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Followup poll regarding bifocals

Posted By: getting older on 2005-09-25
In Reply to: Followup poll regarding bifocals....SM - Presbyopia

I have had both bifocals with line and without. It takes some getting used to, but after a day or two, no lines are what I went with. I now wear progressives trifocals, have beginning of cataract in each eye, but I tried one pair for transcription and one for driving and chain around the neck, pain in the neck. My pair cost me 285.00 and I am very happy with them, just got a new prescription for the progressive trifocals. Good luck in your decision.

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Followup poll regarding bifocals....SM
It just so happens that I went to the eye doc last month, and he recommended bifocals! Yikes! (I'm 44.) I was leery of the progressive bifocals (and their cost) so I ordered some old-fashioned lined bifocals. I have to wait 10 days for them (obviously not Lenscrafters) so I'm really curious how I'll do.

Bifocal people, what kind do you have, and do you like them?
Nasty? The poll is only about whether you wear bifocals or not when transcribing.
oh yeah, had to start with them 4 yrs ago,,grrr.
Age 57 here - bifocals at age 40, now trifocals. Not bad once you get used to them, better than 3 pairs of glasses and misplacing them all the time lol
RE: Bifocals
Had the little windows at bottom and they were fine. Now in trifocals. Wait until you get to them.
I had bifocals and yes you will get used to that line. Now I have no line trifocals for years (the alternative was three pairs of glasses. Too bad you did not get the no line bifocals, but I know they are more expense. My trifocals cost me over 325.00.
I got my first pair about 3 years ago and it was very difficult to adjust to them. I always felt like I was falling forward when I walked!  But now, I use them only for driving or watching t.v.  When working or reading I don't wear them.   I think they are great though, especially the no lines!  Good luck to you.
follow up on bifocals

I actually have three stage progressive lenses due to 80% blindness in one eye and peripheral problems in the good one. 

Main part for distance, middle part on one eye for computer work, then bifocal at bottom for reading books, etc.  Dang expensive but much easier than the 3 different pair I was using.

Anyone that would normally wear bifocals

able to function with contacts?  I need new contacts.  My optometrist says that he can make my contacts function so that I don't need the granny glasses, but so far I feel like my eyes are zooming in and out like the lens on a camera trying to focus.  I also have glasses, but I need a stronger prescription and if I have to go back to glasses I have to get bifocals.  I really don't want the lines, but have heard from several people that they have problems without the lines.  My DH has bifocals without the line and he says it makes him dizzy sometimes.  Optometrist says he just needs a smaller frame/lens. 

I've got to do something soon as I'm getting daily headaches, but just can't decide what to do.  I am legally blind without correction and my lenses are about $300/pair without any of the extras.  Fortunately I have good frames and won't need new ones.  I really would prefer contacts as my vision seems to be so much clearer when I'm looking far off, but up close I just don't know if I can use them. 


Don't know about the contacts but the bifocals sm
without the lines can sometimes be a problem. When I went to bifocals after my cataract surgery, I didn't have any problems. I have the ones with no lines. My husband, on the other hand, has had the no line bifocals for about 10 years and hated them. He said they made him dizzy, too, and couldn't get used to walking with them on. He said he felt drunk when he wore them. So, last week when he got a new pair, we went to Sterling Optical in the mall to get them and he told them what the problem was with his other glasses. They said the bifocal part was set too high and they set it a bit lower (below the pupil) on this pair and now he has no problems with them. Also, if you have Blue Cross insurance, they have the Blue Perks where you can get a decent discount. His glasses were 579.00 and with the discount we paid 350.00. His were more because we purchased the scratch resistance, polycarbonate lenes and also the replacement insurance on account of his job. Also, we bought the transitions to save buying a pair of prescription sunglasses. Sterling Optical also has pretty good deals on bifocals if you watch out for their monthly sales.
I got no line bifocals about a month
ago and I'm slowly getting adjusted.  I'm extremely near-sighted and find that I have to take off my glasses most of the time to read, or slide them down my nose and peer over them. 
I'm having trouble adjusting 2 bifocals!

Do U ever get used to that darn line in the middle?? It seems so strange, but I just got them today.

Does it get better?

Not yet, but turn 40 in 6 weeks, seems to be the magic age for bifocals - nm
I do short cuts to remember
nfup= noun = followup
vfup=verb=follow up

Followup in two weeks.

A follow-up exam is recommended.

He will follow up with onc/rad in three days.
I am an MT from Canada. Why would you send your work to India when you co uld be sending your work to CANADA, where we have a lower dollar, have the highest educated people in the world, we have fibreoptic telephone lines, we dont get storms, and we have the highest internet usage of any cou ntry in the world!!!

As for sending work to India, that is outrageous. When did slavery start?? At least in the old days, slaves were paid enough for rent and food and clothing!!The money you people pay MTs is not much more than this!! ANd what do you know about medicla transcription, I bet you couldnt type one medical word under production levels if you life depended on it!!! MTs are the brains and cheap asses make money off of OUR brains and talent!!
I have decided against the company. Thank you all who responded, for looking out for me. Now I have another question. Have any of you heard of, or had experience with, VLC? Virtual Learning Center?

Okay - so I will check with my attorney or my state about the license thing... but what is the going rate for ICs to charge?? Is it by report or by the line or by the hour?? I know it probably varies, but I would just really like to have an idea of what to tell these 2 doctors if they ask me to set my rate.... don't want to sell myself short.
No followup
Yes this has happened to me too. They loved my resume, I told them I could test the following Monday. I sat around all day waiting for nothing. I E-mailed this company three times since with no response.
If you can put a in front of it, it is followup..sm
For example he had a followup visit scheduled. OR He is to come in for followup in 2 weeks.

He will follow up in 2 weeks. OR

He is going to follow up with me in 2 weeks.

Hope that helps
Maybe it's time for them to do a followup on -nm
quick followup
You make some very valid points, and I thank you for your input. Speficially, in my case, I have no platforms to work with -- all docs use 1-800 or digital handhelds and exchange is done on FTP site - very simple copy/paste procedure. Work is done in Word. There isn't a doc on my service I haven't done MYSELF for at least 2 weeks when I took them on and asked myself are they worth keeping? Are they good dictators? (I have virtually no ESL dictators). Did I make money? Even those specialties I didn't know and was slow at, I could refrence to find out what I didn't know --critical in our work. I don't care when MTs work and I don't try to contact them until their work is OUT of TAT - and then often get "i got busy with other stuff" reply. Shouldn't it be ME you tell when you get busy so I can still accommodate the client as I agreed to? I know life happens, and things come up, but tell ME instead of hiding. That's just being responsible. If the work I've given you isn't a good fit, then tell ME and give me a day or two to replace you.. don't just say the heck with it and walk away. But then again, if everyone was responsible in that way, I wouldn't be sitting here on Christmas day catching up work from Friday because yet another new hire just "disappeared" on
Thursday and didn't tell me till yesterday. Maybe I'm just getting old, but seems common courtesy went out somewhere in the mid 90's. HA. Thanks for listening.
Thanks for posting a followup...

That is basically what I thought your reasoning was based on your original post.  There is nothing wrong with questioning anything you are unsure of.  No one will hold it against you.

followup - 3 rules
#1. Follow up (verb): I will follow up with the patient next week.
#2. Followup (noun): The patient will come in for followup next week.
#3. Follow-up (adjective): The patient will have a follow-up appointment next week. I disagree mildly with the post about BOS2 on this.
Grammar good info in BOS/AAMT. Also any good grammar textbook from a bookstore would be good to review/read/study. I tried out Whitesmoke grammar program and hated it. Hope this helps!
Followup on comments

Hi, everyone.

I recently had an applicant inform me that my help-wanted ad was being badmouthed at this site, and I have since read elsewhere that I am apparently an overbearing/pushy, basically obnoxious person to work with (I have also posted responses at the other places I could find, in the hopes that the remarks do not keep potential applicants from applying).  There is a reason my help-wanted ad is so detailed.  One reason is to answer all possible questions that anyone interested in the position might have.  Over the years, I have amended my ad due to circumstances that have come up with transcriptionists I have worked with.  The information in the ad regarding "the work is to be typed until it is finished, not a set amount of lines per day," is because I had a Transcriptionist that thought she could type a very small amount whenever she felt like it, leaving the remainder to be typed by someone else later.  As I am sure you know, many large MTSOs only require that so many lines per day be typed.  In my situation, the transcriptionist essentially gets assigned doctors/clinics, so all of the work needs to be typed and returned the following day (the transcriptionists choose their workload when they are hired).  At any rate, I am sure many people will find flaws with my help-wanted ad, but I did the best that I could to fully inform everyone what the job actually entails.  BTW, as the ad states, the .07 cpl is only for one or two weeks, which covers my time for being on call to help out while the transcriptionist is getting comfortable with how the Macros function.  In the beginning, the new transcriptionists only type a few small reports per day, so if you deduct 1 per line from the reports they have typed, I am getting paid very little.

jhwm, I would like to say "thank you" for the kind words.  I have read a lot of really vicious things about myself and my company, none of which I feel is deserved.  I understand that I might not have time to chat with everyone who applies, but I do not feel I have done anything to justify the horrible things that have been said about me.  LOL--You're right, there is a lot of information coming at each new person in the beginning.  I am not sure when you worked with me, but these days, I forewarn anyone new about the information coming their way and that they do not need to memorize it.  Some of the information that has been compiled is on things that are not related to the job, such as how to do certain things in Word (basically everything I learned when first switching over from WP.1 to Word).  The pictures of the animal's eye, lab forms, terminology list, medication list, etc. are supposed to be helpful so that the transcriptionist who is learning does not need to look all over the place whenever an answer is needed quickly.  Sorry, I am in defensive mode and keep finding myself trying to explain everything!  Again, thank you for saying something nice about me.  I hope others see your post and realize I am not a total ogre! 

And here's the followup article to that one...
See link below:
Followup to resume

Maybe someone can help me!

I have always been advised to follow up after an interview/test etc.

Is that possible after taking a standard computerized MT test?

Any opinions appreciated!


Followup to resume

Maybe someone can help me!

I have always been advised to follow up after an interview/test etc.

Is that possible after taking a standard computerized MT test?

Any opinions appreciated!


Please post a followup when/if you hear anything about this...

Starting to talk to supervisor (and then probably payroll) myself about this, as I'd also like an explanation as to how this figure was derived (so I can hopefully double-check to be sure it doesn't occur again).

I feel somewhat like a stupid unpaid shill for MQ now, having defended the line counts on DQS on several MT boards a couple of times now, because I have occasionally randomly copied and pasted my reports into Word and "seemingly" confirmed that the line counts in DQS were accurate. 

Considering the amounts of these checks in general, being dependent on how long one's been on DQS (mine is less than $8, but I've only been on DQS for six months or so), I suspect it's something like them incorrectly rounding up (like maybe not crediting 64.5 as 65 but as 64?) or some little arithmetical folderol like that. 

Anyway, I'd be very interested to hear what the discrepancy is all about, from anyone who hears anything.  I sure do feel that we were owed an explanation in the letter along with the check, regardless. 

FOLLOWUP: We are now only $75.00 away from reaching our goal.

You generous donations are amazing and truly appreciated.  Once the goal is reached, I will be walking into Walmart to speak to the store manager about getting a gift card to this family back east and know that the MTs children WILL have Christmas this year!


FOLLOWUP: We now only need $15.00 and we will have reached our goal
and I will be on my way to Walmart.  You are all fantastic people to be so giving.  I know that it's hard to scrape bucks together working in this industry and at this time of the year, so again THANK YOU for your emergency donations!
Late Payers Followup
These are all very good responses. As a usually-paid-late IC for a small MTSO, I am learning from your ideas. I hope more folks will add in their comments as well.
Frustrated with SmartLines--Followup
Well done! You have stated the problem perfectly; more clearly than my original statement of the problem.

I have been using Smartype for 6 or 7 years, I think. I have been transcribing for 20+ years. At one point I actually solved this problem, although I don't remember how! I don't remember what I did to solve it, and now it has recurred.

This multiple-SmartLines problem has happened with MS Word 2000, 2002, and 2003 (which I dumped in favor of going back to 2002 because it had too many problems, even with the updated version).

I have used Windows 98 all the way through 2003 while using Smartype.

I believe that I have experienced the SmartLine problem whether in MS Word by itself or in a number of MT programs. I have quit a number of companies because of various incompatibility issues with SmarType, since I have THOUSANDS of entries (both single words and SmartBlocks), and I didn't like the idea of doing the equivalent of rewriting an entire dictionary.

At this point, I am ready to "bite the bullet" and switch to ShortHand or something else, even if it means the equivalent of dictionary-rewriting, just so I can get some work done and some income coming in again!

I saw somebody's post about having put Smartype entries into ShortHand. Did this work, even for all the SmartBlocks? If so, could you please tell me how you did it? I'm sure many of us would like to know. (I will also post this last bit as a reply to that post.)

Thank you all for any help you can give.
Followup story linked below
Exanders to the Recycle Bin Followup
Right. There is still straight typing out there.

The point is that once one agency says, "We have ASR and now we are paying our transcriptionists 5 cents/line" what do the other agencies do? Eventually they have to do the same thing and eventually we will all have VR or ASR and eventually all be paid 5 cents per line. That's the way it works. One company can drive the entire business down.
Followup on the foot pedal
I was told by EMDAT support that there is nothing I can do, except buy one of their footpedals!  I smell a scam.  They can program this complex software, but cannot figure out how to make all footpedals compatible?  Oh well, complaining won't solve my problem, Just had to vent a bit.  Thanks to everyone for all your input.  I am off to spend even more money before I can make any.....
Depressing News followup

My PT job was at a hospital that used Meditech so I do have that training on that software, but I have worked via the Internet for years with a couple of diff hospitals so thank God I did have that experience in other software programs and knowledge of Internet.  

Meditech is not a MT friendly  program either but I did make good money so now I am going to have to find another PT job to help the gap.  I sure am going to miss that account.   I have been so lost since I lost my hourly paying hospital job and going back to working by the line for my total paycheck and I hate it.  I really have thought about going back to school at age 58 and doing medical billing maybe.  Hope it improves for all but I really do not think it will for a long long time. 


I have a problem with followup versus follow up

Which is correct.

Followup in the office tomorrow or follow up in the office tomorrow?

He was told to followup   or he was told to follow up?

he presents for followup or he presents for follow up?

Thanks so much for any help. 






Followup for AHDI and Indian transcription
As promised, this is the new response I got from AHDI regarding the special pricing for certification exam from AHDI.


I believe that information comes from a dated press release that was sent out by our testing company, Prometric, when the exam went live in India. That is the correct price being offered on the exam there. However, we also offer that very same rate here in the US when we run promotions like our current Credentialing Cup. In addition, at least quarterly we offer this discount on our exam to individuals who do not want to participate in the Credentialing Cup. (If you're interested, you can read more about the Credentialing Cup at http://www.ahdionline.org/scriptcontent/CredentialingCup08.cfm. This promotion is our attempt to engage US transcriptionists and encourage them to become credentialed. In India, transcriptionists sit for this exam because they WANT to earn the credential - not because it necessarily pays them more money. We simply don't see this attitude often here in the US. MTs here only seem interested in certification if it is going to directly impact their wallets. I can understand that - having worked for many years as a production MT and watching my line rate slowly erode - but someone needs to take the first step toward professionalizing this industry. MTs need to learn to speak with their feet. If they get credentialed and they engage in continuing education, then there is no reason why they should settle for working for an employer that does not recognize the value they bring to their position. There ARE companies paying more for CMTs. We add them to a growing list every time an MT reports one to us. Check out: http://www.ahdionline.org/scriptcontent/whocarescert.cfm.

I don't blame the transcriptionists in India for our falling wages here in the US. Linda Kloss, CEO of AHIMA, gave a presentation at our annual conference a few weeks ago. She showed us a graph that detailed the profit margins for hospitals over the last several years. It was shocking to see how financially stable hospitals have been pushed out of business. Hospitals that once had huge profit margins are now operating in the red. The rising cost of healthcare and shrinking reimbursements from insurance companies are, in my opinion, the primary drivers behind the drop in wages for MTs. Hospital CFOs see medical transcription as a COST. They don't understand that documentation is the beginning of the revenue cycle, and that medical transcriptionists are the first line of defense for risk management. Many CFOs fall prey to technology vendors who promise that their widget will eliminate transcription, so they buy into expensive technology solutions like templates and speech recognition only to find that it costs them even more in the long run, and their documentation is now substandard. Hospitals aren't making money, transcription services are no longer making money, and, therefore, medical transcriptionists are also struggling.

One of our primary goals at AHDI is to raise awareness about the vital role that medical transcriptionists provide to healthcare. We are lobbying (literally, in Washington DC) to bring attention to the need for accurate, timely, efficient documentation. We are making the case for keeping a human professional involved in the documentation process in order to ensure quality record keeping and impact patient safety.

It's unfortunate that people misunderstand the goals of our association and automatically assume that we do not support US MTs, or that we only want to make money off of MTs. That is so completely far off from the truth. One-fourth of the staff at AHDI have worked as medical transcriptionists. We are passionate individuals who are extremely devoted to our profession and our colleagues in this industry. And we need the help and support of every single MT in this country if we're going to turn this industry around.

My daughter will followup at MCV Pediatric Hem/Onc. for the rest of her life - sm
They said that is the norm there, granted this is cancer followup and not normal yearly physicals for an adult.....she is only 5 now so she still has a long way to go. But as for their normal pediatrician, I will take them their until they graduate high school (I did the same), then onto a regular family/adult doctor.
Followup (or follow-up) for noun/adj. Follow up for verb. nm
Ok, we know what we are unhappy about in this business.   LET'S TAKE A POLL.  In 4 lines or less, what would be your ideal Transcriptionist job?   No flames please. Just list the important factors that would make you want to go to bat for a company.  Include pay plan also.   Thanks. 

Consistent, steady amount of work on the same one or two accounts, you know, the ones you know so well you can do them in your sleep?

Pay that makes you feel like getting up and hitting the keys each day.

For at home MT's, at least some feedback from office ie: what's going on, who's new/old etc, instead of calling in, asking for someone only to find out they jumped ship....ooops, I've run over my line allotment

1. To be treated with RESPECT and shown appreciation.

2. To work 1 account with less than 500 ESL doctors in order to have some consistency and become familiar with your doctors and then maybe be able to achieve your line count.

3. To be paid for your actual lines typed and not what they think you should be paid for.

4. To be informed of what is going on in the company by your supervisor or other higher up and not have to come to this board for information.


Curious as to what many of my fellow old-timers in this field may be telling the newbies and/or wannabies coming into this profession.  Personally, I'm getting out. Too much disrespect and flat out ingratitude by the doctors and allied health care professionals alike.  I worked so hard to get where I'm at, and have precious little to show for it. 

Therefore, I discourage new people from entering this profession.  STRONGLY!  What do you say on the matter?  Answer:   (Your letter is enough on the reply.)

A.  I strongly discourage newbies entering the field.

B.  I somewhat discourage newbies entering the field.

C.  I have no opinion.  Too tired.

D.  I say go for it, but feel sorry them.

E.  I highly encourage them.  Things will be well for them, and different but good.

Opinions, anyone?


That has nothing to do with the poll.

It wasn't meant to be democrat against republican or liberal against conservative.  It was only a question to see what people would rather see their tax dollars spent on.  Both parties pay taxes.  I'm just curious as to what means more to people....taking care of those in poverty whether by their own choice or not  OR taking care of those who are already wealthy and paying for things that we could not afford to have for ourselves like million-dollar pensions.

POLL - sm
Can anyone else not type well if their nails are long?  I have to keep mine trimmed short....anyone else type better like this or does it not matter how long they are?   Just curious if it's just me.   
What would you go into if you left the MT field with this being your only skill, in your late to early 40s, and having a  high school diploma?
I really would like to know. I dont want to do this anymore.
I think you youngsters should go for your dreams, and do it now.  I have been  MTing for many years and my arms hurt so bad.  I am tired of being jerked around, making less and less money.  I'm an exM*er (you-know-who) - pretty much says it all.  I now do VR for half the money.  Been through court reporting school and even took flight lessons long ago (flying was just for fun - eh, don't care much for the justice system).  Now going into coding.  Can't wait to say goodbye to the MT business.    
I went to court reporting school many years ago.  My husband (at that time) paid for it.  He also put me through flight school.  Like I said, I do VR editing for half.  I have no money.  Just to be able to pay for coding school (I intend to go to Andrews), will be a struggle.  No fun, but this is my reality.  What to do?  Suck it up and move on!