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BTW, lots of jobs avail thru the job seekers

Posted By: board here...jes' sayin'......N/M on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: see previous message above - stradecat

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The Job Seekers board shows jobs that are available. You can
post your resume securely in the Resume Bank.  If you do not want to give a lot of detailed information, you can post with the name Available MT or something of that nature and in the body give a brief description of your experience.  When you enter your email address it is not visible to potential employers, but they can send you an email.  Only when you reply will they know your email address.  It's a great way to put yourself out there without COMPLETELY putting yourself out there.  If an employer is looking for someone with your skills and experience, they will contact you.  Good Luck!
I was surprised at options. I'm 58 and lots of jobs are paying more

For a long time MTing was a stable career (it transferred all acros the country) and a respected one.

Now it is a scam operation. 

There are jobs we never would have considered before because we thought we had valuable skills (typing speed, education, knowledge of medicine/drugs, dialects, computers).  But that value has been brought down to below burger-flipping pay.  In fact most days lately I would have been making more at Burger King.

That's why I say go LOOK.  You will be surprised that you can be paid more for "showing up" than for what you know.  SAD ISN'T IT.  But that's what's going on right now.

They scammed people into thinking "oh a stay-at-home highly paid job"  NOT.

They were taking your money to train you for 6 weeks or 6 months and telling you were qualified enough to do transcription from home without supervision BUT IN MOST CASES YOU CAN'T SO DON'T TRY - but in the meantime these fly by night MT training companies have your $2000 or whatever.  That's the scam.

If hospitals really wanted MTs they would do MT trainee programs.  That's how most of us learned.  The hospitals just got lazy and looked for the easy out which has cost them through the nose and along the way they lost control of the medical records to boot. 

Look around out there.  Don't keep letting these companies make millions off your road to bankruptcy.  And they can surely take you there while you are hanging on trying to make it work.  It's not going to.  The big suits are not going to let you make money - they are going to shuffle the way the money is divided and the most will go to them.  What used to be our benefits is now their profit.  It's really pretty simple.

I've taken on lots of odd jobs, even nonMT ones, to pay debts.
I've waitressed for friends with bar/restaurants through the holidays, but not this year. I've been trying to find a weekend MT job or 2 hours per day, but no luck. I've sold stuff on Ebay, too. Do you have a significant other? How many hours are you working versus your SO? Being a Mom is a fulltime job, too.

Lately, I've been doing the ebay thing in the morning before everyone gets up, working my regular shift, then doing my extra job in the evenings and weekends. I definitely feel stressed. It's not enough money quickly enough. Everyone else is fighting for work, too. The house is not as clean as I'd like it. I have to run to the post office and box things up every day, and that's not great money either. The kids are acting up because they always do this time of year and they want more attention. It's all depressing.
Did you try Chronicle Transcripts on the jobs board? Or go to mtjobs.com. Lots of CA companies. nm
We have writing many times to no avail.

Two senators and the congressman.  They claim there's nothing they can do because it's a federal issue...



yes it is but i have tried EVERYTHING to no avail. only this combo works for me. nm
Yes - smoke 1-1/2 packs per day. Tried and tried to quit to no avail.
I enjoy my nicotine - sad to say.
If contact isnt avail. at this time, will support be?
BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
There's an ad for VR on Job Seekers $12-15
per hour.  Am I the only one who thinks that's joke?  I can make a lot more transcribing.
....on Job Seekers since Wed. nm
Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
go to the job seekers board and about --sm
a third down that page, there is an ad that begins with *body aches and pains* posted by National Telecommuting Service. Read that, as it concerns people with disabilities and doing medical transcription. Hope this helps you out. good luck
Please see the ads on the Job Seekers board. NM
Per the ad on the job seekers board, there are rad
However, I applied for rad in the past and was offered clinic. I applied again for a rad position with the current ad and I have answered the questionnaire again, so my fingers are crossed.
What happened to all the job seekers--sm

postings.  there is nothing after January 11, 2008 and I know there were some yesterday.  Does anyone know if there is a problem of some type? 

thanks in advance.

The job seekers board...

Sure is loaded with garbage lately.

What is with these companies demanding 5+ years experience and then offering 7 cents/line, or wages of $7 to $15 an hour?  Yikes!  I hope people aren't taking these jobs.

The companies should be ashamed of themselves for expecting experienced MT's to settle for such crap wages.

LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.
Posted a note on the job seekers sm
I posted a job on the job seekers board for an in-office position and got an email from someone saying that was a work at home board.  Anybody know where I can post an in-office position? 
Medware's ad in job seekers, Is all of that true?
go to the job seekers board on the left
hand side of this page.  Editing would be considered a position in the "QA" field.  There are lots of these positions open. 
How do I respond to ads on the job seekers board?
This might seem like a silly question but do I just send my resume using the 'apply now' button or can I and should I also send a cover letter with it?   Does it need to be in plain text?  Thanks
Yes, but go to the Job Seekers board at the top left of your screen.

When reading the job seekers board do you get discouraged at
the amount of times the post has been viewed? Sometimes, even though it was posted today, it has over 200 views already. Is everyone just looking or are all those MTs applying? How does one stand a chance....
Have you seen: Internship offers 3cpl on Job Seekers Bd?
Even as an intern, that should be considered criminal. I don't understand what some companies are thinking when they do that sort of thing.

Just a thought.
Job ads go on the Job Seekers board only, that is why post was removed.
go to Job Seekers board, ther is a link to add a resume-nm
supposed to be, after people lose their jobs, they are forced to take part-time, lower-paying jobs..
with little to no benefits. service jobs. where are you going to work in a few years, when Medical Transcription is replaced by technology? McDonald's, Walmart? you really going to like that?
Several jobs on Monster & CareerBuilder for inhouse office jobs down there through an
I did 3 jobs for a while about 3 years ago, you burn out quick, I was doing 3 MT jobs though...after
10 months I cut down to 2 as I don't like to have all my eggs in one basket.  But I am considering going down to 1 in September for my sanity, its a good steady job so financally it should not be an issue.  I have 2 right but have not worked the 1 in about 3 weeks due to some problems at their end, supposed to learn a VA account but not sure if I want to pursue it right now or not, they are waiting to hear from me at this point. I still have a lot going on with chemo, etc. so am mulling things over.  But if you have a full-time day job, then I would just go with 1 part-time MT job at night, unless 1 is during the week, and the other weekends only, then of course you will be working 7 days a week, very tiring I know.  I have been working 7 days a week for 3 years now but I do slack off now and then of course to recharge and get sleep etc. But burnout happens fast and I doubt you want to lose your day job so be careful. Good luck.
Two jobs very common, 3 jobs not unheard of.
I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
No mssg.
Yup! Not only short jobs, but also jobs from
extremely difficult dictators, bad sound files, jobs that need lots of ADT info added, and anything else that is not "easy" to do. I also questioned them about this and was told the same - they do not allow cherrypicking. Definitely not true!
Lots of us did.
Been here 8 and got $130. One lady got 2 cents and another 1 cent. It's CRAZY!
I have lots of them...

Hello!  Email me if you still need sites for OP notes - I have quite a few good ones I can send you...



I'm on my 4th since July.

Tried Transolutions, what a joke. Told I would be on the windows system, ended up on the old DOS system with 40 pounds of manuals to look through. Had 3 accounts assigned at once and one of the team leaders was absolutely nasty.

Tried Precyse, had absolutely NO work whatsoever for 10 days and was supposed to be full time.

Tried Interpro, what a joke!!! They act like you are taking up precious time if you even ask a single question (like how to set up the stupid program they send you).

Tried a foreign company, the work I saw that they were sending to the hospitals was so bad I didn't want my name associated with any of it!

Been with eTransPlus now since August 8, so far so good. Wanted to go with Transcription Solutions but they don't do training on any shift but days and I'm a night person.

Still looking for a part-time job, but with 20+ years I'm NOT working for 6-7 cpl without spaces!

I saw in a newspaper last night that nursing assistants are making 15 an hour now and LPNs are making 25. I would make more doing something like that, but I can't. When I see phlegm, I turn a lovely green color..lol
I think there are lots of us
I don't worry about it. I'm content being mateless. Whether we realize it or not, we're probably extending our lives this way---much less stress. No relationship drama.
I just got one for $499 with XP and lots of...sm
other great things.  I was going to buy this $319 Dell one, but if you spend $499 they waive the $100 shipping and handling fees.  It's all there at their website....delldotcom.....and you customize whatever you want.  I had forgotten that I needed a floppy drive and went right back to the website when I ordered that 'puter and added it on.  I need a floppy drive to put private MDs work on diskettes so they can upload them to their systems. 
Thanks--Lots to think about
I will think it over and see what I can come up with. Thanks again!
Lots and lots sm

On one of my personal computers where I had (as usual) TONS of AutoCorrects and AutoTexts stored every once in a while Word would freeze up or close down (I forget now which) and everything would be lost.  So, I made sure to back up the normal.dot and the .acl (I haven't had to do this for a few years so I'm not sure I have that 100% correct) often so I could reinstall them.   I also saved the documents I was working on every few minutes and made that easier by changing the F12 button to a "Save" button.  One day I had a brilliant idea and went in to AutoCorrect Options and unchecked everything I could that was not important to me and it stopped happening!  I only mention this in case someone else out there has this problem.   

But I have TONS and TONS of entries and I have never had one just disappear without some other reason for it other than I had too many in there. 

Not only that, but lots of MTs get a little
if they have too many mistakes or blanks. So the insinuation that we would be so lazy as to just send in ALL blanks is pretty silly. If our payscale is tied to our quality, the last thing we want is to leave lots of blanks.
Lots of
unhappy people here. Glad I'm not one of them. ;-)
Lots longer
I don't know - I've been an MT over 25 years, am a super fast typist, use expanders, and have a great platform and accounts, and it takes me a good 5-6 hours, with a 15 minute stretch break here and there, to make 1000 lines.  Bad dictators - a good 8 hour shift to make 1000.
THANK YOU ALL, lots of inspiration! NM
There are lots of differences

Acute care is so much broader as far as need for knowledge of terminology in many different specialities.  Clinic transcription can be of any specialty, but usually if you have a clinic account it will be limited to one or two specialties. 

There are many different work types in acute care.  Clinic work consists of mostly a history, physical exam, and plan.   Acute care includes things such as operative notes, consultations, etc.  which are "a whole different ballgame" as far as terminology.          


there are lots of good MTs like you.sm
but they are NOT the ones that are always applying to companies...they are not the ones that leave a client in the lurch or fit the description.

I have had a lot of really good ladies working for me for a LONG LONG time now and would do anything to keep them because a good Transcriptionist is so hard to find.

But there are those that give MTs a bad reputation just like in all professions.

Good MTs do not sit on these boards blasting people asking legit questions. Good MTs are the ones always answering the word boards, equipment boards, etc with kind and thoughtful answers. There are many of those...just wish I could find one or two more
Actually there are lots of happy MQ MT's...
but it all depends on which "office" they work for - Columbus=Happy/Amherst=Unhappy.


No consistency!

LOL! Lots of OPs? Or are you an MQer too? ;)
..."was reamed," lol. 
Me too, lots of bankies.
Also hubby, dogs and cats.
i do rad work & i need lots more of it!

Yes, tea has lots of antioxidants -