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C-phone used to call in to dictating systems to receive work. A special phone. nm

Posted By: Sharon on 2008-01-25
In Reply to: Odd question from an MT - slightly perplexed


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Call-in phone systems
What is the best call in phone system out there. I do not want call in on tapes though. I appreciate your input. Deb
MTSOs who work with call-in dictating systems. See inside.

If you work with a call in system, would you be willing to share if you like it/don't like it, how your transcriptionists acess their work (internet or through the call in system), where did you buy your system and is it efficient, etc.  Thanks.

I think you can dial into most systems that require C-phone without having a C-phone nm
They have always done well by me. I don't trust the computer phone systems. sm
If my computer goes out, them my phone goes out and how will I call them?  I prefer to have my eggs in several baskets.  Computer and TV cable on the same line.  Phone on a land line, Verizon.
I think they are actually dictating to a transcription service (Baker Sten-Stel) via C-phone
then they e-mail back to the doctor's office for me to type. So maybe it will go back to them for QA. Why I don't know. This work cameto me from a temp service and they obviously did not know much. I will find out Monday morning. Thanks for your input. I will more than likely be on this site screaming for help. The AOL question was just in case I can get them to use my home office next time, because I just switched to DSL through AOL and I was hoping that would would work with Express Scribe, my footpedal and their software.
Phone Tools is a Bvrp software program that allows you to not only fax and receive data/documents v
your pc (including coversheet and confirmation of date/time received), but can also act as an answering machine.  It's a very good product.  The receipient/s just need to make sure that their fax machine is turned on and has a paper supply loaded (thereby saving you the expense of purchasing reams for this purpose).  If you expect to receive faxes, you also need to be sure that the program is running and set the control to fax modem, rather than answering machine.
If you use a C-phone for work and have a digital phone

through cable, have you tried to take an incoming call?

We only have one phone line.  I rarely get/make calls and when I do we have cell phones.  I just started working with a C-phone and got digital phone.  I can go a month and my phone not ring, so far have gotten 3 calls today, but I'm afraid that if I try to answer the phone that I will lose my report. 

I guess I could pull up a report and have my husband call on his C-phone and test it that way and then if I lose it no biggie. 



A special phone w/a foot pedal and headset attached for dialing directly into a system. Google it!
I don't think she got the phone call.
If she did, she would be willing to tell us.
just got the phone call
Is its all personalized to the individual MT I was told.  They've been watching us and the plan will be specialized to each one of us.  Why do I suddenly feel like i'm in the game clue, but the only thing thats going to get murdered is a decent paycheck.  Feeling anxious.

What is this all about?

Re: MQ letter/phone call
Has anyone heard anything definitive from a supervisor regarding what is coming in this early October packet?  Rather than speculate what "might" be coming, I'm wondering if anyone has spoken to their supervisor and gotten some sort inclination as to what's coming. 
Many phone call interruptions ...
these days, but I had one ESL today who was dictating fine, but when he was talking on the phone I couldn't understand him at all. I just wish I knew a keyboard command to speed him up and then slow him down again when he comes back to dictate. Oh, and when he came back from his phone call he knew exactly where he'd been with no pause. How'd he do that? :oD
Thanks - I guess I have a phone call to make --
the MQ changes letter, phone call and now packet
got a bomb in it.
FOLLOW UP with either an email or phone call.
It's not being pushy or desperate. It's showing the company that you definitely are interested and motivated. MTSOs want go-getters who will get 'er done, not people who sit back waiting and waiting. You need to follow up and make sure your email didn't hit their spam filters or accidentally get deleted.
I've had that dreaded phone call twice before. Once was
a lab error, and the other time was precancerous but was resolved with in-office cauterization (painless), and that was 20 years ago!!!  So, don't worry - very small odds of anything really bad. 
1. You got a phone call telling you that they are interested. 2. (sm)
2. Since you didn't respond, you got the "canned" email telling you that you had been written off their list. That's all it was.

There was NOTHING wrong with her leaving you a message. You may have shot yourself in the foot with this one. Hope your workflow keeps up.
Time for a phone call when stuff like that happens. nm
I returned her phone call and she never called me back either..sm
As a matter of fact, when I returned her call, the person answering the phone, didn't even want to take my number. I suggested that it might be a good idea.... what's up with that
Call United way. Dial 2-1-1 from a landline phone
or you can Google united way '_________'. fill in the blank with the name of your city. You can search their database online as well. There is help out there for you.
I had a lot of trouble with static in my C-phone. I replaced the phone cord and that made a big

difference.  Also, have you tried a different headset?  Also someone told me one time that there is a microphone under your volume control on the right corner of the C-phone.  It's a tiny hole.  If you break off a Q-tip and stick that into the hole that will squelch a lot of background noise and that worked as well.  As far as getting your C-phone service, I heard that Dictaphone is "sunsetting" C-phones at the end of this year.  Meaning, they aren't going to service them anymore as they are considered an obsolete technology.  So, I would contact Dictaphone and see what your options are.

I know very little about Lanier equipment.  I've not used it as extensively as Dictaphone.  Is there a local appliance repair place in your area?  You might ask one of those places to take a look at your equipment and see what they think.  Kinda scary, cause they could do more harm than good, but maybe worth a shot.

Not much help, I know.  But I thought I would share what tiny bit of obscure knowledge I do have. 

Off topic whining. Got an interesting phone call today.
DH used to have a pretty good job until the proverbial stuff hit the fan a few months ago.  With no warning whatsoever and no bad performance reviews ever, he was told his job had been phased out and he was denied his overdue promotion.  That left him unemployed and scavenging for a job.  He did find a job at maybe a third of what he used to make.  I doubled my workload and cut back the budget to try to make up some of the difference, but things still really stink financially.  The stress is about killing me with the extra hours on top of everything else I do.  Anyway, the phone call today was to let us know that he should never have been denied his promotion and his job will not be phased out now.  Unfortunately, it's too late after how his boss handled it and what was said.  He won't go back to working for that person ever again.  Sigh...  I can't blame.  I wouldn't either.  It's nice to know we were right, but it doesn't fix anything.
I've changed them between an old phone and new phone, but the same company, i.e. Nextel.
I use my c-phone whenever we travel. You can hook it directly into your room phone. Be sure and as
Is a C-phone like Bytescribe call-in system or Philips digital transcription
My 2 stations don't have the actual phone piece, but I can make calls to the place where I get work.  I'm just curious because I want to take a test that requires C-phone, and I'm not sure if my stations will work or not.  If anyone can give me some background or information on this, I would appreciate it.  Thank you. 
My first job was a total cold call to small local company...got hired over the phone- sm
give it a shot. Look in your yellow pages or on-line white and yellow pages and see what you can come up with. MT Daily has a list by state of MT companies to with their contact info. Also test your butt off anywhere and everywhere on line, you will learn a lot during the process. I found it quite enlightening when I was doing it 3+ years ago. Good luck.
I am wondering if there is a way to use your C-phone with Vonage phone service?
May have to change phone companies, have switched to job using a C-phone. sm
Currently have Embarq (formerly Sprint), and my usage will be going up about 12,000 minutes a month.  What phone companies offer really unlimited for a flat rate?  TIA.
C-phone and ATT. There is no problem with the C-phone, but ATT wouldn't let me use unlimited.
I have cable phone access and my C-phone works - sm
I am not sure about you problem, because it sounds just like I have mine hooked up.  The only thing I can think of is that mine has 2 line hookups in the back of the phone.  If you have this too, I would just try the other one, which you probably have already done.  Sorry that was not much help.  I wish you luck
Such lies. Just yesterday I had a payroll problem. 1 phone call, person answered, and IMMEDIATELY
remedied the situation. There are always people there to help us.  Wendy is just lying, and like I'll bet she's lying about her name! Its sooooooooo stupid to do this stuff when you're a disgruntled ex.
Can someone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call or an email
address. I am interesting in asking a few questions to someone there in hopes of possibly transferring but I need some info first before I go from one problem to the same one elsewhere.
I have a very loud hum when using my C-phone, but no hum when I'm using the regular phone. SM

Anyone else experience this problem with their C-phone?  Is there a problem with my C-phone?  At first I thought it was my telelphone line and called the phone company.  They sent a technician out to replace the lines and check the house, but the hum is still there on the C-phone.

It's driving me batty!

C-phone info regarding phone lines etc.
I am completely clueless on the subject of a C-phone.  Can someone help me understand exactly how this works?  Do you have to specifically have a separate "dial up internet" service to use the C-phone? I currently have cable internet and am wondering if there is anything else I need to get.  I guess I should contact my phone company.  At any rate, any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
Anyone use/try C-phone with Medicom's phone service?
Wondering if it works?
It did not work with my C-phone (sm)

The function keys were not recognized, forward, backward on the foot pedal, etc.  I did not want to re-program my phone just to use, assuming I could figure out what it would recognize.  I sent it back.  Wonderful idea, great technology.  Works with a regular phone, though.  Received a prompt refund.  Hope this helps. 

The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
DSL does work through the phone line
I have mine through SBC. They sent filters to put on each phone line. Does not interfere with phone usage.

Since the modem is plugged into an electrical outlet as well, you will lose your connectivity if the electricity goes out.

You seem overly worried about no electricity. lol ???
RE: Need anyone's ideas on how to do this - I work via C-phone but need to go to my son's to
They do not have a land line but use cell phones.  Is there some way to use my c-pone through my cell phone so I can work while I'm there?  Thanks in advance
C-phone - How do I get the headset to work?

Hi all!

My question is "When my C-phone call is connected what is the sequence of buttons that are pushed (in what order?) so that connecting my headset doesn't drop the call?"  I have a program button set up as #*11, as per the manual for my headset.  However, when my call is connected and I press speaker/mute and then the headset program key, or when I press the headset program key first, either way, my call gets disconnected.  Any thoughts of what I may be doing wrong?  Thanks so much!

It will not work through phone lines....sm

I started on a Lanier at a hospital and then went home with it.  At the hospital it was connected directly to the computer.  I was told that you lose certain features through the phone lines and that is one of them.

Need a C-phone for work. Can I use a digital transcriber sm

I have 2 digital work stations.  One is Bytescribe call-in system.  The other is Philips station.  Neither have the actual phone part that you pick up.  I can call in to different numbers to get work.  Does anyone know if this will work?  I need a "C-phone" to get work for a new job, and I don't know if I should buy one or what.  I posted before, but no one answered.  Just thought I'd try and ask again.  Thanks.

Anyone work for co. who pays all phone costs? sm
Asked before, perhaps did not post. Anyone have a company who pays all phone costs, FTP, etc., I just want to either transcribe or edit,,, no added expenses, but they can absorb the cost for me. Sound crazy? You just never know.Doesn't hrt to ask
Could not get Magic Jack to work with C-phone
I tried it on two different accounts,and there was too much skipping or dead air to use it. I ended up sending back the Magic Jack before free trial was over. Our internet tends to run a little slow sometimes so it may depend on how reliably fast your connection is. But as I said, I tried on two accounts and it would not work well enough on either, so it was definitely my internet connection that was the problem.
Company requires a C-phone. Will a Lanier Lx-219 work as well? sm

What is the difference in a Dictaphone, C-phone, Lanier LX-219 and Lanier Expresswriter or Voicewriter?


The hospital where I work took down the no cell phone signs
last year. Apparently they aren't as much of a problem as they once were. Also, I was an inpatient last year and was allowed to use my cell phone in my room.

It seems like I was told that they have machines that block the phones from getting a signal in areas of the hospital where they may cause interference with equipment.
I have MJ also and if I have too many programs open on my computer, my phone will not work. nm
I transfer my calls to cell phone during work. nm
Will Meditech work with cable based phone?

Hi all,

I have been offered a MT job with another company that requires me to call into the hospital's Meditech system.  I have never worked on Meditech so I don't have the slightest idea how to use it.  I am used to signing onto my computer and getting right into the system, not having to dial in anywhere.  I'm sure I would get used to it but my phone may be the problem.  I have my phone bundled in with my cable/high speed internet through Time Warner and the MTSO thinks this won't work, that I need something like Fair Point as a dedicated phone line.  Does anyone out there in MT land know anything about this?  The MTSO is anxious to hire and I'm anxious to start a job where I can finally make $ again and I don't want to miss out on this all because of the wrong phone!

C-phone help! Dial tone ok, but keys will not work.

There is a dial-tone when handset is lifted.  Keys do not work to program, dial, ect.  This is the same for 2 different units.  Any suggestions?