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go to the job seekers board on the left

Posted By: sotired on 2007-10-02
In Reply to: Where did I say they were being sarcastic? - Maddie

hand side of this page.  Editing would be considered a position in the "QA" field.  There are lots of these positions open. 

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Yes, but go to the Job Seekers board at the top left of your screen.

I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
No mssg.
go to the job seekers board and about --sm
a third down that page, there is an ad that begins with *body aches and pains* posted by National Telecommuting Service. Read that, as it concerns people with disabilities and doing medical transcription. Hope this helps you out. good luck
Please see the ads on the Job Seekers board. NM
Per the ad on the job seekers board, there are rad
However, I applied for rad in the past and was offered clinic. I applied again for a rad position with the current ad and I have answered the questionnaire again, so my fingers are crossed.
The job seekers board...

Sure is loaded with garbage lately.

What is with these companies demanding 5+ years experience and then offering 7 cents/line, or wages of $7 to $15 an hour?  Yikes!  I hope people aren't taking these jobs.

The companies should be ashamed of themselves for expecting experienced MT's to settle for such crap wages.

How do I respond to ads on the job seekers board?
This might seem like a silly question but do I just send my resume using the 'apply now' button or can I and should I also send a cover letter with it?   Does it need to be in plain text?  Thanks
The Job Seekers board shows jobs that are available. You can
post your resume securely in the Resume Bank.  If you do not want to give a lot of detailed information, you can post with the name Available MT or something of that nature and in the body give a brief description of your experience.  When you enter your email address it is not visible to potential employers, but they can send you an email.  Only when you reply will they know your email address.  It's a great way to put yourself out there without COMPLETELY putting yourself out there.  If an employer is looking for someone with your skills and experience, they will contact you.  Good Luck!
When reading the job seekers board do you get discouraged at
the amount of times the post has been viewed? Sometimes, even though it was posted today, it has over 200 views already. Is everyone just looking or are all those MTs applying? How does one stand a chance....
Job ads go on the Job Seekers board only, that is why post was removed.
go to Job Seekers board, ther is a link to add a resume-nm
It's to your left on this board. :) nm
Yes, click on the New MT/Student board over on your left (sm)
on the first page there are a couple of threads about schools you might read through and if you still have questions, post over on that board and you will probably get a better response.
Please see the Billers & Coders board on the left.
There are many who may be able to help you there!

who the heck died and left you policing board?

MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.
Link is also below.
Just hit Alt+Shift+left arrow on line 1 and it will go to the left margin. Otherwise,
you need to use a numbered list style to do it every time. Each version is different, but you may already have a numbered list style in yours that stays at the left margin. Just assign a keyboard shortcut to that style.
There's an ad for VR on Job Seekers $12-15
per hour.  Am I the only one who thinks that's joke?  I can make a lot more transcribing.
....on Job Seekers since Wed. nm
What happened to all the job seekers--sm

postings.  there is nothing after January 11, 2008 and I know there were some yesterday.  Does anyone know if there is a problem of some type? 

thanks in advance.

Posted a note on the job seekers sm
I posted a job on the job seekers board for an in-office position and got an email from someone saying that was a work at home board.  Anybody know where I can post an in-office position? 
Medware's ad in job seekers, Is all of that true?
Have you seen: Internship offers 3cpl on Job Seekers Bd?
Even as an intern, that should be considered criminal. I don't understand what some companies are thinking when they do that sort of thing.

Just a thought.
BTW, lots of jobs avail thru the job seekers

And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.
cherrypicking co-worker issue (meant to post it on this board instead of MQ board) sm...

I need opinions please...I work on a very small account with just a handful of ladies.  Because of the nature of the software (trying not to get too specific here) we can see who is working online and what reports they are working on in real-time...

We have one cherrypicker on the account.  Instead of using FIFO method, she retrieves the reports by author ID - usually picking the better dictators of course.  She knows I busted her and she did admit to it in on our work e-mail (not too bright) which I am saving just in case she gets out of hand - so far I'm still able to make money since really most of the dictators aren't bad. 

But every night it's starting to wear on me since she's screwing up turnaround time.  I don't really want to cause a big uproar being that it is such a small account and I need to work with her almost every night usually one on one.

What would you all do?  I want to handle this as delicate and professional as possible because we can't really afford to lose anyone on this account.  In other words, I refuse to stoop to her level by cherrypicking right back.

My boss has asked me several times why so-and-so does so much more than I do...I just bite my lip at that point but one of these days I think I might explode and just open up a can of worms....

Definitely one of the other board's people who refer to those on this board as "holy rollers,&
Now go ahead and post your reply - I know you're dyin' to!

Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
read recent posts on this board and on the company board
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. See that board. Thread locked.
Word Board=Help Board. NOT a do the math = figure it out yourself=GOOGLE IT!

What is the Main Board for? All general topics seem to get moved to the new gab board.
wrong board - rules are pls use WORD board

When I go to New MT/Students board I am taken to the Abbreviations board. NM
You put them on the company board, not the main board. They are still there.
Main board is for MT topics. Non-MT goes to the Gab board! nm
wrong board - try word board
go to the HOME board and then to Career board on the --sm
left hand side. Inside that is the resume posting site.
here is a link from the New MT board-you might want to read a bit on this board
Not right now as seems everyone has left
due to the line counting rip off issue.  Otherwise do run out of work tons of times.
That why you left?
you left out one

>>>How darn hard it is to quit.  I have tried everything.  Patches, gum, Wellbutrin, Zyban, cold turkey, etc.

You had the dream, but you didn't have the drive. You have to want it badly enough to stick with it NO MATTER WHAT.

I'm talking from personal experience as a former 2-1/2 pack per day smoker.

Last cigarette was May 6th, 1992. Quit cold turkey.

Did you get your pay when you left?nm
I should have said "I left him and TOOK the
baby, the dog, the IBM and the dictaphone! Eek! Sounds like I left them WITH him! No way!
What - that you left 24 and QA was able to get 16 of them? LOL
I left because of it
Unprofessional emails and phone calls.
Nope. I ain't takin' it. I respect myself more than that. It was the attitude of everyone in the company I came in contact with. Unbelievable.
Getting out of MT, I have left MT
because of the reasons stated below.  Because I was a good ER MT, I received all the crappy dictators, accounts, you name it.  Even told the MTSO that I was getting burned out with all of the crap, but six months later, I came to the conclusion that getting an ulcer was not what I wanted for my dedication.  Tried four or five different companies, and as a poster said below, they lied about everything (accounts, lines, ease of use of program/software, amount of work, etc.)  So I'm gone.  Kind of miss the medical transcription work I did but do NOT miss the BS that comes with it.  They used me until I couldn't bear it anymore.