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I just completed my first week of DQS and WOW (sm)

Posted By: Same here on 2005-08-16
In Reply to: anyone else working for MQ on the DQScribe program (sm) - just me?

Thank goodness I had one week of Cottage to keep my line count a little above bankruptcy level. One day I typed ten reports like we used to do in batches and these were approximately the same type of reports I normally did. Later next day, checked line count and what would normally have been from 500-800 lines was 372. I was flabbergasted and it took me almost 3 hours to do this.

Another problem I have is the lack of feedback. I was trained, sent in a couple of sample documents and that was it. Even those where I requested QC check over I got no feedback on. I tried to call QA and was given voice mail and told someone would return my call in 24 hours. Not much help when you are in the middle of something.

I better quit complaining and see if I can eke out a few lines this morning.

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Is there engineer week? Astronaut week? Veterinarian week?
Thank you! Because she just completed...
an LPN course and is considering going on to finish for RN.  If she was a PA she would be way beyond that point and totally unnecessary!!  Now MAYBE he will finally hush about it! LOL 
Completed it. Thanks!!
Good luck .
I just completed my shift for the day and
I had an easy doc for most of my shift today and she does mammograms and so it is copy and paste and change the necessary material. I worked on Meditech once, and found it very cumbersome. My platform now is word based and I love it. I get an accurate line count daily.
How many MTs have a completed Bachelor's or higher currently?
I promise I will once the survey is completed....sm
I don't want to influence the results in any way so the information will be unbiased and more meaningful.

Well, let's see 15 years ago I completed a transcription...SM

program.  Not an "online" program.  I actually went to a college and attended classes which include A&P I and II, Medical Terminology Greek and Latin, and Pharmacology in addition to a number of computer courses.  That's in addition to my Bachelor's degree in English.

Then, of course, there is my 13 years experience as an MT before I decided to move into QA.

Completed COBRA recently-VLM

   The following speaks of my personal experience with Cobra - Insurance premiums out-of-pocket for any reason are an expensive undertaking (they are also tax deductible if you meet deduction requirements).  I was appreciative of having the option of Cobra because of my personal circumstances.  If you are considering going without health insurance for any amount of time, I would suggest that you may be gambling with more than your health.  One emergency surgery or health crisis not covered can cost you everything - I know because it happened to me.  Hospitals and physicians are bound by no debt code - they will sue you and take your home, business, car, pots, pans and the shirt off your back if they can redeem a penny for it.  They are not required to accept a payment plan.  My hospital told me that an indefinite payment offered by me to start of $100 every 2 weeks to start was not worth their time and effort.  A bit of trivia - I was employed by this same hospital for 10+ years.

COBRA guidelines are set by the Fed - all rules must be followed to the letter by all parties.  My premium was 120% of what my original premium while employed with the company was.  I went the entire 18 months during which my premium was raised once - without warning - if you fail to pay the premium exact to the penny, by the exact postmarked indicated date, you are terminated from the plan.  I was nearly terminated with the premium increase which arrived in a separate envelope along with the premium notice.  There are no exceptions to the rules governing Cobra - this works sometimes in your favor and sometimes in the ex-employer's favor.   After the first premium increase, I called 1 time each month on the same day and asked if there was a premium increase -  the point being don't take anything at face value when dealing with this issue.

        These guidelines also direct what happens when your Cobra involvement ends or if you terminate it before the 18 months are finished - there are also exclusions which may make the amount of Cobra coverage available longer than 18 months.  The day your Cobra ends, you have a set number of days to get involved with another plan - if you choose Cobra, make sure someone explains what happens when the plan ends, and if you are told "nothing" or "you are on your own," ask someone else who knows that they are talking about.

      If you choose Cobra, you need to speak to whomever administers the plan - some companies hire a third party, others do not.  Make sure you get all the facts.  

      There are obvious negatives but one thing is an absolute positive, if you meet all the guidelines each month and pay the correct premium on time, you will have continuation of your health coverage and time to plan for the future.  My research led me to understand that I might find a cheaper interim plan, but I might just as easily lose that plan for any number of reasons, leaving me high and dry.  I personally could not risk this.  I saw an earlier comment about not letting coverage lapse and preexisting conditions - If there is a plan anywhere which does not have a preexisting clause of some type for every new enrollee, I would be very surprised.  I talked to about 14 carriers over 6 months.  Not having a lapse in coverage or not exceeding the cushion of days provided by Cobra between policies is most beneficial, I feel, when you are applying for new coverage on your own - Companies are much more receptive to someone who has existing coverage as opposed to someone without, for obvious reasons.  However, this varies from ins co to ins so and you need to do your homework.

    One last thing, I cannot speak for every state, but I called our State Insurance Commish - wonderful lady whose staff went way out of the way to make sure I was fully clear on what my Cobra rights were. These people were totally on my side! I highly recommend this phone call to anyone trying to get health insurance.  The state is not allowed to recommend an insurance co; however, they do have ratings and data that you may find very helpful in choosing coverage.

I spent many, many hours learning about and personally experiencing this process - I hope you find something helpful here.  Whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck! 

you will be editing a completed ASR report vs typing
I've completed the survey & I hope all
So you enjoyed the candy? LOL! My daughter completed college at FIU and
Have my own ftp site for receiving wave files...return completed

reports to the doctor the same way... secure, safe, easy.  I purchase the space from startlogic for $90 a year. Hope this helps!

if you purchase bytescribe/docshuttle, you can actually upload the completed work back on there. nm
I have a call in system and also use tapes. We send completed reports via encrypted email.
I use MPCount, which is a free line counting program that you can download and it works great.
Typically this week is a slow week in lots of places

because it is a big vacation week.  Typically things slow dow a bit in the summer too because people are putting off elective surgery, but at the same time lots of people going on vacation so it should balance out.   



Lowest runs $900 week, highest $1400 week (sm)
Get paid 12 CPL. Been doing transcription for about 12 years.
I work 6 days a week every other week

Due to my company's payroll (it runs Sun-Sat), I'm able to work a rotating schedule with every other weekend off. Week 1 I work Sunday through Thursday with Fri, Sat, Sun off.  Week 2 I work Monday through Friday with Saturday only off.  Then I'm back to week 1 and get that following weekend off.

I've found that I'm more productive with shorter shifts and I have kids in school anyway, so I work a lot of split shifts during the week.  If possible, you might want to consider cutting back your hours to 30 hours and just work five 6-hour days in split shifts, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. 

Work for 1 hour, then count your lines of the completed work - sm
either check you total characters in word (with spaces) then total them all up and divide by 65, and you get your total lines per hour. 10,000/65 is 153 lines. Or if you have a line counting program us that to figure you count, either way will work quite well. Maybe do it a few times and then figure an average over 3 hours or something like that, it will vary with the ease/difficulty of the work you are doing.
I have no AC. Will be in 90s again her in WI next week...

Ugh. Ugh. Worst part is my little kids. And, everything feeling sticky. I hate that.

*send me cool breezes* LOL!

Maybe twice a week. That is enough for me. nm
$60 a week ($12 a day) nm
Did see that one, but saw one last week where...
this anti child predator group posed as young teenagers on the internet and lured men to a house where  NBC cameras were set up.  In 3 days about 20 men showed up to have sex with 12/13/14 yo boys and girls.  What was shocking was that not all of them were non-functional anti-social types.  Many of them were professionals including a TEACHER, rabbi, ER doctor, etc.  You should have seen their reaction when they realized they were speaking with NBC  Primtime and their faces were going to be showcased on national TV.  Needless to say, the  professional men's lives  have been ruined.  It is scary to  think there are so many seemingly trustworthy men who would show up to have sex with a child.  VERY SCARY.  Lesson for parents.  Don't allow you children to use chat rooms PERIOD!
I wish I saw this last week sm
I just ordered a bunch, but I'll keep track of your web sites and check them out. Thanks for the tip.
She already said 50 hrs per week and
That means she's making around $25 an hour, which is about right for an experienced MT with their own accounts and lots of shortcuts, templates, and expanders. Working for a company and working for self are two completely different ballgames. If you work for a company, then the person you are working for is making 3-4 cpl (at least) more than you are in order to pay you what you make and still earn a profit to run the business. If you work for yourself, then you set the rates based on what you need to make to earn a living. I would say a good average CPL rate for MTs with their own accounts is probably 12-13 cpl so you can do the math. If an MT is working for self making 12 cpl, in order to earn $25 an hour, they'd need to produce 208 lines. Not exactly unrealistic for anyone with experience and expanders, etc.

Sorry if you all aren't making that kind of money, but it can be made if you are good at what you do and you utilize production aids and don't settle for measly 6-cpl jobs.
my first week on my own
Wow.  I started with two companies at once which was dumb, but on is limited and pays better.  Only thing is their software is the most unuser friendly thing and I can't seem to understand.  I have to download the voice files from their site, transfer that name -DSS onto the text name, type the reports in Word and transfer them over too.  It's ridiculous.  Then I started with Infomatics which seems like a sweat shop.  If i made $75 all week, it's a lot.  They finally sent me a food pedal, and would you believe it was defective?  I've used either hot keys or the screen on the monitor. Takes 4 hours to do a 20 minute job, no joke.  They are like a sweatshop.  Got offer from Ameriscribe but don't want to work weekends.  I ran my own service, apparently from the stone age, and this is really a hard transition.  The typing is easy if I had a footpedal and with the other company could understand their stupid, stupid software!  HELP!
I had one the other week who...
kept slamming the receiver down on a hard surface while she paged through the chart.  And then when she picked it up again, she started speaking before she had it close to her mouth, so I lost a lot of what she was saying.  What a pain!
By the way, I was going 2 x a week at first, then 1 x a week and - sm
as I said now once every 2 weeks. As mentioned below avoid those that want to see you every day (I did that once years ago....bill was $600 after 3 days...needless to say I argued the bill and got it knocked down to about $200 and never went back) or use weird gadgets, etc. There are good ones out there.
This is the second week that

I didn't enjoy the show.  They all seemed nervous or off.  Kelly's twang is getting on my nerves. She reminds me of Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies.  Is there anyone else out there that thinks Kenny Rogers looks like Merv Griffin? His plastic surgery certainly is subtle.   

I am going to do it once a week. (sm)
I'm so excited. I may finally be blackhead free. I was just about to buy some expensive stuff. This cost me a whole doll-hair!!!!
mt week
is MT week next week?? thanks
What do you think this week?

And again Taylor and Elliot take the cake in my book.  I thought Katherine did poorly again.  She should have thanked her lucky stars that she didn't get sent home last week and picked up the pace, but obviously she didn't.  Chris was just okay in my opinion.  He is actually boring me lately.  I used to think he was great.  Still think he has talent, just not entertaining anymore. 



MT Week.......................nm
MT week
Thanks a bunch for the good wishes! It means a lot to all of us.
MT Week
Happy MT Week to All!
mt week
nothing so far, i did send an email to the group. 
MT week, that is
MT Week
Yeah.  I never ever win anything.  That just made my day.
MT week

I took my I/C's out to a nice lunch, gave them a raise and am taking myself to Vegas on Monday for three days. 


MT Week
Yes, my company made a donation in all our names to breast cancer research. I think that is a very wonderful thing to do. I was touched and pleased.
OMG, you are going the same week I am!
with a 3-1/2-yo. Caravelle is great, too, but Compass Cove has better pools and a couple of lazy rivers, one that's indoor for rainy days. Plus they are cheaper, too. They have a kids pool with a submarine that the kids can climb around in and water buckets that tip over and pour water on them, etc. Very cool and my kids love it! They are 6 and 12, and even my 12-yo has fun with the dumping buckets. You should email me and I can tell you more about both places, but Compass Cove is the best all-around deal. We are going the exact same week so maybe we can even meet and say hello!!

Oh, and yes, they have a really good buffet breakfast that's included in the package deal. In fact, if a place doesn't offer that, it's a dealbreaker for us now! LOL!

If you're interested in email about this, I'd love to chat with you more about it. :) I think I'm set up so you can email me but if not, let me know and I'll try to change it, or I can email you. :)
WOW! I cannot believe we are going the same week...lol

There is not a link on their to email you...I get a little confused with how to do it too...lol....Where are you from? I am from WV....It is about an 8 hour trip for us but I cannot wait...We used to go 1-2 times EVERY year but for the pasted few years have slowed down - last year we did not even get to go....We usually stay at Sandcastle South - I usually go with my family...It is okay -kinda plain in decorations..and too expensive for what they have to offer I think...My family loves it though...So since we are going just our family I am going to where I want to go....lol...

I will try to add my email on here so feel free to email me...and yeah, maybe we can meet...that would be neat! 

very bad week

One of my favorite neighbors was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and will be lucky if he is here in three weeks.  His gallbladder and pancreas are gone as well as 2/3 of the liver and so he unable to eat anything.  But he says that he is in no pain.   They were treating him for ulcers for the past six months.   My 15 year old doggie was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her neck/jaw and if I don't have it removed she won't be able to eat in a month or so and with removal the doc thinks that I will have a year or so since she is still in good shape and this type of cancer does not metastasize.   So it has been a down week for me but all you can do is to put one foot in front of the other and keep trucking. 

MT Week
I see where you got the impression that Diskriter gave out AMEX - that was donated to MT Stars as a giveaway.
MT Week

Funny thing is, shortly before I quit, they sent out an email asking everyone to nominate them for MT Company of the Year for MT Week. 

Hmmm....  Doubt very much they are going to win that award!  :)


Thanks Transtech for the American Express Gift Cheque.  You guys are the best!!!!

It took me about a week

to get used to it and about a month to get proficient with it.  I have been using it for six years and I can't type without it.  I have entire templates in it, phrases, words, you name it.


Just about $500 a week
but that's as an employee.
What a week!
Is it just me or has anyone else out there had a H*LL of a week too. I don't know...maybe the stars are out of whack or something. It just seemed like no matter how hard I worked I couldn't get anything done.
On VR for a 4 day week
I average around $500 per week (some straight but mostly VR at 4 cents per line).
MT week?
Any of your employers out there or customers do anything for you for MT week?
MT week
Yep - got a pen, printed thank you card and a laminated instruction sheet after five years. Lucky to get that as an IC I guess.