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I have a brother who had it done (sm)

Posted By: I wish him the best of luck ! on 2006-06-23
In Reply to: has anyone had a gastric bypass...sm - passing through

and you know what I'd really suggest for your DH for long-term success with controlling his weight, in addition to having this surgery, is counseling.

This surgery seems to be a "quick fix" for the physical aspect of weight issues, but no one that I know has ever dealt with the emotional aspect of this problem.

My brother, for instance, says he can eat this and that but then ends up vomiting half of back out because it's a no-no on his intake with this surgery.

Oh, and to make sure he takes all of the supplements, vitamins, etc. I also know of another person who had this done, didn't follow the proper follow-up care in addition to taking supplements and vitamins and ran into a horrible host of problems after this surgery.

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Oh brother... here we go

I just love it when someone "assumes" that they know who you are simply by the words you choose and how you lay them out.  Not to mention the fact that should they ever cross paths with you, they wouldn't know you from Adam!  But because you sound educated and spelled everything right and said something that supports this posters adversary, you must be the very person you are defending!  What are you doing MT'ing?  You should be making money as a detective with your special capabilities of deducing who is who based on the written word.

Guess what, I am NOT busy mting or this other guy or any other post on here.  This is my first one on this thread.    

Is anyone following Big Brother on CBS?
Just me?  My big treat is watching tonight at 8:00 and it is the stupidest show on TV, reality-wise.  Love to hate it.
My brother did this to my other (sm)

brother.  One thing I will tell you is to go to the police department where the ticket was issued.  That is the ONLY way I was ever able to clear any of them from my brother's record.  My younger brother had gotten other tickets and used my older brother's name, but since he paid those the court told me "If your brother comes in and admits he did it we can take them off."  Yeah, like that was going to happen!  They didn't seem interested in the fact that my older brother had been working out of state during that time!  From my days at the police department, I can also tell you that the cop probably put something on the ticket indicating that she did not have the actual license, but gave valid information.

Big Brother
does anyone subscribe to the live feed who could tell me who won HOH?
Big Brother 6 is OVER!
And Maggie the nurse won the $500,000. I shall miss those peeps...
oh brother
Once again, one crackpot calling himself a born again Christian but with a flawed theology makes those of us who really are born again look like a bunch of nuts. Way to promote the kingdom, David. (not!)
LOL you are probably right, will get my kid brother to do it.
   Or I will figure it out I suppose.  
My brother went through this

They had a mediator settle everything.  Their's was mutual too and they were happy with the outcome.  They had to wait 18 months for the divorce to be final, but I suppose that depends on what state you are in.

Good luck.

I have a Brother all-in-one and it does the
I have all the updates but it intermittently does this. I turn it off, unplug from the computer and wall, then replug everything. Sometimes, even after this, I will have to restart my computer to reboot the printer. Then it will work. Such a pain!!!
Big brother
Don't count on the fact that you are not being "watched" even at home.  Many companies employ tracking systems embedded in software to track your time and will use it against an MT who breaks too much - does get email through the company and that sort of thing.  You know that if your little fingers are not on the keyboard then you are not producing for them and OMG that is not a good thing!!  ;-)
oh brother...
You complain about the way we treat each other, whether you should just walk away but then say you would miss it.

Make up your mind. If you're being negatively impacted then leave.
The message came from her brother and son. nm

Any Big Brother Fans?
Missed tonights show - who got evicted?
He was working with my brother
I was super-jaded by my ex-boyfriend at the time. But he won me over. Were married 10 years last September. VERY HAPPY!!!! 3 kids.
.12 not .23 - oh brother, too early!
Tired fingers, meant to say even if you have to go from .12 to .11 do it (for now).
Your brother took the right approach...sm
too many docs write a prescription without testing to make sure that a person has the diagnosis to support it. A good doctor will do the testing like you indicated to make sure a patient truly is ADD or ADHD prior to handing out medicine.

Question to the original poster: Are you under extra stress lately? If so, that's probably what is causing you to be scatter brained and learning how to handle stress will be more effective long-term than taking medications.

Good luck to you!
OMG!! :) Big Brother spoiler...SM

I was sooooo glad that Janelle evicted Will!  Man!  I love Janelle, but if she didn't evict Will should would have deserved to lose!

Poor Erica and Janelle...were they ever played by Chilltown!  It must feel so good to get a little revenge on those two.

I hope Erica keeps her word and takes Janie to the final 2 if she makes HOH.


OMG!! :) Big Brother Spoiler...
I totally share the enthusiasm expressed here about how the gals caught onto Chilltown's deceitful ways and just in the nick of time too! I guess Will was my least favorite. He was such a manipulator and did it so well.

Isn't it odd how quickly things cooled off between Erika and Boogie? I didn't see anything that really led up to it, but suddenly, she wasn't sleeping with him anymore and knew she had been played.

Did I miss something on the volcano game? Apparently there is some advantage to Boogie to bow out so early, but I don't get it. What's his strategy?

Can you guys believe what a royal jerk Howie is being in the jury house?
My brother and his girlfriend use it...
and are doing great on it, without any cravings or problems. They couldn't say enough about it. They are in their 50s and have smoked for quite some time, so for them to rave about it, I thought it was good. Good luck!
We all need to stage a walk out. We're letting them lead us down the garden path like lambs to the slaughter!
Oh brother. Who cares?
Big Brother has a bluetooth set
I'm not sure about anything else related to his hearing aids, but they're very small, and they include bluetooth, and he can hook them up to his cell phone very effectively. And he won't tell me how much they cost, just that they were EXPENSIVE. He's not a transcriptionist, but I have a great deal of trouble hearing people on the cell phone sometimes, and he never does.
what does Mr. Jug Twitty do for a living? And what about Jar, his brother.

They are all staying in Aruba.  How can they take off of work indefinitely even if they aren't wealthy and took a second mortgage on their house. 

PS:  I doubt very much a resort town is giving away free services to these people and their entourage.  This is how a resort makes money you know.  Especially when you are there criticizing their government and call citizens criminal who have been released from jail for lack of evidence.

I have a Brother printer and paid around $400 (SM)
I was doing a lot of printing and not only did it solve the paper getting stuck issue, but the printing is SOOO much faster!!! The quality is better too. I don't know about your docs but when I used the inkjet, if they got the paper wet (coffee or water rings and they did that a lot!) the ink ran.
Exactly- my brother is an ex body builder
and certainly very masculine, but he gets a pedicure every month - his wife is all for it (you know how those hooves can get, guys! LOL), whitens his teeth, highlights his hair, and shaves his entire body (left over behavior from body building days, no doubt).
Brother-in-law has been using outside wood furnace
for many, many years and loves it.  It sits out back of their house less than 50 feet (I would guess) from their back door.  They also cool their house with it (need an exchanger of some sort) and heat their pool water.  He is pretty clever and worked out the plumbing for the pool by himself.  They do have to spend part of their summer looking and cutting and hauling their wood supply but they think it is worth it.  Hope this helps.
brother of Nick Lachey....nm
his brother who couldn't make it....sm
and while he may appear to be *ghetto* and not  formally educated - calling him stupid makes you look stupid because he is *out there* helping kids today to take the right path instead of all the wrong paths out there today....trying to make them listen and not make mistakes he made in his past. 
get real yourself sistah or brother!! sm...

Started WAY Before Clinton..........*tsk tsk for lack of education on your part.

EDUCATION does not stop until we die so please, by all mean, REEDUCATE yourself.........little sheep being led by shepherd......



I lost my brother 17 years ago and still cry every day.
I know it wasn't my father, but the loss is still great! I understand. The pain will never go away, it will just dull. You need to remember that you must go on and live with his memory and love in your heart! It really does get a little easier as time does heal a bit, but it will never go away.

There are times now that I can get through the day without a tear, but one song on the radio or one look into his daughter's eyes and the wells start overflowing.

I, by no means, am depressed. Actually I am a very happy person; however, that does not mean you take a minute to think about someone you have lost and shed a tear or two, wipe them away, and go on with your day and life.

Just know, he is with you and it will get better. One day you will wake up and smile just knowing he is looking down on you! Then, you will be able to start to heal and the pain won't be as great.

For all Big Brother tv fans. On Wednesday

night at 8 p.m. the all star show will start. They will be announcing 20 old candidates total, a few contestants from each year. We get to vote on who we want in the house when it starts in July.

Could you or your husband or his brother/sisters -sm
take over the care once a month or so, so they could get a break. You obviously think they need it (and I am sure they do), so see about getting them some help so maybe they can have a little bit of life once a week. I'm sure they would greatly appreciate it.
Did the west coast get to see Big Brother yet? nm
My brother-in-law uses Vonage with Comcast.net...sm
and sometimes when he calls us the calls are crystal clear and other times it sounds like he's talking in a cave. He experiences the same on his end. He did tell us that once he called their tech-support division and had a horrific time trying to understand the person on the other end because their accent was so heavy and they seemed to have problems understanding his questions.
Oh, brother! It is not a moral issue...

YOU are making it a moral issue.  It is unusual for her, and she is unsure about his statement and is therefore questioning it.  She is NOT questioning prayer.

Oh brother, the period thing again!
Mr John Smith - my docs would throw this back at me, they still use M.D. not MD, and the periods in the phone #s instead of hyphens, they hate that as well. When I was taught at an ivy league university I was told disk was in the eye only, not in the spine. Now what's the rule? It has changed with every edition. Go along to get along, I guess, more money down the porcelain bowl. Thanks for replying. Still have to obey who pays me. Perhaps we could list what preferences get thrown back at us. It's getting too darned confusing. What happened to artistic license, we are artists after all, we paint a pretty picture for what is thrown at us to figure out the mess. There are no jobs so we have to tolerate it. Even "Welcome to Walmart" doesn't have any openings, not that I checked but the thought crossed my mind.
Brother is good but HP is great as well!
My brother does that - got the idea living in Germany sm
He said that many people in Germany did that, and I do it too! It is a refreshing change and has definitely strengthened my back and abs with keeping myself steady.
Before the doc would prescribe anything to my brother, he had to see a psychologist and undergo
a series of tests that took about seven hours to complete in order to make the diagnosis of ADD.  Then once the diagnosis was made, the doc started talking about medicines.  I didn't think you could walk into your doctor's office say "I think I have ADD" and just get medicine for it.
A friend of mine has a brother who was paroled - sm
about a year ago. He was sentenced to 20 years (3 carjacking) and let out after 8, is on parole for 12 years. He was allowed to skip the halfway house situation as he had always tested drug-free in prison; that and his dad bought him a condo to live in. He had to have a signed form from wherever he was to live stating they new he was a convicted felon, out on parole, etc. , so to avoid having him live in a bad area, his dad bought a condo (nice and he screwed over my friend in the process but that is another story). He does not live near where he was incarcerated which is about 2 hours away from where he is now. I don't think there is a restriction as to where he is as long as he is in the same state, so if you are in a different state I'd say you were probably okay. But if he has family where you are, the odds are he is back there as he had to have a living situation set up in advance before they would release him. My friend's brother has already broken parole a few times and is still out, they even reported it to the parole officer but were told that they could not do anything about it (probably have to witness it) which stinks. Her family is now sheilding the infarctions as they don't want him to go back to prison since if he does he will probably die there (40-y/o with hep C, diabetes), plus they are scared of him. The whole situation stinks. But as for the prison officials, I would think they could at least give you the name of the parole officer. Try looking at the prison site on line, you may find something there. Good luck.
So you think kissing your brother with tongues is NOT skanky? It's, like, cool, huh?
Incest is best and all that?
Big Brother fans. Whose going to be voted back in the house?

This is absolutely the worst reality show ever and I am mesmerized by it.

My brother-in-law has limb-girdle muscular dystrophy...sm.
I will not get into the details. I can tell you that the Muscular Dystrophy Association, although slow in its responsiveness, can make the appropriate referrals for the correct evaluations for your family. I think in this case, your daughter would be interested in a genetic evaluation.

Everyone has to make their own decisions in these high-risk situations when it comes to child-bearing, and they are very painful to make. My heart goes out to you and your family.

My brother is suing me for the costs of the lawyer.. Unbelievable..nm
Good for you. My brother is a sheriff. He tells me things I can't believe! nm
Drew Lachey is my future brother in law, that is, after Nick and I marry!
Is he drop-dead gorgeous or what? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
My oldest brother is a genius at above 140 - was in Scott's Hi-Q in high school - sm
and my other brother is very smart....don't know what his IQ is but he designs computer systems for large corporations, building control systems, bridges, etc. So he's pretty sharp, and my dad worked a chemical engineer with a Master's degree. My mom was a secretary but could type 100 wpm....wish I had gotten her typing speed, at best I am 60 wpm.
Monkey bars aren't the problem. I never once fell off. Neither did my brother. Kids need to climb
Big Brother fans. Looks like Jennifer double crossed Kaysar. Sorry but Kaysar is dumb as a rock
Maybe he should be voted out AGAIN!  Stupid is as stupid does.   Bye-bye Kaysar. 
Drew Lachey is Nick Lachey's little brother.

Nick Lachey is the adorable ex-husband (YAY) of Jessica Simpson.  Drew sang with 98 Degrees group with his brother. 

I would love to see Nick compete in Dancing With the Stars.  He was in the audience cheering his brother on.  Class act, both brothers.

I doubt your brother has won more than he's lost. To win that much he's probably lost 3 times
So he probably has more bills than money. Otherwise the casinos would go broke.