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Does anyone know where to find a listing of the V.A. Medical Center physicians?

Posted By: sm on 2007-12-21
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Thanks for the help.

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looking for a web site to find listing of psychiatrists.
The medical center by my home is the same (sm)
The last time I was in there the receptionist said that all their dictation is done by EMR.  The doctor pulls up the patient file, dictates into a little black machine, and it is automatically put into the record.  The receptionist said this is done at THEIR medical center and ALL THEIR SATELLITES.  I was not at all happy to hear this.  They used to have transcriptionists.
Here are some more - Maine Medical Center, sm
Fairview Health System, Gwinnett Medical Center, Atlanta, Piedmont Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess, Charlston Medical Center, West Virginia, Pacific California Hospital, UMass hospital, Marin General Hospital, California, New England Baptist, and the list goes on and on and on.
I also know of a very large medical center which did
Eastern Maine Medical Center
I miss working with other people. I miss having a QA person or a supervisor I know and can go talk to. I miss the hospital gossip and hearing about people's grandkids. Sigh. I left them to work at home figuring it would be all that. But it's not. Sigh....
Mobile Infimary Medical Center
It depends on what department you are going into. Are you Medical Records MT? or Radiolgy MT?
I'm sorry, but the physicians are supposed to review the medical records for
accuracy, then sign off on them.  THEY are the people who went to medical school, did their internship, and actually saw the patients.  THEY know what they were trying, often badly, to say.  THEY are the ones making the big bucks.  NOT US.  We go to maybe a year-long correspondence school, make crappy money, and watch our butts spread wider every day while we TYPE, yes, I said TYPE, medical records for them.  Anyone who thinks it's more than that is kidding themselves.  And save your speeches on patient care and work ethics.  I know all about that stuff.  The harsh reality is that this job does not require a college education to get into, and your income is tied to your production level.  The doctors don't care enough about the medical records to speak slowly, enunciate, and double check everything before signing off.  How are we supposed to read their minds?  Anyone in this field who knows more than grammar and medical terminology ought to be working as an RN or MD, because you'd be better at it than half the medical providers we type for.
The MR reports were being filed. Referring physicians/medical care providers reports were not.
This is a hospital radiology department with in-house MTs and a clerk who is in charge of the report distribution.
No not medical. I was surprised to find out...sm
just how many entry-level Federal jobs my MT skills did qualify me for though. I'm shocked how much military writing, editing, etc. resembles MT.
do not find the same stats in medical journals...sm

I try to stay with reputable sites that tend to be more objective, or search in the journals such as JAMA.

Here's what the National Institute of Mental Health's site said - put it at 2.9%.

"Stimulant use among U.S. children ages 18 and younger had increased sharply from 0.6 percent in 1987 to 2.7 percent in 1997. By 2002, however, the estimated use was only 2.9 percent, suggesting that the rate of use has leveled off. Use was highest among 6- to 12-year-olds (4.8 percent), and lowest among children under 6 years old (0.3 percent). The low rate among preschoolers was also the most stable, countering fears that preschoolers' use of ADHD medications is escalating"

The reason why older kids have a higher percentage of using medications is by then the parents have chased down all the "natural" remedies and supplements and tried taking out sugar-- and found they don't work in the vast majority of cases.



$10+ to $15+ in the listing I saw - nm
Job listing on a different forum for
a very, very good hourly salary base, plus shift differential, etc.  I wonder why some places pay so well and others (especially working at home for a transcription service) seem so cheap.
MD-IT has listing for surgery
Go to MTJobs, and the sixth listing is for MD-IT.  They are looking for full-time employees for surgical work.  Good luck. 
The only problem with that is when you are listing and numbering them, even
resume question - listing wpm
I have a lot of experience but I am just not the fastest transcriptionist.  Do you put your wmp on the cover letter or resume? Especially if it it not one of your strengths?
I emailed a link to you. It gives a listing
listing current employer
 You might be better off to put current job on resume.  Have been out of school for a long time, but was always told to be up front and list all jobs from present back a few years.  I think when asked for a reference, most places say,  "Yes, the person worked here", blah, blah, blah.  I have had four MT jobs, along with a time of being self-employed, and have had no trouble - did have one "suit" that I absolutely did not get along with, but listed the hospital anyway.  Go with the truth.  You can sleep with a clear conscience that way. 
There are several errors, but if this IS a test, listing them isn't doing her any favors.
? about job listing for Nebraska Heart InstituteSM

Does anyone here work for them?  They stated they have "excellent" benefits.  Could you tell me what that means/what it includes?  Could you tell me (approx) how much they cost for a family and what kind of co-pay and deductible there are?  How do you like working there?  Are the dictators fairly clear (for the most part)?  Is it difficult to make the required 1500 lines per day?  Also, (if you don't mind) could you share the payscale (just low to high would be fine)?  I've left my e-mail if you'd rather correspond by e-mail.  Thank you for your help.  :)


I don't know if Ephedra will make your UDS positive, but usually you fill out a form listing any
medications you might be taking and I always thought the purpose of that was rule out false positives. 
Maybe nationalist. Everyone else is listing countries of origin. White english speakers at the wor
They like to show off, play with the language. At least the ESLs learn to say it, and always say it the same way, every time. The Caucasian English-speakers are the worst, arrogant, effusive with the language.
That should highest paid work at home jobs...look at number 7 to see the pic and listing!
That picture sure made me laugh. :)
I think you're a little off center

Attitude has nothing whatsoever to do with "success" these days.  I personally know too many MTs,  working for different companies, with very legitimate complaints and they aren't the cry baby types.  I am a good MT also but what difference does that make if there's no work? I always asked the same question, "Do your MTs run out of work?"   I do not have time to sit around all day waiting to see if there might be some work to do...either I work or I don't.  Every recruiter assured me that there was plenty of work.  They lied.  I have worked now for 2 years for the same company and this time the recruiter told me there was plenty of work and obviously there is or I wouldn't still be there.  If and when I start running out of work with them, I am out of MT period.  So, I guess, I have to revise my first statement a little.  If anyone finds the right company for them, then attitude probably does have everything to do with success.  As for myself, I rarely hear anything from the company I work for other than regularly getting my pay stub that my pay has been direct deposited on time and for the correct amount.  I think some MTs put too much emphasis on line rates.  1500 lines per day at 8.5 cpl comes out to a whole lot more than  200 lines at 15 cpl.  As for my line rate, it isn't terribly impressive but I make as much as I want to make and don't have to kill myself doing it so these days that's about all one can expect IMO.

We have a bowling center
And our employees get free bowling, lol!!

How do I center something in Word?
document solution center
Jen: Is that the one in Gadsden? with Tina Parker as president? You can email me for more info, but I worked for them for 2 1/2 years and I would not recommend it to anyone.  Thanks, Beth
Dell's support center
Dell provides technical support from their American staff only to CORPORATE clients, all others, like you and me, we get INDIA.
It's probably a telemarketing call center
using a computerized sequential dialer program - I think they've been outlawed in most of the US states.  If you have caller ID, just don't answer unless you know who's calling.
No, it does not. The call center is probably overseas
Virtual Learning Center MT Course

Has anyone done this?  It looks good....but I need to know before I spend the money. 


You are so right. Its up to the physicians and
also your local competition. Its all about offering the physicians something better than the competition - better rates, better TAT, and if your competitors are certified, you can bet that's part of their "sell"...But you could never predict the certified issue until you check the waters. Good luck to you! Its not that hard to pick up a local account or two. Enjoy!
Do you think ER physicians actually do as thorough
a physical exam as they dictate or do you think they fabricate a lot of the details of the physical exam?
Not all physicians are like that .....sm
I work for very generous, kind and caring orthopedic surgeons who see patients, with little to no income, and charge them nothing. They ask for no payment and nothing in return. These docs would give you the shirt off their back.

Not every physician cares only about money.
It is bad enough for the ESL physicians but
today I had an ESL PA dictating and when she dictates hypertension she says hypertensions, as in the patient has hypertensions and heart disease is diseases and lukemia is well you catch how it goes EXCEPT if you have the patient's wife, then she says the patient wife or the patient daughter. I am TICKED
document solution center alabama


I was just wondering if anyone had any good/bad info on this company. I can't seem to find much information on them. Thanks.


Might try MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. NM
No quota. Visalia Imaging Center. (nm)
Check free dowloads center.
The surgery center personnel are just as guilty, IMO. sm
Doctors are not untouchable. Any nurse or tech or secretary who has direct knowledge of a doctor using illegal substances and going into surgery is contributing to the problem.
I do virtual call center work and was having sm
trouble with people knocking and calling me interrupting my work. They were always asking for dumb things! (I'm single and this is our only income.)
The more time for homeschooling was a surprise!
We have been to the park more too. He is getting to bed by 8:30 (before it was Always after 10 no matter what I did) and I'm getting more sleep too.

Thank you for the help and advice. :)
SIL says she went through Wellspan Community Health Center. sm
any idea how to call them? i am not finding that exact name info. i did find roseann freundel as a DO student in WV but just pictured and an article. no contact info.
Actually a surgery center is acute care.
But surgery is surgery.  Clinic work is not transcribing anything too invasive other than a Botox injection if you're lucky.  I would think about that rate for transcribing surgeries.  8.5 is low. 
Is it just me, or are physicians getting worse
with dictation. I transcribe several that use speaker phones to dictate. I think ER docs are the worst. Not only do they use the speaker phone, but that talk at a rate of about 150 miles per hour. Do they not realize (or maybe they just don't care) how difficult they are to transcribe. I really don't understand why the companies we work for allow this.
I ask the physicians! Haven't had one yet
who didn't tell me what they were already being charged. You should be able to call the MT department at your hospital and ask around there too.
About incompetent physicians...
Yes, they are definitely out there and getting scarrier day by day. Actually, the great majority of them are quite pathetic.
local physicians

I was wondering if any one knows if local physicians would rather hire certified MT to do their work from home.  I am thinking about supplementing my income with a national and wondering if this would be a good way to go.  Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!!

Prospecting physicians??

I currenlty have one account of my own and am an IC through a very small local transcription company.  However, I want more of my own accounts.  I have sent letters and am willing to do more.  Does anyone have any idea on what it takes to "land" an account?  Thanks so much for any ideas/help/suggestions!!

Physicians by State
www.healthcarehiring.com.  Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find all of the states.  This is a great site to search by state, and you can search by specialty even within that state.  It is in alphabetical order, which is very, very helpful.  I love this site myself and use it every day.  
Yep, been there,done that. Many physicians today
have gone to EMR. I talked with one not long ago who said I needed to find another line of work since EMR is replacing the MT. Even my own personal physician uses EMR.

We are either being replaced with technology (EMR or VR)or work is going offshore. Somehow for me, editing is really not something I am interested in, as I would rather transcribe.

Hopefully, others here will be able to direct you and encourage you, perhaps giving you ideas of how you can obtain clients. Much success in whatever path you choose.
We have many Muslim physicians in the US.
Would you be so quick to condemn someone who had a problem with "We took a moment to praise to Allah"? Would you be as tolerant as you claim to be in that situation?
The physicians used to have to be bribed
to come in and dictate charts, have seen for myself. I would love to know how it went from not wanting to dictate to suddenly everyone getting out their EMRs and typing away.