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MTs is not slang - it means more than one MT. Just like

Posted By: sm on 2007-03-15
In Reply to: I agree... - MT's is not a contraction.

DTRs, TMs, etc.  Those are quite often mistyped also - no apostrophe needed!! 

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Use of slang

Back in the day, over 20 years ago when I started transcribing, it was unheard of to transcribe slang in a report, but now you get your hand slapped if correct the slang.  Thanks AAMT for making it so acceptable.  Thank you AAMT for supporting outsourcing overseas. Thanks AAMT for making easier on those who taking our jobs away to not have know proper English.

Slang word help
Slang in Discharge Summary:  Phos 2.1.  Would this be phosphate, phosphorus, or alkaline phosphatase? 
OP did not use slang; you did (honky)
OP did not use slang above; you did above(honky)
I don't use slang, ever, unless it's in quotes from a patient or something. nm
On my account, have to type what they say, slang or not.
The correct way I've been told is satting.
If forced to transcribe the slang, then
satting would be correct. The two consonants after the vowel make the vowel short. In the dictation, "satting" (slang for saturating) is pronounced with a short "a" so that is how it should be transcribed. Typing only one "t" would make the vowel long. However, as at least one person has already pointed out, "satting" is slang and is not proper transcription style regardless of who demands it be typed that way.
slang website soo funny

This site is an interesting collection of slang/acronyms/abbreviations doctors use among themselves.  DO NOT assume this to be a reference site, it is for amusement only!


Now sit back and laugh!



A new word for my slang vocabulary! sm
"Snarky", huh? Love it! Guess it means what "cranky" meant to my generation! Gotta keep up with the vernacular and be a "with-it chick" (an outmoded expression in itself), even as a retired senior citizen! :D :D
Great website for drug slang terms

Some of you might remember that I'm working for my BIL doing chemical dependency training videos (transcribing them).

Well, I came across a term that I'm unfamiliar with.  I did a websearch and found this website.  Thought others might find it helpful so decided to post it.


Happy MT week!


*Ebonics* refers to the street slang, etc. (often heard in -sm
rap music, etc. Lots of white people, Hispanics, and even some Asians (all gangsta' wannabes) speak Ebonics as well. It's practically a second language in itself, so referring Ebonics-speakers to ESL isn't off the mark at all.
it's spelled right. Exo means outside and you know what phrenic means. nm
More ghetto wanna be slang a'la the MTV mindset I guess
Sounds intelligent doesn't it?
Just slang for girls, from a long time ago. Lots of them.. Dish, Broad, Chick...
I think what she means is....

Kent State had a lot of conflict when Nixon declared war and the students were rioting.  They were vandalizing and burning property, fighting.  They called in guardsmen.  The guardsmen threw tear gas canisters into the crowd to disperse them and the crowd starting throwing them back.  The guardsmen started shooting into the crowd.  People are still not sure why they started shooting.  I think nine people were shot, 2 died or something like that. 

Anway, I see the point though.  Things happen at college, does that mean you shouldnt send your kids?  And if you do, are you a bad parent and deserve to be judged? 

What about the parents that send their kids to school the day of the Columbine High School shooting.  I guess they deserved it because they were there?

Please tell me what this means...
I have been trying to figure out for the last five days since I started frequenting this site...but what in the world does it mean when people put things like nm and sm in their posts?  This is driving me NUTS!!
Not sure what that means. Can you
tell me what ME in the letter from MQ mean? Thanks.
What she means is (sm)
that DocQScribe does not count the characters that you input into the demographics screen, even if you have to do it all with nothing imported. This means that characters MTs previously were paid for -- patient name, dates of service, referring physicians' names, courtesy copy names/addresses, are not compensated. If you do a lot of little reports, that will mean a HUGE decrease in line count, whereas the impact won't be so bad if you do mostly long consults. Unfortunately most companies seem to be going this way, even the very nice company I'm working for now which has me hunting through blurred PDFs of faxes to find the patient information (I'm hanging in there because it's a new account and they say they'll have the demographics imported). At MQ and DSG DQS paid for spaces; I've heard that Accuscribe does not. The "red headers" are paid for. As you say, it's simple to check your line counts using Word or MedPen's counting program.

As lovely a platform as DQS is, the overall opinion seems to be that line counts drop dramatically when using it. I don't know if that's really always true since the second day I worked for DSG I did 1500 lines, but I know that I had to leave MQ after DQS as I never was able to make the money I felt I needed. There are still a few good companies out there, but you have to really search them out.
You know what I think this means? sm
The letter says pay rates are based upon experience, skill, and work difficulty.

This leads me to believe, in conjunction with what you are saying, that our rates will be based on the above criteria. Each MT has probably been evaluated and given some rating score or something that will determine each of our "specialized new" base pay.

What I'm anxious about is the fact SE is not mentioned. I have a feeling (JUST a feeling -- since employee was the only word used) they are doing away with SE. If so, no more quarterly bonus and the IRS perks that go along with SE status. That will make me VERY sad.
does anyone know what this means...sm

When I try to log on to DQS, I get a message that states that my user profile failed to download...anyone know anything about this?

Of course, I work for MQ, and hate to call them, cause it takes forever to get an answer to a simple question, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it!

BTW, I have already logged out and in like a thousand times, plus restarted my computer, so that's not the problem.  TIA!

it means
turn around time
sm means
that's not what it means

it means that six times he performed a heterosexual act that resulted in conception, but that doesn't make him a heterosexual.

You can love Ford but still drive a Buick on occasion.

DVI- please tell me what this means

It may be the stupidest question but what does DVI mean and that I need to have a DVT-supported footpedal? Does anyone know where I can get one and how much it may cost?


It means don't believe everything
you read.  A bunch of overpaid suits never transcribed a day in their life.  Also they put out propaganda trying to make more money by lying.
What this means

I am required to quote my charges for contract job and they ask me to

Breakdown cost by telephone call-in to a center or audio files being sent to you.

Any one knows about it?

By all means.............sm

That would be GREAT!!!  *grins* 

Contact me whenever regarding this....oh, except when I'm in VEGAS in the autumn.  *winks*

What it means is this
There are a few posters on this site that are really negative, think they know everything, and post nasty rude responses to other people's postings. Some of us call them "trolls" and sometimes we get caught up in trying to make them see how rude they are by posting back. It never works though, and we call that feeding the trolls, or keeping an argument going that does not lead to anything good. I guess we should try to ignore their rudeness, but it is hard sometimes. How's that? Did I explain it okay?
I think she means sm

TIA as in thanks in advance. 



I think she means...
Oops.....new here.....lol!
do you know what EMR means?
It means your medical record is all electronic. She does not need to look for another job.
n/m means
NM means no more and SM means some more
no that means that they pay 9 cpl and sm
a line is 65 characters not just a line no matter how short. "Gross lines" are when you get paid for a line no matter how short.

You are not an MT I take it? Not in this country either????
Not sure what it means
but mine says 1:17???
I think that's what the poster means.
If they can't report everything why is it that missing middle or upper class white females get much more attention and help than missing [insert race here] females who come from a family with very little money. Look at the case of Laci Peterson and the attention it got compared to an exact same case of Evelyn Hernandez and her 5-year-old son. She was a pregnant woman with very little money in her third trimester carrying a baby boy, who was reported missing just months before Laci. Her body was found in the same bay yet there was barely any attention at all given to that case.  The case was never solved and in fact her son is still missing to this day and we still don't even hear much about it.  I agree with the OP.  Publicity helps in getting support and if the major news networks can report every single night for months and months on one case, why can't they report some of those nights on other cases?
Being in day care is better if it means
they get eat, have clothes to wear and have a place to live. Yeah, they need mama, but they also need those other things, too.
it means to "trick out" a car (sm)

are you referring to the show?  If so, it means they get a hunk of junk car and turn it into a show car, if you will. They usually put all kinds of electronics in it, like TVs, videogames, stereos, etc.  Actually, a lot of silliness that is just a waste of money, BUT...that's what TV is all about, right? I hope this helps!

I'm not a prude by any means,
do those KY "personal lubricant/warming massage-stuff" commercials turn your stomach, too? I don't know what it is about those particular commercials, I just find them particularly...um...gross!   Am I alone here?
Let's see now...it means stick it...
hmmm...stick it....gosh!  I haven't been in banking for a while, so I'll have to get back to you on that. 
NM means no message. SM means see message:)
Oh, well, by all means if it is HERE then it is the TRUTH.
If you don't like the cut back, either opt out or leave.

In MT world I believe it means whenever they need you
at least that's how my local hospital advertised. You were more or less on call each week, with no set schedule. The job paid well, but no benefits and no set hours.
I think it means it's a hot topic -
been viewed a lot of times.
Nothing sinister. It just means
that a lot of people have viewed that particular posting. Not sure what number of views it is that triggers the flame icon. Some subject titles draw a lot of attention, so a lot of people click on it to see what it's about. That's all the flame means. It's nothing to worry about.
(continued) within their means!
If your house is being foreclosed upon because of your MT work (and not because of a job loss for hubby or some other reason), it was likely more home than you could afford in the first place! I don't feel bad for people who live beyond their means.

Maybe just means not rigid? (nm)
This means, incidentally, that while you are
working hard to get production, your computer is working hard in the background for the benefit of these spammers and advertisers.

Isn't it nice you spend your money and time and effort and anti-viral software and firewalls, all for something that would be COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE if you, the hardware and software purchaser and owner, had control of the situation. But Microsoft thinks it needs to think for everybody. We need a Revolution to get away from Microsoft :)
I'm Scorpio, don't know what that means though. nm
IC means if you don't keep up your end of contract
simple as that.
That means over 200 viewed it