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R those Bose mini-stereos worth it?

Posted By: XtremeMT on 2006-07-15
In Reply to:

I'm thinking of getting a Bose bookshelf CD players but they are soooo expensive ($800) I'm wondering if they are as great as I've heard (at least in their own literature). Anyone have one?

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There are micro, mini and standard transcribers.  Mini are not used very much and sometimes used ones can be a little hard to find but try E-Bay or Craigs list in your area.   We used to have a business that worked on our machines and would rent out machines but since digital came on -- they are out of business.  But on E-Bay you could find one used for under $50 probably.   She should pay for that.  As what to charge, it is not going to be as easy as you think and depending on the minutes on the tape, but if they are 30 minutes each side, expect 10 - 12 pages per tape side if you use Courier 12 and this could run anywhere from $50 to $70 if you charge standard rates.  (10 to 13 cpl).   Now if he is elderly, or if he stutters or pauses a lot it would be less lines but more frustration.   Again, I would at least listen to a few minutes on the recorder and see what it sounds like before taking on the job and don't be surprised if they expect you to do the entire job for about $50 instead of the $200 to $400 it would cost them from anyone else.  I have done seminars, books, statements, etc. and they are always shocked at how much it costs to get them transcribed and the amount of pages it turns out to be. 

That is my two cents for the day.  Patti


I also have mini dachsies .....

I have 2 miniature dachsies, a male and a female.  They're pad trained also.  My male has recently (he's 3, was neutered at 6 mo) started hiking his little short leg occasionally.  I think he does that now because my roommates Min-Pin does (who is also neutered, and is horrible about hiking his darn leg).  I'm fixing to start putting mine back in a crate.  I don't use a crate that's dachsie sized, I use a huge one (the next to largest size).

He has bad separation anxiety, etc, but, it's necessary.  I will just let him (& her) outside when I get home, and we'll stay outside until business is taken care of.    If you want to email me, I have a site that has good tips on training dachsies.  They're stubborn little tykes, but just so gosh darned lovable

Mini cassettes
I have a friend who has mini cassettes that need to be transcribed from father on WWII stories.   What would be the easiest/fastest way to transcribe these?  Do I  need a special machine, of course I want the foot pedal/headphones, but I do not know if possible as I do not have a mini cassette machine with those capabilities and I surely do not want to manually rewind, FF, etc.  Any suggestions to help her out?  She wants me to transcribe them and will pay me and I do not know what to charge either if I can even do it. 
mini cassettes
I'm pretty sure Lanier makes (or made) a machine with headphones and speakers that would fit those sized tapes.  Maybe you could contact their website and see if you can get your hands on a used one.  As far as what to charge, well if she's your friend, that's up to you. 
have you tried a rebounder? (mini-trampoline)...
Depending on your ceilings, you can bounce right in front of the TV! My boyfriend bought me one at my request.

Just research on the net...lots of benefits...even with bad knees, etc. you can bounce. Almost effortless, and very affordable as well. No other equipment to buy, no shoes even needed...

Like anything, though, you have to do it and stick with it. Yoga is awesome, too, when I have time...

Above all else, I still find walking the best...just 1-3 miles whenever I can do it--about 3/week...
verbal mini-test

what is the "verbal" test entail for transcription radiology?

If you mean one side of a mini tape
For my private mds, each side of a tape yields approximately 500 lines, takes me no more than 2 hours to do a side, sometimes 1-1/2 hours if I'm a speed demon and take no breaks!! 
I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
Hey! I just got my second dach (mini). Henry is in my lap at this moment.
Geez, and I also remember Mini-Poo, which was the same thing. nm
2005 MINI Cooper S - two of 'em.
mangled mini cassette tape

I have a sony mini-cassette tape that is bunched up on the inside to the point where I can no longer pull it to straighten it out. It is just stuck. This has a full day of dictation on it. Anyone know a gentle way of trying to pry this cassette apart? It's the only way I can straighten up the tape. I did it once before over a year ago and it took 4 hours, but it worked, but I don't remember what I used. I don't know how it happened. I just want to fix it because I'll have to be the one to tell this doctor he has to do his dictation all over and it won't be pretty. Thanks.

roast in mini bites (finger food)
going to cut up one of the bison roasts into bite sized pieces, shake in a bit of flour, and pan-fry nice and slow. It makes such yummy bites! probably have a home-grown salad too...i made some tater soup with left-over brocolli and gr beans for lunch -- we are blessed with too much good food. i need to use some squash too :)
I agree; it was a decent mini-course. Maybe they're trying to right some old wrongs.
Brings back memories! I had a computer fan that sounded like a mini helicopter! Kept
calling my company and having them "listen".  They weren't concerned. It did actually blow up one day - a little mini "poof" of fire, 2 seconds of light smelly smoke, and she was dead!!  A goner!  Never heard it before, never heard it after, but one did make noise and it died a month later!
Question for mini-laptop users. Are you able to use Dictaphone Extext program
on one of these. I noticed a lot of them do have Windows XP Home Edition but only like Microsoft Works for the word processing. I guess my question is are you able to down Dictaphone or does it have to have a Word processin program in order to download it.
I have Bose Triports and after a few hours they actually hurt my head.. on top, they are almost too heavy to wear for longer than a few hours at a time. But I will put up with the pain for the SOUND QUALITY is unbeatable. Have turned my volume down to almost nothing now, whereas before I was always listening to everything on high!
I have the Bose

with the 5 CD disk changer.  The sound is magnificent!!  Especially if you like classical or opera.  You feel like you are there in person. 

When I lived in a 2-story house, I had my office in a loft upstairs and the Bose downstairs and I would put on music and could hear it all over the house, even up to the loft.

I am now in a one-story and have it in my office.  It has a remote which makes it very convenient to mute or turn down the sound when I have a difficult dictator to listen to.

I bought it on monthly payments with no interest (next best thing, or even better, than paying cash).  I see that Bose still has that offer going once in awhile.  With the CD changer, I think it was about $1200.

I feel it was a very good purchase and would do it again.

Bose CQ 2 (sm)
Like I said, I just received them yesterday, tried them, and packed them right back up, didn't even want them for 30 days knowing that I wasn't going to keep them. I just got this Radio Shack pair with the ear cups, good sound reduction. The only thing is that the volume must be up louder than that with the Bose. Even my husband, who is a fanatic about stereo equipment agreed with me. I was searching for better clarity mainly, noise reduction secondly, but the clarity is only as well as the recording. My pair at Radio Shack was about $19.99. Hope you can get a pair.
I use the Bose
headphones. They are expensive but phenomenal in cutting any outside noise.
Anyone use Bose?
I have often wondered about them, but its such an investment for at least $100.
I also want the Bose. Let us know how you like them. Sm msg
I really need them in summertime.  I love to leave my office windows open but between the lawnmowers going and all the activities that go on in summertime, it's becoming impossible to have them open.  Thanks for any info on them, if you use them!
I have had the over-the-ear type for about 9 months and they are great.

My husband has the on-ear type which he uses for general internet, etc. I had these at first but got the other pair because I didn't like the pressure on my ears with them all day and found the over-the-ear type to be more comfortable for extended use.
I agree. I have had QC2 for about a year and they are great.
First I bought the on-ear type. They were comfy for a few hours but not all day. So I gave them to my husband and they are great for him as that is about the amount he is on the computer.

Then I bought an over-the-ear pair and those are pretty comfortable for 8-hour stretches.
Does that particular Bose
actually fit around the ear without touching? Just wondering, because my cartilage gets sore when I have used similiar looking one (that did rest on the ears).

The ones I have now fit over the eas but have a different type of cushion and don't fit tight.

Thanks for any further info you can give me. : )
i have the bose
and they have both on-ear and around-the-ear types. I have the latter. I have both the passive noise (no batteries/just muffle sound by virtue of the earcups) and active noise (batteries actively counter outside noise) canceling types. Bought one set on ebay and one from company. I find the design of the noise canceling frame a bit more comfy on the head. They are both no doubt the best i've ever had as far as comfort and sound. I'm sold on 'em.
I bought my noise-cancelling headphones in a large chain electronics store, so they were genuine, but also had problems with white noise. 
we are not all girls...but Bose is the best
Bose QC Headphones

Does anyone know if QC-2 or QC-3 headphones will work for transcribing on a C-phone?


Bose headphones (sm)

I just rec'd my Bose and was very disappointed.  About 2 weeks ago, I purchased a headset from Radio Shack.  Other than the volume on the Bose, I saw no difference in quality.  I used mine with a C-phone, but I have an adapter so I can use other products than Dictaphone. 

bose headphones
does anyone have the Bose headphones?  did you find its worth spending the money on them?   I buy the stethoscope type with the volume adjuster on the wire. The last 2 I had only lasted about a year each.  They are $30.  I feel I might as well splurge and get the better ones at this point. 
Bose reply
Try E-Bay...you can get new ones much cheaper there.
thank you Bose lovers!
to have mumblers come right out at you is terrific!  I am going to give it a try.  I heard you have 30 days to try their products, but I have a feeling I will enjoy them.
love my new Bose over-ear
I just got them a few weeks ago. I like the over-ear headphones, very quiet inside there. I hear almost nothing outside. Now my roommate can play his music loud enough for him and I don't hear it while working. They cost me $140 at Fry's Electronics in San Diego. Well worth the invesment as they work great on airplanes too! Music is awsome too!
Bose QC2 over ear headphones
These are the most comfy I've had. However, the over ear headphones do get a bit heavy after about 6-8 hrs. Bose makes 3 types, in ear, around ear and over ear.
Bose Headphones

I am really wanting to purchase some Bose headphones, but they are pricey, so I wanted to check here and see if anyone had them and if they are worth the money. 


Thank you,

Bose headphones
Don't get the earbuds - the rubber comfort thing always and I repeat ALWAYS falls off.  They have redesigned it and the new one does the same thing, just not as often.
Bose Headset
I remember someone talking about getting these headsets.  Did you get them?  Did you like them for transcription?  I'm hoping to get them for Christmas, but would like to know if they are worth it.
Bose headphones
Can anyone tell me what kind of Bose headphones work with computers? I have seen so many different kinds online, but not sure which model works with a computer...Thanks :)
I have Bose headsets

LIke some of the other posters said, bad sound files are bad sound files.  I have noticed a huge difference though in what constitutes a bad sound file for me since I got my Bose headphones.  Yes, they were pricey.  I spent about $150 for them.  I rarely have to crank the volume and I hardly ever get the staticky white noise sound that I did with regular "transcription" head phones.


We love our Bose radio too
We also just hooked up an external CD player to our Bose radio and you get the Bose sound quality that way. They are a great sound in a tiny pkg.!
Sorry, just woke up, lol. It is Bose, no Boise. lol
Bose Quiet Comfort 2 - now they have a new
version which supposedly is even better - QC3. They are AMAZING. They do block out background noise, though its subtle. And the clarity is amazing! I can hear what the doctor is thinking!
I'll second that on the Bose headphones!(sm)
I have the 1st generation Quiet Comfort phones and they are wonderful!!!  Doesn't get any bet than Bose!
Are these as good as Bose? I havent tried either, SM
but was thinking of getting the Bose.
Does anyone use the Bose headphones? Opinion? nm
I love my Bose earbuds!
They are definitely worth every penny.
Bose over the ear/passive headphones
i didn't want to mess with the batteries of active noise cancellation type, but this is a passive noise cancellation, extremely comfortable and good sound; has a nice long cord. i just don't like things in my ear anymore. got mine on ebay.
Bose quiet comfort 2
Pricey but worth it. Blocks out family's TV noise, muffles sound of vacuum cleaner, makes barely audible dictation clearer.

do the Bose QC2 require batteries?
If so, how often do you find you need to replace them - and/or do you think there is any health hazard to having batteries up next to your head?  thanks.