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Thanks for the warning - sm

Posted By: Looking on 2006-01-29
In Reply to: Well, therein might lie the problem. Depends on the - MTer

I too have sat by and watch other MLSs at my current company sabotage others doing the same thing.

This is why I like working at home. No office politics and I can choose to ignore the hen pecking and prattle by coworkers.

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But I appreciate the warning and hopefully no one else will get taken.
Thanks for the warning!!!
That was the kind of feedback I was looking for. If I don't ask, I know I won't find out. You have helped me. Thank you.
Be cautious of your tone on this sensitive thread.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you cannot disagree with respect, your posts will be deleted. If any removed posts have been watched lately for offensive or inflammatory remarks, you will be banned.

Disagree but be respectful and do not post vindictive, inflammatory jabs at one another.

Do not EVER post copyrighted information on this website.  This includes private medical records or copies of any information in which you are not the author or owner.

If you have any questions about information you want to post, please e-mail the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) or myself before doing so.

Posters who fail to respect this policy will be banned.

This is a great idea. Maybe you can warn the people aspiring to be MTs not to go in it for the money. I enjoy transcribing and love staying at home, but no way could I ever make a decent living doing this only. I have had to take on two jobs working 16 hours a day to make what I made when I first started out. Its sad.
Thank you for the warning.........

The sad thing is, for you who are Christians, is that these companies do not realize or care that they will answer to Jesus the King of all for their sins (it remains to be seen if it will be in this life or in the life to come).  Its a tripp, MTSO want an honest, hardworking MT, but use every trickery in the book...............

WARNING to those trying to PREVENT it.....
A few years ago my daughter's 2nd grade class kept having a lice problem. My daughter never showed any signs of it BUT one day she came home and told me her 2 best friends, who she played with and sat by, were sent home with it. So I panicked and did the stuff in her hair just to get anything that (in my mind) was probably there.

Well, my daughter had a neurologic reaction to the RID or whatever I used. Her one arm was shaking, it was scary. I took her to the ED and the doc made me feel about 1 inch tall. He said "WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON HER IF SHE DIDN'T HAVE LICE???"

I explained but he said people just don't get it, this stuff is basically a PESTICIDE.

So if your child has it then use it, but PLEASE don't just use it to keep him/her "clean" as a measure to prevent it. Take it from a ~guilt-ridden~ mother.

I saw a warning on another one of your posts (SM)
and I think it is because your initials have MQ in them and they are going through and deleting anything related to that company that is posted here, even though you say nothing about the company. I don't think that is right, because you are answering other things and not bringing your company name into this.
That wuz a creeper warning, lol. nm
Warning: ACE Transcription ad (SM)

This ad on the Main board has been removed.  The ISP is overseas. 


Book as a Warning...
I would like the book to be as realistic as possible because people looking into it are going to be making an investment in time and money.  That's why when some people suggested I do a "how-to" to get into this business, I really wasn't sure because I didn't want people to think it was easy money like some ads have you believe.  I wouldn't go so far as a warning... just being realistic about what you can achieve.  I want MT input, which is great, because this way it won't be lopsided with my experiences only.  Thanks!
Chantix Warning
as it must be just horrible to stop!


I received this today regarding Chantix......

FDA informed healthcare professionals and consumers of important revisions to the WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS sections of the prescribing information for Chantix regarding serious neuropsychiatric symptoms experienced in patients taking Chantix. These symptoms include changes in behavior, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal ideation, and attempted and completed suicide. While some patients may have experienced these types of symptoms and events as a result of nicotine withdrawal, some patients taking Chantix who experienced serious neuropsychiatric symptoms and events had not yet discontinued smoking. In most cases, neuropsychiatric symptoms developed during Chantix treatment, but in others, symptoms developed following withdrawal of Chantix therapy. See the FDA Information for Healthcare Professionals Sheet for recommendations and considerations for healthcare professionals on using Chantix therapy for patients. 

Read the complete 2008 MedWatch Safety Summary including a link to the FDA Public Health Advisory, Healthcare Professional Information Sheet and the prescribing information for Chantix regarding this issue at:

Former CT warning symptoms SM
are totally completely gone with editing.

Maybe someone else will have a more specific answer for the keystrokes, but CONSIDERABLY fewer per minute. As the VR system gets better and better with a dictator, you may spend most of the time just sitting there reading along with squeakily speeded up dictation. Other dictators will have corrections on every line, though.

Part of reduced Keystrokes is expander, too. For instance, I do ".t" when I come on a lowercase "the" between what should be two sentences, which backs up, inserts a period, double spaces, deletes the small t and inserts a capital T, then jumps to the beginning of the next word for me.

When I started editing, though, my Expander wasn't nearly so well developed and I still made more money AND my worrisome carpal tunnel pains, which a number of times required me to take nonpaid leave while I rested my wrists, disappeared. So have the wrist braces I wore religiously every night to bed.
Low pay warning!!!! Take it to Job board!

Warning about MTSO in Scottsdale, AZ sm

There is a lady by the name of Cynde Burchell who owes friends of mine over 400.00 for work that was done.  she is not answering her phone, she is off of the IM and she pretty much is MIA right now.  She lost a huge account and she would rob Peter to pay Paul with all of her MTs, I know, she did it to me twice and I should have quit the first time.  My friends did some work for her.  It is almost 2 months now, and no pay for them.  They have been contacting her, phoning her, emailing her.....they are getting nothing.   If any of you MTs see an ad posted by a Jeanette...she is posting for Cynde Burchell.  DO NOT GO THERE!!! She owes one MT over 600.00 from about almost 6 months ago.   I don't usually state names, but this is ridiculous.  She stiffed so many people, I don't care anymore.  So, I am warning people on various boards about this one. 

warning - this may be disturbing and offensive to some...and then, maybe not...
There has to be some way to convey to you what is on this video.  My hope is someone else will also step up and try to answer your questions, as I get very sick to my stomach even thinking of it. 

I also do not want to offend anyone who maybe would not want to be subjected to this, you know, who might open the post not really knowing what is in it and then read it. 

With a video, you open it, or not, at your own will. 

Imagine the chickens you see either on TV or if you ever were around a farm.  They are outside running around, spreading their wings...doing things that chickens do instinctly, or naturally. 

Now imagine from the time they are born, they are never allowed outside, ever; but are in fact placed in coops the size of maybe the top of your desk, with 9 other chickens.  There is no room to spread their wings.  They never once spread their wings from birth to death, yet having that desire because it is a natural function and part of their ability to clean themselves, to mate, etc. 

Now imagine their beaks being clipped off (the area with most of the nerve endings) with some kind of hot iron type machine, so they can not peck each other to death, like they will from the stress of being in tight quarters. 

Now imagine 'chicken' fights, as they are so cramped and upset, fights until death, and the dead chicken just rots beside the others.  Maybe the chickens are so hungry from lack of food and water, they even eat it because they have water and food routinely withheld so that they will produce more eggs.  Imagine that life for years, never getting out of that coop. 

Now imagine after being given growth hormones, their bodies become so big their legs will not support them, so they fall over and starve to death, again, in the coop with the other chickens. 

Imagine as they are never able to wash or groom themselves.  Imagine being electrically shocked in the metal cages to stimulate the egg-laying...

Now imagine they do not produce eggs so they are now ready to be slaughtered for their meat.  They are literally grabbed and thrown violently into the backs of trucks, with broken bones and wings, injured, in trucks extremely hot, for who knows how many hours until they get to the slaughterhouse. 

Now imagine being placed on what looks like a conveyor type apparatus, hung by their necks and being wisked by some type of blade that slits open the neck. 

I could not watch certain parts and had my eyes closed, but I will never forget the sounds of this kind of treatment/death as long as I live...

These places are not clean, the chickens are not clean. 

It is easy to see where the avian flu comes from - we (meaning mankind) have created it by the filth we allow these chickens to live in. 

I can not even write about the cows, pigs, turkeys.  Is beyond belief how they many times do not even anesthetize the cows before castrating them. 

Dairy cows may not be treated so bad while they are producing milk, but a Huge percent of our meat comes from dairy cows who no longer produce milk.  Their life may be pretty decent for a while, but it is what happens to them afterward...

I can not even go on...it is a nightmare.

Yep, i got the same warning email one time. nm
In her defense, there are far too many men out there that really should come with warning labels. nm
A breast cancer warning sm
Let me tell you a true story. I am hesitant to tell it because I want every woman to have a mammogram and to be tested as often as possible. In 2000 a surgeon I had trusted for 30 years read my path report of a biopsy he did for a suspicious small lump. The pathology report came back as "atypical ductal carcinoma insitu which some may call atypical hyperplasia." This surgeon literally yelled in my face "You have breast cancer and that breast has to come off." Due to the fact that friends of mine had suffered lymphoma and other complications from mastectomy, I asked him again if mastectomy was the only answer. He was extremely stern with me and said it was, and my only other alternative would be lumpectomy with radiation and he would not guarantee it. Due to other problems of health issues in the family (serious) I wondered about my ability to type or transcribe again. I even asked him to keep it from my husband until I decided what to do and he called my husband in his office (my husband was very ill at the time).  I called my health care provider and asked about a second opinion, they said get as many as I was comfortable with. I was referred to the head of oncology at another facility (IMPORTANT) and he referred me to a breast surgeon. I told her that I had read Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book and I read about surgeons leaving "dirty margins" from the first biopsy and questioned if lumpectomy would be just as good as mastectomy. I told the second surgeon (a breast surgeon) I had heard of  a physician from "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book"who practiced at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. The new breast surgeon did the second operation which was removal of the rest of the "dirty margins" and my slides were sent to Vanderbilt. Their opinion was that no further treatment would be necessary. The breast surgeon called a tumor board meeting and it was their opinion that they were not sure if I did indeed have "breast cancer." The radiologist who was at that tumor board meeting said she would not radiate me since they were not sure it was cancer, as if I did get cancer back in that breast, she could not radiate me again. By the way, the first surgeon whom I had trusted for 30 years told me to "to go ahead and listen to your neighbor and your hairdresser and you'll be back here with more cancer and it will be too late for you then because we don't know what's in the rest of that breast!" He also was very angry that the other doctors told me I had every right to have a plastic surgeon present at operation to install Expanders should I decide to have a mastectomy and want plastic surgery down the road. He was very upset with that and upset at the fact that I would have had my own plastic surgeon of my choice. He wanted that mastectomy done "last week" were his very words. Well, it's 2006, I have had 6 month mammos on that breast and yearly mammos on both breasts since 2000. I did have a needle aspiration for the tiniest lump in that breast which was benign, then I had a stereotactic biopsy on that breast because I was watched closely for 5 years, that biopsy was insufficient for diagnosis, so I underwent another surgical biopsy in 1/05 which turned out to be "atypia." So, whether I am a fool for not having the mastectomy, I can't really say, but I can say that I did question, read, study, make my own decisions. I did not have a mastectomy in 2000, I still have that same breast (a bit smaller, but who cares?) and I still have negative mammos every 6 mos. except for the two ? findings later on. I refused tamoxifen for my own personal reasons, although it is the treatment of choice. I am very, very reluctant to tell this story for fear of just one woman letting a cancer go undetected. On the other hand, I am telling it here (now for the first time) because I want women to know they have a right to make a decision with regard to their own bodies and ask intelligent questions. You have every right. Just be sure you get many high-level opinions. By the way, I did get put on a lot of prayer lists as well. I do believe God helps those who help themselves. I will never be sorry for the chances I took and the choices I made. I hope that trusted old surgeon is NOT right (my new breast surgeon says he is from the "days of yore"}. The important thing is to get tested, get more than one opinion and please, please, if you believe, pray, and talk, talk, talk, and read, read, read. Learn when to say "yes" and learn when to say "no". I hope I didn't scare anyone, but there is hope and help out there for those who are willing to use their intelligence. For any of you who think I did it for cosmetic reasons -- absolutely not! I would not have even wanted expanders for further plastic surgery. I am a grandmother, not interested in body beautiful.  I was the sole source of income due to an unfortunate circumstance with my husband and we would both have been "down" at the same time. I did it because I had to at least ask what my options were. So far, so good. Please pray that I did the right thing and please know that you too have "options" to consider. Please be sure to go to a "different" facility for a "different" opinion, not the same as the one who diagnosed you. I sure hope this helps someone some day, but please, please if the second opinion says the breast must be removed, then you will absolutely have to listen and you will do fine. My new breast surgeon said if it were ever necessary, she could remove both breasts, freeze and save the nipples and do a reconstruction for her patients if they desired it down the road. There are tons of new options for us out there. But ASK!. My message to you is GET CHECKED, and make those checkups regular, there are clinics that will take you for free. I hope if they do find something, you have as good a result as I did. Please go, and please ask questions and get other opinions. Good luck and God bless. Hope I helped someone today but I really, really do not want anyone to miss anything that could kill them, so be aware that this is only my story, but it's true and it may give someone else with atypical ductal carcinoma in-situ some help, hope and understanding.A mastectomy is not a bad thing, not in today's world, but I want you to know that there are tons of options for you and I hope you take advantage of the best ones for you, God forbid, you every need that kind of help. You may E-mail me but I won't "practice medicine without a license," I just want to share my experience and strength with you and urge you to get tested soon!
A warning to MTSO's about 2 editors

I recently had to let 2 editors go for not editing anything.  These two are in a team.  They are now trying to scam the company for more money stating a check was never sent out.  They are currently "looking for work" and if you would like information on them, please feel free to email me.  I would hate to see anyone else be "had" by these 2.


Nase Insurance Warning

DON'T GO WITH NASE!!!!!!! It's health insurance is for the birds. Ask me. I know. Every year it goes up a few dollars. Doesn't sound like much but for hubby and myself it's $605 a month with a $2,000 deductible for each of us. This is health and prescription coverage, supposedly eye care, too, but they never paid a nickle for my eye exam or glasses as I go to someone outside the network and my choice was Sears or another mall place I wouldn't recommend to a mole. Those were my only 2 choices.

So far, our out of pocket expenses for his surgery added up to $75,000 and that does not include ER or ambulance. They refused to pay for the ER. They only pay the ER if you are admitted TO THE SAME HOSPITAL. In our case, my hubby had to go 50 miles away for his surgery.Thank heavens he did not have to be life-flighted out. That would have been another $30,000.

I had to fight for every penny of every bill they paid, which was about 1/4 the cost. I spent months arguing with them about things they didn't pay that they should have paid.  THEY NEVER EVEN PAID HIS SURGEONS! 

If I could go with another company, I would, but nobody will take us now, and we're stuck. Too bad hubby got sick just when I was looking around for a better deal.

And, by the way, there is a site called Rip-Off Reports which really opened my eyes the other day. Read some of it. It'll open your eyes too.


Thanks for the warning. I keep trying to use ball of foot, but often use big toe. NM

Hello!  It's been a while since I have been on this board.  I'm still receiving e-mails from MTs telling me that they have been taken advantage of by Toth Transcription.  From what I understand, Toth is now advertising on www.craigslist.com for new MTs to apply with them. 

Every time I receive an e-mail from another MT, she tells me how she has not been receiving her paychecks, and how after many attempts at contacting the Toths, she has not received any replies to her e-mails or return phone calls. 

It's no less than criminal what they are doing to people, and the more people that come forward with their experiences, the better our chances are at putting them out of business. 

I can't stress enough how underhanded and manipulative their hiring process is, and how abusive they are to their MTs. 

If you don't want to see them get away with this anymore, you have to act on this, and warn anybody and everybody about TOTH TRANSCRIPTION in Wexford, PA.

They prey on newbies fresh out of school, and out-of-state applicants, because they know that as long as you are out of state, you have no recourse to go after them to get your money.

******  I am in touch with other MTs who have been put through the wringer by Toth, and they are fighting back tooth and nail.  Don't feel hopeless and helpless, that is what they are counting on.  Stand up for yourself and get fighting mad.

 ******* DISCLAIMER *****************
Postings of this nature are the poster's personal opinion should not be considered as substantiated by MTStars. Under no circumstances will MTStars be liable for any loss or damage caused by a userís reliance on information obtained from this message. MTStars.com cannot effectively monitor validity of material/information posted on its Message Boards and, therefore, makes no representation and warranty with respect thereto.
Any discussions regarding this situation should be handled via email. Contact/Reply OP (original poster) using the "Reply by Email" link below".

MTStars Team

Yes, you'll have plenty of warning. sm
You still likely have several months left in your home. They'll give you opportunities to catch up on payments and/or find a way to refinance; once you speak with the bank and if it becomes apparent it won't work that way, they tell you you have such-and-such amount of time, i.e., 90 days. My mom is going through this right now. They then send you plenty of legal paperwork. You can get a stay on it if you can afford the lawyer for that; that's a whole other story. You get a definite 30-day notice to vacate.

To all of our posters on MTStars:  We have experienced an individual who is apparently running a scam.  We want to make you aware of this situation and urge you to be discerning in any e-mails you receive regarding this and diligent to report any contact with this person or other similar situations with us immediately:

Name: Sherry Robinson
Email: s_robinson28714@yahoo.com
Phone: 828 675 2119
Location : Burnsville, NC  28714
She is asking for $100-200 for work at home jobs.  Once payment is sent via PayPal or check, she vanishes and later (after repeated emails and calls) sends a mail with links (mostly broken) to Work at Home Job sites, which any MT can find by simply using Google.  Her scam is via telephone!   The emails she sends out contain only the following information:  Call Sherry Robinson 828-675-2119

MTStars Team

a little word of warning on his stuff Jodi

Knowing me ex for the 25 year pre-exit, I had cataloged every little thing and put a copy in his stuff.

Sure enough, in court his lawyer tried to say that I had not given him everything, kept a lot of his expensive tools, etc! 

It is he says/she says but just stick to your guns and tell the truth that he did take it all.

When discrepancy between # of reports (rad) and lines, they look deeper, one warning and
Warning! If you do not want AAMT to "rent" your information through targeted

mailing lists, I would not recommend becoming a member.  AAMT rents their lists.  Excerpt directly from the AAMT site... "List renters will be happy to note that MGI provides electronic access to all segments of AAMT's lists, as well as all standard formats."  MGI is the Mailing List vendor that they use. 

So, not only is AAMT in bed with offshoring, they also "rent" your email address and who knows whatever other information to .  And this is an organization the represents AMERICAN MTs?  Protect your privacy!

I have Trend Micro PC-cillin and have never gotten a warning for this site nm
Exactly, one should only react to messages and warning from the antivirus program
one subscribed. Dr Virus! LOL!
Just wanted to send a virus warning to all MTStars friends. sm
There's an e-mail going around that says something about the FBI or CIA following your web sites.  This is a virus e-mail, so anything that looks close to this should be deleted without opening to save havoc with your computer.  So be careful here....one virus can kill a paycheck. 
WARNING...I wasn't so lucky trying to use Word 2003 and Smartype... SM
My system didn't just freeze up once in a while. I couldn't make it through one report without this happening. I finally researched the archives and found that there is actually a conflict between Word 2003 and the Smartype.

Anyway, I wanted to switch from Instant Text to Smartype so much that I actually uninstalled my entire Microsoft Office 2003 software package and purchased Word 2002. I haven't had a problem since.
Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad

Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad
here yesterday claiming great cost savings. After researching the company, I have found that the company is overseas in India and is offering the identical rate structure as another US voice service.  There is absolutely no cost savings whatsoever and anyone using their voice system would be calling into a toll free number where the voice file would end up on a server in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. 

What does this mean to you, the transcription service?
1. HIPAA compliance is compromised.
2. Your client information is at risk. Offshore entities can come in try to undercut you and take your business.
3. In case of outage, you're stuck if you can't get in touch with technical support.

I could go on, but I think you can probably see the same big problems that I see.