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Honest opinions on Diskriter needed please - sm

Posted By: Looking on 2006-01-29
In Reply to:

ESLs are no big deal to me.  I am working right now but I have been running out of work every day now for over two months.  Time to consider a change. 

I have checked the archives but nothing more recent than November 2005 is coming up.

No flames please, just honest opinions.

Thanks in advance.



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Honest opinions please...sm

Here is how the story goes.  Have been married for 5-1/2 years to a great man.  We are young, in lower 30s, have one child who is almost 4.  My husband is disabled due to mental illness which is somewhat controlled with medication.  We get disability for him.  I work from home as a MT.  We were doing great but then became careless with our money a bit.  That was fine.  I could make extra money, but then my work became VERY LOW for about 2 months straight. Bills got behind, we almost lost our house in foreclosure, etc.  We have no help.  Then I became surprisingly pregnant, which we were both HAPPY with but only to end in miscarriage days after we found out I was pregnant.  My doctor, probably since I have no medical insurance, said "let nature take its course" by letting the miscarriage happen and remove itself on its own.  This was grueling - took almost one solid month which I had to get blood test every 6 days to see how low the count was going.  We recovered from that and my work began to pick back up - thank God.  I have been working a lot, almost getting out of our crunch - would be out of this mess by mid-July.  The problem:  During this time period we had gotten into some fights, he left and went to his parents (who always - and I mean ALWAYS - interferes with our business), they went and switched (the same day of our fight) his mom to be representative payee for his monthly check.  So when we made up the next day he told me this.  I was irrate! First of all, I would NEVER EVER try to steal his money or what have you - he should know that by now.  I am not like that.  Well during the course of the next few months we had always missed the date to switch it back to my name and they said to wait until next month.  Well, we have been fighting for a few days lately, but I thought everything was okay - just a fight.  His mom tells us how she is going to spend his money for July - which I disagreed on because I have a set schedule of certain bills automatically withdrawn - so I get a little upset and tell him as soon as the beginning of next month happens, we will switch me back to being his rep. payee for his check ---he tells me "NO, my mom is staying my rep. payee!"  I LOSE IT!!!  I tell him I am not working my tail off for his parents to decide how OUR money is going to be spent.  He thinks all of the hardship is my fault, which honest to God I haven't bought any clothes, shoes, got my hair fixed, bought makeup or ANYTHING for just about this whole year.....He was gambling heavily awhile back - not hundreds but money that we could have used for something important, he wasted on that.  So I talk civilized to him and say, "Maybe we should separate a bit and you can pay your bills (credit cards, car) and I will pay for the house, utilities, my credit cards, and care for my son....this is AFTER he said he is going to have his mom take his money and pay off HIS bills since I was so horrible at it. 

Sorry this is so long....

The thing is what else can I do?  There is nothing that I want to do.  I feel like I have gotten the shaft here horribly.  But he thinks he is totally right.  His parents come first - what they say he believes even if he said the sky was purple and he was looking at and saw it blue he would still believe it was purple because they said so....I think a lot of his mental issues are from his parents and upbringing.  How do I handle this the adult way?  I offered to help pay on 2 of his credit cards because I helped with them - but total for both is only like 800.00.  I am sticking to my guns of him NOT coming back as long as his mom is rep. payee.  I just don't see how a marriage can work like that. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I guess I just wanted to vent and see where did I go wrong.  I know I have been grouchy lately at times due to stress but I don't cuss or anything so he was never cussed out or anything....I take care of ALL bills, do ALL cooking, do ALL laundry.  He sleeps until 1-2p every day while I get up early, try to work and watch my son.  He has gotten lazy since he has been disabled.  Before he worked MANY HOURS and was NEVER EVER LIKE THIS....Help.

Opinions needed
My son (18) works for a professional tree service.  He travels daily to the boss's house to load up and travel to the work site.  He's been doing this for a little over 2 months.  He goes on the clock to be paid (I didn't know this until yesterday) from the time they reach the destination where they work.  I just found this out and looked up the state's labor law concerning being paid for travel time.  I find that since he is required to meet at the boss's location to load up that his time for payment should start when he starts there and he should be paid for the travel time as well.  Okay, now we know this.  How would you handle this?  I know what I would do, but am looking for other opinions to share the whole picture with my son.  Thanks.
New spell check. Opinions needed.
Hey, I'm trying to buy a new speller.  I've found Spellex, Medispell, Stedman's (obviously), etc.  Does it really matter which one I buy?  I'd like to download it. 
Condition of the Industry Opinions Needed!!
A question for the old timers! Only because the newer MTs might not honestly know. I have been in QA for a few years, and I hate it. I love transcribing - its my gift and where my heart is. That said, I so want to return to MTing, but am very afraid. When I QA, I get nothing but absolutely garbage ESLs. Horrible. Should be deported-type of dictations. I used to be great at ESLs when an MT, but only got occasional dictator who could bring me to tears. So, I am thinking that perhaps I just get constant garbage thru QA because that's what QA is - the garbage depository for ESLs!! But when I read these boards, MTs are complaining all the time about how horrible the dictators are these days, and how they can't keep up their line counts, etc. Has it changed that much these last few years since I've been QAing? Are most MTs simply getting the junk dictators? If so, I'd just rather stay put in QA and pass the time til I retire. Or, do you think this is just a result of my being in QA and just seeing the pits of dictators?? I know its not an absolute answer, but I would love opinions. I make a decent living getting paid hourly at QA, and am so uncertain of the waters out there right now. Thanks!
Opinions needed on medical spellcheckers.. sm

Are there any free ones to download?  If not, I would like opinions on the best one to purchase.  TIA! 

Anyone out there working as a hospital employee for Diskriter?  There is an ad on MTJobs for a hospital in Florida.  Any info appreciated.     

Hello!  I gave them 2 weeks worth of work, and they did not send out the checks on time.  I got my check 1-1/2 weeks late - and then only because I complained until they sent it via UPS.  I can't work for free, or afford to get paid late, so I quit.  I would test for ProScript if they are hiring currently - they are a GREAT company to work for : )



I was working for the hospital itself, but through Diskriter - I was just really upset because I didn't get paid on time - that is really important!
Laura, I just tested for this company and was hired, but had to defer due to unexpected health problems with my mom. I told them I would be calling them back in about 3-5 weeks. I am skeptical now?? They appeared to be a great company? Did you only work for them 2 weeks?? Curious for more information.

Hello. Well, I didn't mean to make you nervous, but that really upset me that they did not pay on time. The lady that hired me said it was due to some error with getting the paperwork in - in their defense I will say that maybe it doesn't happen all the time, as she said, and that was a one time thing. At any rate, I chose not to take the chance that it might happen again; so, yes, I only worked for them for 2 weeks. Maybe someone that worked for them longer could tell you if that ever happens to them. There are a few companies out there that do not pay on time - I just wasn't willing to take the chance on them since it happened with my very first check. I sure hope it works out for you! Let me know if I can help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am glad I took the time to read this message board. I just applied at Diskriter, tested and was offered a job. She said they had 5 positions open, now I know why. Does not sound like a company I want to work for. On another note, your complaints about putting D.O. instead of M.D. is really important. The doctor has worked hard for that title, we were told to make sure you have it RIGHT!
Does anyone know how Diskriter is to work for? I have an interview with them tomorrow?
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

We're way behind! Hurry up!

So you sign in to help out and you're out of work in 20 minutes.

Someone majorly needs to switch to decaf.
I worked for Diskriter for 4-1/2 years. I do not remember having a background check done. In fact, in the years that I have worked remotely, none of my references have been called, (I have asked my references). Things may have changed......

Can anyone tell me about Diskriter?  I'm considering applying with them.  I have 20+ years experience as a MT and looking for a company that has a Transcriptionist friendly working platform and great pay.  Getting a little tired of working extra hours just to make a decent paycheck due to lack of work and a poor transcribing platform.  Thanks !!

Not a user friendly platform at all. I worked for them for about 2 weeks and called it quits!! I had to copy/paste demo information, ran out of work all the time, etc. It might be different for each account, but the one that I had was terrible. I asked for additional accounts, which they tell you, you will have a secondary account, but I did not get one. Good luck!! I work for JLG and love their platform. They just recently stopped direct deposit and the checks are mailed now, which is the only complaint that I have.
Thanks for the ino - guess I'll just stay where I am !
try quitting and going to Diskriter - sm
they are hiring, and they have lots of work. I should know, because I've been working weekends and extra hours!
Diskriter is notorious for that - sm
They told me to work the weekend one time because they were "soooo behind and the client was getting angry." I woke up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning and sat until 8:30 and waited and waited and waited. Finally a report came up. I worked until 12:30 p.m. and couldn't stand it anymore. I made a whopping $12.00.
Diskriter needs weekend help sm
They just started allowing PT weekend only as an option.  Their platform is easy to use.  Line rate isn't to bad either because you get more for if you are hired as a weekend only MT.
Diskriter needs help all around - they need transcriptionists for
all shifts, and are finally getting desperate enough to hire PT
Anyone with info. on Diskriter??

Hello! This is my first time to post here on MTstars. I have accepted a position with Diskriter and should be receiving my equipment next week. I just found out about MTstars and I wish I would have found it before. I am currently employed elsewhere right now and need to make more money. I feel like I am typing my fingers to the bone for 8 hours or longer and at the end of my shift only end up with 750 lines, when I need at least 1500 lines per shift or more. I have been transcribing for about 3 years and the first job I had, I could hit 1500 lines, no problem,  during my shift. The problem with my current job is that we run out of work (but get paid for standby). I love my insurance and need to keep it. I plan on working both jobs and have absolutley no idea if I will be able to keep up with my family and their activities. I am strongwilled and determined to make money in this business. Not to ramble on......

Thanks for your input. Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

Overwhelmed MT from Texas

I believe Diskriter in Pittsburgh did this..nm
Diskriter questions
Anyone who works for Diskriter.  How flexible are they with schedules?  I am asking because I work full-time inhouse right now and work every third weekend.  On that weekend I get Friday off or another day if I need it.  How flexible are they with their part-time hours?  I want to get as much information about this as I can before I get myself into something that is not good.  I have never worked from home before other than on cassettes and am still getting used to all the lingo for at home transcription.  Please anyone with good intentions only.  I am doing this as a second job and really want to make sure it works out. 
Work you working for Diskriter
Diskriter needs weekend coverage - nm
no msg
MT week - did anyone employed with Diskriter get
anything for MT week??? Just curious - I didn't, but I see that they gave out an American Express gift cheque.
Hmm. Might you be a Diskriter recruiter or are you thinking
Diskriter Company info
Didn't see this post.  Hope it's not up twice!  Anyone know any recent info on Diskriter?  Thinking about taking a position with this company but not sure about it.  Thanks for any help!
Only hospitals and Diskriter do actual sm

background checks where this information would turn up.  They also ask on their applications.

I have never been asked when applying for a service.  If the question is not asked, then there must not be a prohibition on felons.

Is Diskriter a good company?
I see many ads for Disriter, but relatively few people reading the ad as opposed to the other MTSO posters.   Why is this?  Anyone work for them?  Are they an affilitate of the Q?
Diskriter pays to have equipment returned to them - sm
They call UPS and have it picked up and UPS has the stickers already for you
Diskriter only hires FULL TIME - sorry
no message
Thank you MT Stars and Diskriter just rec'd $50 American Express (sm)
MT Stars and Diskriter for making MT week so much fun.  I received my American Express $50 gift cheque in the mail today from Diskriter. This gift is truly appreciated, thanks again!
Was this Diskriter? They asked for pix, too, for hospital position. n/m


received equipment new to diskriter and to chartscript

I just received my pc and extras from Diskriter yesterday, after a lengthy wait, really ready to get going; however, they also sent a complex Chartscript book and I've never used this platform before.  Anyone have any quick notes they can share or can you let me know if it is difficult to learn.  Thank you in advance.

Does anyone work for Diskriter - if so, can you help me out with my question on the Company board
Diskriter fired a bunch of MTs. check these boards
I'm in the same boat trying to test for Diskriter. Any words of wisdom about getting
maybe Phillie got smart by getting rid of Diskriter and paying REAL transcriptionists what they are
I liked it all, to be honest!
I felt like their pay was comparable to other big companies, I liked their benefit package. I worked with very nice people and the platform I was on was good.  I didn't mind the clocking in and out.  The only reason I left was because I was offered another opportunity outside the world of MTs at home (working in-house) which I couldn't pass up. 
To be quite honest, I really don't know. sm
I don't think it did but I used Roundup a week later to kill the bindweed which did kill the grass, but I don't think the bug spray killed it. Either way, I just used it about three inches around the perimeter of the house and most of what I have around my house is perennial plants, not all grass, and they are still alive. LOL--only the bindweek and creeping charlie are dead from the Roundup.
Just be honest!
I am sure when you explain your paid by production situation you will be excused, no more to it. Good luck!
to be honest...

Every QA I've ever come across has never admitted that they were wrong even with proof.  I've never seen it.  I do believe they believe they do no wrong.  Just my opinion of course from my own experience.

Being honest
I would love to say, but I am sure the message would just vanish again.
Still, they could at least be honest about it, and - sm
instead of just the rubber-stamp *you failed* reply to those they didn't hire, maybe they should at least let a qualified person know that:
a) The job was filled before their application was processed.
b) They lost the application.
c) They didn't want to pay this experienced applicant what she was worth.
d) And so on.....
To be honest

It might be worth your while to take a course with a reputable MT teaching course.  You are going to be more and more frustrated and it just won't get much better.

Be careful and try to find a good course, then attempt going out in the world again. 

well, to be honest...sm
I have not really heard YOU say anything intelligent about this profession either. All I really hear out of you is how much you dislike all the whining and complaining from others about this profession. Seems to me all YOU are doing is *whining* and *complaining* about others whining and complaining. So there is no difference. They whine and complain about one thing, and you whine and complain, at the top of your lungs I might add, about the whining and complaining. And, yes, you do put yourself up on a pedestal simply because you have been doing this profession for most of your adult life, and yes, you probably had it rough. But some of the rest of us have had it rough too. However, some of us who have had it rough and kicked and clawed our way to the top, have not become bitter about it, as you obviously have. This profession, as with any profession, is only as rough and difficult as YOU choose to make it. If you have a positive attitude about things, the roughness will not feel so rough. You seem to have the idea that in order to *get anywhere* in this profession, you must beat your subordinates into submission, in order to make yourself shine. Your anger towards your chosen profession is eating you up from the inside out and the outside, at this point in time, is not a very pretty picture.
No, I don't do that many lines, but to be honest...
I quit MQ for this job because I was more often that not WITHOUT WORK!  It didn't matter what I "might" have done, it wasn't there consistently enough to make it.  Couldn't count on an income.  I am not a power transcriptionist like you must be.  I can't sit there for 12 hours a day with my butt in a chair typing at breakneck speed.  I have to move around, and with too much speed comes too many errors for me, so I'm happy typing my 1,200 lines a day in 6 hours.
I suspect you are the honest one
I was skeptical above when I read the responses to "How much have you made so far with the year half over".  Awfully amazing how much money they claim (maybe overestimate) they make -- equivalent of full-time income with how much time they take off for their kids or "life".   There was an allusion to the truth about the MT who said she is a second paycheck to her husband MBA.  But I suspect you are the honest one, stating that it isn't the money.  It certainly isn't the virtually non-existent benefits. 
FAIR and Honest... sm
I have worked for DSC (Document Solutions Center) in Alabama for many, many years, and have become good friends with the owner of the company... she is very fair to her girls - they come first, she is very flexible, they have a tightly established management team, and the work is abundant... she pays very fair, and gives bonuses and raises as often as she can...    Another GREAT company is OSi...  I am currently working for them, and they are just the BEST... I get the best pay per line, the greatest accounts, never-ending work, constant bonuses, gifts, 24/7 contact with staff...  I can give you contact information on either if you wish... and no, I am not looking for a finder's fee...  I am honest, and just enjoy helping those out who are asking for help...  Contact me by email anytime... Bobbie