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Here are rules from grammarbook.com and it agrees with BOS on the caps with apostrophe

Posted By: Jade on 2007-03-15
In Reply to: Have no doubt AAMT says that... - doesn't make it right.

Rule 8 The plurals for capital letters and numbers used as nouns are not formed with apostrophes.

She consulted with three M.D.s.
She went to three M.D.s' offices.
The apostrophe is needed here to show plural possessive.
She learned her ABCs.
the 1990s not the 1990's
the '90s or the mid-'70s not the '90's or the mid-'70's
She learned her times tables for 6s and 7s.

Exception: If the apostrophe is needed to avoid confusion, use it and be consistent within a sentence.

Example: Her 0's and 6's looked similar.

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Shorthand users: When I need to transcribe in all caps and use my caps lock key my abbreviations.sm
are only lower case.  Is there anyway I can use get my abbreviations to expand in upper case?  The only way I can do it now is by holding down my shift key.  Thanks for any help you can offer.
Also was quoting from grammar book but lots older than grammarbook.com...nm
Yea - someone agrees with me
I have thought that more times than not.  Again contracts might be important to some but to me they are not.  Had them when I first started, agreement/contract and found that either side could still quit due to "cause" or "no cause", non payment could still cause  you go to court with or without a contract and it was simpler without.   I pick up the dictation, do the work, return it in my timely manner, invoice once a month, they pay within 3 days and that goes on for now 18 years with some accounts.   But to pay all money for things I can do, advertising, mailings, writing of agreements if that is what you want even before you land the account -- cannot see it.   But again to each their own.  
As an IC you are in business for yourself - you are your own company. This has responsibility- Think about it - if the people you worked for closed their office and had no coverage to dispense work, you would be out of work for a week -you do the work for them so you need to have coverage - it is the professional thing to do - and shows them you handle your business well.

Another item that I notice so often on this board - very very often - is the conversation about specific pay rates - most I feel are exaggerated, and I find it unprofessional to talk about any salary - but you also leave open the possibility of others underbidding you on your projects etc. I think keeping what you earn to an approximation is more professional. I have to tell you that I have gotten many private clients telling me they check the boards 0- this and others for what they should be paying and when I go just a point or 1/2 point lower they think it is great. So if you all want to continue - be my guest, but you open up a can of worms with potential clients. I do not know of any other business that would give up their rates to the open market so freely.
yeah, someone agrees on consultant!!
Thanks for the vote!  I just can't believe people can be so rude.  Thanks for the advice and,oh, I am a woman.  I thought the sensitivity would have given it away! LOL
I believe the world agrees that you don't need kids. You probably can't have any. Yeahhhhhhh
Idol chat board agrees - Paula was
wacked last night.
MTs - no apostrophe

8. The plurals of single capital letters, acronyms, and Arabic numerals (1,2,3,...) take an -s WITHOUT an apostrophe:

  • Z (the capital letter Z)--Zs
  • UPC (Universal Product Code)--UPCs
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)--ATMs
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)--GUIs
  • 3 (the Arabic numeral 3)--3s

Well, if it is 5 Cs, don't use the apostrophe.
It does not belong since the C is a capital letter.

You're welcome.
No apostrophe ... and remember -- SM
if you are typing a VERBATIM account you cannot just decide to type "Metzenbaum scissors" in place of "Metzenbaums".

Your dictator is using a plural form, not possessive for this particular instrument.

BTW, its MTs. It doesn't need an apostrophe
Sorry, pet peeve. I just feel this is something all MTs should know since it is our job to know proper grammar.

The professional MTs on this board, or any other for that matter, aren't going to discuss what they make. You might get an honest answer here and there, but you're asking on an Internet message board, for Heaven's sake. People are going to stretch the truth for the most part.

Actually, 8 cpl isn't that great of a wage so you aren't going to see any impressive figures at 8 cpl unless the person works around the clock and has no other life but MT.
Looks like e + Ctrl + ' (apostrophe). nm
An apostrophe is and was correct....
to use to form the plural of numbers, LETTERS (MT's), signs (+'s), etc.  AAMT is not the be all to end all....
Page 9 BOS - apostrophe would be incorrect in MTs
Use a lowercase s without an apostrophe to form the plural of capitalized
abbreviations, acronyms, and brief forms.
Use s to form the plural of lowercase abbreviations.
Use s to form the plural of single-letter abbreviations.

Omit apostrophe and it looks good
possessive genetiv needs apostrophe
Only the possessive genetiv asks for an apostrophe:

my father's hat
my cild's teacher
the mothers' children (plural)
the children's shoes

nine years ago is the simple plural
I think the apostrophe is completely wrong, sm

My docs routinely say "cardiac point of view" and I certainly wouldn't put "cardiac's point of view." Nor would I say "cancer's point of view", so why would you put the colon cancer's point of view. Just because it's difficult sounding, I don't think an apostrophe would be appropriate at all. We're not personifying the cancer here, the doc is just stating that from the standpoint of the patient's colon cancer...etc.

apostrophe's are out in eponyms unless client specifies otherwise.nm
We're told that if the word replaces a person's name, such as the word Mom replaces the mom's actual name, then it should be capped. Wouldn't this then be true for a department name replacing a doctor's name? Or am I just confusing things more?
Caps after #
Mine hasn't done this for years in in word??? I've never found anything that corrects this.
all caps
After I have typed a word, is there a way to highlight it and convert it to all caps?
all caps
When I hit shift and F3, it capitalizes the first letter in the last word I typed.  Mine must be a different version.  However, I read an old thread that told how to change case in tools on the tool bar.
all caps
SUPER!!  Thanks.
all caps or not?
Forgot to ask how it should be typed (cva or CVA) in the sentence above....cva region.  Thanks
All caps, CVA. nm
I buy it and use it and it is all caps on the package. nm
Oh, get over it. The caps on -- that's what was funny!
Still is!

Of course your question was serious. I don't have any info on that company.

I was just trying to give you a little hint about "yelling"!

Per AAMT BOS, don't have to use all caps SM
or mixed case for brand names, just the beginning cap is enough.
Caps and Shorthand

If you type the abbreviation in all caps, it will expand in all caps.  If you just type the first letter of the abbreviation in caps, then it will expand with only the first letter of the first word in caps.



Always thought it was two caps also...nm
Two letter caps

Thanks guys. At least I feel better knowing that I have checked everything where I thought it should be. I actually went into autocorrect and typed in my own corrections so that if I accidently keep the shift key down (I dont know why I do it, but I seem to not be able to lift that finger up with the second letter) it will correct automatically.

I also feel like they should get input about thier program from typists so that we can give them feedback.

Thanks for all the suggestions. It helped alot.

If I was yelling, it would be all caps.
I'll be sure to tell my chronically ill child to stop being ill so we can obtain more of a financial cushion.
Caps Toggle?

Is there a caps toggle keyboard command?  In other words, is there a way to change mixed case to caps without typing it all over again?  TIA!

is your caps lock on?
If so, it won't let you do anything in your expander.

Or try doing a copy and paste into your expander.
CAPS all the time

In the middle of transcribing an ER report, my keyboard/computer (??? not sure which), caused a problem where no matter what I did it would only do upper case...my caps lock was not on (no light indicating it was on) and sticky key function didn't work to get rid of it.  I finally had to exit out of platform and then waited a few minutes and when I logged back on everything was fine.  Has anyone ever had this happen to them.  I am using ExText  If you have had this happen to you, what did you do to get out of it?

Thanks for your help.

Need help with punctuation and caps

I have MS Word 2003. This program has always capitalized the first letter after a colon (:) and for some reason today it stopped. I cannot figure this out for the life of me. I have been in Tools, etc, and see nothing that addresses this problem. If anyone has had this problem and knows how to correct it, please enlighten me. LOL



make sure your caps lock is not on...but..
Pry off the caps lock button.
set up a separate entry for that with all caps. that's what I do.
caps = you are yelling online *lol*

Anyone type their e-mails in all caps?

A co-worker sends the entire e-mail response in all caps regardless of the question.  I was always told it meant shouting.  If there is some other meaning please inform.





I agree that all caps=screaming .
I would try to politely let her know. That could save her from an embarassing situation in the future.
P.S. Caps above simply for emphasis ...
When I read over it again after the message posted the caps came off to me as being a little snotty, and that's not what I intended ...
Please don't type in all caps, hard

to read and is considered screaming on the net. 

Thanks all. I have to type diagnoses in all caps and the software does not allow me...sm
to block and capitalize so I have been looking for a way I can use my ShortHand abbreviations in all caps but from what I am understanding there probably is not a good way to do this other than holding down the Shift key while I transcribe which is what I have been doing or making separate entries as caps which is most likely too time consuming as I have thousands.  Thanks for your input.
typing online in caps is equivalent to
I hate reading email in all caps sm
and everyone who emails me knows it. This is probably the only thing I get really rude about. I've been known to send it back to the sender with a note stating to type it properly,then I will read it. I had one person who consistently did this and I finally blocked the sender. She got the point in a hurry.
It is the ESP Expander with Dictaphone ExText--If you can believe it, it won't allow caps if you
Yes, that's right, Dictaphone's Expander that comes with ExtText won't allow anything that you use as an expansion come into the document capitalized.

So, when you type your abbreviation for ANY WORD you have in ESP, it will NEVER be capitalized, unless like in, say, 1925, you type the Shift key with it.

I hate this profession. I hate all these programs. THey NEVER take into account the MT. Cars following voice instructions? No problem. MP3 player that respond to your voice? No problem. Get Word to do simple things that it should do, like cap after periods, God, too much trouble. Let the "little girls," just deal with all the software problems day after day. Dictaphone--what a laugh. I worked on ExtText FIVE YEARS AGO-- ANd it still has the SAME fricking clumbsy program? Also, you have to do "Shift ?" to find informaion in fields. LIke give me a break. Give us a key to hit, like, I don't know, Search, that't be good. No, make us type Shift ?. Where do these people get off. Do they ever even type on these programs? Or talk to the people who use them.

MT is so antiquated when it comes to programming, it is a big joke. Anyone work for a company that gets the demographics and has fast, easy programming, let me know. TX
You need to press shift key and caps lock. You may
need to do it a couple of times.  I transcribed for many years and never had a problem, but the last couple of years I have this happen about once a month.  It isn't a malfunction of the keyboard - it is user error :).
Ctrl+Shift+A toggles all caps on and off