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DSG in Georgia uses DQS, too. Have also noticed the drop in lines when I started here. Easy to use,

Posted By: but working too long. nm on 2005-08-16
In Reply to: anyone else working for MQ on the DQScribe program (sm) - just me?


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Have you been on Clarity and if so, have you noticed drop in pay?
Anticpating a huge drop in pay due to the new platform and am very concerned about how this will affect my budget. Since you appear to be content, maybe my fears are misplaced?
Has anyone on MQ DQS noticed back where you get our line count in the drop down box it is very
different. Mine has QA QC and clerical and correction disappeared. Hope my lines are accurate this pay period. What is this for.
Mention that you have noticed a decline in lines produced
That will open up the lines of communication. She may be struggling with personal problems, fatigue, any number of things. She may not want to *bother* you with it, but I am sure she will appreciate your concern. Good luck!
8-9 cpl for Gross lines, easy work ....
Where? Where?
Repetative procedures you can template for faster lines..easy $$ nm
Isnt it easy to burn through 500 lines per hour, though, editing?
7 cpl gross and counts blank lines, IC status-- make a ton of money because it's easy work...nm
The easy answer, taking all the easy work and
Anyone from Georgia?

Looking for some info about Gainseville GA in Hall County. What kind of community? Nice place to live, etc... Thanks!

Thanks Georgia Gal!

That was some peachy-fine info you gave out.

Thanks from a Florida Gal!!

To Georgia Gal
Amen.. I agree with you totally. Heck, if I could work for cash, I would too. More power to them. Anyway, who is going to report a person to the IRS for paying cash to someone? I sure wouldn't. Great Post!!
I'm in Georgia, too.
They're pressuring our kids because the schools around here are so bad, and they're trying to move up the ladder within the 50 states in terms of test scores. My local superintendent of schools is constantly making excuses about why our scores are lower, i.e. absences on test days, higher standards, etc. It's a bunch of junk. The teachers are being pressured to get the students to score higher on two tests per year rather than teaching like the old days. In addition, the AR (accelerated reader) program has turned my son away from wanting to read just for the sake of doing so. He used to actually enjoy the stories and didn't worry about how many points the books were worth.
Also in Georgia
hubby says he paid $2.04 yesterday, and saw $2.02 this morning . . . he wondered if you were using a store discount card, and I wondered what area of Georgia you are in. We are in Gwinnett County.
anybody else around here from Georgia - and where? nm
2.21 here in North Georgia
Companies In Georgia
I would like some information on medical transcription companies in Georgia  Thanks
Pebblebrook HS, Georgia

So sorry to hear about this. Here in Georgia...sm
people are now suing owners of pit bulls when their dogs kill or attack themselves, their kids, animals, etc. The state had legislation last year to ban these vicious mutts but it didn't pass.
Same here, in Bethlehem, Georgia . . .
Weatherbug says 81 degrees here!
thanks...Loved Georgia!...nm
Asking rate in Georgia for MTs?sm

Just curious as to what other Georgia MTs with their own accounts are getting per line.  I have been an MT for about 12 years and don't think I am being paid enough, but would like to know what everyone else is asking before I raise my rates. Thanks!!

I'm in northwest Georgia ....
specifically, Cedartown.
Not so hillbilly to me-from Georgia!
Hi, Renee. Welcome to Georgia. SM
I am in the far north portion of the state, where my husband and I and our pets are snuggled inside enjoying a very nice Saturday while the snow falls outside. Far more serene than your home with two little ones, no doubt, but missing out on all the fun too. Speaking of, I can't even read the paper when watching my tiny grandson, so I can't begin to imagine how you moms manage to get any work done.
Georgia Girl


Yes!!  I am here in Williamson, Georgia/ Griffin area.

Another Georgia girl
Southwest Georgia

Southwest Georgia!!

Well, Word is easy to buy and easy to install. Word 97 works great. Cheap. SM
I still would not work anywhere I could not use a spell checker with grammar checker and a Steadman's Medical Spell Checker.

IF they want people to TRANSCRIBE MEDICAL REPORTS, then I guess they better get the programs they need.

It's like probably 110% easier to buy and install Word 97 than to try to program their own programming. And, yes, I do mean Microsoft Word 97. Why? Because you can install it unlimited times, in case you need to install the operating system again. And it has a few features that Microsoft, in its un-wisdom, took away in Word 2000 and 20003 and 2007. So, yes, I'd go with Word 97 for its cheapness and it works better than the later versions. Just my opinion, with 20 years experience being an MT. So what if they "don't have it" on their computer? It's easy to get.
No Imail. Just call Georgia.
Does anyone live in Adairsville (Georgia?) sm
If so, if you bank with Crescent Bank or know anyone who works there or does... tell them thank you.  I'm a foster parent and the bank sponsored my foster child for the holidays and today I received a lot of gifts for her for Christmas... more than I ever dreamed she'd get.  The people did a great job of making sure that this Christmas is unlike the past ones... where in the past the parents would take any gifts and sell/return them for drug money.  This year she gets to keep her presents since the parents are no longer involved in her life. 
Buffy, do you live in Georgia?
The first factory is being built here in Georgia....sm
Supposed to bring in about 2000-2500 jobs. Hopefully their quality of vehicles will improve. Time will tell!
Pike County, Georgia. nm
Any MTs from Georgia, please see state board. nm
I give, where in rural Georgia
are you talking about? I think I could put up hearing that more than I can with what I hear out of the Atlanta stations, at least it is not butchering the English language - just maybe their own language like I had mine from moving from Tenn. I understand that nexted above- I have heard that and even worse. I have a daughter-in-law who is parapro right outside of Atlanta (Jonesboro) and supposedly they are not to correct children when they speak incorrectly- she says heck with that and does. Can we say ebonics?
Are they in a really small town in Georgia?
My SIL visited me in Georgia from California
and she was shocked to see what kind of home we could get here for under $250,000 compared to what they have where she lives. Her thinking was my community was really high in cost when no home goes for over $450,000. The prices are really great here.
Didnt know we have our own country now of Georgia!
I love my country(and state).
MQ drop down box
Came with the new update @ 4:00 am yesterday, the one that had the system shut down for 2 hours.  Gave plenty of notice and if you check the little box next time you go into DocQmanage, you can read all about the new and improved :)
I would drop by

I always pursue until they tell me that they have gone with someone else.  I am not super aggressive I just let them know I am interested.  But it does sometimes take a while to get an answer but it sure wouldn't hurt to drop a brochure by or at least mail one out.  Whose grandson was screaming in the background?  If it was your MIL that could have been a turn off but not sure.  Anyway good luck, see if she will let you become the Public Relations and you start pursuing accounts.  


Let's drop this

I have getting lots of email with SUPPORTIVE ANSWERS to my questions. The rest on this board are a bunch of hostile women too lazy to read what I wrote. I took early retirement because my children are defending a bunch of slackers ande users in Afghanistan and Iraq and there are three grandchildren to keep. I live a four hour round trip from the other grandma they are living with. I am not trying to cheat ANYONE you nasty. I was trying to find out HOW to become an IC and WHAT the best tax options were. Don't tell me YOUR sorry behind is paying unecessary taxes. It is PERFECTLY LEGAL TO HAVE THE TAX TAKEN OUT OF HIS PAY. Till I got sick and my children were deployed, I was the breadwinner in this family and I earned $60K a year. Then I had heart failure, diabetes and lost toes in my feet and I STILL worked. But I will not toss my grandchildren out. I am 62 and I HAVE to work but I cannot work full time. That bothers you? If it was immoral or illegal, then the government would not ALLOW you to work and collect social security at the same time, you fool. But they DO, but ONLY UP TO A CERTAIN AMOUNT. If you can't answer a simple question, stop bashing me. I am not doing a singlething immoral or illegal and I have had four offers already from THIS web site that are within my restrictions. If it was illegal, would they do it??? NOT!

Now drop it and leave me alone.

Why drop him?

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  I don't quite understand.  Once they dictate, then type it when you can.  You can only be as consistent as they are, so if it takes longer to get it back to them, then so be it.  If it is good income that you don't want to lose, I would stick it out. 

Furthermore, you are making yourself look bad by complaining.  If he comes across a colleague that may be looking for a transcriptionist, he may not recommend you due to your complaining.  You want to keep a good reputation.  JMO.

3.99 in newnan georgia, south of atlanta.
3.99 in newnan georgia, south of atlanta.
Thankfully in Georgia it's unlawful for a teenager to....sm
have anyone in the car with them other than an immediate relative for the first 6 months they have their license.   Other than that  there is no way I'd put my child into the car of basically a stranger since you don't know this boy well.  While all may be innocent at first you never know when it might turn otherwise. 
I'm a current foster parent in Georgia and...sm
have e-mailed you to contact me so I can answer your questions. 
Anyone out there live in Habersham County, Georgia ? sm
If so I'd like to e-mail with you about the area as we're considering moving to that area.  Thanks!
I live in Georgia and I have never heard of this - I just work! nm
Drop dead.
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...sm
just to say hi, and welcome.  She/he has many, many more people to get in touch with than you do, so why not make the first move? I'm not at all trying to be ugly, please don't take it that way, it's just, why not just send a message saying hi, and introducing yourself? Just a thought! Good luck with whatever you choose to do!!!