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How do I make SmarType recognize a Blocks folder? sm

Posted By: cai on 2009-03-10
In Reply to:

I just transferred my "blocks" folder which contains standards for my docs over to another computer with a thumb drive. I installed Smartype on that computer with the CD. I restarted the computer and SmarType is working, but it is not my standards are not coming up when I type in the abbreviations. How do I get the program to recognize the standards in the "blocks" folder? TIA

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Smartype & Blocks in MS Word?

I have just started using Smartype with MS Word 2002.  I have created blocks and saved them.  Some of them work but others are not pulling into my documents when I type in the name of the blocks.  When I try to readd them ST tells me that they are there so why aren't they pulling into my reports?  Thanks for any help with this.

it would still have to recognize your router
somehow. It cannot be a "mind reader" so to speak. I still think it would need to have access to your router to work. sorry. just my opinion.
Ethically, once you recognize the name, you should tell your supervisor that you...
know this person and it wouldn't be right for you to have privy to their private medical record.  THat's the rule where I work.  I've had my children's principal,  fellow co-workers, and people that  I know from my husband's place of employment.  I return the job and tell my boss  to give it to somebody else. 
How would anyone possibly recognize your vent (SM)
when it desccibes how every Transcriptionist out there feels. Guess it just goes with the business.
Oh, it's you, Shroom. I'd recognize that attitude anywhere.
Did you try rebooting to see if it would recognize "new...sm
hardware?" Sometimes that will work if there is no driver to install. Hope this helps!
He is three blocks behind the parade
this is what my dad use to say
Does your computer even recognize the flash drive? sm

It could be that the flash drive was not removed correctly the last time it was used and now the computer doesn't recognize it. A lot of the new flash drives use that annoying U3 program; you have to wait it to load completely before you can use the drive and you also need to use it to eject the flash drive before physically removing it from the computer. Also, make sure you're actually dragging it to the flash drive and not the U3 System, which shows as a separate drive in Windows Explorer (not IE).

Yes you can do huge blocks of text...
I do the same thing, whole entire procedures, combined ROS and PE sections, whole reports in some cases, and I have never come across a block of text that it said was too big. I use mine in conjunction with DQS and I even incorporate the @@ sign so that I can just move from jump code to jump code and fill in the different information that needs to be changed.

Another cool feature of IT is that you can not only make expansions for words and phrases, you can make up your own commands. Like I have one that will go up in my report and find DIAGNOSIS and change it to DIAGNOSES if there winds up being more than 1. I also have one that will delete the 1. if the doctor dictates a 1. and doesn't dictate a 2. as well as I made one that will go to the beginning of a paragraph if they dictate a 2 without dictating a 1 and it will put a 1. and 2 spaces, then go to the end of the paragraph and put a 2. and 2 spaces and then my cursor is right where I need it to start #2. It has saved me a lot of muttering and cursing under my breath about doctors who don't know how to count LOL.
Use Firefox. Allows you to control that, but blocks lge amt! nm
You could also have an addin that blocks normal.dot from making changes.
It doesn't necessarily mean your normal.dot is corrupt.
What to do if Word does not recognize your added medical terms - after updates? nm
half an hour for 3 blocks?? Couldn't you walk?
Would you walk three blocks in 110 degrees at 3 p.m. in Arizona - no trees, no breeze, no wet SM

except for sweat.  It's brutal. 

Now is 110 and supposed to get hotter.  Yesterday was 113 in the shade

WebSense is a filtering program that blocks certain websites. Usually used by employers... SM

to give their employees access to the internet via their network but only allow certain surfing criteria.

I work for a hospital and I connect to their network via a VPN connection to work.  I can get on the internet and access certain educational and work-related sites, but Websense blocks me from any sites classified as "entertainment", "shopping" etc.

So the question would be who do you work for and do you connect to there network via a VPN?  If so, then Websense is their way of controlling the network.

Working out of folder
 I d/l doc/voice files off system and put into folder.   I get the docs out of the folder, click on same job number on player and away I go.  When done, I put back into system manually, when I am ready to.  I don't have to wait for platform to open doc. and I don't have to wait for platform to load it back into system before I can move on to the next job, I have control over that.  I have found that the more control I have over my jobs, the quicker and more efficiant I can be. 
Put the files in their own folder then
right click to send to zip folder. Beware that you may not compress the files enough if you are sending them.
In your programs folder under


direct all her mail to its own folder
most email clients allow you to do this. Then once a month delete it all. It never shows up in your main in-box
Just go to "open", go to your template folder - sm
open up the document/template you want, make your changes and save it. Very simple. I do it all the time with letters (put in the date so I don't have to type it 20 times).
yes. outlook 2003 has a sent folder also, but--sm
it is all added in to the quota email set by ISP. sent folder, inbox folder, local folder whatever, it is all a part of the ISP quota for email capacity. I use Time Warner Cable Roadrunner and even with biz class, capacity for email storage, sent, inbox, etc. is 256mb. that is all I am saying about this. I don't want to start a flaming argument..
I invoiced my folder for today and at 10 cpl for a
65-character line WITH spaces it came to $140.90. The invoice for the same folder with 7.5 on gross line NOT including blank lines came to $148.90. Hope that helps.
You should be able to find the folder on your puter sm
and open it in word or notepad and see everything there.  Check out the Instant Text site for their forums, I am sure there is a blow-by-blow there for you to follow.  I have never done it, so I am not 100% sure.
I have mine all upload from a folder on my PC.
I just go and periodically clean out that folder.
Find your sh9 folder on your computer. then sm
find all files in that folder that end in .spf. These are all your dictionaries. Select the ones you need to copy and copy them onto whatever media you're using to transfer. Then you just paste them into the ShortHand folder onto the new computer, and voila! REady for use on the new computer.
My Documents is a folder, not a program.
Try Folder Options in Control Panel.

Go to the View tab and then click Show hidden files and folders.  I hope this works.

If you right click the folder, it should highlight it and give you
a drop down menue with the option to rename. Let me know if that helps...
Hey! Why did they delete the entire comedy folder from this site?
I saved a copy of each report I typed to a folder on my PC and then used... SM
my line counting software changing the variables to gross lines.  I'm sorry that this subject offends you so much, but there is a difference between line definitions and all MTs should be aware of this.
Exactly - create an email folder specifically for that company sm
and save all pertinent emails in that folder (just drag and drop). I have one for each of the companies I work for and I keep everything for a minimum of 3 to 6 months, longer if I think it is important.
Any way to get an e-mail back after being deleted from delete folder nm
Drs dont care as long as report in folder. They
Did you check your junk mail or spam folder? Sometimes they in there

yes -- I have a folder in favorites for my account specific references
and have for each that hospital's medical staff websites and frequently more

Most hospitals and MANY clinics and medical practices have their own web sites which helps a lot.

If you know the city and/or speciality, even plain Google searches can be an easier search than some of the "physician profile lists" -- just because half the time they seem to include every doctor in the state.

Also, fwiw, I keep a copy of state theagapecenter.com page (which is usually the first google hit if you ask for say "Indiana Hospitals")bookmarked as well. Very helpful in finding correct spelling of town and county names. it's worth the effort.
Win XP? Were you changing folder options in Windows Explorer? sm
Go back into Windows Explorer and look at the options on the general tab of folder options. I no longer have XP and don't remember the exact name of the option you need to clear the check, but you should be able to recognize it.
ESP files are stored on the service in the "Bin" folder. You should be able to open up an EXT

document and bring up your ESP window.  Click files and their should be a "Load" option.  Then you can search the server for your ESP file and you'll find it in the "Bin" folder.

I also agree, that you should back up your ESP file on a disk or jump drive.  I back up about once a month.

Saved this in my Favorites folder, thanks so much for posting, happy holidays!!! NM
I too use an external hard drive, backs up My Documents folder. sm
It only takes once to lose everything to know how important backups are.....I should know, happened to me!!
Zip the entire folder and email it to yourself or save to CD and install on new computer. nm
If you google "print folder list" you'll find a lot to choose from.
Example: http://no-nonsense-software.com/printfolder/

are you able to put in your own and go with speedtype.com or abbreviate.com? i dont care for the smartype.

im thinking about purchasing speedtype instead and delete smartype that my old company had me download.
I've never used anything but Smartype and I love it.  I doubt I'd ever change.
Does anyone use SmarType with XP?? Thanks so much. nm
Smartype for me
I have used both Instant Text and Smartype. Some people love Instant Type, but I couldn't deal with the learning curve. I stuck with Smartype -- much easier to use -- and I saw an increase in productivity right away. I had to get an Expander and was also contemplating which one to get. I decided to get both at the same time, do a 30-day trial, and send back the one I didn't want. That was about 5 years ago. I really like Smartype and don't plan on changing to anything else.

Chill!! These people are trying to help you!! Common sense would be to get in touch with Joe at Smartype (I have his #/address) OR get in touch with Stedman and simply ask them. If both Stedman and SmarType are putting out a "combined" product like this, THEY can answer your question correctly.

I am new to Stedman's Smartype and I am having a problem.  When I am starting a new sentence, the word should be capitalized, but when I hit the spacebar it inserts the word without capitalization.  Anyone know why?  And how to fix it?  Thanks!

IT or Smartype
I have both but I could never get used to IT. To me the IT software is a complete waste. I like Smartype but I hate when it locks up on Word 2003 and actually eats the text. I have found that if I save often as we should do anyway and not have too much running Smartype doesn't lock up that often. I have heard others rave about IT. I guess it depends on the MT. I hate IT. Sorry I ever loaded it.
Smartype will not according to sm

DSG -Dictation Services Group they are still listed on page 1 of MTStars. Jobs section. You can email them. I think AL the plateform makers should take this in consideration for sure.

If you are in ExText using Smartype you can add smart words and smart phrases by hitting CTL3. CTL2 gives you preferences, CTL4 is modify smart word spelling, CTL5 is delete smart word, and CTL6 is modify smart word position. You have to save the longer phrases for to put in when you aren't in ExText. Just save it to Notepad, then copy them into a regular word doc and go through the addition to smart block procedure. This has worked great for me.

None of this is in the documentation for Smartype. I just found them accidentally last year, after months of writing down phrases and words to add after work every day! This way you can just add it as you go.

Good luck!
I used Smartype for DOS.
Now I am using Word and so far only use autocorrect.  When I used Smartype I used the words, blocks, plus had whole reports stored in mine called Smartmacros.  Then I set up a smartword to play the macro.  I have never used Smartype with Word, so I do not know if there is anything similar.