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Geez, you're really getting close to the line of sounding bitter.

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-05
In Reply to: Gee, I feel sorry for you - how about the ones of us who are single?

May I suggest some counseling? The OP asked an innocent question and you took it like a personal attack against you.

I've been a single parent and mind you I know how hard it is to be in that situation, but if someone asks a simple question like "what does your spouse do" most people who don't have a SO at the moment would have moved on to another thread and never given it a second thought.

Seriously, time to do some self-searching.

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You're sounding bitter about your cubicle.
Be happy for her, be envious of her (I know I am), but bitter is unbecoming a professional.
geez you guys are bitter. Maybe she's trying to lighten

Maybe she just has a fun personality?

you sound just as bitter and defensive, so we're square. nm
that should be "up .02/line" NOT up "to" .02/line. geez. nm

A gross line may be close to 65 ch.pl but she said line
Geez, you're just making this too easy!

I worked for yeeears for a company where I was the primary MT on the account.  I produced what they considered to full-time MTs (no bennies except taxes being cut and matched).  I earned $4000/month.  I later went to work in the office and happened to see an invoice to the client.  I did the math and I realized they were clearing an additional $4000/month just based on my production.  So they were making twice again as much as what they paid me.Was I immature enough to think I DESERVED MORE?  No!

I had a good gig and I knew it.  I knew how valuable I was to both the client and the MTSO.  I knew how long I had worked this account, how certain doctors would only accept my work, how many of those doctors seeing my work at the hospital went back to their practices and signed on with that MTSO because of the quality of my work increasing the MTSO's business in the process.  I was loyal to them  and they were loyal to me.  On the 3 occasions I ran out of work, they paid me 2 weeks pay just so I wouldn't take a job somewhere else.

But let's analyze this since you seem you jumped on my wardrobe size.

First you need to understand this is a country where capitalism is own of its primary foundation.  Next you need to understand that out of that profit, the owner had to pay herself (how many times did she call me for help at 11:00 on a Saturday or Sunday because people bailed on her and she had alread worked 20 hours that day and just needed someone who would help her out?).  In addition to having to do MT work, she had a business to run.  That means maintaining good will.  You know, visiting your clients, checking in to see how things are, what can we do for you...in other words, being the marketing person also.  And god forbid she have a private life.!  She had to pay an office manager to manage all the qurky personalities of the at-home MTs, the daily vascillating work flow, putting out fires and preventing them, etc.  Next she had to pay her bookkeeper because god forbid anyone's paycheck was late or incorrect.  Then she had to pay a computer tech to help set up the new MTs, manage computer issues, make sure all the clients got their work, set up new clients, maintained the ASP, etc.  She also had to pay the in-house MTs.  She had to pay her accountant to make sure the books were in proper order and do yearly taxes, keep up with adding new state taxes to the computer when she hired an MT from another state.

She had to pay rent, electricity, phones, toll free lines for all her long-distance MTs, liability insurance, provide computers sometimes with no notice because someone's computer died overnight and she couldn't afford down time for that MT or the client, provide computer equipment for the client's, provide C-phones and Lanier stations, pay someone to clean the office twice a week...

Is the big picture a little more clear?  Where does this new-age feeling of entitlement come from?  Geesh, am I the only one on this site who can remember trying to pick 100 lbs of cotton in a day and feeling satisfied if I got near that figure?  And I'm in my 40s! 

The world doesn't owe you anything.  It was here first.

You're in such close contact with the lawyers - ask them what many of us did. I owe you no
explanation.  The rest of us MTs who went above and beyond "giving our name and email", well, they know what I'm referring to, and that's all that matters to me.  Obviously, you're just naively into looking at MQ as the "big bad monster". Believe me, I thought the same way back when, but really jump into the pool and you'll see that things are not quite always as they seem!  The suit by the 3 employees - nothing to do with DEP platforms, etc, whole different story than all would have us believe - as in the lawyers.  Most of us who were very involved months ago are now just sitting back, seeing where the ride takes us.  Very simple really. And if you had been more involved than even you acknowledge, you wouldn't be the LONE poster here, cheering on the lawyers against MQ.  Have you noticed per chance you're like the lone voice? As opposed to months ago when there were TONS of voices on your side? Have you begun to wonder WHY we're all silent now?  There is so much more to this story than what you are reading. But, I have 100% faith that you'll get where the rest of us are eventually...
OMG "You're" geez, QA police/anals r here nm


Don't get it......what does French sounding name
This account is sounding like both old MT sm

and the office staff are extremely disorganized.  Other than making a list of the patients you transcribed, I would not get involved in any pre-transcription listmaking.  That's the office's job.

What should be happening is that they give you 1 jump drive for every 1 or 2 days' dictation ALONG WITH PATIENT LISTS FOR THOSE TWO DAYS.  They have patient schedules in the office or a sign-in sheet, I am sure.  They can at least provide you with those.

As far as duplicates, state very firmly that due to the state of the records prior to you doing their transcription, they are probably going to have some duplicates and that you expect to be paid for everything you type.  This is simply a cost of doing business the way they have been doing it in the past (or associating themselves with) and they are going to have to eat that cost.  It's not your problem.

If they give you any trouble with any of this, I would drop the account immediately and let them find a sucker to do free typing for them.

These posts are sounding
sorta paranoid?? Your name is called when someone is ready to see you and what is this about calling a hospital and they say if you are there or not? What pray tell does this matter? Oh, my goodness.
talk about sounding like a dimwit!
they dont arrest someone to ask them questions.  They arrested the father.  yes, they let him go, but they arrested him because they thought he knew something and was NOT cooperating.  They don't hold people for no reason, especially for 60 days.  I guess you don't watch the NEWS.  They DO have evidence against this boy, they just are not releasing WHAT IT IS.  Where have you been??????
You are right, Dano. I apologize for sounding
so critical.

Yes, QA can have problems getting their act together. Most of time, however, I see MTs who absolutely feel they should never be corrected nor forced to follow the client preferences because they have a zillion years of experience.

No one knows it all. It doesn't matter if you have 1 year of experience or 25 years of experience; if the client wants it a certain way, they want it that way, period.

I should have tempered the tone of my post and I am going to ask Admin if they will make a change to it.

MT-NY, I apologize for sounding so critical.
This is a touchy subject, as you can well see.

You're correct - I don't know it all! I have over 20 years of experience but when a client wants it a certain way, they just do.

If it is just one QA person who is doing this, I would take that up with a supervisor. I think I might have responded differently had I known it was just one QA person doing this and not all of the QA department.

In any event, I apologize.
never noticed him sounding dumb, but
the deodorant thing I did not know about. ICK!!!!! That knocked him down a few notches in my mind. LOL.

Still can't stand George Clooney though. Especially what comes out of his mouth. He probably stinks too. LOL.
The French sounding name in other words
it was not like I was a Jones or Smith, you know, simple sounding every day names and if you have worked as long as I have in this business, I have seen dictators get a chart mixed up with another, not that it happens often. That was the reason for my saying it - he could not have mistaken my dictation for a Ms. Smith or Ms. Jones....
at the risk of sounding dumb, what is an ITOP? nm
at the risk of sounding dumb, what is an ITOP? nm
We're usually paid by the line SM
I think MTEC is worth it, at least from what I hear.
If you're paid by the hour, and not by the line, YES.
Per report if they're short, per line if take too much time. nm
If you're so brilliant then, why aren't you in a better line of work?
1. Surgeon.

2. Attorney.

3. College professor.

oh, and yes, my brilliant one - what year exactly did you graduate with your Ph.D. from Harvard?

Or.... how about the famous line "we're growing!!!"
and you see the same ad week after week after week after week. I can think of 3 places that continuously have ads out. I have worked all 3. I now know firsthand why they advertise all the time, they probably can't keep anybody more than a month or two.
Line check, anyone care to share where you're at this morning.

OMG, I never made the connection but I think you're right - sugar = big line counts = $$$$$ Than

If you can't afford to pay a transcriptionist 10 cents a line then obviously you're part of th

The reality of the situation might be, Gloria, that no one is willing to pay your business more than the "going rate" because they just don't think you're worth it.

It probably means you're not Indian and won't work for 2 cents a line.
You're expected quota depends on whether you are paid hourly or per line. SM

I'm paid hourly and I was told the requirement was 50 or more reports per day.  I've never worked QA per line, but I'm sure their line quota is pretty high, at least 2000 or better per day, as you get credit for every line in every report you QA.

Hope this was the answer you were looking for.

Not bitter one bit. (sm)

Just showing the other side of it. I'm trying to point out an employer can expect a few oddball resumes from people grossly underqualified and even those new to the whole process of presenting oneself in resume-style dossier. In the same way, potential applicants can find that the drummed-up company names and profiles for a job posting at any website, in any newspaper, anywhere can be nothing but an e-mail dress and/or fax number of someone trying to subcontract work they are subcontracting from someone else...or worse.

What is unacceptable is when companies tout themselves as major players in the medical transcription field, or demand certain professional standards from their applicants, but cannot get their act together to perform professional, honest and effective interview/testing/hiring sessions. It just helps MTs to identify the people who lack respect for their time and efforts as an applicant, as those MTs can expect the same after being hired.

Yep. And it is a bitter cup.
Because they are bitter that they can't. lol
You certainly are one bitter woman. If you would have read what I said - I DID say I was making 4 cents less a line than I was making 20 years ago. I don't think you can read.
Thank you. I think this is just a bitter person
trying to cause more bitterness. I feel sorry for them.

Actually I did go to college and I'm not bitter at all....sm
Just realistic, as I said. Obviously you've not found the right company - there are out there, believe me. But the previous poster did say it correctly - if you were working in an office with your degree, you couldn't just jump up and run. An MTSO or company has a business to run, too. I schedule my appointments after my working hours - pretty simple it seems to me.
You're supposed to plant them in beds and line the bed with chicken wire and then place the bulbs

on top of the wire and cover.  This keeps the critters from getting to them, but is a lot of work. 

well, now I know why you are a bitter, name-calling person.
nuff said
When I began 15 yrs ago, people were bitter. I
I have posted on this subject, bitter?
Oh, no, I could take now but I am 1 year short of full and it would be crazy to have Uncle Sam taking my money any more than he does know. I got the information up front- I know how much I will be getting when I do take my money, I know how much I get on a retirement account. Not bitter, just smart not to retire before I want to!
I must be a bitter MT..Check out the ad on job seeker's

Obviously Indian-based, but they want to train you to be an MT..check this part out..

Transcription is fun for the right person as it allows you to write and if you love to write, then it is an enjoyable career. Some people who do not like writing because they are not creative still enjoy this medical online profession. Even people who hate writing like this profession because it allows for working at home on a flexible schedule.

OKAY.. what planet are they from..Since when is transcription fun LOL...and I'm sure glad it lets me write whatever I want, because I just love to write..LOL and I get to use my creative ability also to write whatever I like. People who hate MT-ing just do because they hate to write and are not creative LOL. I'm sorry but this just cracked me up. I've thought a lot of things about transcription but FUN was never one of them. Lucky for me though, even though I don't like it, I get to stay at home and have a really flexible schedule..NOT.. lol...


Why so bitter?? Does the truth hurt? nm
What are you? A bitter old school marm? Hahaha
All your "PAY ATTENTION" posts. Hahaha

And with this awful bitter cold weather
going ballistic on the drivers when they do return!
Why does it seem that all divorced women are so bitter? It is not ALL men that are rats. You just
found one that was.
I'm not bitter. I've been remarried to a wonderful for 13-1/2 yrs.
Your tone sounds 100% whining and bitter.
That's why I call your posts whining and bitter! The other poster stated her case in a mature way, using stats as her back up. No whining, no bitterness. I have not formed an opinion on the AAMT either way to date, but am leaning more pro-AAMT by just the style of postings - those supporting it come off as calm, professional, and mature, while those not supporting it sound emotional, bitter, and whining. Just my opine and reaction to the posts!! Debate much? Its a great skill, and long lost in America...
who really cares? personable, angry, bitter, just do your work.
I don't really know the purpose of a supervisor so I guess I don't really care what their tone is. I have been through MANY supervisors. I don't really care about their tone. I do my work no matter what they say or do.
You sound like a bitter, jealous, uneducated female.
Sorry, but I've been married to a blue collar man who beat the living crap out of me and destroyed my life in every way he possibly could. Turned my own mother against me, took my kids, laughed when I got cancer.

I am now married to a lawyer who treats me like a queen. It's wonderful to live a stress-free, hate-free existance and my kids and my mom have finally come around so I'm looking forward to a wonderful holiday for the first time in 6 years.

However, I would never say that ALL blue collar men are abusive, drunk, lazy slobs like my ex-husband is. That's generalizing and that's not fair, and certainly not correct.

I also wouldn't say that all corporate executives are perfect men either. That is also generalizing.

You don't sound like a prize yourself with your judgmental nature, dear. Time to take a step back and do some self-evaluation and perhaps get some therapy.
Bitter? I think the recruiter/owner had some valid points. nm
Explaining my occasional bitter-/crankiness
I confess, I am one of those that will occasionally toss a snide comment in. I don't think I have ever gotten to the point of being brutally mean, but I have been snippy. And it may be petty and it may be unnecessary, but, in my case anyway, it stems from a frustration when obvious newbs post a question that at least in my mind seems simplistic (based on the s/l they are able to provide) and should either be a common knowledge type thing or else easily findable. After a day of plodding through ESLs, rapid-fire dictators, or reports that have more chromosome testing than I have chromosomes, I do get a little cranky when someone who probably only makes $50 less a week than I do posts on here asking what 'conjecture hard fail your' might be and respond in a somewhat less than mature way.
You sure sound like an "angry, hateful, bitter old bigot" in posts above!!

A gross line is anything on a line is a line. A line set at 65 characters means it sm
has 1-inch margins on each side. The maximum number of characters on that line would be 65 and that includes spaces. If there is 1 character on that line it is a line.

A standard 65-character line usually consists of 65 characters with spaces unless, of course, the employer does not pay for spaces and then it would be 65-characters without spaces.