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mangled mini cassette tape

Posted By: irritated on 2008-10-27
In Reply to:

I have a sony mini-cassette tape that is bunched up on the inside to the point where I can no longer pull it to straighten it out. It is just stuck. This has a full day of dictation on it. Anyone know a gentle way of trying to pry this cassette apart? It's the only way I can straighten up the tape. I did it once before over a year ago and it took 4 hours, but it worked, but I don't remember what I used. I don't know how it happened. I just want to fix it because I'll have to be the one to tell this doctor he has to do his dictation all over and it won't be pretty. Thanks.

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mangled tape
I was able to take the cassette apart to get the tape inside unmangled, but now I'm trying to figure out how to roll it back up as tight as I can so it doesn't happen again, and I don't know how to do that. I have a few feet of tape hanging out and I can't roll it tight by hand unless I want to spend days on it, and it still may night be tight enough around the spool. The tape is intact so I don't think I need any splicing. I'm think right now this is just ridiculous that I'm having to do this and yes, the doctor is technotarded. He kept erasing his dictation accidentally on the digital recorder so went back to using cassette tapes.
mangled tape
A company I found on the web called audio-restoration.com repaired a tape for me.  The cost was $25.00.  The doctor's office paid for it because it beat having to redictate 1-1/2 hours of dictation.  It took about five days to get the tape back.
I have a broken cassette tape - where can I get it repaired
I tried doing a search on here, because a few years ago there was a post about a place that repairs broken cassette tapes.  I kind of remember it being in Florida somewhere, but I cannot find the thread.  Does anyone know where I can get a cassette tape fixed??? RAdio Shack says no, they don't fix them.
Are you referring to a cassette tape that has dictated material on it?

I would try to spool it back with the eraser tip of a pencil, but I wouldn't waste alot of time doing so.  I've had this happen in the past, and fortunately for me, I returned it to the physician, explained the problem, and he said, "no problem"...I'll just redictated it.  

I am again stating here that the single most important thing one can to do to ensure the quality and lifespan of tapes, is to keep them in their plastic case when not in your machine and being transcribed. 

If you mean one side of a mini tape
For my private mds, each side of a tape yields approximately 500 lines, takes me no more than 2 hours to do a side, sometimes 1-1/2 hours if I'm a speed demon and take no breaks!! 
This is an example of our mangled health care system.
So my husband smacks his elbow on something at work at the end of the day and as he is driving home notices his elbow is swelling up huge. He goes to the doctor and they say they can't do anything without his employer's consent to workers' comp and send him home without even an ice pack.  The next day he goes to work and his boss gives him $100 to say it was done at home and to go get it fixed.  I have taken a picture of his elbow and sent him to the doctor.  He had already told them it was done at work when he went in yesterday anyway, so he is going to tell his boss that and give the $100 back.  Amazing.
Micro cassette...

I already have my machine.  Do love that ebay though! 

Cassette charge
I do the same, micromini casettes and I pick up and email the work back. I charge .15 per line.
What is the best micro-cassette transcriber? SM
Believe it or not, some docs still use tapes.  I have a Sony transcriber but the tape fades in and out.  If I let off the foot pedal and then play again, the tape will get louder and clear and then gradually fade again.  It's really annoying and I'm thinking it's the transcriber.  Is there a machine out there that will play a tape with more clarity and consistency?
Belts, then regular cassette tapes...
then mini, then micro...an IBM Selectric then magnetic cards, then magnetic tapes...those were the days! 
In a pinch I have played the cassette in front of my computer mic and recorded using the sound playe
Mine is located by going to the start menu, to accessories, to games, to sound recorder. As long as it is quiet in the room, the sound quality is excellent.

There are micro, mini and standard transcribers.  Mini are not used very much and sometimes used ones can be a little hard to find but try E-Bay or Craigs list in your area.   We used to have a business that worked on our machines and would rent out machines but since digital came on -- they are out of business.  But on E-Bay you could find one used for under $50 probably.   She should pay for that.  As what to charge, it is not going to be as easy as you think and depending on the minutes on the tape, but if they are 30 minutes each side, expect 10 - 12 pages per tape side if you use Courier 12 and this could run anywhere from $50 to $70 if you charge standard rates.  (10 to 13 cpl).   Now if he is elderly, or if he stutters or pauses a lot it would be less lines but more frustration.   Again, I would at least listen to a few minutes on the recorder and see what it sounds like before taking on the job and don't be surprised if they expect you to do the entire job for about $50 instead of the $200 to $400 it would cost them from anyone else.  I have done seminars, books, statements, etc. and they are always shocked at how much it costs to get them transcribed and the amount of pages it turns out to be. 

That is my two cents for the day.  Patti


I also have mini dachsies .....

I have 2 miniature dachsies, a male and a female.  They're pad trained also.  My male has recently (he's 3, was neutered at 6 mo) started hiking his little short leg occasionally.  I think he does that now because my roommates Min-Pin does (who is also neutered, and is horrible about hiking his darn leg).  I'm fixing to start putting mine back in a crate.  I don't use a crate that's dachsie sized, I use a huge one (the next to largest size).

He has bad separation anxiety, etc, but, it's necessary.  I will just let him (& her) outside when I get home, and we'll stay outside until business is taken care of.    If you want to email me, I have a site that has good tips on training dachsies.  They're stubborn little tykes, but just so gosh darned lovable

Mini cassettes
I have a friend who has mini cassettes that need to be transcribed from father on WWII stories.   What would be the easiest/fastest way to transcribe these?  Do I  need a special machine, of course I want the foot pedal/headphones, but I do not know if possible as I do not have a mini cassette machine with those capabilities and I surely do not want to manually rewind, FF, etc.  Any suggestions to help her out?  She wants me to transcribe them and will pay me and I do not know what to charge either if I can even do it. 
mini cassettes
I'm pretty sure Lanier makes (or made) a machine with headphones and speakers that would fit those sized tapes.  Maybe you could contact their website and see if you can get your hands on a used one.  As far as what to charge, well if she's your friend, that's up to you. 
have you tried a rebounder? (mini-trampoline)...
Depending on your ceilings, you can bounce right in front of the TV! My boyfriend bought me one at my request.

Just research on the net...lots of benefits...even with bad knees, etc. you can bounce. Almost effortless, and very affordable as well. No other equipment to buy, no shoes even needed...

Like anything, though, you have to do it and stick with it. Yoga is awesome, too, when I have time...

Above all else, I still find walking the best...just 1-3 miles whenever I can do it--about 3/week...
verbal mini-test

what is the "verbal" test entail for transcription radiology?

I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
Hey! I just got my second dach (mini). Henry is in my lap at this moment.
Geez, and I also remember Mini-Poo, which was the same thing. nm
R those Bose mini-stereos worth it?
I'm thinking of getting a Bose bookshelf CD players but they are soooo expensive ($800) I'm wondering if they are as great as I've heard (at least in their own literature). Anyone have one?
2005 MINI Cooper S - two of 'em.
roast in mini bites (finger food)
going to cut up one of the bison roasts into bite sized pieces, shake in a bit of flour, and pan-fry nice and slow. It makes such yummy bites! probably have a home-grown salad too...i made some tater soup with left-over brocolli and gr beans for lunch -- we are blessed with too much good food. i need to use some squash too :)
I agree; it was a decent mini-course. Maybe they're trying to right some old wrongs.
Brings back memories! I had a computer fan that sounded like a mini helicopter! Kept
calling my company and having them "listen".  They weren't concerned. It did actually blow up one day - a little mini "poof" of fire, 2 seconds of light smelly smoke, and she was dead!!  A goner!  Never heard it before, never heard it after, but one did make noise and it died a month later!
Question for mini-laptop users. Are you able to use Dictaphone Extext program
on one of these. I noticed a lot of them do have Windows XP Home Edition but only like Microsoft Works for the word processing. I guess my question is are you able to down Dictaphone or does it have to have a Word processin program in order to download it.
Tape - sm
I just saw some down the street from me, it was yellow with black letters saying "CAUTION".
There is a tape
and available at most Home Depot or Lowe's stores.  Bright yellow with black lettering.  Used it on our home when we had a major disaster so no one would fall in major holes in our yard.  Worked well.
A few years ago I was shopping for Halloween goods and in a store like I-Party they have that tape for Halloween - try one of those stores. I bought some years ago for a mummy and coffin for front yard. Just an idea.
that is why I tape them
I'll watch them while I iron, etc. Then I don't feel so guilty for "just watching TV". Plus you can zip through the commercials.
The one I used did not use tape
Sorry, I don't remember make or model, it was a while ago. But I would dial into the hospital's dictation system. That was where the voice files were stored. I had to have a dedicated phone line with unlimited long distance for the C-phone.
I too used to tape the tape together (sm)
You might lose a bit of dictation where you are taping it together, but I was usually able to salvage most of it. Good luck! :)
Anyone know how to erase tape with...

a Lanier transcriber?  Bought it on ebay and do not see an erase function.



Tape erase

A lot of people also have disabled the erasing mechanism so that tapes cannot accidentally be erased and have to manually erase them.   I have always done that to prevent it after my first accidental erasure.  Other than allowing the tape to play forward without background noise, to tape over what is there,  no answers here and have been using tapes for 15+ years.   A manual eraser cost is cheap.  


Tape eraser
You might wish to invest in a tape eraser; the one I have is from a company by the name of Geneva. The device consists of some strontium-ferrite magnets in a housing; just pass the tape through the housing and it is erased. The part number and description are as follows:

Audio cassette / mini-data cartridge eraser QM-230

Phone: 1-800-328-6795
Hope this helps.

Do you have a tape transcriber, or does it have to be
voice files?  I have some practice dictation minicassette tapes here that I'd be willing to send you.  As for the voice files, you could try Google searching.  I typed in "medical transcription" practice sound files download   but don't really have time to search through the results.  I don't even know if there's anything out there.
tape her or get it in an e-mail or IM, something
try barricade tape
or cordoning tape, but I didnt find much on that
To MTs who transcribe via tape- SM

I found great, low-cost software that allows you to convert tapes to digital files (MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.).  Check out www.dak.com !  Your PC needs a sound card and a line-in connection (usually next to your line out to plug in your headset or speakers), as well as a tape player and an actual line that plugs from your PC line-in to your tape player.  Think they call that line a male-to-male or male-to-female or something like that (got my line from www.martelelectronics.com).  Use Dak to convert your music cassettes, too.  Hope this helps!

P.S., I'm an MT, not from DAK

The end of the tape becomes detached
from the spool and is no longer winding outside the case/housing. It is all wound on one spool. Our office manager has been able to repair some by taking the tape apart and reattaching to the spool, so we can get some of the info off of it, but by handling the tape, etc. it distorts it to where we can't hear some of what was dictated and we lose some notes. Thanks! I will suggest one of those brands.
I never got rid of my tape-player or my -sm
typewriter. You just never know what sort of disaster could come up in the future, where those things would be a real life-saver. And amazingly, PCs never increased my daily work output. It actually DECREASED a bit once we went to PCs.
One tape about 2 hours.
or make templates.
Broken tape

HELP!  I have had a microcassette tape break.  Any ideas on how to fix it (if possible!)? 


fixing tape
I had that happen quite a few times - take a very small piece of scotch tape and splice the pieces together- cut the scotch tape as narrow as the cassette tape is so that it will line up on the rollers.  You will lose the dictation at that spot - probably a sentence or so - but it's better than nothing. On mine, I had to pry open the cassette case because the ends were inside.  If you end up having to do that, pry it open carefully. Hope this helps. 
Scotch tape
Try putting a little scotch tape over the letters.  You can rewrite them with a fine sharpie.
I have 2 tape accounts.

I love it!  It is so cut and dry.  I throw the tape in and start typing.  You may save time so people think by going digital, but it takes time to upload and download voice files.  I just find that throwing the tape and typing is just simple!  Of course, I'm a simple person.

In answer to your question, yes I think you may have something there as the tape doctors do not want to go digital because they like doing things simply.  They don't want a lot of hassle, and yes, I do believe there are physicians that still like the old method.  Some do not think that digital is very user friendly. 

The other problem with digital is there needs to be someone in the office doing the uploading, which mean the physician is paying them to do that.  With the tape, the doctor puts it in a folder with his patient list at the end of the day, and then leaves it for me.  The only thing required by the office staff is the copying and mailing when I bring the work back usually anywhere from 3-4 days later.  They do not require 24-hour turnaround, which is great.  But, if they do need a note, which happens very rarely, I can simply fax it over to the office.

I am quite content with my tape accounts and the other thing I like is the networking.  I can network with the office staff and feel like a movie star since they don't see me every day.  They usually stop what they are doing for a friendly quick chat, which is very nice.  I have business cards that I carry just in case someone mentions to me that so and so is looking for a transcriptionist. 

Broken tape. sm.
I just broke my dictation tape while rewinding it.  Should I try to open it and put it back on the wheel.  Any ideas.   I has three days of dication on it.   Thanks.
if you need to cut it, you can tape it back together.
tape broke
Did you hear me scream? I guess I'll cut and tape and try it from there.
Do you have a tape in the machine?--sm
If there is no tape with dictation, there would be nothing for the machine to indicate. My Lanier has a counter but is not this model. This site has info on the 210--http://www.transcribesolutions.com/lavwmicama2.html

Hope this helps.

erase tape update

See below, don't want to rewrite the entire thing but it did all work out.   Basically I had put the envelope and tape from one day in a different spot due to being in a hurry and the other one the doc did not hand in as he was going on vacation.  So when both were gone, I thought I had erased them and handed them back in.  When I told the doc that I thought I had erased one and he grinned at me and gave me the tape, he told me to include some extra charge for the time I spent looking for the tape -- so it did all work out.  God just threw me a curve to tell me to slow down.   I averaged 2500 to 3000 lines per day last week and that was with one doctor on vacation.  So just hurried, hurried, hurried.   Thank you to all of you for your support, it really helped me in a tme of need.   Patti