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Brings back memories! I had a computer fan that sounded like a mini helicopter! Kept

Posted By: MTQ on 2005-07-28
In Reply to: Computer fans - are they supposed to be noisy? - MTSO

calling my company and having them "listen".  They weren't concerned. It did actually blow up one day - a little mini "poof" of fire, 2 seconds of light smelly smoke, and she was dead!!  A goner!  Never heard it before, never heard it after, but one did make noise and it died a month later!

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Now that brings back memories!! (sm)
Yes we have come a long way since pre IMB electric typewriters. Seriously I use to use a manual carriage return. That is how far I go back... Scary though. I really do like the progess we have made. Although we worked then!! No office chit chat, no line counts, no productivity standards, you just typed your 8 hours and clocked out. There is something to be said for that.
Man did you bring back the memories for me

Mine was silver with a black vinyl roof.  I paid more for the wheels and tires then I did for the car!!!  Had it re-painted and LOVED it.  Only girl who could drive a stick and was proud of it.  teehee!  Them were the days!

This brought back some memories...
I was once approached in a Barnes & Noble AND a laudromat! LOL
Boy, you brought back memories. I remember crying too and thinking I'd never get it that first y
How do you set your computer back 1 day. I messed something up and need to go back 1 day.
A rescue helicopter crashed in N.O. but all got out
safe and alive. My heart and prayers go out to all these people.
Take the computer back and buy a used one - sm
that was the same as your old one, then you won't have these problems, and the computer will be cheap to boot.
How you you all back-up your computer files? sm
I am getting a new computer and want to transfer all my files over, but I've never done this and have no clue how to do it!  Also, I work on Escription and ExText so is it possible to transfer these files over as well?
Help! I forgot how to set my computer back 4-5 days. Anybody help?
Who can I contact at Spheris about getting deposit back for computer?
The yellow cable plugs into the back of your computer and (sm)
the other end into the modem. If only one computer is being hooked up, plug it into the slot labeled E1, otherwise you may experience an occasional error message of: "network connection has become unplugged." I hear your frustration regarding ESL "help" technicians -- Vonage is full of them!
computer chair for lower back support
Can anyone out there help quicken my shopping for a new chair? My lower back is out for the first time in years and I need to seriously shop for a good supportive chair. Anyone who has discovered one, please write back with the scoop - I will appreciate it!
Foot pedal connects to the back of the computer, not outlet
Stick a note on the computer screen...Back in 2 weeks. :-) nm
this brings up other questions. Are you
in a state that makes you carry liability on your car? they may all now for all I know. However, I upped my standard full coverage from what they call 25/50/25 to 50/100/50 with an increase on personal injury of 5,000 to 10,000 (the maximum). It was only a few dollars more per policy. A friend of mine was hit head on by someone who went to sleep at the wheel at noon and life flight alone was 5,000. You would think she came out like a champ, but she listened to some stupid people she worked with (unbelievable how many people wanted her vicodin which she could not take) and took a personal injury lawyer who totally blew her off for the least amount. My other point about personal injury was a guy who bit down on something he ate while driving, broke a crown, and filed it on his personal injury instead of dental or medical insurance. Just adding to the thought pool.

There are micro, mini and standard transcribers.  Mini are not used very much and sometimes used ones can be a little hard to find but try E-Bay or Craigs list in your area.   We used to have a business that worked on our machines and would rent out machines but since digital came on -- they are out of business.  But on E-Bay you could find one used for under $50 probably.   She should pay for that.  As what to charge, it is not going to be as easy as you think and depending on the minutes on the tape, but if they are 30 minutes each side, expect 10 - 12 pages per tape side if you use Courier 12 and this could run anywhere from $50 to $70 if you charge standard rates.  (10 to 13 cpl).   Now if he is elderly, or if he stutters or pauses a lot it would be less lines but more frustration.   Again, I would at least listen to a few minutes on the recorder and see what it sounds like before taking on the job and don't be surprised if they expect you to do the entire job for about $50 instead of the $200 to $400 it would cost them from anyone else.  I have done seminars, books, statements, etc. and they are always shocked at how much it costs to get them transcribed and the amount of pages it turns out to be. 

That is my two cents for the day.  Patti


Life brings with it the ignorant!
Most patients probably don't realize that it is the nurse that handles their care essentially.  She/he alerts the doctor with problems, questions that arise, health status, etc.  The physician will "round", but it is the nurse that handles the "triage" tasks so to speak.  The patients are usually nice to the doctors, but expect the nurses to be their "slaves".  Yes, I am also a patient advocate since I've lost both of my parents in an inpatient healthcare setting and both with terminal diseases, but I also believe that a hospital is not a "hotel" where every whimsical desire is granted.  To understand why a nurse would say that is quite easy.  Transcriptionists sit at desks and look like secretaries.  It is only when the Transcriptionist is not there that the triumphs are noticed by others.  When I left a hospital setting, I had to train six, I mind you, (6) people to do my job.  I was full-time.  It is funny how much transcriptionists do that goes unnoticed until they are no longer there to do it.  What a smack in the face that hospital got, and it is a shame because it is the patient that will suffer.  Unfortunately, we don't usually get the recognition we deserve, but at least we can sleep at night knowing we've contributed.  I wonder if the same posters on these boards that complain they are unappreciated are the same ones complaining about having to work the holidays???????  I'm sure I'll get blasted for that one!  Oh well, I love my job and most people do that are in the transcription field, hence, they would not do it at all!  Wouldn't most of you agree?  I don't want to offend anyone, but it is just how I feel!  Be safe out there! 
it brings a login screen
no article comes up...
I also have mini dachsies .....

I have 2 miniature dachsies, a male and a female.  They're pad trained also.  My male has recently (he's 3, was neutered at 6 mo) started hiking his little short leg occasionally.  I think he does that now because my roommates Min-Pin does (who is also neutered, and is horrible about hiking his darn leg).  I'm fixing to start putting mine back in a crate.  I don't use a crate that's dachsie sized, I use a huge one (the next to largest size).

He has bad separation anxiety, etc, but, it's necessary.  I will just let him (& her) outside when I get home, and we'll stay outside until business is taken care of.    If you want to email me, I have a site that has good tips on training dachsies.  They're stubborn little tykes, but just so gosh darned lovable

Mini cassettes
I have a friend who has mini cassettes that need to be transcribed from father on WWII stories.   What would be the easiest/fastest way to transcribe these?  Do I  need a special machine, of course I want the foot pedal/headphones, but I do not know if possible as I do not have a mini cassette machine with those capabilities and I surely do not want to manually rewind, FF, etc.  Any suggestions to help her out?  She wants me to transcribe them and will pay me and I do not know what to charge either if I can even do it. 
mini cassettes
I'm pretty sure Lanier makes (or made) a machine with headphones and speakers that would fit those sized tapes.  Maybe you could contact their website and see if you can get your hands on a used one.  As far as what to charge, well if she's your friend, that's up to you. 
He sounded
like the 'serial killer' type.  pretty scary.
wow... sorry then... my memories are nothing like that. sm
Granted, I'm only in my early 30s, so maybe I don't go back to the 60s, but still... I never walked away feeling over-indulged. However, my parents worked hard and if they went on vacation, they took us, too... it's called being a family. We're not talking about going out to eat once in a while by yourselves... we're talking about a vacation. And, yeah, if my parents had taken off to Florida for a vacation without me, I'd have felt slighted, too. And, yes, I take my kids on vacation with me. If I go, they go. And you know what? I enjoy taking my kids. They're great people. Maybe if my kids were total snots, then I'd consider going without them, too. But I've raised my kids the right way... I respect them and they respect me. Sounds like maybe the original poster has been a little over-indulgent with her kids... not in terms of giving them too many vacations, but maybe not enforcing rules and respect....
Yes, wow, memories...sm
I used IBM Selectrics at most all jobs in the late 70's/early 80's.  I remember transcribing for a clinic and there were about 40 girls in 2 big rooms.  At that particular job, the "computer" was introduced and they replaced our electric typewriters (gasp, how were we going to get our work done?)!  The "computers" were big, clunky things that were very scary looking.  After being on them about a week, everybody loved them and we all felt our production improved tremendously.  Just look at our computers now!
My last real vacation was renting two condos along with my sisters and their children and my parents on the beautiful Gulf of Mississippi and New Orleans in 2000. This was the last vacation with my father (Died 10/15/00 of cancer) and Katrina blew away Long Beach. So glad I went. Actually argued about the trip. I wanted to go to Stone Mountain outside ATL. I am so glad we did this family trip. The memories are priceless.
The memories she will have (sm)
are the most precious things. Remember that through it all as you juggle this. You are giving her something money can't buy.

death in the family brings strife
Why is it that when a family member dies it brings strife among people who are supposed to love each other? My father-in-law passed away recently. My son plays baseball at his high school and  my husband and I had bought his father a jacket for Christmas one year that had the school logo and his name. He came to all of our son's games with that coat on. My problem is that my husband's sister took it without asking if we wanted it. We were planning on keeping it for our son to remember his grandfather and all the games he came to see. Any advice? Let it go? or ask for the coat back? I guess I am more upset that she didn't even ask (we did get it for him for Christmas as a gift) than anything else.
Depression? Brings our jobs home
I personally think we are headed for a depression.  I believe in our gung-ho desire to improve our trade partners (invest in our country so we could continue to export our debt) we mistakenly sent our jobs overseas.  Now, facing high unemployment, we need our jobs back.  Therefore, I am asking that you contact your local congresspeople and request that our jobs be brought back from foreign countries, thus increasing domestic production and increasing the number of jobs.  This is the perfect time to do this. In order to come out of a depression, we have to increase production.  We cannot export all production and having to produce.  Believe me, now is the time to request our jobs be brought back to the U.S.  The alternative is extremely bleak, and your elected officials know it.
HECK YEAH!!! FINALLy someone brings this up
Me and my mother in law both work for MQ and we were just talking about that. I am sure when people find out their info including addresses and ss# are going over seas then maybe they will want it stopped!!!
have you tried a rebounder? (mini-trampoline)...
Depending on your ceilings, you can bounce right in front of the TV! My boyfriend bought me one at my request.

Just research on the net...lots of benefits...even with bad knees, etc. you can bounce. Almost effortless, and very affordable as well. No other equipment to buy, no shoes even needed...

Like anything, though, you have to do it and stick with it. Yoga is awesome, too, when I have time...

Above all else, I still find walking the best...just 1-3 miles whenever I can do it--about 3/week...
verbal mini-test

what is the "verbal" test entail for transcription radiology?

If you mean one side of a mini tape
For my private mds, each side of a tape yields approximately 500 lines, takes me no more than 2 hours to do a side, sometimes 1-1/2 hours if I'm a speed demon and take no breaks!! 
Ok, thanks. I think it might be new AAMT changes. That's what it sounded like to me.
I'm going to post another ? at the top of the page. Can't believe how quickly this moved down! Thanks again!
Oh, such lovely memories of you
I like the way you sign your name "my goodness" makes me think of the other night when you went to take a toke of my stogie you said the same thing "My goodness, Frank, you are are......" you know the rest my dear.
Since you had a bad ESL did you blank or put what it sounded like?
Sounded fishy to me

They are both identical, polite and too exact and to me sounded like it was someone attempting to appear to be American.  Maybe I am a skeptic but that is my gut feeling.



Thanks for the memories, RadGuy!
Need to find my Diablo disk.
That sounded all normal to me. And SM
remember that the day after Christmas there won't be much work anywhere.
sounded gross at first to me, but
This doesn't sound very appetizing to me, but I do love the McDonald's McGriddles. It's like having the bacon or sausage between your pancakes. So very good!
I know it sounded hypocritical
But, it is like I traded 1 problem for another.  I did feel like I was being jilted.  They never gave raises, they never delivered what was promised, they played favorites, but the money was better than what I am making now.  I had to dip out of my retirement account to pay off some bills. I just couldn't make the monthly payments anymore.  I am still not able to get health insurance.  I just cannot afford it.  Sometimes, I wonder if I should not have taken the heat and stayed.   I talked to my ex supe today and it almost made me ill, so I won't go back.  I did not even ask. 
Oh the memories! haha nm
My sister's cat brings babies home and she doesn't know from where
Google brings up wrong spellings etc. all the time.
Pick just about any medical equipment and search it spelled different ways; you will likely find them all on Google. To me it is basically useless for MT work because I have to check the books anyway in most cases.

Here's an example of what I find:

Flowseal™, FloSeal®

Both even claiming to be the trademark brand name.

Can't rely on Google.
Could be....are you familiar with these companies? Archives brings up MedScribes.....nm
I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
Hey! I just got my second dach (mini). Henry is in my lap at this moment.
Geez, and I also remember Mini-Poo, which was the same thing. nm
R those Bose mini-stereos worth it?
I'm thinking of getting a Bose bookshelf CD players but they are soooo expensive ($800) I'm wondering if they are as great as I've heard (at least in their own literature). Anyone have one?
2005 MINI Cooper S - two of 'em.
mangled mini cassette tape

I have a sony mini-cassette tape that is bunched up on the inside to the point where I can no longer pull it to straighten it out. It is just stuck. This has a full day of dictation on it. Anyone know a gentle way of trying to pry this cassette apart? It's the only way I can straighten up the tape. I did it once before over a year ago and it took 4 hours, but it worked, but I don't remember what I used. I don't know how it happened. I just want to fix it because I'll have to be the one to tell this doctor he has to do his dictation all over and it won't be pretty. Thanks.

I have fond memories of transcribing on sm

Selectric typewriters with 6 carbons, all of which had to be erased if there was a typo or, more likely, a dictator's changes.  If a doc's dictation stumped us, he (very few females then) would get a tug on his sleeve, asked to listen to what he said and explain.  Having worked in a teaching institution, these doctors were more than happy to impart their knowledge to anyone who would listen. 

Then came the mag card machines, then computers. 

The dictation I listened to on IBM belts, then tapes, was a lot clearer than most of the digital dictation I'm subjected to now. 

And no MTs worked on Sundays and holidays, and certainly not every Saturday.