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Hope this doesn't get pulled but try this link

Posted By: to get a good idea of the possibilities on 2005-12-23
In Reply to: How do you ever remember them all? - I try, but

it started with 13,000 abbreviations.


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Just hope he doesn't end up getting her pregnant!
Then she'll have him for the next 18 years whether he wises up or not.
I hope that doesn't happen to me...

and was told they would still have work for me afterwards...I really like this new place and am only working for them right now. 

Do you think you can e-mail me initials or a hint to who did that, so I know to stay away? Were you just one day locked out of the system or just no work in your general work pool? That's craziness on their part. Talk about feeling used.

...feeling a little nervous now.

Let's hope the car doesn't come back...
with every hidden nook and cranny filled with drugs! Your sis and BIL have a screw loose to let allow a slacker child, who happens to be an adult, do what he wants with a car they pay for. JMHO, so don't bother bashing me, it won't change my mind!
hope this doesn't happen to you
Our company decided not to do direct deposit any longer because of Indymac. 
Good grief, hope it doesn't have too many changes sm
If so, we should get our money back on the 2nd, geez! Enough is enough.Some of the 2nd is wrong anyway, leave us alone!
just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
I hope that student doesn't read this board. sm

I don't think this was a good place to look for a laugh at a student's expense, even though I suspect you weren't intending to be mean or condescending. We were all there once.

After 30 years in this business, much of it in QA and QA management, I've gone back to transcription and I am still learning things from my QA people. Humiliating at times, yes! But its all a learning process.

I hope he doesn't get voted back in either because worse than Eric
is CRAZY Ivette. I LOVE Howie and want him to win. Nobody else but Howie has entertained me on this show. So cute and funny when he pretended he was going to kiss Beau. W/O Howie, I can't watch it even if Kaysar comes back. Don't like that entire Cappy groupie scene. Do you think CBS will bring back a firefighter hero instead of an Iraq guy for ratings though? I know we are supposed to decide but I doubt that is true in the end.
Oh my gosh, poor you! Hope he doesn't talk too long!

Please post the link again; it doesn't seem to work for me. Thanks. n/m
Link doesn't work, but none sell for more than $290 on the site.
Exactly which one did you pay $350 for?
Pulled my hair out over this one

Waddle sigh . . . . . vital signs!!!


They pulled that on me at my previous job. I could
This makes me very glad we pulled out of the .....
house we originally put a deposit on a few weeks ago and went with another house.  The first house not only needed too much expensive exterior work, but I was more than concerned about the 2 COON HOUNDS who were kenneled in the backyard of the house next door.  Those dogs make the more Gawd-awful noise when they bark.  I'm sure they were hunting dogs and not pets.  Every time we were over there, they were in that kennel/run.  And we live in a cold climate, so my heart would be breaking in the winter watching those poor animals sitting out in -10 degree weather.
That is weird, the first time I pulled up
her post, it said something totally different (like she was asking what FTP stood for). Ah well, thanks for letting me know:)
she pulled her husband's card....N/M

Credit accts pulled
This is not just happening with transcription- it is across the board. Just heard a consumer advocate here in town speaking about that yesterday, not on our end but just general public. The thought of employers is that if you cannot be responsible in your financial life, that your job will be the same. This advocatet was against it. Transcriptionists are not being picked out as a single group, lots more people at same place.
I donít think I pulled your chain, Missie
Was posting to Hayseed. Go back to your pond.
pulled-chicken sandwiches
1 sm rotisserie chicken 2 to 2 1/2 lbs)
1 c. barbecue sauce
1/2 c. water
1/4 c. red wine vinegar
6 kaiser rolls, split
1/2 lb deli coleslaw

coarsely shred meat.
combine chicken, barbecue sauce, water and vinegar in saucepan over medium heat 5 min until hot, stirring frequently.
spoon chicken mixture onto bottom half of rolls with coleslaw and top with roll.

family's favorite monday nite meal!
Yep, I hear ya! They pulled the bait and switch on me before I even got started!
Unreal - Recruiter promised one thing - got the instant contract through email with the exact opposite!  Bailed before I started! Sorry for your bait and switch.
I just pulled mine back out of storage - LOVE THEM!! nm
If one is a nonproduction job, managerial,etc wool can be easily pulled
Yikes...2-3 reports pulled per pay period here, not yearly..
sorry to see quality isn't a big issue at your company.
Pulled Pork Roast Sandwiches with Cabbage/Slaw
I would just take that baby and rub her down with some oil, vegetable, corn, olive, etc. and rub her down with some good seasons, like a little chili powder, garlic, salt, pepper and wrap her up good and tight in some aluminum foil. Git some good hickory wood chips and once the grill starts to cool off from the hottest point, then put that baby out there and let her slow cook for about 6 hours or so. Keep it wrapped up tight so the juices do not escape and if they do, get some worchestershire, oil etc. and baste her up. When a fork separates with the meat to just strands, she is ready for some bread and some slaw/cabbage with a lil vinegar added to the slaw and a lil bbq or A1 steak sauce with a lil mustard added together is better to me and there you go, a good ole southern pulled pork roast samwich!
if the post were pulled wouldn't there be no subject line to open? sm
They don't just delete the guts, the whole thing would disappear.
You don't "pick" prizes. Gift items that were donated by our sponsors are pulled from
Santa's Bag and you are notified of what your gift is.
I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
I simply chose the wrong link. See inside for the correct link.
See link
Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi
what link? You failed to include link

I think you forgot the link? I don't see a link
to check this out....sounds interesting.....
I hope so
I really want to do IC where I am a stay at home mom with a very active 2 yr old and hate to commit to hours until he is older. One other girl did not do IC because of this
Wow, a ray of hope
that's very encouraging to hear! Even though you didn't take the job, at least they seemed to be concerned as to why! Good job!!!
I hope this is okay
A friend of mine is in second place right now in the Staples invention contest. Please vote for Julie Savage and her Glue Swabs. Right now she is neck and neck with a musician, who has the online musician community bucking for him to win.

Hopefully MTs have more pull than musicians.

Oh, and you can vote once a day from each email addy you have.
I do hope it gets better for you.
I am struggling tremendously myself and working many, many hours to get my quota. But like yourself, I have got to have the insurance. It is so frustrating, but I will do what I have to do - and that has been a lot of praying here lately!

I hope so,

Oh boy, I hope I have this right...sm

He was told to follow up.

He presents for followup.

I hope you
are not still doing any work for her.  If you and she live in the same area, I would pay a friendly visit.  It's very easy for people to ignore emails.  If you speak with her face to face, even if she is unable to pay you during  your first visit.  She will find a way to get your money if she knows that you will come by again. I would continue to drop by occasionally and just say, I was doing a pick up in your area and thought I'd stop by to check the status of a few outstanding invoices.  It couldn't hurt.
Yes, that's my only hope
Maybe enough people will quit that there will be work.  I'm going to wait for the packet and read things over, then decide what I'm going to do.     
Still hope
I've never worked for a National - they turned me down years ago which was a blessing. Sent out letters to 75 local docs and now work for 3 at .15/line. Have you tried doctors in your community? Have to buy my own medical but still well worth it!
That gives me hope...
MQ is "rewarding" me for my dedication and expertise by routing the longest reports and foulest dictators to me simply because "You're the only one who can do them - you should feel complimented." I'm paid by the report so no matter how much I am paid - I'm screwed. Your post gives me hope that there are companies out there that don't operate like this. Thanks!
I hope you mean I just DID it. nm
Some hope
I don't exactly agree. I think the best MTs, those that save MDs the most time, have the best chance of continuing to work in this field. I found a job in RADIOLOGY, for goodness sakes, and because the MDs are confident that reports I produce make sense (and these particular MDs actually care) so that they can concentrate on their other work, I believe they will keep me around. I think the MTs with large vocabularies (especially for the dying language of ENGLISH), will be able to find work for years to come. Make sure you continue to educate yourselves and don't daydream while transcribing just because you've done this for 20 years and know all the terms. When you are not valued in one job, look for a place where they DO care about quality. It helps to be where the MDs can talk to YOU instead of a medically uneducated supervisor. Just my experience.
I hope you don't....
shop at Wal-mart or other organizations/companies such as that!  You can't talk out of both sides of your mouth!
I hope someone else says it....
hope this will help....sm
Well, 3 is what we have...hope that is

it! She seems to be doing ok with them so far...she is so young we were worried about her, but so far so good! We live in the country, cats get dumped here all the time..so unfortunate because not all cats can survive as some people think. We live on a very heavily traveled road, there are coyotes, and other hazards for them to avoid! We will keep her and her babies, actually have someone who wants one of the kittens. Mom will get spayed ASAP, babies when ready. We also have 7 other cats, all male, who were stranded out here also, they are getting neutered next week. We have a barn cat/feral cat program in our county so it is a reasonable price for spaying and neutering, plus I am hoping to get a quantity discount!

I hope so.

My other two pregnancies were totally different.  I had energy throughout the entire nine months.  However, this is the first pregnancy that I am actually working from home so I believe that is the difference.

I have one of those, and she is an ESL. I am sorry, hope your day goes better!
I hope you are okay...

Let us know what happens.

I sure hope so.
thanks for the support!  I'm just not too keen on OPs even though it can be part of the job.  I just find the majority of them boring!  Hopefully I'll slide past them.