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That makes sense, taking frequent breaks,

Posted By: cowgirl on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: No; expander, expander, expander. - Busy MT'ing

plus you would only have to work 3 days a week to be full-time. Wow! I seldom get OPs, think the editors cherry-pick them off system because OPs are very repetitive and easy to expand. Thanks for input, will leave you alone now so you can stay busy. I need to stay off this board during working hours. Would definitely help my line count.

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frequent breaks? nm
Sure, that makes sense, but this person was obviously taking a test. It's not that any of us
seasoned MTs "know it all" as you put it...but can see an obvious cheater when the questions are glaringly test questions.  See both sides of the coin.
...and then we'd be on a clock, taking breaks and lunches just like SM
we were sitting in an office slashing throats over the thermostat.
yeah tough crowd. makes or breaks a comedian. don't quit your day job andromeda
no one is bent out of shape. it is what it is and the people bent out of shape are those who want everyone to laugh generically without any thought to the content.
that makes sense.
That makes sense. - nm
ok now that makes more sense.
I believe in spirits too.  Animals can sense those kind of things better than we can.
That makes sense. SM
I honestly don't know what all it entails with keeping up a forum like this.  But I think this is the best one out there and I was just worried that something was happening.  I applaud EVERYONE who keeps this going.  I am sure a lot of us out there does not know what all it takes.  Thanks for having such a good place to come to for our profession! 
makes no sense
The people in MY area were white and waited 11 days.....so explain that one to me.   A disaster is a disaster, and I wouldn't have gone in to do anything with people shooting at me, regardless of color.  New Orleans was a sewer anyway, we were only 50 miles from it and never went over there.  Our news came out of there and it was non stop murders, drugs, etc.  People would come down there for conventions and get robbed, raped, murdered.  It was a daily occurrence.  It's common knowledge that the murder rate for New Orleans is 800 times the national average. What's that tell you?
Makes better sense.
I agree you should call. Don't stay in the dark about any of it ever. Your health could depend on it. However, why are you furious? I wouldn't be furious. I think your husband is telling the truth, just think this whole thing is silly and a big mess. If the friend chooses to sneak around like the cheat that he is, he really shouldn't involve others to screw up their message along with his. Just politely ask her what you want to know, politely please. You have that right. Give me the number. I'll call her. Just tell me what you want to know. Kidding but if you have a sister or someone who can stay calm, why not?

Your husband would call the number if a guy called your cell#. They can dish it but can't take it. Ego waaay too fragile.

Wishing you the best in your situation but please be totally calm when you do. Innocent until proven guilty.

None of that makes any sense.
Well, yes, that makes a lot of sense.
Makes sense, but
Your conclusion makes sense to me as presented, but most MTs are not salaried, though considered employees.  So, how do they get by without having to pay OT?
Well, that makes sense
So I guess I should actually pursue that coding course, then. Thanks for the info.
Well of course they do. It makes sense considering that they can't

Keep in mind that the average offshore MT can only produce around 500 lines a day, FULL TIME. 

Makes no sense

All of us morons are wondering... Since you are happily employed and if it wasn't for a test... then why were you in such a *hurry* to have that question answered?  Why would you need a list? 

Doesn't make much sense...and to attack over it? 

  Glad you got your laughs and your answer. 




Thanks - that makes sense.

Oh...that makes more sense

I was a newbie who actually tried, but I know a few who do what you described.  It would be frustrating to clean up after "them."


Makes no sense
Yeah, I ran into some of that at a former job - we were supposed to fill in the ordering physician from a huge database, going by doc names that were verbally dictated and never spelled.  It was a huge time waster and very frustrating.  Having worked in-house in the past, I couldn't believe they didn't make whoever entered the order add that info, which was in print and right in front of them at the time the order was put into their system.  In-house we never would have wasted the doctor's/transcriptionist's/QA's time to mess with these.  It should always be done clerically on their end, IMO, because they have the patient and the hard copy right in front of them, as well as local knowledge which we of course do NOT have.
That makes more sense!
Express Scribe is used for the audio portion and Scribe (a Word-based platform) for the actual transcribing portion. Yes, you will be able to check your line counts. Welcome aboard...I work for the same company.
This makes sense. Thanks.

Makes sense
Actually, it makes sense in a way.  Many women do not have maternity coverage on their personal health insurance or on their parents health insurance.  Back when I worked in an Ob/Gyn office, we had to document this because of the date of effective coverage on their new husband's health insurance policy, ie - the wedding day.
that makes no sense.
but i don't think OP has any clue what she's 'hearing.'
Ahh, makes sense. TY!

What? Makes no sense?

 Your response makes no sense to me.  Your checks were lost in the mail by the MT Service you were working for?

I use offical checks and I certify them with a copy that I keep and I also pay by direct deposit.

If you have proof you were paid, what is the problem?


What??? This makes no sense.
Makes sense to me.
it makes sense to me
I just moved from Washington to Mississippi, but I do not feel that my work is worth any less because I moved. If you want more bang for your buck, move to Alabama. I think that you will find that your money does not go as much further as you thought it would.
makes sense

That makes sense.
My husband and I were talking about it and thinking that maybe he could take extra taxes out of his checks for my taxes as well. Have you heard of MedGarde? That's the company I'm going to test for. They give you 30 min. of dictation a day and you have until 8 a.m. the next morning to get it done.
makes sense
That makes sense, but I'm not sure where I break it down into percents as to how much I use the Internet for business and home. Any ideas?

nothing what you say makes any sense!
Don't you have another pasttime than posting ('trolling') on this board?
Here is the sentence which makes no sense
turned the bed sideways and introduced laryngoscope varuge varuge (sounds like) scope
Do you think anything MQ does makes sense anymore.
See if this helps or makes any sense to you.
here ya go
It was a very sad day when she died. It makes no sense at all.
And in every field. It just makes sense.
i dont know if this makes sense,...
we are actually graded by minutes produced (75 minimum). after that, 0.50 per minute for incentive. im thinking they are basing the line pay by what the average MT makes in our department, based on the average dictated minutes, and a lot of the MTs i work with type an average of 95-110 wpm. somehow, they came up with 17/cpl if they break the average down to a line count. our vendors make 12/cpl.

maybe im not explaining right. my head is kinda sore, sorry. and thank you for your honest input.

Ah, yes that makes perfect sense! Thanks! nm


Thanks..that makes sense. Why didn't I think of that? nm
Thanks for explaining! Makes more sense
It makes perfect sense...
Somebody referred to my warnings as chicken little... the sky is falling. Well, obviously if I left a company who was making pay cuts I do not think the sky is falling. There are other opportunities out there and I have a brain. It is the company who slashes everybody's pay who thinks the sky is falling obviously... otherwise they would stand their ground and not lower their prices knowing that people would end up without a choice in the end. DUH. Now... I think I made my point clearly earlier. I have to do things in my life. Please try to do something with yours. It is really sad when you are thinking about me ALL day. Have a nice life~!!
Actually it makes sense in all 50 states
Their birth rate is off the charts, and there's more of em walkin in scott-free every day.
This post makes no sense. What do you mean?
thanks again for helping - makes sense

as he is in very close proximity to a lot of businesses and they are tiny places and may not be aware they are sharing and he gets it for free.  May have to take mine over and see what happens! 

I am so grateful that there are such smart and kind people here to help.  Thank you so much.  When you walk into a store you never know what ulterior motives they have in telling you what you need!

That makes more sense....a typo.
Sorry.. this story makes more sense to me than the OP
Some MTs are just full of excuses, and this makes a lot more sense than someone just going loony out of nowhere for no good reason. I think the OP should be thankful she was paid at all.
Makes sense to me too. Use same system. SM
For short words, getting rid of vowels. For longer words, divide word in half, first two letters, then middle two letters.

Good book out there titled "When the Name of the Game is Saving Keystrokes".

Also, website called Producivitytalk.com. Lots of ideas there too.
It makes perfect sense,
but it's not actually a Word question, it's a Windows question....

This is how you do it in XP. If you have Vista, your mileage may vary. Right-click in an empty spot on your taskbar. Then click "properties." Under "taskbar appearance" you will see a check box for "group similar taskbar buttons." Un-check this box, then click "apply," then click "OK."

And unless I totally screwed up the instructions, that should do what you want. :)
Makes perfect sense. Appreciate the info and I will be
looking into going this route. 
ok guys, all of this makes easy sense to me but
how do you approach an office and who do you talk to?  how do you make an good impression so that the girls in the office don't just toss out the info as soon as the door closes?  usually they are so busy with other things that passing along this type of info isn't top on their list, especially if they are content with their current process.  is there a website or something that gives examples of proposals or contracts?  I also want to try to get a client of my own but I'm terrified of that first step and how to do it.