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I don't. Have the unlined version, they suck too. I use reading glasses that

Posted By: I may get chain for around neck, lol! on 2005-09-24
In Reply to: Followup poll regarding bifocals....SM - Presbyopia


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Dollar store reading glasses work for me.

Just bought 4 pair at a 2.25 magnification today, as the more I do this, the worse it gets.  Started with a 1.25 a year ago.

I knew it was time when I had to wear two pair of 1.75's on top of each other so I could thread my sewing machine needle.

Ahhh, the "golden years."

Can point in a direction but takes reading, re-reading sm

Goggle.com and enter various phrases to get articles and companies.  I use a free doanload of ExpressScribe, yep, it is free. They have a number of various software things on their site to read and perhaps one will fit. The express Scribe is a piece of sotware to download, it is very simple and I like simple. You can listen and transcribe various voice file formats. You can use a wav pedal one is called a serial pedall and I think it is 9 pin and plugs in the back of PC and also another pedal I think a 15 pin wav pedal and goes in the USB port in front.  However, you can also use it without a pedal and it works fine.  You use a couple of key to stop, pause, rewind, I forget the key.  There are a lot of pedals so don't just jump in.  On this site you may benefit from emailing the company after reading and rereading, even if you don't understand.  .




Express scribe site above Copy and paste into address bar in your browser.

Need help can email darleneh1111@earthlink.net   

An error reading or a negative reading? (nm)
They're still at version 7 and version 8 is supposed to come out this Fall, which may be compatib

Suck it up...
You are getting priceless experience, which you badly need, since you do not want to invest in any more training. Ignore the rudeness the best you can and learn, learn, learn. Realize that you will not be working with this woman forever. Remember this experience for when you are in her place (training a newbie in the future).
Suck up?
I do have a student loan to pay off. The fact that you do not does not surprise me. It shows in the superficiality and lack of logic in your post.

My original post was tongue in cheek - that means humorous - and the fact that you didn't get that tells me everything I need to know about you. As far as your comments about your kid, I disregard that completely because you obviously have a huge ego and of course your kid is perfect. I bet the office staff has another version.

I've been in this job a long time and I know how things have changed. I have seen the dumbing down of America, including its medical practitioners. These dictators are not just too fast, they stutter, they lose their place, they can't even get the patient gender correct - because they aren't paying attention to what they are doing. IMO, that means their patients don't mean much to them. If you care about something, you pay attention to it.

When I started this job long ago, a bad dictator was a rarity - that has been turned on its head and now the good dictator is a rarity. Those are the facts and if you don't like them, too bad, but it doesn't change the facts.

By the way, well-educated by definition means articulate. Going through school for a number of years does not necessarily translate into well educated.

People like you are part of the reason our wages are down - you're so busy basking in the glory of the doctors you worship that you can't see reality.

I'd tell him to suck it up and go back
And this situtation is not unusual. A friend of mine was phased out of a 75 grand a year job and when they called her back several months later she said she wouldn't work for them anymore. I said - Hey, Gerri - what's their number? I'll take that friggin job if you don't want it!
husbands suck
it sounds to me like you have a husband problem not a transcription problem. my first husband was like that too, his days off were his, I took care of all of everything else 7 days a week. Am divorced now and much happier, as I am not dealing with that pig anymore. My work is going great, I make $35 to $40 per hr, put in 6 hours a day and support myself and kids well. Think about dumping him, he sounds like a jerk. Don't give up! Your speed will increase, and as far as looking up every out of state school, employer, etc. DON"T DO IT. they will learn to spell them if there is a blank every time.

dang I suck!
LOL.  I have only had a job for the last 3.5 weeks.  Yesterday I hit 700 lines in a day.  Thank goodness I have no minimum.  But the first day I actually worked, I only hit 279 lines.  I get faster and faster everyday.  I also learned how to add things into the AutoCorrect option in MicroSoft Word, so that helped too.  I expect to be able to hit 1000 lines per day in another 3 weeks.  I also can only get in 5 hours during the day while the kiddos are at school.  If I choose to work in the evening I have to stop A LOT.  Part of the reason it takes me all day to hit 700 lines is that I hear words I am not familair with.  Or meds I have to look up.  I also go back and proofread all documents twice.  Seem I have no minimum requirement I can truly spend a little extra time on each document and be sure it the best I can do.  I know, over time, I will not to proofread every document over and over, but I am still learning.
taking all into consideration, they both suck.
The reason I said suck it up, is because you are new to the industry...
and have to put your dues in...we all have had to do that...I care about my work also and obviously not in it just for the money..
Fat can be lost but ugly is forever. It must suck
I hate the ones that suck their snot up through their nose! UGH!...NM
Anyone suck at tests and do great transcription?
I absolutely SUCK at taking transcription tests yet my work is always 99%+ correct.  I think I just choke on them. 
I think I may need glasses because I am getting the most
horrific migraine headaches after I transcribe for about 3 hours. I tried shifting my desk around and bought a new monitor because the old one was really dim but nothing seems to be helping. The thing is I can read fine whether I'm on the computer or reading a book or newspaper. Any thoughts?

My previous post is in response to the angry QAr who started this, not to the person who commented back to her.  I apologize.  Glasses are???? Oh well, if you all think this is bad you should see her original post - the one that "disappeared."  I responded to her then, but someone "poofed" it off or something.  Good thing I saved a copy!  At least she did a better job this time.  Too bad she is not a good colleague. It does no good to cast doubt on the skills of your colleagues.  Could this be yet another reason our work is off-shored?  Is it because of QA people who like to show their A$$ in a public forum and make others look like a bunch of ignorant chumps?  If I QAd for transcriptionists who were that bad, I would be looking for another position where the administration had integrity and hired qualified MTs.  Vacation time for her could help?  I don't care how much college she has or whether or not her postings are going to a "client" or "medical record", she should do her best to be a good example to all the "little people" (as I assume that is how she sees us).  I think she is a fake!  The QA people I work with have excellent communication skills and do not make such glaring mistakes on memos or postings viewed by others.  If they have something to say regarding the quality of anyone's work they address it to that individual along with a plan on how to avoid it in the future. 

Sorry, No Glasses

I loved your post!  I don't, however, believe that "bad QA or QAers" are the reason for offshoring--it is simply a bottom line cost factor with the company's head honchos getting huge "bonuses" for saving the company so much money (a percentage of the cost savings).

I now know I was one of the lucky ones.  I say that, because in 1964 at age 17, I started my medical career (medical secretary then but with transcription as one of the duties) and had some of the most wonderfully patient and knowledgeable women "teaching" me.  Most of them, however, are no longer alive and sad to say I never did get a chance to tell each and every one how much what they offered me meant to me!

I wonder if this QA person you're referring to has something else going on in her life that is coloring her ability to properly focus on the job right now.  We're only human beings and by saying that I'm not suggesting that her behavior is in any way warranted, but it just might explain her reaction(s) to the situation.  If the behavior continues, however, I know I would be contacting her superior just as a heads up so she might find taking a few days off just to "regroup" or, in the alternative, perhaps a few counseling sessions might be in order.  I had a wonderful QA manager when I was at a very large MTSO who could read me like a book and believe me, even though she was only 4'11", when she spoke we ALL LISTENED.....  Even with her short stature, she never made us feel "small" and I've always thanked God for bringing me into her life even ever so briefly.

Have a good evening and keep on keepin' on!


I hear mine suck hard candy all day. LOL sm
He's also done a few of those breathier burps. Yuck You'd think with his ability to edit over the dictation, he'd want to get rid of them, or at least say excuse me. LOL
Computer glasses.
They're great for me.  Don't have to look through the top or bottom of bifocals.  You can get an Rx for them when you get your eyes examined.
Time for glasses.

When's the last time you had an eye examination, or is it that you don't know how to read and comprehend??  Whatever your problem may be, you should really  take care of it because no where in my post did I say OR infer Canada was a third-world country (Trying to  are you?????)  

If you're going to try and flame, take it to another board.  As for this subject matter, if you can't stick to the subject, don't say anything, and that includes trying to put words in peoples mouths because you WILL be called on the carpet for it!

But speaking of third-world countries, guess what?  If something doesn't give soon with the moron we unfortunately have for president, the United States of America WILL become a third-world country.  It's certainly racing in that direction at lightening speed!

I had to get computer-only glasses.

They aren't reading glasses and they aren't regular glasses...strictly a strength for monitor use.  What a difference!  No more migraines, no more squinting, no more blowing up the font to retarded sizes.  Because they are single strength and only for work, I got fugly frames and heavier-than-normal lenses, which made them more affordable...about $90.  My bifocals cost over $250 in comparison.  Well worth the investment though not to be in pain anymore.

Now...if I could only find a chair with that kind of $90 budget that won't frig up the rest of my body!  :)

Sorry, typed the above without glasses
This is why I uploaded the 4.15 version. It's a previous version
I have computer prescription glasses.
Heard about them once while doing a report so I asked about them, the strenght is for 3' vision of my normal glasses.
oops - meant 1% do not have my glasses on
Glasses in hotel rooms. Uh Oh...
 And people worry about the local water


This is a must read!  Our health when traveling depends on what we know about hotel practices.


No actually I plan to suck everything out of them at my line rate this year and then quit in January
when they start the new pay plan. Yep, that is exactly what I plan to do. Yep, I have it all planned out. This sick sick lady has it all planned out. The best of MQ is over.
recommend the newbie MT join AAMT online chapter and suck the SM
dickens out of their "We Ment Well" (play on We Mentor Well) forum, to which non-newbies are excluded, and for which there is a plethora of talented folks of all types of persuasions more than willing to help.
Sorry I took so long but couldn't find my glasses :)

I can't afford new glasses, let alone Lasix.  Also Lasix only corrects one or the other (near or far).  I suppose if I could afford it, I'd go for near (being able to see clearly in the distance).  However, I have looked into not only the cost, but the fact that they actuall cut your cornea part way off, do the surgery underneath and then reconnect your cornea.  I'm like EEUUUWWW, I don't think so!

I'm my husband's ears and sometimes he's my eyes.  I'll say, "HONEY, JIM IS ON THE PHONE!"  and he'll say "Honey, watch out for that curb." 

We have a sense of humor about these things, fortunately.  He does read lips very well and I have gotten myself into trouble on occasion when I was mad at him. :)

Where is your fav place online to buy readers (glasses)
Well, of course there are other companies doing the same. Take off the rose colored glasses and
My doc said at some point, you do need computer glasses to wear
I hate my multifocal glasses......can't imagine
Works is a dumbed down version of Word and Excel. You get the full version of Word in the Suite.
The Works Suite is a cheaper way of getting a full version of Word if you don't want or need the other applications in Office.
Lots of people wear Rx glasses just for using the computer, nothing else. Ask doc
If it's a retail version you can. If it's an OEM version, you can't.
You can get clip-on magnifiying lens to put on your glasses, like clip-on sunglasses. nm
More reading

"I hope we realize that the people of New Orleans weren't just abandoned during the hurricane," Sen. Barack Obama said last week on the floor of the Senate. "They were abandoned long ago—to murder and mayhem in the streets, to substandard schools, to dilapidated housing, to inadequate health care, to a pervasive sense of hopelessness."

Well, from what I'm reading, it's best to have
a real contrast between color of skin and color of hair. It sounds like your daughter was maybe dark skinned? That's difficult because the hair will be dark, too.

I have very fair skin and very dark hair and have read that is good. I've also read that if the laser isn't set high enough it's not permanent.

Unfortunately, this isn't some hormonal thing that just came along. I'm almost 40 and have been waxing, plucking and bleaching since I was a teenager. Probably spent many times over what laser would cost.
I will. I would much rather be here and reading
some very entertaining and sometimes informative posts than deal with rudeness at another site:) Good to be here!
ME Too! Reading, PA.
I can't believe what I'm reading sm

here.  One suggestion, since you must have had it so good before, is to go right back to the other place you were working before you took the 3 years off.  They're not in business anymore?  They've been sold?  The MTSO got out of the business?  Welcome to 2009.  Do it or get out of the field.

Even 3 years ago we were doing 2, 4, up to 8 different accounts to get the required lines we needed.  Three years ago I was still required to do at least 1200 lines per day.  Three years ago, an MT with a well-rounded work history could do what you are saying.

If you have been there as long as you say, you are doing something wrong to make $6 an hour.  At that rate, you are typing about 75 lines per hour at 8 cpl.  You need to kick it up quite a bit if you intend to stay in the field, because the service will fire you if you don't get faster.

Am I reading this right?
It seems like you are trying to say that it's OKAY for people to trash newbies:

I quote here, without quotation marks, because I refuse to give up my beloved Firefox browser in order to regain punctuation marks, but you said:

Stop attacking one another and stop trying to bully individual posters or opinions. This means trying to police others' posts for grammar, spelling. It also means to stop trying to personally address others' posting styles or personalities by calling them out.


It seems like you're taking the side of people like MT30+ here, like you're saying that it's okay for her and others to put newbies down and tell them repeatedly how they're whiners, complainers, and slackers because they expect a reasonable work environment and reasonable expectations from their employers.

Am I missing something here?

Everything in the paragraph I quoted sounds good until you get to the last sentence:

QUOTE: It also means to stop trying to personally address others' posting styles or personalities by calling them out. END QUOTE.

The only people personally addressing other people's posting styles on this forum are the ones who keep calling the newbies whiners, slackers, etc. When we who are trying to keep this an encouraging forum protest this treatment of newbies and others, we're STILL not calling names - we're trying to create a POSITIVE environment. Sometimes creating a POSITIVE environment, much like childrearing, requires that we point out what is being done wrong, but with the end goal in mind of DOING IT RIGHT.

I'm sure that didn't come out the way I intended, but please please please, take a stand for the GOOD! Thank you!

Just reading it was USB - sm
As suggested below there has to be more than one, I have 4 on the back and 2 on the front. Maybe under a panel so they are hidden? Some Dells have panels on the front that open up to reveal 2 USB ports usually. Otherwise I suggest you get an external powered USB port. I have a powered external Dynex 7 USB port as well as I have lots of USB stuff plugged in...only have 3 spare ports out of all 13 I have. Just make sure it is powered, meaning it runs off of electricity (power cord), not your computer, less of a draw on your computer then. Mine has a power cord plugged into wall outlet, and then a cord from the Dynex is plugged into one of the USB ports on the computer, and I have 4 things plugged into the Dynex. Works great. Was not about to play multiple plugs with all my stuff, printer, memory card, external hard drive, picture transfer device, not sure what else, lots of stuff though.
OOOOPS sorry for not reading sm
carefully.  With all those problems with SS, I'm afraid I'd be looking at SS in my rear view mirror. :)
Possible disaster. I can't believe what I'm reading.
Lots and lots of sites on the internet with good coverage.  I've been following it all evening.  They are saying it if doesn't weaken significantly it could be one of the greatest natural disasters in this country in this century.  60-80 percent of the homes could be washed away, 1000s killed, 30 foot high water in the city if the levees give way and there is a 70 percent chance that could happen.  This is from the Associated Press and a meteorological website - I am not making it up. 
The reason you are reading so many (sm)

bad things is because some of these services are bad!  I have lost a lot of income at times because of these services.  They promise the world and don't deliver.  There are some MTs that by chance fall into a good job with good accounts working for another service, but I wasn't one of them.  I always got the worst dictators and quit working for other services.  If you do not need a full-time job and can get by on a few hundred a week, maybe working for a service would be a good job.  Otherwise you might be very disappointed.

I think you should start looking for your own accounts now so you don't have to work for another service.  Good luck. 

reading reports
Yes, some of the dictating physicians may not read their own reports, but OTHER physicians may read them. I'm speaking particularly with regard to progress notes, X-rays, cardiac reports, and especially consults. One account I worked on very recently, the doctors ALWAYS read their own reports, and referring and consulting physicians all read each other's reports before seeing the patient. See how that karma quickly comes around? I proof and read. I agree with Albert: If you don't have time to proof/read, when will you have time to do it over? Places like Spheris don't tolerate lack of attention to detail.
After reading everything posted here, it
that did not endorse or encourage offshoring but finally accepted that it was here to stay, then taught the Indians how to have their own web page, then began to charge people subscriptions to the web page.

The only difference I see since the Embracing Offshore declaration is an upgraded web site with an increase in paid ads from MTSOs who offshore (i.e., more revenue to the web site), a post here and there defending those same MTSOs in various threads by asking us to understand their pay structures, a sporadic reference to webmaster (denoting the site is being monitored more and treated more like a business) and an far greater tolerance for newbies asking questions (perhaps to help those MTSOs grow some acceptable newbies to hire or fill in the gap those companies QA staff can't provide individual attention to?)

Think about the whole overtone of the board and the posts. It has become an MTSO board. I'm sure if I were an MTSO of US MTs only and I was supplementing my income with a website, at some point I would need my website to be my main source of income as opposed to that from transcription.

Deja vu all over again from the mid 90s.

Hi, neighbor....I'm in Reading, PA.
after reading THAT post, certainly...sm

certainly happy you don't work for me and happy you're happy too about it....

Changing poor non-English (ESL) dictation to reflect gramatically correct reports, using the poor dictation sample provided by the original poster, isn't changing the doctors words, nor patient care. If you want to attach your name to that, and the OP stating she/he is refusing to correct what she/he knows is supposed to be, BE_MY_GUEST!! 

Your comment about how long YOU *think* I've been dealing with MDs speaks tomes.......been in and around this business probably longer than you've been alive!!