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To down and outer:

Posted By: Dano on 2005-11-03
In Reply to: So-you work 13 hours a day?(sm) - down and outer

You sound a bit depressed and with good reason.  Maybe some Lexapro would help with the sleepiness, it did wonders for me.  Nothing is worse than wearing a ball and chain, give yourself a break now and then, they're not going to fire you for getting up and walking around for a couple minutes...or if they do, you don't want to work there anyway.  One good thing about ESLs is that once you get the hang of them they almost always say the same thing all the time so you can make Expanders for big blocks and REALLY fly.  Make expanders for everything you can.  One thing I do is in a 2 word phrase I use the first 2 letters of each word i.e. stco = stable condition,  whatever abbreviations you can use that you can remember.  Sometimes it helps to make a couple of shortcuts each day, write them on a stick-up note and put it on your monitor, then force yourself to use that abbreviation every time it comes up even if it means you have to back up and take out the word(s) you've already typed and re-type it using the expander.  It may take a bit of extra time in the beginning but in the end it will be well worth the effort.

Cheer up and hang in there, you CAN do it!  It'll be okay.

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