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Geez, and I also remember Mini-Poo, which was the same thing. nm

Posted By: And Dipidee-Doo, too. We're so old :) on 2006-01-18
In Reply to: Anyone remember Pssssst? - omt


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there's one thing for all to remember...
Keep a sharp eye on those expansions when using them. Once you have tons created, it's very easy to pop the wong one into a report when the keys get similar. over 20 years, here, and still doing that on occasion.

just a reminder.
One other thing to remember.
You don't necessarily have to know anything about medicine to check some boxes on a form.
At this for 30+ years. I think the thing to remember is yes, it is a business, when I am home to w
working. One thing I do to start off is treadmill every morning 30 minutes, just walk, no vigorous jogging too old, just enough to get those endorphins working and then start with my cup of coffee. I don't answer the phone for anyone unless its my mom. She only call is if something is wrong, otherwise I let the machine pick it up. I will if I have personal calls for myself take time when no work or do that rather than lunch for 40 minutes or so. I do the hour stretch. I also use weights, free weights by my desk I use to lift and stretch out my neck and arm muscles. I also use a ball twice a day to lie on and roll out the shoulders. This enables me to keep at it. No house chores. After I am done I do those. My kids are raised, but this job always enabled me to be here at home for them. I worked nights for a long time too broke up my work time when they were younger. So everything at home is workable with the right approach. Just remember, you are working, just because your home don't take personal calls. I don't think I would have done this for this many years if it was not work the $$. Be creative in your own routine have fun with it and make it work enjoyable. We can go out and have coffee in the sun on the deck in our PJs for our breaks, so remember the flexibility factor there.

There are micro, mini and standard transcribers.  Mini are not used very much and sometimes used ones can be a little hard to find but try E-Bay or Craigs list in your area.   We used to have a business that worked on our machines and would rent out machines but since digital came on -- they are out of business.  But on E-Bay you could find one used for under $50 probably.   She should pay for that.  As what to charge, it is not going to be as easy as you think and depending on the minutes on the tape, but if they are 30 minutes each side, expect 10 - 12 pages per tape side if you use Courier 12 and this could run anywhere from $50 to $70 if you charge standard rates.  (10 to 13 cpl).   Now if he is elderly, or if he stutters or pauses a lot it would be less lines but more frustration.   Again, I would at least listen to a few minutes on the recorder and see what it sounds like before taking on the job and don't be surprised if they expect you to do the entire job for about $50 instead of the $200 to $400 it would cost them from anyone else.  I have done seminars, books, statements, etc. and they are always shocked at how much it costs to get them transcribed and the amount of pages it turns out to be. 

That is my two cents for the day.  Patti


I also have mini dachsies .....

I have 2 miniature dachsies, a male and a female.  They're pad trained also.  My male has recently (he's 3, was neutered at 6 mo) started hiking his little short leg occasionally.  I think he does that now because my roommates Min-Pin does (who is also neutered, and is horrible about hiking his darn leg).  I'm fixing to start putting mine back in a crate.  I don't use a crate that's dachsie sized, I use a huge one (the next to largest size).

He has bad separation anxiety, etc, but, it's necessary.  I will just let him (& her) outside when I get home, and we'll stay outside until business is taken care of.    If you want to email me, I have a site that has good tips on training dachsies.  They're stubborn little tykes, but just so gosh darned lovable

Mini cassettes
I have a friend who has mini cassettes that need to be transcribed from father on WWII stories.   What would be the easiest/fastest way to transcribe these?  Do I  need a special machine, of course I want the foot pedal/headphones, but I do not know if possible as I do not have a mini cassette machine with those capabilities and I surely do not want to manually rewind, FF, etc.  Any suggestions to help her out?  She wants me to transcribe them and will pay me and I do not know what to charge either if I can even do it. 
mini cassettes
I'm pretty sure Lanier makes (or made) a machine with headphones and speakers that would fit those sized tapes.  Maybe you could contact their website and see if you can get your hands on a used one.  As far as what to charge, well if she's your friend, that's up to you. 
have you tried a rebounder? (mini-trampoline)...
Depending on your ceilings, you can bounce right in front of the TV! My boyfriend bought me one at my request.

Just research on the net...lots of benefits...even with bad knees, etc. you can bounce. Almost effortless, and very affordable as well. No other equipment to buy, no shoes even needed...

Like anything, though, you have to do it and stick with it. Yoga is awesome, too, when I have time...

Above all else, I still find walking the best...just 1-3 miles whenever I can do it--about 3/week...
verbal mini-test

what is the "verbal" test entail for transcription radiology?

If you mean one side of a mini tape
For my private mds, each side of a tape yields approximately 500 lines, takes me no more than 2 hours to do a side, sometimes 1-1/2 hours if I'm a speed demon and take no breaks!! 
I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
Hey! I just got my second dach (mini). Henry is in my lap at this moment.
R those Bose mini-stereos worth it?
I'm thinking of getting a Bose bookshelf CD players but they are soooo expensive ($800) I'm wondering if they are as great as I've heard (at least in their own literature). Anyone have one?
2005 MINI Cooper S - two of 'em.
mangled mini cassette tape

I have a sony mini-cassette tape that is bunched up on the inside to the point where I can no longer pull it to straighten it out. It is just stuck. This has a full day of dictation on it. Anyone know a gentle way of trying to pry this cassette apart? It's the only way I can straighten up the tape. I did it once before over a year ago and it took 4 hours, but it worked, but I don't remember what I used. I don't know how it happened. I just want to fix it because I'll have to be the one to tell this doctor he has to do his dictation all over and it won't be pretty. Thanks.

roast in mini bites (finger food)
going to cut up one of the bison roasts into bite sized pieces, shake in a bit of flour, and pan-fry nice and slow. It makes such yummy bites! probably have a home-grown salad too...i made some tater soup with left-over brocolli and gr beans for lunch -- we are blessed with too much good food. i need to use some squash too :)
I agree; it was a decent mini-course. Maybe they're trying to right some old wrongs.
Brings back memories! I had a computer fan that sounded like a mini helicopter! Kept
calling my company and having them "listen".  They weren't concerned. It did actually blow up one day - a little mini "poof" of fire, 2 seconds of light smelly smoke, and she was dead!!  A goner!  Never heard it before, never heard it after, but one did make noise and it died a month later!
Question for mini-laptop users. Are you able to use Dictaphone Extext program
on one of these. I noticed a lot of them do have Windows XP Home Edition but only like Microsoft Works for the word processing. I guess my question is are you able to down Dictaphone or does it have to have a Word processin program in order to download it.
Ah geez (sm)
Well, that's what I get for trying to insert my own images  Just use your imagination.  *sigh*
By saying it was the way they talk I meant with an accent on the word as not all doctors say it that way. I was just trying to help and gave more information than some and do not appreciate the way people are sometimes treated on here.
to oh geez
Here here sister!!!!
Geez, the pay keeps going down. SM
Just saw an ad on the MT Jobs board for an experienced Transcriptionist (of course, they want the best) and the pay is 8 cpl for a 75 character line.  What's with these companies? 
get a life. don't you have some work to do, or something?
Um, geez
I authored the message you responded to, and nowhere did I mention a personal preference for healthcare in Canada, or any other country for that matter. Yes, I posted a list from WHO that ranks healthcare among participating countries. Yes, Canada is on that list, but was the furthest thing from my mind when I copied and pasted that list into my post. Honestly, I don't find 30th place to be notably better than 37th place.

That said, I would love to visit Canada some day, but for healthcare I would seriously consider France (if it were an option for me, which it is not . . . nor is it necessary at this stage of the game).

Now, I have a question for you . . . How would you like to die, or even JUST suffer in pain, on the floor of the ER floor while a janitor mops around you (saw the video of that with my own eyes) and while two people have to call 911 in a futile attempt to save your life because nobody in the ER will care for you?
Oh geez, she's at it again.

what the heck is wrong with you?  If she is an IC she is not cheating or scamming.  And even if she is an employee, how would that be scamming and cheating.  Did she says she is falsifying records?  You have absolutely no information to base these accusations on.  Man, talk about jumping to conclusions!  
lEgitimate oh so sorry. Please, please, review all my other posts. God knows I should not err.

The problem with these boards is that someone wants to discuss something and someone else just wants to nitpick.
Geez, here we go! nm
oh geez....
We had a doc that when he said right colectomy, it sounded just like rectalectomy. If I was daydreaming I would transcribe rectalectomy but would always catch myself...except for once. I got his DS when he dictated it and he said "procedures done....rectalectomy...what the heck is that?" I knew I had made the mistake. To my knowledge, he never sent it back because I never heard about it. He must have just written through it. I could have just died!!

Haaaaaa.  Just awful.  I had one where VR picked up:  The patient's blood pressure is at SCHOOL today.  

Should have been:  The patient's blood pressure is at GOAL today.



I meant the other way around! GEEZ

geez, you seem so hostile!

Geez, sounds like just about everyone I know!

Oh, geez! Too funny!
My house has a shortage of coffee filters all the time, so I never use those.  I like that Homestyle microwave popcorn made with real butter, but my fingers get so greasy that I have to keep a wet washcloth on the desk to wipe it off between typing.  I'm going to have to try your idea, though.
geez louise
If you're doing all that and with two jobs, I have a couple questions for you.  How the heck do you do it?  Whats your secret?  Do you get hand and arm pain whatsover???  You're doing a lot of lines.  How do you do it?
Geez, I'm sorry this offends you. I have,
Too bad I can't give you one for a shrink...sounds like you need it.
Geez, I fit the experience she needs, but
she sounds too demanding and high maintenance.  Evenings and weekends, no thanks!!!  I want this, I don't have time for that, no phone calls, need ASAP.  No MT experience required and no offer of line rate.
Geez, come on. I saw all of the OSi posts,
Yes, somebody is sticking up for OSi all over the place. However, I don't know what is so "transparent."  Somebody asked a question directly related to Smartype.  I use Smartype and I work for OSi, and my Smartype works fine in Extext.  For what it's worth, I post here on these boards about 5 times a week, sometimes on the word board, sometimes on the company board.  I check in when I'm eating lunch or taking a break.  I don't waste my time reading and posting all day long.  I just get tired of never even being able to answer someone's question.  What's with that?
Geez, RAD GUY, got my hopes up there - sm
thought is something new on the market to replace Viagra!!!
Geez!! Take a note of the pay.


Isn't being a medical Transcriptionist being an interpreter.  Seems like our pay ought to be commensurate, don't you think? 

Absolutely not, never. Geez. nm
They pay $20,000? Geez...that would tempt me!
Yeah, I think it is funny how they will pair one very conservative family with a very liberal family, or a hunter with a strictly veggie family. People would not want to watch as much if it went all smooth, human nature.

What did the other family think about how they were portrayed, or did you even have the chance to find out?
geez, do you have a family?
How bout kids? Spouse? I don't think your *work ethic is above* most peoples, just seems that maybe you don't have a life...might want to try one before it's too late!
And "harrumph!" to you, too! Geez....
Geez this gets me excited!
I just ordered this program yesterday and am SO anxious for it to arrive.  I have been an MT for about 4 months using only the Expander build into Inscribe.  I have a feeling my whole world is about to change.  THANKS for all the participation on this thread
ah, geez, Edith.
geez, you guys.
You will find that everywhere you go with every job. Where there is a group of women working together, you will have all of that crap. It's the way of the world!
geez louise, where are you from emt?
hope you're not an MT.
blame the victim, geez
You people crack me up.  Blame the victim and her family.  For pete sake.  You sound like the type of person who would blame a rape victim cause she was wearing a short skirt.  The Aruban Govt thinks that boy is guilty, that is why they are holding him.  He is guilty, IMHO.  His story has changed several times.  If you are innocent, you have one story.  He left her on the beach, come on, who would leave a young girl, not familiar with the area, on a beach at 2-3 in the morning?  The person at fault?  The person who murdered her or kidnapped her and I think it is that obviously well off son of a high ranking lawyer.  Instead of pointing fingers at her family, we should be sending prayers and hope.
blame the victim, geez
Sorry, but if you dont' want to get picked up and treated as such, don't go to places like that p. e. r. i. o. d. And yes, some women ask for it maybe not intentionally, but it happens. People need to start taking reponsibility for their stupid decisions.