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I agree; it was a decent mini-course. Maybe they're trying to right some old wrongs.

Posted By: Quisted Sister on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: yes - and i did


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All I want for Christmas is a decent job, a decent job, a decent job.

One that's not 95% ESLs, steady workload, steady accounts, good communication, office staff who aren't rude buckpassers, decent line rate, no offshoring, direct deposit, flexible schedule, not having to do 50+ 30-second reports per day, and a platform conducive to speed.  I know it's not possible, but a girl can dream, can't she?  This is, after all, my Christmas wish list.  I never get what I want for Christmas.  Why is that too much to ask for?  It doesn't even matter anyways.  After Christmas, I QUIT MT!!!!  Burger King is just down the street, and they give food discounts.

No, two wrongs don't make a right.
I don't want to be labeled a cherrypicker, too.  I do bring it to the account manager's attention.  If nothing's done about it and I'm not making any money, I quit.  I'm not doing the worst work for low wages while everyone else rolls in the dough.
However, two wrongs don't make a right.
they'll be around for a long time to entertain you as they have nothing better to do.
We arent talking about the wrongs of the
My parents taught me that 2 wrongs do not make a right.....
I guess you didn't learn that, or worse you think that *makes* it all right. And people wonder what is wrong with the world these days? Your message pretty clearly outlines it, in my opinion. Working under another Social Security number, no matter WHO does it is wrong, wrong, and, oh yes, ILLEGAL!
Shame on you! 2 wrongs dont make a right.
hook into your electricity without paying you just because she could.  Creative utilities?  Cheatiing the government is cheating me, you and every other citizen. If it is okay for her to cheat. let her confine it to sticking her hand in YOUR pocket, she can keep it out of mine.  What your g'mom think of you condoning this behavior?  Do you teach your kids to cheat on tests? 
Or in the case of our government, a million wrongs don't make it right, but ...

doesn't stop Uncle Sam from wronging us on a daily basis.  Look, the bottom line is I will do what I have to do to feed, clothe, and house my kids.  I don't feel guilty about finding shortcuts around the enormous mountains the government puts in my way nor should Doxie.  She's trying to take care of her grandkids so her kids can go to the middle east and serve their country and us all.  A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.

You can call me a thief.  My conscience is clear.  My kids are healthy, well-fed, and have a home.  I give to charity, tithe to my church, and volunteer at the food pantry in my town.  I give back when I can -- not to the government, but to my community! 

I am not the only person in American who stives to pay as little taxes to the government as I can.  The government cheats us all.  Do two wrongs make a right?  I'm not trying to make a right, I'm just trying to survive.

One year and you make decent money? What is decent money to you?

There are micro, mini and standard transcribers.  Mini are not used very much and sometimes used ones can be a little hard to find but try E-Bay or Craigs list in your area.   We used to have a business that worked on our machines and would rent out machines but since digital came on -- they are out of business.  But on E-Bay you could find one used for under $50 probably.   She should pay for that.  As what to charge, it is not going to be as easy as you think and depending on the minutes on the tape, but if they are 30 minutes each side, expect 10 - 12 pages per tape side if you use Courier 12 and this could run anywhere from $50 to $70 if you charge standard rates.  (10 to 13 cpl).   Now if he is elderly, or if he stutters or pauses a lot it would be less lines but more frustration.   Again, I would at least listen to a few minutes on the recorder and see what it sounds like before taking on the job and don't be surprised if they expect you to do the entire job for about $50 instead of the $200 to $400 it would cost them from anyone else.  I have done seminars, books, statements, etc. and they are always shocked at how much it costs to get them transcribed and the amount of pages it turns out to be. 

That is my two cents for the day.  Patti


I also have mini dachsies .....

I have 2 miniature dachsies, a male and a female.  They're pad trained also.  My male has recently (he's 3, was neutered at 6 mo) started hiking his little short leg occasionally.  I think he does that now because my roommates Min-Pin does (who is also neutered, and is horrible about hiking his darn leg).  I'm fixing to start putting mine back in a crate.  I don't use a crate that's dachsie sized, I use a huge one (the next to largest size).

He has bad separation anxiety, etc, but, it's necessary.  I will just let him (& her) outside when I get home, and we'll stay outside until business is taken care of.    If you want to email me, I have a site that has good tips on training dachsies.  They're stubborn little tykes, but just so gosh darned lovable

Mini cassettes
I have a friend who has mini cassettes that need to be transcribed from father on WWII stories.   What would be the easiest/fastest way to transcribe these?  Do I  need a special machine, of course I want the foot pedal/headphones, but I do not know if possible as I do not have a mini cassette machine with those capabilities and I surely do not want to manually rewind, FF, etc.  Any suggestions to help her out?  She wants me to transcribe them and will pay me and I do not know what to charge either if I can even do it. 
mini cassettes
I'm pretty sure Lanier makes (or made) a machine with headphones and speakers that would fit those sized tapes.  Maybe you could contact their website and see if you can get your hands on a used one.  As far as what to charge, well if she's your friend, that's up to you. 
have you tried a rebounder? (mini-trampoline)...
Depending on your ceilings, you can bounce right in front of the TV! My boyfriend bought me one at my request.

Just research on the net...lots of benefits...even with bad knees, etc. you can bounce. Almost effortless, and very affordable as well. No other equipment to buy, no shoes even needed...

Like anything, though, you have to do it and stick with it. Yoga is awesome, too, when I have time...

Above all else, I still find walking the best...just 1-3 miles whenever I can do it--about 3/week...
verbal mini-test

what is the "verbal" test entail for transcription radiology?

If you mean one side of a mini tape
For my private mds, each side of a tape yields approximately 500 lines, takes me no more than 2 hours to do a side, sometimes 1-1/2 hours if I'm a speed demon and take no breaks!! 
I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
Hey! I just got my second dach (mini). Henry is in my lap at this moment.
Geez, and I also remember Mini-Poo, which was the same thing. nm
R those Bose mini-stereos worth it?
I'm thinking of getting a Bose bookshelf CD players but they are soooo expensive ($800) I'm wondering if they are as great as I've heard (at least in their own literature). Anyone have one?
2005 MINI Cooper S - two of 'em.
mangled mini cassette tape

I have a sony mini-cassette tape that is bunched up on the inside to the point where I can no longer pull it to straighten it out. It is just stuck. This has a full day of dictation on it. Anyone know a gentle way of trying to pry this cassette apart? It's the only way I can straighten up the tape. I did it once before over a year ago and it took 4 hours, but it worked, but I don't remember what I used. I don't know how it happened. I just want to fix it because I'll have to be the one to tell this doctor he has to do his dictation all over and it won't be pretty. Thanks.

I agree......some think they're not obligated
roast in mini bites (finger food)
going to cut up one of the bison roasts into bite sized pieces, shake in a bit of flour, and pan-fry nice and slow. It makes such yummy bites! probably have a home-grown salad too...i made some tater soup with left-over brocolli and gr beans for lunch -- we are blessed with too much good food. i need to use some squash too :)
I agree except you're the pot calling the kettle black.....
"I wonder what you're work looks like"............It is your work, not you're as that is short for you are. If you use the contraction, that means you are saying "I wonder what you are work looks like.
I agree, fishy. If you're an IC you'll have to take out approx.
30% on top of the 25% they're going to keep, but will you have to claim earnings of it all, even their 25%. Hmmmm, I think I'd be asking a LOT of questions because why aren't they just saying you'll make 9.75 cents instead of 13 cents that you'll really NOT be making.
I agree! They're looking for you to upload to a network drive,
which is totally not your responsibility to provide for them. If they don't want to install a network and dedicated drive, they can turn on their file sharing but allow ONE computer to be the master computer. All other computers would have access to the shared folder on the "main" computer. However, they would HAVE to be sure they uploaded the files again to the main drive after making changes.

As for the search feature, they've already got that built into Windows. Start Menu, Search for Documents, Advanced Search options, "A word or phrase contained in the document," type the patient's name into the box, and specify which drive to search on. Hit OK and voila!
Brings back memories! I had a computer fan that sounded like a mini helicopter! Kept
calling my company and having them "listen".  They weren't concerned. It did actually blow up one day - a little mini "poof" of fire, 2 seconds of light smelly smoke, and she was dead!!  A goner!  Never heard it before, never heard it after, but one did make noise and it died a month later!
Question for mini-laptop users. Are you able to use Dictaphone Extext program
on one of these. I noticed a lot of them do have Windows XP Home Edition but only like Microsoft Works for the word processing. I guess my question is are you able to down Dictaphone or does it have to have a Word processin program in order to download it.
DixieDew, I don't always agree with your political views, but you're right on the money in thi

You bet I agree! Red splotches and swollen lips? It's sad we're more concerned... (sm)

About your husband than you are! If you want someone to agree with you no matter what you say, ask your momma! If you want opinions and ask for 'em, don't whine when you get 'em!

 MT in Novi

I totally agree and keep in mind the quality of the dictation where you're at currently. SM

You're already used to the dictators where you're at now.  I can almost guarantee that the quality of the dictation will decrease and the number of ESL will increase whatever national you choose to go to compared to where you're at now.  Even if you do luck out and a get a good account at a national, there is still the transitional phase where you getting to know the dictators, account specifics, etc. and your production will decrease considerably than what you are used to.

I'd stay where you're at, choose a national that you like, one that gets more positive feedback than negative, and try it on for size.

Good Luck!

I agree with this; hence, my query about how folks who say that they're working for SERVICES ...
are making this kind of money. 
Totally agree. They're no longer paying for this so-called skill
and that's part of the reason the quality is down.
Agree! What about your hubs, kids, sex life, groceries? Something's gotta give if you're doing
Decent MT job
Good luck in finding one any more. I have checked on several and they are all as bad as or even worse than MQ. That's why for the time being, I am staying with them. Everybody wants us to work for peanuts nowadays, thinks we can just jump from one account to another with 100% QA, understanding totally strange doctors who don't speak English, etc. The people in charge don't have a clue just how difficult this job really is. I wish I could retire!
I was responding actually to DECENT MT
...rather than EXCELLENT MT.


Nice attide, though.

I don't know companies that charge 18 to 20 CPL!!! The most I've heard of is 13. Who charges 18-20 CPL, please? And who are they sleeping with??? :)

I lie... I forgot that in mentioning sleeping with..... There was a surgical group whose director's wife started a service and charged her husband and his partners 18 CPL.

They now offshore to India, however.
Where is there a decent company???
I would like to know exactly WHERE to apply to a decent company that is not the same as or worse than MQ? I have checked into several and they all leave a lot to be desired. I have lots of experience, have 99% QA reports, and would like to be paid for it. I have not found anybody who is willing to pay me any more than I am making at MQ, plus they have a lot of rules about strict schedules, etc. that were a lot worse than MQ. I would love to quit MQ, but where is there a better place???? Let's hear some POSITIVE answers for a change----.
How does asking someone which companies are decent

equate into having them do your resume and work for you?  That's a stretch.  Word of mouth is all we have here because the people doing the hiring are naturally going to make their company sound like the best one out there.

Personally, I am sick and tired of searching for a decent MT job.  I've been looking for over month now with no luck.  It's not for lack of experience or effort.  I'm not unqualified or a lousy worker either.  I get really tired of being put on the most difficult accounts right off the bat or being bounced from one account to another for coverage.  I want a decent platform that doesn't require you to jump to four different places just to find the header demographics information.  Time is money.  It's gotten to the point that I don't even know what I want any more.  Everyone wants full-time, odd shifts, Tu-Sa, or a C-phone.  I've seriously been thinking about going back to selling stuff on ebay because I'm so frustrated.  I give up.

That would be the decent thing to do
deleting posts where it is mentioned. It seems very juvenile and shady for them to just delete the posts without any sort of response.  If you take a stance on something, you should be willing to truly stand behind your decision.  They are acting like they are ashamed of the position they have decided to take on this matter.
That's a decent salary.
Then, I would say 9 cpl to 10 cpl would be a decent offer.
Go for it! 
Decent money is out there
Most of you know me from this board and I just want to share this with you guys.  One of my gals that I met through a nephew's baseball team -- he and her son played together and we go to the same church.  She had two terms  of medical terminology/some transcription underneath her belt, many years in the law field as a paralegal, etc.   She wanted to work at home, make some extra money, etc.  I took her in and started her on my psych accounts and the onto some IM accounts.  She got the psych accounts quite well but had trouble with the IM.  We butted heads several times over scheduling, etc.  She did not understand the 24 TAT and so on.  But we perservered together.  She finally got a job in an attorney's office part-time doing some medical review, etc. and quit me.   On good terms.  Then last November I helped her land a GYN account that we started off together and I just handed off to her as it was not worth my while to drive 25 miles for what dictation was there.   It was my business name and years in experience that landed the job.  She took it over and tonight she informed me that she is so glad that I kept at her and perservered with her as she is now making $42 to $45 an hour typing for them.  She is like me charges only .12 cpl but because of auto corrects, macro's and shortcuts that I helped her with, she is making good money.  If fact in Sept when they add another doctor she is going to quit her legal job completely because she makes more with this account with less hours or if she keeps the legal job she is going to do what I did and mentor and help someone else break into the field.  Again these are tape accounts, with pick up and delivery and the little accounts no one else wants but they provide us with a good living. Again, I don't look at the cpl but at my hourly rate and that is what keeps me happpy.  She just wanted to thank me for helping her out and I am really happy for her.   Yea we spoil our accounts but they reciprocate with decent money.  So for those that want your own accounts, keep at it, takes time and patience but you can get there.  I had most profitable year ever this year and less hours. 
decent money
Better than I would make at a 40 hour week clerical job in my area. Much better. I don't have benefits, but I don't need them because my husband has great benefits with his job. I DO get quarterly bonuses though that are more than my yearly bonus at my previous office job. No, I won't get rich doing this. And yes, I put in a lot of hours. I work hard. I research. I have invested in good reference materials. And I love my job.
What exactly do you consider *decent* money, (sm)
and what part of the country do you live/work in? What's "decent" pay in rural Kentucky or Iowa is food-stamp time in Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego or New York, just to name a few.
in bed, and have a husband with a decent job
No decent MTs just excuse to keep pay low. Pay
I had some decent Americans,
some decent nurses, and then started getting probably the worst dictator on my account. Is 15 blanks a problem? :o}

Is a decent MT job too much to ask for these days!?!?!?

is it too much to ask for a decent job as an MT anymore?  i am so fed up with the big services and how they take you for granted, ignore your requests for help, clunky, time-consuming, line-stealing platforms that i could just scream! (please excuse my lack of punctuation and any type-o's, this is a forum and i just really don't care right now!!!)

i am so sick of sitting at my computer all day long to only get out 500 lines a day and it's not my lack of committment, lack of focus, or any of the like....it's the out-dated, stupid "platforms" we are expected to type in and now they are even setting it up where we're typing in little boxes and not hitting return to go from section to section, i'm sure in an effort to reduce payable characters. 

I am just at my wits end.  i have been applying for jobs that are not in the field of MT for the last two years and cannot get any replies to jobs besides "work at home" scams and the like. 


Try 80% ESL with the other 20% on ASR; any decent doctor is on ASR at 1/2 the pay....nm
What are you talking about when you say decent?
Would be hard to say, according to what you are used to making. What have you come up with in your calculations?
It's pretty decent

Especially if your account is a tough one with ESLs, etc.  150 lph is nothing to sneeze at.  As to getting faster, it's all about your expanders.  If you have the same doctors at all, create templates as much as possible for them.  Save their phrases, etc.  If you type headings for reports, save the headings with the formatting, etc as a macro so you just have to hit one or two keys to bring it up.  If templates, don't work, then really concentrate on your regular typing expanders.  Any multi word phrase that you use more than once needs to have an Expander or an abbreviation.   Any word that is longer than four characters has an abbreviation for me - or at least I'm working towards that.   Really work on getting to the point where you don't type any word out in full.  That's the hard part.  Sometimes it seems like it's faster to just type and not figure out what the expansion is for that word, but it pays off in the long run.  The other thing that helps me is to put mistakes in that I routinely type, i.e., teh = the, taht = that.  I have found that doing that has made a huge difference - I'm not stopping to correct those automatically any more.  Pretty much any typo goes into the library with the correct word attached.

You'll get there.  Good luck.