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How do I respond to ads on the job seekers board?

Posted By: Looking for job on this site on 2008-05-28
In Reply to:

This might seem like a silly question but do I just send my resume using the 'apply now' button or can I and should I also send a cover letter with it?   Does it need to be in plain text?  Thanks

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I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
No mssg.
go to the job seekers board and about --sm
a third down that page, there is an ad that begins with *body aches and pains* posted by National Telecommuting Service. Read that, as it concerns people with disabilities and doing medical transcription. Hope this helps you out. good luck
Please see the ads on the Job Seekers board. NM
Per the ad on the job seekers board, there are rad
However, I applied for rad in the past and was offered clinic. I applied again for a rad position with the current ad and I have answered the questionnaire again, so my fingers are crossed.
The job seekers board...

Sure is loaded with garbage lately.

What is with these companies demanding 5+ years experience and then offering 7 cents/line, or wages of $7 to $15 an hour?  Yikes!  I hope people aren't taking these jobs.

The companies should be ashamed of themselves for expecting experienced MT's to settle for such crap wages.

go to the job seekers board on the left
hand side of this page.  Editing would be considered a position in the "QA" field.  There are lots of these positions open. 
Yes, but go to the Job Seekers board at the top left of your screen.

The Job Seekers board shows jobs that are available. You can
post your resume securely in the Resume Bank.  If you do not want to give a lot of detailed information, you can post with the name Available MT or something of that nature and in the body give a brief description of your experience.  When you enter your email address it is not visible to potential employers, but they can send you an email.  Only when you reply will they know your email address.  It's a great way to put yourself out there without COMPLETELY putting yourself out there.  If an employer is looking for someone with your skills and experience, they will contact you.  Good Luck!
When reading the job seekers board do you get discouraged at
the amount of times the post has been viewed? Sometimes, even though it was posted today, it has over 200 views already. Is everyone just looking or are all those MTs applying? How does one stand a chance....
Job ads go on the Job Seekers board only, that is why post was removed.
go to Job Seekers board, ther is a link to add a resume-nm
who are you anyway. Why doesn't the NEW OWNER of the board respond? That is my question.
At least I keep using my same initials of ss. You and others donot even do that, so the few of us who are on this board do not know who we are even talking to.
There's an ad for VR on Job Seekers $12-15
per hour.  Am I the only one who thinks that's joke?  I can make a lot more transcribing.
....on Job Seekers since Wed. nm
What happened to all the job seekers--sm

postings.  there is nothing after January 11, 2008 and I know there were some yesterday.  Does anyone know if there is a problem of some type? 

thanks in advance.

Posted a note on the job seekers sm
I posted a job on the job seekers board for an in-office position and got an email from someone saying that was a work at home board.  Anybody know where I can post an in-office position? 
Medware's ad in job seekers, Is all of that true?
Have you seen: Internship offers 3cpl on Job Seekers Bd?
Even as an intern, that should be considered criminal. I don't understand what some companies are thinking when they do that sort of thing.

Just a thought.
BTW, lots of jobs avail thru the job seekers

I know...respond....nm
How did you respond to that
utterly ridiculous comment by a very, very stooopid, stoooopid person posing as a recruiter (or owner, whatever)? 
I was trying to respond to both you and the poster

" a good MT should be confident enough with her knowledge and skills to not want or need anyone's pat on the back.  If you can't do a good job without a baby sitter, perhaps you should consider another line of work."

Its a bit silly to judge someone's work based on the fact they just want a little interaction with their supervisor, i've been doing this long enough, and just saying I know my stuff.  One does not have to do with the other!  You guys go far in left field for an insult.

Absolutely would rather respond to
than a company that did not.  I don't want to waste my time.  I applied at 2 in the past and after going through the hiring process, did not offer me what I wanted as they said they could not afford to pay that much and only paid a certain CPL.   Wasted my time. I will not apply now unless I know before what they will pay.
Will normally only respond to the ones that post pay
The hiring process can be so lengthy.  I am not going to go through all of that (submitting application/resume, testing, interview, and sometimes verbal testing and phone interview) only to find out in the end they aren't going to offer me the money that I'm looking for.  I want to know what they are offering up front so I don't waste my time and they don't waste theirs.
okay, I tried but I couldn't help myself, I have to respond
let me get this straight - you spent 5 years in college, are an engineer and because you can type fast you want to get into a field where you might make 20,000 the first year - but it is rather laughable that you think typing is all that is required here - when most of us who have been doing this for 20-30 years are doing good to make 30-40,000 a year and are afraid that we won't be needed much longer because of computer (as an engineer you surely are familiar with them) technologies such as speech recognition and offshoring to India where the work is cheaper.  Now after you finish training - which you will need - a lot of us will already be out of jobs - do you really think this is a viable option for you?
Thanks to all who took the time to respond!

I agree that one can do great things with virtually any expander--even with just casual use it pays for itself within weeks.  I am at the point of relying heavily on SH8 due to arthritis (400% productivity gain, heavily nested WordVBA macros, etc.) and am always eager to learn about other programs, but $150 and no free trial is a hard way to learn.  Anyone know if InstanText can handle "code" (like WordVBA macros) in the Expanders like SH8 can?  Again, thank you all for your thoughtful responses. 

Yes it goes to the company. If you respond to
any post the e-mail address is hidden. 
Did anything become of that meeting? How did they respond to you?nm
I don't respond negatively to someone asking for help . . .
whether they are asking for something that would be incredibly hard (i.e. finding a job where you could work between diaper changes, naps, etc.). However, he could find something that has a split shift or like a 10 hour window to get 8 hours of work in. There are options out there.

In regards to someone posting about wanting to work around their child's schedule? I would respond the same way. I would try and help.
that was going to be 'question them up-front' and see how they respond..(nm)
Well duh, to see people respond, wouldn't you think? nm x
Yes, I tend to only respond to ads that list how

I do not respond if it says competitive salary.sm
That to me means 6 to 8 cpl. The company I work for now had no pay range listed, but said excellent salary. Turned out it was. Paid by the minute now and making much more than I was by 65 character line.
Just delete them, never respond. Its a scam. nm
I am not the above person , but thought I would respond -sm
Word is Microsoft Word, there are different versions out there. Since your computer has Windows 98 on it (you don't have to look for it, if you computer turns on and boots up, at some point Windows __ will come up whether is is 98, 2000, XP)-- you can probably only use Word 97 or 2000. The other versions won't work on Windows 98 I think. As for installing it, you can do it. It is very simple, the CD (I hope you have a CD drive) will walk you through the whole installation process. Just to a "typical" install and you will be fine. You may have it on your computer already of course, it generally came on most computers. If not Word you may have Works, which I think will work too, just need to save the files as "documents" with the .doc suffix. -----------As for gross lines, that is just a method of counting lines, a "line" is any line in the document with anything on it, one word or 20 words, would be considered 1 line. So it can be a nice way to get paid, if the doctor just does not do blocks/paragraphs. Some people even charge for the blank lines but I think that is going too far personally. But if the margins are wide (1"), and the type is small, i.e. less than 12 point, then its not so hot. So if is 12 point type and not blocks of paragraphs, a sample would help you figure it out, then I would just at .13 a gross line. Good luck.
Now just try getting someone to respond to your resume and want to test you...nm
Again, thank you so much for taking the time to respond..sm
I thought I was on the right track, but I've only been an IC for five years and have never had my own accounts. I passed on your opinions to my MIL and hope she will listen. I'm leaving to go to California in a couple hours and there is no way I can do it personally, so I hope and pray she does. We really need the account.
can't respond because mailbox is full

what part of please do not respond to that perp

did you not understand...if you respond - you feed the troll - as you can see I reported all posts and 90% of his have been removed....

Anyone know why an HP all-in-one printer would would intermittently not respond? sm
Only about 1-1/2 years old.  No new software installed on computer.  Should I uninstall and then reinstall?  I can't track any certain document/reason why it does not respond.  Thanks.
Why it's the poster you like the Amen! posts you respond with.
Why not admonish this poster for "negativity"?   I'm bored with your game now.  You have lost all hope of following a train of thought, yours or mine.  Besides, I think you have multiple personality disorder.  Not that I know that but I suspect that.  I'm going back to work to let you and all the MQr, MQMT and MQga?? battle your private battles that have somehow become public because you have delusions of grandeur.
I would rather not respond to your questions, as your tone seems a little angry
YOU didn't respond, but the REAL Frank did.
Also cc'd the board of directors in so that could enjoy the show also.
On this format, no need to specify to whom you respond, as the setup shows you. nm
If Jacy asks a question, don't respond
Let's do a poll, would you respond to help wanted ad that listed pay
more than you would an ad that did not list pay range?  I am finding myself only responding to ads that have a pay range listed.  Does anybody else do this?  Maybe if those companies out there that needed MTs badly listed pay range then they would get more of a response!
Note: Job ads re: Jax Transcription have been removed until they respond to our
...any mail received. I always respond back. Sorry for
Is anyone going to respond to this Dr. Ahmed? I am kind of afraid to. Do not know who to believe.
I have one available. Respond to email address if interested.
Thank you
Thanks for taking the time to respond nicely...sm
and to give me the good info. There are so many sour people on this board who it seems don't care about helping any fellow MTs.