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Help! Need advice. Trying to get my own MT accts in CA. What paperwork/contracts needed??

Posted By: Rachel Green on 2007-08-13
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Hi, I'm trying to start my own small local MT business, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what contracts/HIPAA paperwork should be signed between Drs. and myself.  I'm clueless on where to begin!



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 I was offered a home-based MT job as a direct employee of the hospital with an extremely good per-line-rate.   But yes, it was too good to be true!  Apparently on further consideration, the administrator now says it is too costly (technically) for home set-up; mentioned something about the Lanier DVI desktop and how costly etc. etc.  and some other MT has the license (?what's that about?); also mentioned "Cquence" transcription software program.   They already have 5 other off-site MTs.   Anybody out there with opinions and/or constructive advice...please.  

Advice Needed

I am an IC MT.  My MTSO continually loses files that I have already sent her.  I am paid only for what I type per line, not doing secretarial work.  Just today she said that she needed me to resend EVERYTHING I have done for her since October 15.  That's going in, in separate emails so I don't crash her computer, and sending separate emails with each day's work.  I just spent over an hour doing this.

Saying anything will get her irate, because she doesn't understand the concept of IC versus employee paid by the hour. But does anyone have a good sample email for how I would basically say, "I spent an hour on this.  I bill out at $25 an hour, so further resending of previously sent work will be billed at this rate."

That will probably get me fired.  Any better way to put it?

Advice needed.
Hello everyone! I am needing a little bit of advice. I have been talking to a clinic about doing their transcription. It is a strong possibility that I will be picking up and delivering tapes and files. What do you suggest I charger per line? I do not want to price myself too high, but neither do I want to price myself too low either. I will be driving approximately two and a half hours both ways. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Wow I needed this advice

Thank you for posting this and thanks to all for your words of encouragement. I thought about giving up also but I paid too much money for my course to give up.

It was good to read that others failed before they succeeded.

Thanks again.


Advice needed please!

This is, I know, an old and overdone question BUT...Please, please other than coffee, protein, water, energy drinks, herbs, and Provigil, please does anybody have a way in which I can stay awake in between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. during my shift? My shift is second oddly going into third.  I am fine when I do third shift going into overnight and early morning.  But, it is absolutely the worst struggle between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.  I would gladly give my highest paycheck to the person who can help me stay awake at that time. That is if I could LOL. Appreciating your replies.

Advice needed
I currently do transcription for a doctor who still uses tapes, which entails me printing out his work and driving 50+ miles round-trip three times a week to return the documents.  Today, his wife (the office manager) called and left a message telling me they were making some changes with the New Year in their office and that I would need to start "cutting" the transcription before returning it (they use sticky paper and I'm to cram as many patients as possible on a page) to help their front office personnel.  I wasn't asked if I could do this; I was told to do it.  I feel this is my business and I control my time and services, not the office manager of that practice.  However, on an added note, these people are personal friends (we bowl on a bowling team together), but I've never mixed business and pleasure with them, always conducting myself in a most professional way when dealing with their transcription.  My biggest concern is that if I oblige, how long before she wants me to start filing it when I return it.  Ugghh!  I don't know what to do and I'm open to any and all suggestions.
That's all I needed to know.. Thanks for the advice.
Just needed validation. Enjoy the site!
resume advice needed, please!

Problems on this job have me seriously considering making a move if there's no improvement soon.  Last night I started to polish up a resume, and realized I'm not sure what to do with references.  I am not ready to tell my current employer that I am investigating my options, and I would rather not have them called for references until I'm in discussion with a company that looks like a good fit for me.

So what to do on the resume?  "Available upon request"?  I have a number of reference letters from when I was an IC that I can attach, if I really need to have references on the resume itself.  Do you think many companies actually followup on references before they interview?  Any thoughts/experience are appreciated!

HELP - Advice needed for my friend ASAP - sm

My friend and her boyfriend of 5 years recently obtained custody of the boyfriend's now 7-year old daughter.   You talk about a handful of trouble, that's exactly what has been packaged into this mini sized monster child.

Bear with me because this will be quite lengthy.  I  will call the girl by her nickname, Tater.

Tater was 5 when my friend (S) and her boyfriend (D) started with the custody proceedings.  Every time Tater would come for visitations, she was full of these wild stories that were quite alarming to S and D.  She would come and tell them how her mom walks around the house naked all the time with all of these different boyfriends, how one of those boyfriends held a pillow over her (Tater) face one time, and how Tater and her baby brother were often left alone for hours at a time and sometimes overnight while her mom was out "getting drunk" with her boyfriends.

Naturally, S and D were really upset by these stories and so they got an attorney and really pushed for custody.  They got custody in March 2005 and their life has been a living hell since she has come to live with them. 

Less than a day or so after she moved in, she started telling them how one of her mom's boyfriends "did things to her" so S and D were once again in an emotional fit because they thought someone had molested Tater.   They called a psychologist and the police.  Had her evaluated, everything.  Even had Tater talk to a detective that works child abuse cases.  His findings and the psychologist's findings were the same.  She had not been abused and, in fact, had a severe problem with delineating fact from fantasy. 

Tater now sees the psychologist once per week.  The goal of the treatment was originally to get Tater to understand the difference between telling stories and the truth, along with dealing with the fact that her mother now has absolutely no contact with her.  It's been rough for S and D as well as Tater. 

Things went well for a short time, then school started 3 weeks ago.  Since starting school, S and D have been called to the school numerous times because Tater has either said that she couldn't do her homework because her daddy was "all drunk", that when S dropped her off at school she was "drinking wine from a bottle in the car" (it was green tea in a glass bottle,) and that they don't allow her to talk to her mother, which is not true. Her mother has supervised visitation but chooses to opt out. 

She has told her aunt and uncle that S killed her cat on purpose when it was actually her aunt who accidentally ran over the cat but Tater didn't know that.  She told one of the neighbors that her mommy had her (Tater) picture taken once and was in a naughty magazine because her mom got money for it and Tater would get it when she was old enough.  OMG yet?  Yeah!  This kid is something else.

She also made a little boy cry in class by rudely saying how he was so stupid and slow during outloud reading time.

S and D have tried all of the things the psychologist have recommended, taking her toys, taking her TV, radio, making her write apologies and hand deliver them, and sit directly behind the bus driver (for even more trouble on the bus.)

She also missed the bus home purposely last week because she was going to go to a friend's house.  Her grandmother had to come all the way into town (they live about 10 miles out) to get her.   When D and S questioned her about what she was doing, she screamed at them that it was "HER LIFE" and she could do what she wanted if she felt like it.  Remember folks, this kid turned 7 last month!

Now, a few minutes ago, S called me in tears.  She got another call from the school because Tater had told some of the boys that another boy was threatening her and making her scared (which was a lie) so she wanted them to do something about it.  These 3 little boys proceeded to gang up on the other boy and he was hurt.  Not seriously but that he was hurt is bad enough.  These 3 boys and Tater are now suspended.  These are first graders and this is a very small town.

S and D are ready to snap.  I don't know what else to tell her.  The psychologist told S and D that she was afraid that Tater had multiple personality disorder but couldn't make that diagnosis on a definitive basis because, as of yet, there are no clear cut documented cases in children of this age.  They usually don't start developing these tendencies until they are in their mid to late teens. 

I have looked online for any kind of research or specialists that can deal with this but it's very difficult to find information even on pre-adolescents that are out of control. 

I am asking for your help.  If anyone knows of a professional or group that can help S and D with Tater, PLEASE post here ASAP.  At this point, I'm very concerned about THEIR well being. This kid is a serious danger.  There is much more but I think I have told you enough already.   We are in Washington State too, just in case anyone has any ideas where to go for help.

Thank you so very much if any of you can help.








advice needed, will you guys be my magic eight
Pay cut at the beginning of this year, cannot make the incentives I used to because my hands cannot type a lot in a short period of time.  I need a 10 hour window, at least 50 hours a week.  So i've  been considering leaving the MT field.  Trouble is, i'm about 20K in debt.  There is something i've decided I want to do, a tech school, since I do not see myself going to school the next 10 years to get a degree.  Problem is, the cost is 6K.  The thought of delving deeper in debt makes my teeth chatter, BUT, I will be making more than I do as an MT, and my hands are in bad shape, not up to par anymore.  Should I go with this, be out of the program in six months OR get a second job now to make up the loss I took with the pay cut and continue getting myself at 0 debt.  Will you sweet, intelligent ladies advise me?  Thanks...
Advice needed - Switching from employee to IC

I have been working with a national company for 5 years and have enjoyed it but a friend called me recently stating she had a doctor who is despirate for a new MT and she recommended me.  I talked to the doc. today and she is very interested.  I have a meeting with the office manager next week to work out the details.  I have a few questions and would appreciate your advice:

1.  Doc. did not know what type of dictation system they use, but it sounded like a C-phone or DVI system.  Currently I do everything on line, is there a way to dial into a C-phone system through my computor's modem?  I know that this is probably wishful thinking, but it can't hurt to ask. 

2.  Do you draw up a contract?

3.  Are there any questions you would recommend I ask (we have already discussed pay and vaccation/sick time as well as turn around on the reports)?

I am a bit nervous about striking out on my own but the company I work for made a lot of changes last January and it just is not working well for me anymore.  

Thanks for your help,


Job search help needed/advice/clue me in!!!

I guess I've been lucky to work with some wonderful MTSO's in the past! I've been an MT for over 10 years, but am just now looking for new work and have not worked for big, national companies before. I posted the other day about testing with companies, and I did and got 2 job offers. Yea!...you'd think.  Ha! 

I thought I'd get offered a decent wage, for starters. Two companies offered me positions, one at 6.25 cpl and the other at 5.5 cpl. Both of them say they go up, the more lines you have. Unless they go up...like double...forget it! At least one of them additionally charges a fee if I don't make my anticipated line count during the payperiod (and I had to make my schedule a month in advance), as well as a bi-weekly service fee for using their software.

Is this what I have to look forward to????? I guess my head has been in the sand, because I had no idea this is what people's contracts had in them. No wonder no one is making any money. Honestly, is this standard? Sorry if I seem so out of touch.

Legal/Moral issue advice needed

I worked as an IC for a company with questionable business practices and who treated me like a dish rag for about 8 months this past year and when I finally could not take any more, I quit.  In the end I was stiffed for about $1900 in pay but I pretty much knew it was pointless to even try to get my money and decided to leave it in the past. 

Well now, they have just sent me tax papers, evidently they never got my signed forms or lost them or whatever.  My question is do I really have to fill them out and send them back, or should I hold out for my back pay, or what?  I really don't feel like I should do anything for them even though I know that it is wrong.  Does anyone know if I can get in trouble for not returning this form?


Still angry MT

Thank you for your reassurance and I will take your advice, it's much-needed. Will post an updat
Who sent you the paperwork? MQ or MQMT attorneys?
Be scared of what?  No raises, losing accounts, smoke and mirrors, turnkey CEOs. 
You'll get specific paperwork on it.
First, you'll probably have a public sale set up at your local court house. Chances are the only person showing up other than yourself (you don't have to be present unless your paperwork directs you to) is the mortgage foreclosure representative. If no one buys the home at that public sale, you'll get more paperwork giving you a date to be out. The mortgagor might serve you with papers through law enforcement but usually you are given a date. Pack up your belongings, turn off the lights, lock the door and leave by that date.

If you're not out by that date, you can be arrested for trespassing.

See my posting at top, got directly from my social security paperwork
PS.. It apparently worked..I heard back and already submitted the paperwork back.

I'm not sure how many people they are hiring but you shouldn't stress too hard over it. Do the best you can.

Does anyone have copies of Independent Contractor contract, Non-compete contract and confidentiality agreement.  My hard drive crashed awhile back and all my contracts were on there.  I run a small business and can't seem to find these anywhere on the Web.  Any contracts e-mailed to me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance, Robin
Contracts out
To Medquist and OSI.  From what I remember, they do not transcribe all that well -- a lot of mistakes.
It is true. The only thing is depending on the contract some guidelines are really strict. They usually ask for a 70-character line count, but it is definitely worth bidding for because if you do a good job it is a 5 year contract in most cases?

I haven't used a written one for years but I basically just outlined what services I would be providing at what price, TAT, and what I expected from the account.  There is usually a 30 day cancellation clause unless it is due to poor quality or not meeting TAT.  My accounts now have been on a handshake and a verbal agreement and have lasted for over 15 years.  
Well..that is a subject all right! I bill on the 1st and 15th. On my invoice, it states, "due and payable upon receipt." That way there is no denying they know I want to be paid now. I actually discuss with the Transcription Coordinator at the time of the contract that I expect to be paid promptly, that I am a small business and that I cannot float paying my MTs and that I must pay them or they will not work for me...MTs are sort of like that, if we don't get paid promptly, we don't work. I hope that helps you and good luck with your new contract.
I have no contracts
When I first started out I had contracts wtih some accouints -- I did the work as spcified, they paid as specified and either count cancel with 30 days notice.  It worked.  I now have 5 accounts, no signed contracts, verbal only.  I do the work as promised, I follow HIPAA rules, they pay on time - no bounced checks, I raise my rates when I need to -- they have been with me for 16 to 6 years.  No difference.  Works for me.  You can cancel the service at any time either side, if they don't pay with or without a contract you can go to court.  I do the job as promised, they do their part as promised.  Works for me.
You have to have your own accts SM
and you definitely cannot be only getting 7 cpl.  I have always been an employee of nationals and in-house hospital, have never ever reached $40,000, more like 36, and I have 15 years' exp.
I do not do contracts
I have worked both ways, as an IC and the MTSO and I do not do contracts but I do try to pay prior to the doctor paying me.  But most of the time I do know the IC's quite well as it is a small circle here in Portland and we just work on trust I guess.  I  have never had anyone try to take my accounts but then I have always been up front and fair with my help.  I would ask though when you might expect payment prior to the big project.   But like I said, we are all pretty local and if the word ever got out that you either took someone's account or you did not pay, it would be all over and could easily ruin your business.    But again, nothing hurt in asking, as a small MTSO I would not have a problem with someone asking me when they might expect payment.    Good luck.   Patti 
need contracts

In hindsight, it would seem a good idea in such a situation would be to have a notarized agreement between yourself and the person you get to fill in for you.  This agreement would stipulate that they are only to fill in for you in your absence when requested by YOU and they are not permitted to seek or accept employment with this client as long as you are their transcriptionist, even if it's your best friend.  This is business, not a Saturday lunch together. 

Then you could also get the facility to sign a notarized agreement with you stating they will not offer employment to your fill-in.  They are to understand that this person is only a fill-in for you and is not permitted to solicit your clients because he/she has a legal agreement with you to not do so.  Should they violate this, you will pursue legal means, etc.  You must protect your job as well as you can.     

You can also put in a contract that you have the first right of refusal to turn down work if the workload increases and the facility wishes to hire more staff.  Then they can't go behind your back and hire others without offering you the work first.  You have yourself covered at both ends this way.  I've done such contracts and they befuddle the client so much that they willingly agree to sign because it sounds like I know a whole lot more than they do.  Get a lawyer to draw something up so all your bases are covered. 

Being nice, honest--that has to do with character and it's wonderful if the people for whom you work are that way.  But in business, it's money that comes first.  The two are not incompatible but it seems these days they aren't often found together anymore.  Do a bullet-proof contract and give it to your clients in a very cordial but professional manner.  They will respect you for it.  Your business and income are every bit as valuable to you as theirs are to them and explain that to them as you hand over the contract for them to sign.  If they can't see that, you don't need to deal with them and move on.  Make the playing field level here and protect yourself.  You are a professional too!

Your information regarding contracts is just what I need.  I never thought I would need to get so "formal" but just when you think you are in a comfort zone, you're not. Much appreciated!!!
IC Contracts - sm
I've got a question for those of you who service your own personal accounts.  I currently work as an IC for another company and I am getting ready to take on a bunch of radiology reports from one doctor.  (I'll work both places) I'm going to be paid by the page.  Have any of you asked for a contract for a guarantee of work, i.e. he will guarantee a certain number of reports a week?  What about contracts? Is there any place where I can download a contract and use it as a template for a foundation? Thanks guys.
contracts are all different SM
I've had contracts that span from year to year and then new ones are signed (if invited to stay on, sometimes they don't need the same amount of workers from year to year).

All of my contracts have stated some type of notice to be given as this could affect accounts if left short-handed. I give the MTSO forwarning, why not, it's called repect.

Also - contracts can be negotiated, you know. If there is something in there you don't agree with, call and discuss it. Ask questions.

Advice to YOU..1st learn to spell before insulting poster and trying to give advice...sm

Flooding accts-MQ
I agree totally with what you said, I have an account that is going nuts because of the new MT's that the Amherst office threw in there and now the hospital is doing a lot of their own work but the only people that get hurt by this are the experience MT's that have had the misfortune of being transfered to Amherst. But yet the hiring continues and we are still running out of work. Hopefully there are not too many more offices that they will be closing, we do not need any more MT's sent to Amherst. I hope the statement about the Ohio office closing is not true and if it is, that they are not being transferred to Amherst, not to be mean, but we do not have enough work as it is and any of the accounts that are at the Foxboro office will be going up on DQS soon, which will add accounts but will also add more MT's. Even the accounts that are in Foxboro that are on MTs have all been flooded and those MT's are in the same situation, no work. I just don't understand why these 2 offices are run like they are--I know other MT's from other offices that always have work andcan make their lines every pay period and they are only in one account. Again and again as it has been stated here, why are all the offices not run the same???
Are they losing accts? Do

The work has dried up.   Again I won't make a full paycheck.  Others are saying the same thing.  I think you may be right.  Especially if you are an employee.  But wasn't that their plan from the start?

I can't imagine what this package is they are sending out. 

Unless they are going to offer to provide equipment, sufficient work/or a plan to give me lines (like on-call pay) for sitting with nothing to do IN WRITING, and a raise of 5 cents a line, the package will probably go in the round file right here beside me.

So is it just DQS accts that are out of Amherst?
Wondering.  Trying to piece things together here.
and contracts...works for me 20+ yrs..nm
You have new accts--give them to the NE

I was told not to ask for any other accts, we have to do with what we have for now---that the work is low nationwide for MQ--and here you are telling me that you are getting new accts

Again is this MQ lies--if you have new accts and work--send it to the NE--we need it

Government contracts

Has anyone out there heard or looked into government contracts transcribing for VA hospitals - a friend called me today with this proposition - she said there were two places to look for work - one is called rsp.com and the other is fedbizops.com.  She put in a bid for a radiology account with 600,000 lines a month and said that she thought that would take two people.  I'm just trying to find out if this is legit or not.  I'm not wanting any extra work for myself, but this just sounds too good to be true.


Govt contracts... been there
done that.  I wouldn't do another one in a million years.  Most are one-year contracts with 4 one-year renewals (their discretion, no guarantee).  Their systems are mostly Dictaphone, some with VPN for voice.  Most of the cost is on you for anything connected to account such as C-phones.  The amount of paperwork and reports they wanted daily was overwhelming.  They call you every 10 minutes 24/7 with "need it right now" stuff.  The 2 facilities I did had about 75% ESL doctors that rotated in/out every few months -- especially if a military hospital.  Then, because it's posted on the web site who was awarded the bid, I started getting a lot of calls from offshore companies wanting to work on the accounts, asking me not to tell the contractor.  I also got a few calls from offshore companies asking if I would "front" for them and bid on contracts cuz they needed an American company to actually have the contract.  As of just a few months ago, you needed evaluation from D&B (your cost $250) and their required liablity insurance limits (varies with accounts).  You don't just go in and bid -- it's a process of applying to be a vendor first and filling out LOTS of tedious paperwork.  (My last contract was about 80 pages long to fill out).  If you miss one little thing in this paperwork, your bid gets bounced.  They do call all of the required references, and if you haven't done the VA contract volume before, it's not likely they will award you contract.  Getting paid took literally months - I was about broke and had borrowed money before I got my first check.   (We didn't do anything incorrectly for billing, just took that long cuz it sat on somebody's desk)  I'm sure others have had better luck - this was just our experience with these contracts.   I wish you better luck!
Sample Contracts

I found this the below link quite helpful, particularly sample contract 2.


Best wishes.

noncompete contracts
I emailed you back.
noncompete contracts

Yes the papers have been served. Seeking legal advice soon.  I don't really fear anything as I know we have done nothing wrong. It's just maddening that this person doesn't have anything better to do than to make other people miserable. She doesn't want to make her own money, she tries so hard to take other people's money. I swear, she works harder at trying NOT to work than she would actually have to work if she would just get a job! Get a job lady!

Noncompete contracts
Has anyone ever been sued for breaching a noncompete contract? Do you know what legal steps are involved? How do these things usually turn out? FYI: The contract was never actually breached.....but this former employer BELIEVES it has been and is suing several of her former employees. She owes one of us money (over $3,000.00) for back transcription. We HAD to quit...she wouldn't pay any of us. But the contract was not breached by any of us (probably by her - dirty hands clause - shady business practices, etc.) Any info would be greatly appreciated!
How many companies or contracts does everyone have.
It seems most Transcriptionist have to have more than one job.  I want to work for just one company but have always worked for two and three to make sure I had work if one was low.  Does anyone work for just one company ?
There are some sample contracts on
www.medword.com.  Google "Transcription contracts".  You can cut and paste into a word document.  You are probably better off charging per line.  Going rate is anywhere from 13-17 cpl depending on where you are located.    
no, but try to get more local accts....sm
makes one a whole less dependent than the companies using DQscribe (but again I do like the DQScribe program but would NEVER choose it for my private local accounts).  My local accounts still like the personal touch, still dictating into dictaphones, and they just like it this way.....they are not all that interested in getting more techy and they are all 35-48 in age............
contracts and mergers

This can be tricky.  You need to have a lawyer look at the contract you made with the physician and see if you made a contract with him as an individual or the contract was made with his business and then see what can be done.  If it was made with his business, then you may be covered and be able to fight this more easily. 

I think you also need to know what the new contract for the merger covers -- are all previous services used by that physician automatically transferred over to the merged group?  If not, you may have been cut out of the deal.  OR, you may be included and they are not telling you.  Also, if you are not covered under the new arrangement, you may be able to go after him for expected income based on what your existing contract states with that physician.  You may be able to go after him personally for money owed. 

We're talking 6 months of income here as I see it.  Get a lawyer and go get what you deserve if there is any possible way--either by being retained by the new group or bringing charges of some sort.  Make sure the lawyer stipulates that THEY pay all legal costs involved.  They may be more willing to settle with you, give you what you want, rather than go through all this.  Stand your ground.  You are a business and don't let them cheat you.  There are a lot of things in contracts that a non-lawyer can't see but can very well be to your advantage. 

Good luck! 

contracts and security

Yes, the only real "comfort zone" is what is covered in a legal document.  There's your security to a certain extent.  That's not to say that will eliminate all problems, but it gives people an idea you're serious and professional about your servies and you don't expect to be taken advantage of.  Demand all that you want.   Then decide down the road how strictly you want to hold the other party to those demands. 

Think of how business people operate -- they argue at the conference table over clauses in contracts and then go play golf together the next weekend.  It's expected.  It's part of running a business.  Business is business, social is social.  Draw a line here between the two.  Be nice when you type a term paper for your neighbor's kid.  Be strict when you deal with clients. 

Anyone can challenge a contract or agreement, and sometimes you will lose or it won't be worth the fight to pursue it. Every situation is different.  That's why it's best to get the best attorney you can afford, the most experienced in this, to draw up that contract to begin with.  Obviously the clients for whom we work have their own lawyers and the money to pursue things.  But looking at the overall picture, it's just easier to give into your demands as a Transcriptionist than fight, especially if they really want to keep you which seems to be the case here.  If there is a disagreement and you walk, their work is going to get backed up until someone else is trained and up to speed (in most situations).  Who wants that hassle?  It's easier to give into your demands.  Lawyers aren't cheap for anyone, either side.

I'd sit down with these people and explain what they have done to you because they really may not realize how it is affecting you.  Be pleasant about it but firm.  Then have that contract ready and re-negotiate.  Tell them your lawyer has advised you to do this with every client you have and you are changing your way of doing things to protect your business.  Who can fault you for that?  It makes perfect sense.  Then you'll know where you really stand with them and you can make your decision to stay or move on.  And when you deal with anyone else, present the contract to them and make sure all parties understand what they are signing before you do one bit of paid work for them.   

One other tip:  This is not meant in any way to offend you, as I'm sure your sklls are good, especially if they asked YOU to find a replacement.  They assumed they would get someone just as good as you.  Don't do it.  Don't ever hire a fill-in who is equal to or better than you.  You want them to be exceedingly glad upon your return!!!  Doing this even puts you in a better bargaining position as far as rate increases in the future.  If you want to help out a friend, get her/him an account you don't want.  OR, hire them as a subcontractor for you so that they do not deal one-on-one with the client except to do the work.  They are not to be involved in any negotiations whatsoever.  But I still prefer hiring below your level of expertise.  It's better for you that way. 

Get your own accts. When approach Dr with
I live in VA and accts
that we were able to get didn't want to pay as much as I make now. Sounds like you've got a good thing going for you. I may start looking into this again as it's been a couple of years now since we did this.

Thanks for all the great info!
Company Contracts

For those of you who work for MT companies, do you have to sign a contract regarding working for other companies as well?

Since supplemental income seems to be a big part for many, I am wondering if there is ever any problem with that.

Anyone know the process for getting accts...
directly from Nuance (Dictaphone) to work on that are set up on their Enterprise system?