standard abbreviation for the word I want to change TO and end it with a letter assigned to correction commands (to differentiate it from the regular expansion of that word). Hope that makes sense, but there are lots of good systems.

I would suggest choosing a single key to change the case of a letter up and down; you'll do that hundreds of times a day. A key typed twice (jj, kk, etc) or an easy pair (fj) are nice quick corrections for common mistakes, but not as quick as j and k are--save your single keys for the MOST frequent corrections. Like backing one space, inserting a comma, then jumping back to the next word--another hundreds-a-day correction.

And so on, but go check productivitytalk.com for techniques. I'm strictly an amateur compared to people there and have several of my best expansions thanks to their generosity. The offerings go from simple to very elaborate commands to reduce whole series of strokes we do all the time to a single step.

Have fun. Since you're preparing in advance, I suspect you'll end up doing well at this.
To me what is scary is the way some people think. They imagine it won't happen
Employee Relations or your supe, I imagine. SM
Sorry, but I'm not going to give out any names/emails/phone on this forum. You must have some contact information, I'd imagine.
Ohhh, I see. I just couldn't imagine insurance
being dropped from their plans period!

When MTs consistently don't make their quota, the company isn't earning as much from your work either and so they have less funds to pay for their half of your insurance.

Putting a quota on production to qualify for insurance makes sure they are earning enough to pay their part of the MTs insurance premium. That's why it is structured like that. Most companies do all they can to give you opportunities to make quota but when it is consistently below, then it starts costing them as well and so they have to make adjustments in the form of dropping insurance privileges.
can't imagine doing good work at home
(no buddy-help) without MT training, and getting good QA scores. There's too bloody-much detail anymore, ie, all the BOS rules, on top of account specifics, terminology, accents, etc... I have seen a couple people pick up the terminology and do well with only on-the-job training in the hospital setting, but that seems rather rare.
Can you imagine a "dear John" letter to Ed
Dear ED(erectile dysfunction):

You're a great guy, Ed, but things are just not looking up for our relationship...

sorry couldn't resist.
I imagine it was equally irritating for the patient. nmx
I hate my multifocal glasses......can't imagine
So, imagine the company that does not allow QA to give feedback, what does the MT learn then?
They learn that they've got no problems, they're not making any mistakes as they don't hear from QA, their work must be TERRIFIC.

MTs need feedback, no matter how long they've been in the profession. They don't need nasty feedback, just reminders if they are making errors to keep track of themselves. I know if I get feedback that I've done something wrong in a report it certainly makes me be more careful and I've even had to change some of my shortcuts to not make some mistakes.
Goodness! I can't imagine living in a place that got below freezing!
Can you load the Stedman's speller onto the puter there? Can't imagine not having it! nm
Luxury? I can't imagine that! LOL As a woman who LOVES to try different colors
with the changing of the seasons, I know that wouldn't be for me at all! I would hate it after only a couple of weeks or so...
Could you imagine Cher battling with Simon, what a show! nm
Poor you, Patty. I can't imagine living off 20K a year!
That's poverty level.  You better do something, like up your line rates and quit running all over town picking up and delivering!  LOL
Imagine, the class you have. This is like the pot calling the kettle black
Your post saying: you have no breeding whatsoever. You sound like a gross, subliterate redneck to me. So kindly remove the beam from your own eye before you look for the speck in someone else's. :D :D
Yeah, could you imagine if we made a work at home commercial
that was truthful?  Instead of the serenely peaceful scene with the children playing quietly at your feet while you made $50,000 a year, there would be toys flying everywhere, kids jumping on the furniture, the dog yacking on the carpet, neighbors banging on the door, the phone ringing off the hook, laundy piled up to the ceiling, and a husband whining about something or another. 
I remember doing secretarial work on those old typewriters. I can't imagine MT w/o technology.

Every year technology makes my job easier.  Google, internet dictation, spell checks, expanders.  I can't remember the last time I opened a reference book.  Direct deposit.  Banking on line.  I can't remember the last time I was actually inside a bank.  Love the technology for MTs and payment process. 

I do remember standing in line to get check cashed on Friday at lunch when I was a secretary in medical office. Ughh.  I do remember having to get all dressed up to sit in an office w/o windows, too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer, to type and file.  Ughhh.  I remember lines of traffic going into town to get to work and then trying to find a place to park close to the building.  Ughh.

Lovin the new things/gadgets to make my life easier and don't look back with any regrets for the "good old days"

Just one thing though. I wish we were paid according to 2005 cost of living standards.    What's up with that?