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For all Big Brother tv fans. On Wednesday

Posted By: Just me on 2006-06-20
In Reply to:

night at 8 p.m. the all star show will start. They will be announcing 20 old candidates total, a few contestants from each year. We get to vote on who we want in the house when it starts in July.

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Any Big Brother Fans?
Missed tonights show - who got evicted?
Big Brother fans. Whose going to be voted back in the house?

This is absolutely the worst reality show ever and I am mesmerized by it.

Big Brother fans. Looks like Jennifer double crossed Kaysar. Sorry but Kaysar is dumb as a rock
Maybe he should be voted out AGAIN!  Stupid is as stupid does.   Bye-bye Kaysar. 
I took Wednesday off. Every Wednesday. No matter what.

By thursday I was ready to go again.

$1.99 Wednesday, today $2.11 nm
this Wednesday in Winston-Salem
I've never seen Elton live, I am sooooooooo happy!  I'm going with my mom and my daughter... Girls' Nite Out :)
My home page says it is Wednesday, not today - sm
they say they will have a memorial service at the zoo at the stadium there with 5000 in attendance and have big screens showing it in the zoo and in Queensland, Australia. They are to be televising the service then. So someone is wrong, either Animal Planet or my web site, but I will check it out just in case. Thanks.
I clean my house every other wednesday for the cleaning lady :)
Yeah, and 100 on Wednesday when I get to sit in an exam room for 4 hours for Jen's chemo so that
will be fun....the lobby/waiting/play room is always very hot normally, the exam rooms a bit stuffy but not as hot, and the large chemo/waiting room (when you don't need to see the doc) is always very comfortable and cool. I just hope the AC is cranking well throughout the office. I don't want us to roast the 4+ hours we will be there! ---luckily the heat wave is supposed to snap on Thursday and drop down to 85.
Thank you! I don't really know how many fans it has.
It is a fairly new computer so it probably has more than one. It vents through the side through a long slotted vent the entire length of the computer. I'm going to try the canned air from Wall-Mart to see if that helps.
Y&R fans...

or 2...

1st:  How in the world is it that Jill and Katherine are mother and daughter????

2nd:  Is Brad Ashely's baby's daddy? Or is Victor? Or does she even know for sure?

I have just recently started watching it again after about 4 years off and need a little catching up...

Are there any 24 fans out there.
This has got to be the best show on TV and I can't understand why everyone is not watching it. Jack Bauer is awesome.....
Any Y&R fans out there?
Is it me or have they gotten hookie?  It's almost like they're making this up as they go along. 
Any ER fans?
I've missed a few episodes as it just wasn't pulling me in like in the past.  I love Sally Field and remembered she was guess starring and turned it on but 1/2 hour into the show.  But now I'm lost!  What happened to Sam? And is Luka leaving?
Do you use one of those pc fans ?....
I would love to be in sun, hear the birds chirping away and still be able to work.

Thank you for responding. I appreciate it so much..
They do have fans but ....sm
I heard that it is good to also have the ones they make to go under the laptop. The laptop sits on it and plugs into your USB port and it runs that way.
computer fans
I had a noisey fan on my computer, filled with dust. Computer tech told me every month to dust the back of the tower and make sure that the fan does not have dirt/dust on it. He did this with computer unplugged and then he took a little vacuum and vacuumed the fan off of dust. Of course if you have cats in the house or dogs, that makes it worse. Hope this might help you as a simple solution, otherwise needs to be replaced.
Any Starting Over fans?
Season 3 started yesterday - but I'm afraid I only watched season 1. Anyone hooked on this show? I loved the first group of women - except for Nyanza!
Any Nip/Tuck fans out there??nm
Hey, Steelers fans!

Check out this link - wierd but cool 


GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

Any fans of The Office ?
Can I just say that I LOVE this show!!! I think it is so funny and well-written. Steve Carell is perfect in that role, and all the characters seem to be perfectly cast. You gotta love Dwight! This is my favorite show to come along in quite a while! My husband and I both laugh out loud, and not too many shows do that to you anymore. 
laptop fans
do you know if some already have a fan built in?  This is all new to me.  I just ordered a laptop from Dell and would also love to be outside at times doing my work.  I want to feel alive too!  thanks in advance! 
Are there any Star Trek fans
Wondering if most MTs are Star Trek fans?????
4 Beatles fans - enjoy!
Any American Idol Fans out there ?
Any American Inventor fans?
I missed half of the presentation on the coffee gadget, but what I saw looked neat.  Did anyone see this to tell me more about how it worked?  I looked on ABC' s website but they have no information or show review.  Thanks!
So AI fans, who's leaving tonight?

My bottom 3:  Bucky, Ace, Katherine.  I think Katherine is going home.  Now what do you think?

Amazing Race Fans?
Anyone as big of an AMAZING RACE fan as me??? I'm loving the hippies on this season.  I'd like to see them win, but I worry that the frat boys will take the winnings.  Mo Jo probably won't make it to the final 3!!! Then again, Ray and Yolanda have a good chance on getting the million too!  They have played fair and are so competitive.  It wouldn't suprise me if they ended up with the winnings!!  Tune in Wednesday to see.     
Chris fans are saying in numbers that they
I would normally mark that off to sour grapes, but there were quite a few people all saying that when they called his number, her voice came on saying "thank you for voting for me" and a few said they thought they dialed wrong so checked again and redialed only to get her voice again.

A few people are saying that Ryan announced the wrong no. for Chris, but that's not true, I guess. Some people got through fine on his line, but others got Katharine's, almost as though some lines got crossed. However, Fox has not addressed this and so far, it is merely the word of these fans so I highly doubt they will do anything about it, and I doubt even more that they would bring Chris back over it. They'd have to have some kind of proof that the lines were crossed and since other people got through just fine, I don't see how they could.

I loved Chris and am sorry he's gone, but we haven't heard the last of him and he's probably better off not being tied down with AI to have to make CDs that they want him to make. I think that would be hard for him to have to record a CD full of bubblegum music when he loves rock so much.
All you fans of the government must be from one o' them RED states..........
If you have such a productive life, why do you even care about MT, let alone spend time posting on an MT forum?
Nashville Star fans...

Chris Young's Drinkin Me Lonely video is up at CMT.com and his CD comes out tomorrow!

CMT.com : Chris Young (Country) : Artist Main

any fans of the TV series, The Virginian?

If so, there is a bunch of fans from around the world that have a website...


They have some great pics.  My hubby and Jim Drury are friends and we just became aware of the site ourselves, so i just thought i'd share with ya'll.

Oh brother... here we go

I just love it when someone "assumes" that they know who you are simply by the words you choose and how you lay them out.  Not to mention the fact that should they ever cross paths with you, they wouldn't know you from Adam!  But because you sound educated and spelled everything right and said something that supports this posters adversary, you must be the very person you are defending!  What are you doing MT'ing?  You should be making money as a detective with your special capabilities of deducing who is who based on the written word.

Guess what, I am NOT busy mting or this other guy or any other post on here.  This is my first one on this thread.    

Is anyone following Big Brother on CBS?
Just me?  My big treat is watching tonight at 8:00 and it is the stupidest show on TV, reality-wise.  Love to hate it.
My brother did this to my other (sm)

brother.  One thing I will tell you is to go to the police department where the ticket was issued.  That is the ONLY way I was ever able to clear any of them from my brother's record.  My younger brother had gotten other tickets and used my older brother's name, but since he paid those the court told me "If your brother comes in and admits he did it we can take them off."  Yeah, like that was going to happen!  They didn't seem interested in the fact that my older brother had been working out of state during that time!  From my days at the police department, I can also tell you that the cop probably put something on the ticket indicating that she did not have the actual license, but gave valid information.

Big Brother
does anyone subscribe to the live feed who could tell me who won HOH?
Big Brother 6 is OVER!
And Maggie the nurse won the $500,000. I shall miss those peeps...
oh brother
Once again, one crackpot calling himself a born again Christian but with a flawed theology makes those of us who really are born again look like a bunch of nuts. Way to promote the kingdom, David. (not!)
LOL you are probably right, will get my kid brother to do it.
   Or I will figure it out I suppose.  
I have a brother who had it done (sm)
and you know what I'd really suggest for your DH for long-term success with controlling his weight, in addition to having this surgery, is counseling.

This surgery seems to be a "quick fix" for the physical aspect of weight issues, but no one that I know has ever dealt with the emotional aspect of this problem.

My brother, for instance, says he can eat this and that but then ends up vomiting half of back out because it's a no-no on his intake with this surgery.

Oh, and to make sure he takes all of the supplements, vitamins, etc. I also know of another person who had this done, didn't follow the proper follow-up care in addition to taking supplements and vitamins and ran into a horrible host of problems after this surgery.

My brother went through this

They had a mediator settle everything.  Their's was mutual too and they were happy with the outcome.  They had to wait 18 months for the divorce to be final, but I suppose that depends on what state you are in.

Good luck.

I have a Brother all-in-one and it does the
I have all the updates but it intermittently does this. I turn it off, unplug from the computer and wall, then replug everything. Sometimes, even after this, I will have to restart my computer to reboot the printer. Then it will work. Such a pain!!!
Big brother
Don't count on the fact that you are not being "watched" even at home.  Many companies employ tracking systems embedded in software to track your time and will use it against an MT who breaks too much - does get email through the company and that sort of thing.  You know that if your little fingers are not on the keyboard then you are not producing for them and OMG that is not a good thing!!  ;-)
oh brother...
You complain about the way we treat each other, whether you should just walk away but then say you would miss it.

Make up your mind. If you're being negatively impacted then leave.
Computer fans - are they supposed to be noisy?
Does anyone know if it is normal for computer fans to be very noisy? One of my computers is very loud and I wonder if this is normal.  The other computer is quiet.  Should I be concerned?
Ok, Six Feet Under fans, did you catch it last night?
I'm sad.
noisy fans on computer towers
Hi: A tech who fixed my computer told me once a month to unplug the computer and take your vacuum to the back of the tower, the fan and get rid of all of the dust/dirt, cat fur, dog fur that accumulates there and that should do it to relieve the noise. If not, I would contact like Best Buy/Geek Squad and they will come out to your house and fix your computer. Hope this info helps you.
Attention, Pittsburgh Steelers fans!

where are all the nashville star fans?? opinions?

i am a big fan of CR, awesome job, awesome voice, and TV does him no justice compared to in person.  i think CY is good too but doesn't show as much versatility as CR does.  what went wrong last night with MM gone and NJ still being there?  i am not a fan of the deep, deep voice but i know lots are and he is a much better singer than the female left. 

who do you think will win?  i was thinking CY til last night and now i am not sure.  I think it will be extremely close between CY and CR, can there be a tie??

Pat Day retires from horse racing -- It is a sad day for race fans everywhere! We wish him the best
in his retirement, although I hear he's going to stay busy behind the scenes with the chaplaincy program at the horse tracks.  We're gonna miss him here in Ky--
For all the fans, very interesting insight from the writer of the show.
Shonda Rhimes long take on part two:

From Shonda: It's the end of the episode (as we know it)
Original Airdate: 2-12-06

So Dylan’s dead.

And I have to admit, I’m a teeny bit relieved.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kyle Chandler. He was great as Dylan. Smart, funny, cute, and very much in charge. I was, in fact, a little bit in love with Dylan. Not as in love as I am with McDreamy or Burke but…you know, there were moments during the filming of the episodes when Dylan would be saying something bossy or helping Mer down the hall, pushing that gurney and being all bomb squad-y, moments that I was thinking, hey, maybe he doesn’t have to explode.

But still I am relieved. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s why:

At the end of Act Five, there is a scene. Scene 52. I wrote this scene about fifteen minutes before I had to print out the script and hand it over to production. It reads as follows:


Meredith leans her head out. Sees Dylan heading down the hall. She's just about to open her mouth...

...When the ammo explodes. When Dylan explodes. Fire, shattering glass. Meredith is thrown backwards.

Okay, that’s…what? An eighth of a page? A sixteenth of a page? A tiny fraction of the script, right?

The ammo explodes.

Dylan explodes.

I wrote those words and was actually ignorant enough of the horrors to come that I gave it to the production team and then slept the sleep of babies and angels for several nights in a row.

The ammo explodes.

Dylan explodes.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

All of the sudden, you find yourself in meetings with real live bomb squad guys and special effects guys and a very tense director and everyone is asking you things like “When you say, bloody rain…you actually want bloody rain or just like, some blood spatter?” And things like “When Dylan explodes, you wanna see chunks of Dylan or do you want like, a Dylan vapor?”

These are thing I don’t want to think about. These are things that make my head hurt. The ammo explodes. Dylan explodes. It’s in the script. I wrote it. I know that. But I don’t want to think about Dylan chunks or bloody rain. I don’t want to think about it at all. I like to write things and have them happen. I like to keep myself in a kind of stalker-ish fog in which I believe my characters aren’t characters but actual people. It’s how I can write them. So when you ask me about Dylan chunks, my brain gets all twisty and shuts down. Because Dylan’s a person, a very real person to me and I love him and it’s not my fault he has to die and besides…yuck.

But I’ve got Rob Corn on my ass.

Rob Corn doesn’t care if I try to kick everyone out of my office when they bring up bloody rain or he doesn’t care if I try to pretend I can’t speak English when someone asks me about bloody chunks. Rob Corn is the producer on our show and it’s his job to make things happen and, if I am stupid enough to write Dylan explodes on a piece of paper, Rob Corn is damn well going to make sure that Dylan explodes. Behind his back, I like to call Rob Corn Bossy McBossy. It doesn’t sound affectionate here but in real life, it’s really sweet and kind. Trust me. Anyway, Bossy McBossy told me that we had to do tests so we could figure out how exactly Dylan explodes.

Tests? Dylan explodes. What’s there to test? HA! I’m clearly an idiot.

They built this model of Dylan’s body and one day I am herded out onto the back lot of the studio at the request of Bossy McBossy Rob Corn. Then I have to stand and watch as 20 or 30 really happy guys (testosterone is a powerful thing) position the model of Dylan just right and explode it into tiny little pieces. Twice. It is very loud. Wow. Dylan explodes. I’m all, “great, thanks, way to go, very manly.” And I turn to flee, prepared to head back to my office, happy that the Dylan explodes part of this is over so I can pay attention to the other stuff, the estrogen stuff, the fun stuff like Bailey and George giving birth and Derek describing that kiss to Meredith…

…But Rob Corn raises an eyebrow and very gently says, “Uh, Shonda?” and I go really still with horror. Because I suddenly start to realize that a) that little test was only the beginning and b) that, for the rest of my life, I was going to regret ever typing the words Dylan explodes into my computer.

They blew up test dummies. Tall dummies, dusty dummies, dummies with helmets, dummies without helmets. They blew up test dummies filled with fake blood. They blew up pieces of our set. They set off an explosion on the set of our operating rooms. They used stunt girls and stunt guys. Ellen let them pull her through the air. I think there were blue screens and green screens and animated pieces of debris and glass. The genius special effects guys added fire and smoke and things I can’t imagine but things that made it amazing. The sound guys added over 100 layers of sound elements so that, if you have HD and you watch with surround sound speakers, the explosion flies at you and passes you and swirls around you.

Dylan explodes.

The explosion was beautiful. Amazing work and truly impressive. I told everyone so. I can’t believe the amount of talent and energy that come together to make this show happen. But next time I get a Super Bowl and post-Super Bowl time slot, I’m gonna write something different. Something a bit easier. Something less time-consuming and expensive. And without so many bloody chunks.

Dylan puts the ammo down and goes to have a sandwich.

Enough about Dylan, may he rest in peace. I want to tell you about the difference between the first episode titled “It’s the End of the World” and the second episode “(As We Know It)”.

I tried really hard to make the first episode very male and the second episode very female. I wanted them to fit together, like puzzle pieces. So that I could have two episodes about the same thing but that felt very different from one another. The first episode is all amped up energy, all naked girls and screaming and bombs and running down hallways and men saying things like “Get out of my OR.” The second episode is all long pauses. Long pauses and sitting and pushing out babies and kissing in linen closets and lots of discussion about how the hell this is all going to end. The first episode is what happens when danger strikes. The second episode is how we deal with danger when it strikes. The epicenter of this episode is the hallway/gurney scene. It’s the first scene I envisioned at all when thinking of these two episodes. I kept saying, “there needs to be this scene where Meredith and Cristina move down the hall really slowly with the ammo and Dylan and talk about boys.” And everyone kept nodding very politely with tight smiles the way they do when they are sure you have gone off the deep end. But Elizabeth Klaviter (she’s our super smart medical researcher) got on the phone with the bomb squad guys and the doctors and she got them to tell her how this would be possible. How I could get that gurney rolling so Meredith and Cristina could discuss the state of Cristina’s relationship. I needed that discussion which, for me, is really just a big old metaphor for how we deal with the tragedies in life. You’ve got your hand on a bomb but you don’t want to talk about it over and over, you don’t want to face it – so you talk about something else. Most of life is talking about something else. Plus, I found this really cool song by The Greenskeepers that I was dying to use.

George is a big key to this episode. If you pay attention, he’s the one who serves as our witness. Through most of the episode, he wanders around, a bit bewildered. He’s the one who feels the most helpless. And then he has that moment with Hannah where she talks about the nature of cowardice, where she says that to do nothing is to be a coward. And he acts. He helps Bailey through giving birth. In the first episode, he’s fantasizing about what it would be like to see three women in the shower. In the second episode, he sees what three women in a shower is like in reality. Because, guys, women don’t just climb in a shower and start soaping each other up for no reason. Hello!? Life isn’t porn. Life is Meredith, bloody and battered, being gently cleaned off (chunks of Dylan) by her best friends. And so he leaves. Because what he is seeing is too intimate.

The last thing I want to say about this episode has to do with Meredith. Because all she really wants is some kind of reason to live. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Meredith being whiny but the truth is, she’s got a mom with Alzheimer’s, no other family to speak of, and the man she loves is married. She’s pretty freaking lonely, people. She’s got a right to get her whine on. So, when she falters, when she doesn’t want to pull her hand out of Mr. Carlson, it’s partly because she’s got nothing to hang on to. As she says in the first episode, she needs a reason to go on, she needs some hope. Which is why she has to picture Derek to get through it. And at the end, when he shows up at her house (and he shows up just to see for himself that she is alive), she has to ask. She has to ask him about their last kiss because if she’s ever going to get out of that bed again and keep going, she needs a reason. She needs to know there’s someone out there for her. She needs some hope. And Derek (can Patrick Dempsey be any more amazing?) describes that last kiss, the last kiss they had as a happy couple, in such perfect detail that Meredith knows she’ll be okay. Because he wouldn’t remember that kiss so well if he didn’t love her. He couldnt. Its her sign.

He loves her. Even if he can’t be with her. Even if he has a wife.

He loves her, people.

I told you, there’s hope.

I can’t promise you anything because, like I said earlier, the characters are alive for me and thus, I can’t make them do anything against their will. But my fingers and toes are crossed for the Mer/Der love…

Once again, thanks for watching the show.