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It's not just you! I HATE DQS. Especially coming from WP 5.1 and Smarttype! UGH!! nm

Posted By: Dancin Shoes on 2005-08-16
In Reply to: anyone else working for MQ on the DQScribe program (sm) - just me?


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Love psych notes. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE,
HATE ER notes.
I hate DocQSribe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQScrbe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQSribe.
SmartType sm
I would not know what to do wihtout my Stedmans SmartType. It is a lifesaver. I do not know what my percentage increase would be but it saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking up words.
If you buy SmartType it comes with its own words (tons of rare medical spellings), however, if you want definitions you would need a dictionary.  I love SmartType.
I tried SmartType sm
and I was like you with Instant Text.  I couldn't get used to it at all.  It drove my lines way down to like 45 lines an hour.  I said to heck with that!  I correspond with another MT who endorses SmartType, too, and tells me it has increased her speed.  To me it was too distracting seeing the SmartLine and all that other hoopla on the bottom.  Is there a secret to it?
SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
Yeh, loved those good ole' days... How about that one started First _______? that was a good program...Or.. am I giving my age away....I don't care I am 68......
Smarttype and Meditech
Can anyone tell me if Smarttype works with Meditech.  Just started account using Meditech.  I have Smartype, but did not install because program I was using had its own really great expander,  But of course, Meditech does not.  Help?
Love cardiology, hate podiatry. Hate discharges, but
Dictaphone Extext & Smarttype
Does anyone use Stedmans Smartype in conjunction with Dictaphone Extext/Word Client?  If so, how do you disable the cc (shortcuts) in Extext?  I am using Word 2000 so I know Smartype works with that but not sure about using in with Extext/Word Client.
I've heard that Smarttype is exactly like SH, so . . .
SH may not work either. You might want to go to the SH website and contact tech suppor. They may be able to tell you. Good luck.
My apologies. I believe it is SpeedType not SmartType
that is supposed to be like Shorthand. But, in any case, check with tech support at ShortHand about compatibility with your program.
Can Smarttype be used with Editscript/eScription?

I hate those but I hate trauma notes on children even more sm
I used to work for a large hospital that saw a lot of children for various horrible things.

The very last one I did was a 12yo boy who had hung himself while his mother was at work. She thought he was in school. The doctor cried, I cried (as I usually did) and I just couldn't handle that anymore. That was the longest report I swear. Short in lines but the length was almost an hour. The doc didn't pause the machine, she cried, horrible gut wrenching sobs, and I did too, right along with her.
SmartType vs Smart Type Assistant

Are these one and the same or different?  Does Smart-Type work in Dictaphone Extext platform?

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone.


SmartType will run in Word client programs sm
I know this because I have used it in MedRite XL, Extext, MTWorld and Winscribe. There are a couple of others out that it will run with. Sometimes you have to futz a bit (Extext), but it will run.

SmartType is wonderful and I am VERY productive with it, BUT it will limit your career and flexibility somewhat if that is all you can or will use. It has to have Word or an actual Word client, you can't link it to IM, email or a funny platform like you can IT for instance. (SH will also do this.)

Unless you tend to stay at a job for years at a time, AND it is a Word client like Extext, it is best you have IT or SH because they are portable from one system to another. Much as I love ST and have used it for over 10 years, I can't unreservedly recommend it to anyone.
I think ShortHand and SmartType offer free trials. nm
Yeah, just like ABCZ which I used in auto correct and SmartType, I think.
Bottom line, they increase production, TAT, quality and salary. My company provides us with 2 different ones because they are like a raise in wages. And companies have less employes and taxes, everyone is happy.'

Sorry about confusion and typos, I do not have my glasses on lol (they are in this house somewhere, i just know it!).
Smarttype - Adding a text file list?

Is it possible to add a text file word/phrase list to Smartype? If so, how do you do this?


This is funny blaming it on Microsoft. SmartType only works in Word and they need to keep up with
Any Stedman SmartType users? Pros & Cons? Will it retain bold formatting without using DOS command
 DOS commands like ShortHand does?
I don't hate AAMT at all, ks. I don't hate
their book. In fact, I love the BOS2. It is not a regular grammar book at all - there are hundreds of issues in it that are point specific to MTing and medical field. I have dozens of regular grammar books, too, for other purposes, and they are not similar at all. I purchased the BOS2 when out job interviewing for a few months. Every single employer wanted me to have my own company, and they all tested off of it. Several used it in their daily work, and I have found it priceless over all. I think its even on sale now, but $89 is not a lot for a professional tool that we should use if required, or if a newbie. MTs who don't like to buy books are not very wise in the big picture. Its like shooting yourself in the foot.
I just work with ShortHand minimized. Smarttype doesn't work the same way? nm
where are you coming from????
Do you actually think these people are all addicts? These are the common people who could not afford to get out, probably making a lot less an hour than you do. They had no vehicle, and they left their homes with all their possessions in their arms. These people are starving and dying on the streets. It could just as easily have been you or me, and they just want to survive! If it had been a foreign country, help would have been there lickity split.
Are these cks coming

I don't think I'd cash them either.  They don't make sense from what I'm reading.  Has anybody contacted the law firm handling the class action suit for the MTs to see what's up there and if these are connected?

I'd sure hate to have your be "settling" by you cashing them and you not even know it.

Their day is coming! Nobody

If they were smart they invested what things came to them under

the table for selling us out down the river, because the bottom will

fall out from under them soon enough.

Right now the United States is in such a weakened state, the world is

ready to pounce on us.   They are talking in the Trillions we are in debt now as

a nation. 

And this coming from someone
who works at Scribes? LOLOLOL This is the funniest thing I have heard all year. They are the biggest scam artists around!
Hey! I'm coming right over to help!
Does not sound bad to me! The only thing is...be sure to check out what other posters said about "Are they making you claim 13 cpl or just what you are really getting, which is 9.75 cpl." You do not want to claim more than you are receiving. Don't worry about the taxes. They are a headache but you would be, basically, self-employed and would have to pay federal taxes just like EVERYONE does, and you would have to pay BOTH your share of SS, just like we all do anyway, PLUS the employers half of SS. Then, at the end of the year, you get the employers half back on your federal income tax form. You might even have to fill quarterly, but maybe not if you don't make very much. An accountant could give you advise on all this.
They know what's coming
I have relatives in Naples and the last time I saw, the center of the projected path puts Naples right in the center.
me, too.... keep it coming.... nm
They know what is coming. So now we pay big

bucks for tons of ice to melt in warehouses in northern states because of incompetence of govt officials.  Maybe if people relied less on the govt we could have lower taxes. 

I do not object to helping those in areas who have a disaster that cannot be predicted such as an earthquake, but it seems that Florida wants everyone to rebuild their houses several times a year and feed them even longer.  Those areas are known to be hurricane prone, so get out when disaster is coming.  


At least they got a little of what they had coming to them.

I don't envy you at all. I know my husband would have no qualms about closing the road leading to their house.  Unfortunately, you still have to live near them, so probably don't want to cause any more problems than necessary.

Good luck.

And you are coming across like you want me to be in ... sm
complete agreement with you...well, I put in my facts based on my experience....I wish you well...take care and have a blessed week!!
They might just get what's coming to them
Already thousands of people in the U.S. are going to India for their medical care. They can pay for the flight there and back, a top-notch operation in a top-notch facility with a private nurse and a private room afterwards, some time to vacation and recuperate--all for about 25% of what it would cost just to have the operation in the U.S., forget all the other goodies. What goes around comes around. When a doctor gives you the "I don't give a crap" look when you discuss offshoring, do be sure to bring up how offshoring affects him as well.
I see where you are coming from
but I don't feel the need to type fast for low wages.  I type fast too, but I don't like to compromise patient care by being a speed demon.  It is just too dangerous in my opinion.     Why are you so against someone staying at home to take care of children meanwhile making a little part-time money?  Not all newbies only make 8 cpl.  Not all newbies sign up to work for the nationals that post jobs here either.  Not everyone that posts here work for nationals either.  JMO.
No, I see where you are coming from.

However, you have to understand that most MTs are not paid hourly and are paid per line.  Some of us with 20 years are still only offered between 8-10 cpl if we're lucky.

Just be ready to job hunt and read here about the different companies.  Spheris big time off shores and underpays. 

You may want to either go to school (hopefully your hospital pays for that) or look for another on-site job that pays hourly.  With Spheris you'll have to work from home (which sounds dandy) until you actually do it. 

It works well for me right now, but I plan to get back on site as soon as my kids get a little older.  It is very hard to separate work from home when you work from home.

There will probably be no benefits for you either especially at part-time. 

You could wait until the bridge is there to cross it, try out Spheris, and then go from there. 

thank you for coming to my defense (sm)
Of course I know my financial situation, but we have missed a few payments, have tried to contact the lein holder, but to no avail. 
coming from corporate
corporate requiring 12,000 lines/pay on avg or you will be dropped to SE status
I am going to be coming to this site
from now on.  I get so sick and tired of the rudeness and trolling at another board.  You all rock here!!!  Thanks for having me:)
Something is coming..Spheris
Get ready to bend over.
Pisces here, don't know if I am coming or going. nm
Probably take out as we will be coming back that day - sm
from VA Beach. Jenny spent last Easter in hospital after her nephrectomy for Wilm's, so we thought it would be good to do something different this year. Seeing DH's parents the following weekend probably. She just got her Port-A-Cath out so its a celebration of sorts for us.
coming back to MT--??? gone?
I thought I had posted this question on this board, but the topic seems to have been removed.  Anyone know why?
It is coming back
There are a bunch of shows that start later, "mid-season" and the only dates I can find are "early 2007", but I was wondering about Medium is how I found it. Medium will be back mid-season, along with Scrubs, According to Jim, Reba, George Lopez, King of Queens, Supernanny, The Sopranos American Idol, America's Got Talent, etc...... bunch of them!
Yes, and it's coming out on CD in November.
It sounds like it will be a huge improvement over the latest QLDB, because people who have always used QLDB are saying the latest one doesn't work as efficiently in past. So go to this website to order Sauders. CD isn't scheduled to be released until November, though.

I understand where you are coming from
It always bothers me to hear these stories but I think it bothered me even more because no one had a clue this guy had this in him. So it makes one wonder just WHO can we trust :-(

Hayseed I know just where you are coming from
I have been in that position myself. Not so much with the "pager" thing, but getting calls at different times and with the company for example being on the West Coast and me being 3 hours ahead and them not forgetting the time difference. It truly is "between a rock and hard place" because these companies KNOW who their "good and dedicated employees" are and will frequently use it to their advantage and forgetting that we are also human. I for one too, have a hard time with companies that utilize an "instant messenger program" with their MTs, because as you mentioned, when you are constantly receiving an IM, it cuts way down on productivity. Hope your day gets better as it progresses.
Coming into money sm
I hate that expression, how does one come "into" money. If she truly earned it, which it sounds like she did not, then she is splurging at best. Makes one wonder why we who work so hard for a living, penny upon penny, line after line, make such sacrifices for those who think they can automatically come into it. Sorry, but I hate that phrase and it is usually used by losers. Whatever the situation, it is sad that the come-into money is not used for future generations so those who earned the come-into money would not have toiled and sweat for those who came into it and either sit on their assets or splurge it. No feelings here except for disgust! You reap what you sow in this world and the only way is hard work, too bad they cannot use their come-into money for better things than piddle it away.
If they are coming through this site...
please report them as spam to admin. All emails that come through here have a link to report, or you can just send an email to admin@mtstars.com and let them know. That email address will be blocked from sending through MTStars servers.

Unfortunately, anyone can click on any of your posts and "reply by email". If they're not reported as spam, they can keep doing it.
Over the years, I have seen this coming, and SM
all I can say is let the Indians have the work, and U.S. QA and editors stop fixing the mess that comes back. It will only be a matter of time before clients start dropping like flies when they receive unintelligible reports. Sorry, but if you have overseas MTs and overseas QA, you are asking for a disaster! I have seen first hand the mess that comes back from Indian MTs, and their work is not even worth the .03 per line they are making. I would compare this as wanting to move to France to transcribe for a French doctor when I have no skills or experience with their language. How long do you think my job would last? U.S. QAs, please do not be enablers for our industry to thrive overseas.
Interview coming up...
I have an interview coming up for PT with an ortho clinic ON SITE.  I have 3 years experience in acute care and op notes and getting paid 7/cpl right now working at home.  What line rate or pay per hour do you think I should ask for now that I'd be buying clothes and gas?