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follow up on bifocals

Posted By: MQ'r on 2005-09-25
In Reply to: Followup poll regarding bifocals....SM - Presbyopia

I actually have three stage progressive lenses due to 80% blindness in one eye and peripheral problems in the good one. 

Main part for distance, middle part on one eye for computer work, then bifocal at bottom for reading books, etc.  Dang expensive but much easier than the 3 different pair I was using.

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Followup (or follow-up) for noun/adj. Follow up for verb. nm
Bravo! 1 cm no 1-cm. Follow-up no follow up. 1 mg no 1mg. 1 space after period, no 2. S
oh yeah, had to start with them 4 yrs ago,,grrr.
Age 57 here - bifocals at age 40, now trifocals. Not bad once you get used to them, better than 3 pairs of glasses and misplacing them all the time lol
RE: Bifocals
Had the little windows at bottom and they were fine. Now in trifocals. Wait until you get to them.
I had bifocals and yes you will get used to that line. Now I have no line trifocals for years (the alternative was three pairs of glasses. Too bad you did not get the no line bifocals, but I know they are more expense. My trifocals cost me over 325.00.
I got my first pair about 3 years ago and it was very difficult to adjust to them. I always felt like I was falling forward when I walked!  But now, I use them only for driving or watching t.v.  When working or reading I don't wear them.   I think they are great though, especially the no lines!  Good luck to you.
Anyone that would normally wear bifocals

able to function with contacts?  I need new contacts.  My optometrist says that he can make my contacts function so that I don't need the granny glasses, but so far I feel like my eyes are zooming in and out like the lens on a camera trying to focus.  I also have glasses, but I need a stronger prescription and if I have to go back to glasses I have to get bifocals.  I really don't want the lines, but have heard from several people that they have problems without the lines.  My DH has bifocals without the line and he says it makes him dizzy sometimes.  Optometrist says he just needs a smaller frame/lens. 

I've got to do something soon as I'm getting daily headaches, but just can't decide what to do.  I am legally blind without correction and my lenses are about $300/pair without any of the extras.  Fortunately I have good frames and won't need new ones.  I really would prefer contacts as my vision seems to be so much clearer when I'm looking far off, but up close I just don't know if I can use them. 


Don't know about the contacts but the bifocals sm
without the lines can sometimes be a problem. When I went to bifocals after my cataract surgery, I didn't have any problems. I have the ones with no lines. My husband, on the other hand, has had the no line bifocals for about 10 years and hated them. He said they made him dizzy, too, and couldn't get used to walking with them on. He said he felt drunk when he wore them. So, last week when he got a new pair, we went to Sterling Optical in the mall to get them and he told them what the problem was with his other glasses. They said the bifocal part was set too high and they set it a bit lower (below the pupil) on this pair and now he has no problems with them. Also, if you have Blue Cross insurance, they have the Blue Perks where you can get a decent discount. His glasses were 579.00 and with the discount we paid 350.00. His were more because we purchased the scratch resistance, polycarbonate lenes and also the replacement insurance on account of his job. Also, we bought the transitions to save buying a pair of prescription sunglasses. Sterling Optical also has pretty good deals on bifocals if you watch out for their monthly sales.
Followup poll regarding bifocals....SM
It just so happens that I went to the eye doc last month, and he recommended bifocals! Yikes! (I'm 44.) I was leery of the progressive bifocals (and their cost) so I ordered some old-fashioned lined bifocals. I have to wait 10 days for them (obviously not Lenscrafters) so I'm really curious how I'll do.

Bifocal people, what kind do you have, and do you like them?
Followup poll regarding bifocals
I have had both bifocals with line and without. It takes some getting used to, but after a day or two, no lines are what I went with. I now wear progressives trifocals, have beginning of cataract in each eye, but I tried one pair for transcription and one for driving and chain around the neck, pain in the neck. My pair cost me 285.00 and I am very happy with them, just got a new prescription for the progressive trifocals. Good luck in your decision.
I got no line bifocals about a month
ago and I'm slowly getting adjusted.  I'm extremely near-sighted and find that I have to take off my glasses most of the time to read, or slide them down my nose and peer over them. 
I'm having trouble adjusting 2 bifocals!

Do U ever get used to that darn line in the middle?? It seems so strange, but I just got them today.

Does it get better?

Not yet, but turn 40 in 6 weeks, seems to be the magic age for bifocals - nm
Nasty? The poll is only about whether you wear bifocals or not when transcribing.
just to follow up
To get 250 per hour...you really have to have your short cuts in place and be using them frequently, this is what I have to do anyway, and since switching jobs it has been hard to keep up due to the "newness" of the dictators, so my butt better be in that chair typing to make these kinds of results.
what? huh? can't follow...sm
talk about an inane message...

When she came home from school , bussing it I would not allow her to go to her room and nap.  She was exhausted from the night before. I told her you are not going to stay on the phone until 1:30 and then sleep and then do the same thing over again. I took the cell phone away for a while and told her she can use the house phone and the phone better not ring after 9 p.m and she is off at 10 p.m.   Kids are tricky though.  I am going to take the portable phone to my bed room at night.   In the middle of the night my other daughter use to take the phone in her room.  Her boyfriend has no rules or curfews and this is part of the problem.  He told her that his mom feels bad that they are divorced so she gives into him.  Until now she respected our wishes.  She is a great , smart and talented kid.  This is the first time I really has disrespect from her.   

Thanks again

follow up
In my class we did learn on the 250's also. The class included 2 class sessions and 2 range riding sessions. Good luck...
I don't follow, what exactly is sad?
I thought I would let you all know I received the keyboard and so far I really like it.  There are so many things it and the mouse can do, that I'll be busy for a long time figuring it all out.  The touch is quiet (which is good with small sleeping children).  It is considered ergonomic, even though is not a split keyboard.  The mouse can be programmed to do all kinds of things (there are like 56 commands you can program it to do if you want).  The receiver for the wireless keyboard and mouse also works as a battery charger.  They send you two sets of rechargeable batteries so one is always ready to go when the others need charging.  Quick and simple to install driver and set up.  I ordered mine off Directron.com and got it for 34.99.  I ordered it on Monday and got it Wednesday and that was with ground delivery by UPS, I was impressed.  If anyone has any questions about it, just ask.  I'm still figuring it out as I go along. 
thanks for the quick response
follow up again...

My QA is just great thank you - have never had a problem with it.  I just have a gift with typing, my sister is a Transcriptionist and she types just as much as I do in a day, my daughter won every keyboarding award her school ever gave for 6 years straight, my son won it for 2 of his 4 years at that same school.  My mother was an exceptionally fast typist back when there were only typewriters.  It is just a gift that we have...

However, I did not say that every hour would be 410 LPH.  I did not say that everyone could achieve it.  My point was that my production had slipped really low and that obviously a lot of it was my "extracurricular things" that did not involve transcription.

I am just like everyone else - I have to stop and look up words, I have hard dictators, I have gibberish to decipher... I am not backing myself into a corner expecting 400 lines an hour every hour.  That is not reasonable - some hours I may have harder times than others.  I may have to look up more, I may have a slow time on the computer, I may have horrible dictators... that is the nature of the job.  People want to be a transcriptionist and then when they have to actually do it they complain about what is involved in it.   

My post was only to encourage people to work to their potential - not just complain that they cannot do it and name 100s of reasons why it can't be done.  I am sorry if I stepped on a nerve...  Some people obviously just cannot be happy no matter what...

Follow the BOS.
I sent you an email regarding the BOS.
I follow these
Never ever click on (or open) an email which you don't recognize the sender. I read that spammers have a thing (forget what it's called) that lets them know when an email has been read and thus that it's an active account. Click the square to the left of the email to select it and then click the spam button. Then go to the spam folder and click the square at the top and hit Delete. There is a disclaimer on this website that internet spiders can harvest email addresses from this site.

Spammers can send messages to random email addresses, not even knowing if they are valid, then as soon as the email is opened, they know it's an active account, and they're off to the races.

This takes a while, but they do slowly stop coming to you as long as you're vigilant.
Let me follow this up by saying
I probably would laugh at his leaving a $5.00 card because he is such a cheapie, returns something across town if not what it should be and that would be keeping in with who he is. The only thing he does not get cheap on is a really good vehicle for me that he buys.
More follow-up...

Thanks for your responses so far.

One huge worry for me is VR totally taking over my job.  In what I know and what I've read here, it seems the more you 'correct' any VR system, the more it seems to work against you (less editing).  I would look for a second job but I'm afraid of biting off more than I can chew.  Again, I don't know if getting paid per report is the norm.  It is the way it is, I suppose.  There is no per line pay option here, which is why I'm not sure if I'm making substantially less.  Obviously, before our official pay cut, I was making twice what I'm making now per page and I was doing just fine financially.  At that time, I had no complaints.  Also, there has been a drop in the workload because the residents are editing their own work, so we have lost them.  That hurt.  It has also been slower than usual and we have our friendly neighborhood 'cherry picker' on top of it all.  We also use Lanier intermittently, which is paid per line, so there are still times that I can make extra money doing ST.  Oh the dilemma.  Do I ride the wave again?  I've been here before and the only difference was is that my old account didn't feel the need for keeping us on for editing.  The docs edited the reports themselves.  Again, if anyone has insight or their experiences, I'd love to hear them and thanks to those who already posted.

The key to doing this is you have to have a routine and follow it. (sm)
What might work for one person may not work for the next, but f you make it YOUR routine it will become a regular part of your day. For me (and I've been at this for a long, long time) my best hours are in the early morning. I get up, shower, get dressed, put the coffee on, take care of whatever needs taken care of so it won't interfere with your day (feed the cat, let the dog out, whatever you would normally do if you had to leave your house for the day and go out and work). Then sit and work for 2 hours, take a short break, work another 2 hours, break for lunch, and so on until your work day is finished. It also helps if you keep your work area clean so you can have a fresh desk to start off with. NO TV. Don't answer the phone while you're working to take personal calls. Do that on your break. These are just some ideas that work for me.
Follow up is needed.
I responded to a job this morning and at their request sent my resume and did not receive a reply until I saw another posting for the same job on this board. I just dont think this is good business.
follow the rules
I too thought crepitus was the only correct form -- until the pediatric rheumatologist "corrected" me and insisted on crepitance. (As the Red Queen says, "All ways here are MY ways.")
If you follow comments by a well known (sm)
senator, Pat Robertson, this is probably happening because you are all such evil people. If you would straighten your act up, quit taking vacations, work 24/7, quote the Bible all day long, and make sure you invest all your money in countries that promote torture (i.e., his diamond mine investments in Africa), then none of this would ever happen to any of you.

But if that is how I would have to live to avoid bad weather, I will take the bad weather any day.
ok now I follow what you're saying
Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next week. I'd hate to Terry win it, definitely not Danielle. I'm not even sure how she made it this far. She's done nothing. Hopefully the winner is Cirie and if not, then Aras.

Happy mother's day mom of 3 (I too am a mom of 3 !)
Follow these steps....
You have 3 keys at the top of your C-phone, press the one on the far left with PROGM above it.  Then press KEYS (far left button also).  Select progm key comes up, press the button you are wanting to change (the one causing you to disconnect).  It then will ask you if you want to revise, answer yes.  Then press the multiplication sign X on the far right of your keypad (also labeled select).  Then press the Stop button located on the bottom section of your C-phone.  This is what works for me, hopefully this will help you too.
ah, but just because your clients don't follow BOS,
follow up letter
I know if you go onto Microsoft.Com they have templates for resume follow up letters. Good luck.
I would follow up with another e-mail, and
if no response in a day or two call them.
Follow-up per BOS2 is not to be used.
Followup is noun, follow up is adjective or verb.
No more hyphenated follow-up. sm
#1. Follow up (verb): I will follow up with the patient next week.
#2. Followup (noun or adjective): The patient will come in for a followup next week, or the patient will come in for a followup examination next week.
You should always follow guidelines
set up by your MTSO/client. If expanding when not allowed to, that could be considered line padding and a quick way to lose your job.
s/l follow progrssion not really sure

We are going to place her in a Jewett hyperextension brace, (follow progression) and continue the same anti-osteoporosis measures afforded.

A follow up here. Appreciate these posts.
The computer guy yesterday showed me several Trojan virsues on my machine, 3 or 4 so would AVG work with those or not? I have McAfee now but will try something else. I have taken all into consideration on here and made notes of what I should do.
Did you follow BOS guidelines??? That could
Instead of working, follow this link....
If you need a few laughs, follow this link...

I think it's always a good idea to follow up...

on these things.  You know how cyberspace is.  And just offices in general, etc. 

Took me three tries sending e-mails with my resume (waiting about a week before trying again, so as not too seem to pushy or desperate) to finally land my most recent new job, with the company that I was really hoping for out of all of my choices!  (fingers crossed that it really IS the right choice, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done better right now)

Anyway, I wouldn't ever give up without receiving some kind of response, just so you know that your reply had even been received in the first place.  Just politely state that you're following up again and are still interested in pursuing an opportunity with the company, LA la la, that kind of thing.  :)

Follow up on keyboard with mouse pad

Check out Micro Innovations with mouse pad



Follow all the same rules basically - sm
Don't let others use your computer, don't discuss any work in specifics (i.e. names, etc.) with anybody), keep work secure whether on your computer, printed out, etc., use secure or encrypted email/FTP if you email your work product, do not let others look over your shoulder while you work and read the report, etc. Just basic common sense stuff in order to keep the information private. Where I used to work had these conference call meetings and we would all log in via the internet and phone and have our HIPAA training every 6-12 months, was a pain in the butt, especially when they decided to stop paying us for the time we spent "attending" the mandatory meetings. HIPAA is not a big deal, as I said, it is mainly common sense.
Follow up article inside on how the new law is going.
Bankruptcy Reform: Bad News

There's really bad news on the bankruptcy reform front. As expected, the controversial new law is making things worse for folks who, in eight out of ten cases, were forced into dire financial straits by circumstances beyond their control. Almost all of the 61,355 people who have been seen so far by credit counselors can't pay back any of their debts.

These are the key findings of a study just released by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), called "Bankruptcy Reform's Impact: Where Are All the Deadbeats?" NACBA surveyed credit counseling firms that have been approved to provide required credit counseling services to people before they can file for bankruptcy.

While the credit counseling requirement was designed to steer people who could repay their debts into a debt management plan, the study concludes this "simply imposes new costs and time burdens on individuals who can ill afford either."

As NACBA executive director Brad Botes puts it: "Contrary to the claims of the proponents of bankruptcy law changes that they would zero in on the alleged legions of 'deadbeats' who supposedly were crippling the U.S. economy with 'billions of dollars in losses associated with profligate and abusive bankruptcy filings,' the federal bankruptcy law changes ... are doing no measurable good whatsoever. "

"Instead," Botes explains, "they have put new hurdles in the path of people who are already flat on their back due to financial crises over which they have no control, such as the loss of a job, catastrophic health care bills, and so on."

Bankruptcy filings are down, perhaps because many Americans may mistakenly believe that due to the new law, they no longer have the option. "Even though the process is now more cumbersome, time consuming and expensive than before," Bote recommends "consumers who need help should still seek out a bankruptcy attorney to explore their options and figure out how to navigate this trickier and more confusing process."

For more info about the bankruptcy study, listen to an online interview between credit expert Gerri Detweiler, a contributor to this blog and host of EverydayWealthRadio.com, and Maureen Thompson of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. (If this interview is no longer listed on the front page, simply type Maureen Thompson into the search field to access the interview. )

Posted by NancyCastleman on February 28, 2006 at 10:06 AM |

just follow the link, should have one on the site you buy web from
I would follow my instincts. It sounds as if
you know that it's time to move on. I would encourage you not to settle for your present situation if you're unhappy. If you can start at home with the national on the weekends or something and see how it works out, that's one idea. In the meantime, start looking around. It's easier to look for a job while you still have one. If you need to train for another career, begin now while you still have a steady paycheck. Whatever you do, don't stay stuck and miserable. Good luck to you.